Hellsing Head Canons & Drabbles

Captain Pip Bernadotte


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Head canon: Pip is not as stupid as everyone thinks.

The reason I say this is because I have read fan fics where Pip is portrayed as a lecherous idiot. So to those who think he is, I say consider this, the first he wouldn't be in charge of the Wild Geese. This is not some little club, but a mercenary unit who are constantly in life and death situations, so being stupid or an idiot is certainly not in the job description. Pip's men are completely loyal to and idiots do not gain the respect of people, especially where heavy weaponry is involved.

The second is that the Wild Geese decided to take on the job working at Hellsing. Even after finding out that they would be fighting vampires, the men of the Wild Geese still followed their leader, which most likely meant that Pip had a plan to fight the undead. Speaking of which, the Wild Geese never fought vampires before so, as their leader Pip had to come up with ways to fight them. They don't ever show how they fought vampires, but months later they are still alive to face the Millennium forces, so stupidity couldn't have a role in this.

The third is the elaborate defense system of the Hellsing Manor during the war with Millennium, a stupid person or an idiot could not have come up with a plan like that. So people, Pip may be a bit lecherous towards Seras, but he actually loved her and did not even care that she was a vampire or considered a monster. His relationship with Alucard is not one where the vampire would insult or disrespect him. If Alucard did not think that the Wild Geese were worthy enough of protecting his master, he would have eaten them a long time ago.

I think that Pip was an intelligent, strategic, charismatic man, who was also a bit goofy but was also a caring and loving person, who had the loyalty of men, the love of Seras and the respect of Alucard and Integra. So no more idiot Pip, that's just ruining his character.

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