Hellsing Head Canon & Drabbles

A Hellsing Fanfic


Disclaimer: I do not own Hellsing

Author's Notes: Hey readers, just wanted to let you know how awesome you all are and because you guys rock, I decided to write a new Hellsing series. This is series of some random thoughts about Hellsing and what the characters are really like. Ok let's go!

Chapter 1: Alucard can't sh0ot

Have you ever wonder how Alucard has great aim? Well he doesn't, it's all vampiric magic. When Vlad was alive, the modern handgun was not invented and he certainly didn't use guns to kill his enemies. Since Alucard is a vampire, he doesn't need to aim, he just uses magic, he even tells Seras this in one of the episodes when he tells her to use her "third eye" when she is trying to aim down sights at the chick that was running.

Scenario: Alucard has been turned into a human by some strange means and now he has to learn how to defend himself.

Alucard, Walter and Integra all stared at the dummy that the ex-vampire was supposed to shoot at. The wall behind it and the floor were riddled with bullets, while the dummy was void of any.

"Alucard, I really don't know what to say…" said Walter.

"I really tried, I usually always hit my targets…" grumbled Alucard.

Integra picked up the gun that Alucard had tossed in disgust, placed another clip in it and shot the dummy's head off.

"Alucard, you shoot like shit" drawled Integra as she walked away.

Chapter End