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Izuku opened his eyes.


His eyes slid to the side. An unfamiliar room greeted him. Groaning, Izuku rolled onto his stomach and buried his head into the pillow.

Nope. Still here.

He huffed into the pillow, his brain kick-starting and immediately delving into all the possible reasons why, how, what had actually happened, what will happen, all their connections, tangents and side-tangents.

Yesterday was only his first day here, and there had already been changes. More than one or two, maybe:

A Toshinori who just came back from the infirmary crowded up to Izuku with the bluest eyes widened in amazement, "That was so cool, Izuku-sensei! Like, like, one second we were all and the next you were there, and were like, SMAAAASSHHHH! Do you think I could yell that too when I beat up villains?"

"I want to be just like you one day!"

because I am here, there have already been changes. I hope I haven't accidentally done anything to end the or create a parallel timeline… does that mean that I can't go back anymore? If the wormholes only travel linearly and taking …

Mumbling under his breath, Izuku pushed himself out of the soft bed and to the adjacent bathroom to liven up. Whatever they say about Yuuei, its facilities are always top of the line.

Izuku put his hand under the tap, but no water came out. Pausing, he turned the tap. Top of the line, give or take twenty years.

Pulling on his slightly dirtied hero suit, Izuku chided himself for forgetting to wash it yesterday night. It's not that he only had that one piece of clothing – Yuuei, or Nedzu really, is a very general host- but all the small pieces of tech built into his suit over the past almost three years were far advanced than what they had in the labs in this time.

There are things that he can't really help being responsible for, and the repercussion of pushing the advance of technology decades forward is not something he is prepared to shoulder.

Izuku rolled his shoulders, settling down into the middle of the living room floor for his daily stretches.

The students of 1-A had pressed him excitably for the nature of his quirk, and even some stories about his experiences as a hero.

"Ah… I'm a very, very new , so I haven't joined a hero agency yet."

"Mine's a strength augmentation quirk. Yes, kind of like the Strongarm Hero Boulder! But quirk isn't really a strength-augmenting one, you see. The Boulder actually has a mutation-metabolism quirk that allows everything he eats to become muscle mass, and…"

"Izuku-sensei! I want to learn that!"

"I challenge you, Izu- ouch! What was that for?"

"How far do you think you can throw Enji?"

"Can you crush mountains?!"

"Did you learn martial arts?"

"Yes, I did. Mixed-martial arts, taught by my mentor, and his mentor."

"Why're you lookin' over there, Izuku-sensei? What's so interesting about Torino-sensei?"

"Hey Izuku-sensei, do you know what Torino-sensei is like as a hero? Is he an underground hero?"

"Hmm? Erm, you have to ask Gran Torino, sorry. It's… a private matter."

Izuku prepared breakfast on the and locked the door behind him. He left it as empty as when he first stepped in, bringing nothing but the clothes on his back and all.

Making a mental list of all the tasks he has to accomplish today, Izuku strolled leisurely through the school grounds, enjoying the somewhat unfamiliar landscape. Some things had changed over the years, but Yuuei is still Yuuei.

His thoughts lingered on the 'Villain Hunting Stimulation' Gran Torino mentioned to him after class. He remembered his own experience with it vividly, even though the circumstances slightly differed for his class.

They actually got criminals and low-class villains for the trail runs, for one. He didn't suggest it to Gran Torino though. That was an unpreceded decision of the Yuuei teachers in his time.

Still, what kind of 'villain' should he look for? For it to correspond with the goal…hmm…

Izuku stood outside 1-A's classroom, pondering. He was early, but taking a peek inside, most of the students were already present, at least in , if not mind. A number of them were slumped on their desks, still snoring away. All the others were clustered up in groups, chatting and joking around.

The feel of it actually reminded Izuku of his middle school class, where there were obvious 'groupies' in the classroom. If you're from different 'group's, you can spend the entire year not talking to one another, perhaps even not knowing each other's names. Izuku being the odd one out with no 'groupie' nor friends to speak of, obviously.

He was so glad when Yuuei turned out completely different. Sure, they still had people they spend more time with and all, but everyone can pair up with another no problem. No chink in their teamwork at all. Even Kaachan got the hang of it. Eventually.

Izuku paused. He was wrong, it seemed. There was a student who looked like the odd one out in this class. He was sleeping on his desk, but Izuku thinks if anyone can spot this certain air of… being-aloneness, then he himself must be one of the best. You could only sit in the middle of a rowdy, crowded classroom and still feel absolutely lonely and miserable for so many years before developing a kind of sixth-sense for kindred spirits.

Izuku makes a note in his head to ask Gran Torino for the students' files if he is allowed to access them.

Looking around the classroom, Present Mic wasn't here yet. No wonder I felt something off – it's so quiet, he mused.

Toshinori wasn't in the classroom yet, too.

Izuku entered the classroom, greeting the students with a smile, and was answered with a chorus of "Good morning, Izuku-sensei!"

It was a few minutes later, when almost everyone was present, that Gran Torino strode into the classroom.

"Morning, class!"

Izuku sat down on the chair that had been pulled up beside the board. It was already there when he came in, and he wondered who had the forethought to do it. He frowned worriedly at the empty seat front and center. Toshinori was running late. It wasn't like him… was it?

"Class Rep, take the attendance!" Gran Torino set down the textbook he brought - Intermediary Hero Laws and Conduct – onto the podium.

"Ahem!" The Class Rep cleared his voice, and Izuku barely recognized the boy as Best Jeanist without his signature denim outfit. He was wearing a denim jacket atop his uniform, though.

All-Might, come on, come on! Izuku knows that marks would be taken off your final exam if you're late to class one too many times.

"Yagi Toshinori!" Tsunagu called off the name list.

Just in time, the door burst open, and in tumbled a scuffed-up mess of blond flyaway hair and awkward limbs.

"I'm here! I am here!" Toshinori yelled, waving his hand in the air.

"! This is the second time this month, and it's still the first week! What does that thing between your ears do, if nothing I say ever goes in!" Izuku noticed that the Jet Hero didn't sound as stern as he looked. He honestly seemed resigned.

Toshinori hunched his shoulders and shrunk away when Gran Torino started yelling, only raising a tentative finger when he stopped to take a breath, "I saw a robbery at a convenience store on the way here?"

Gran Torino growled.

Toshinori added hopefully, 'I didn't use my quirk this time?"

Gran Torino groaned and pointed wordlessly at his desk.

Toshinori slid into his seat gratefully, and class continued as usual.

Hmm. Pot, kettle. I have to bring this up in class when I get back, Izuku thought bemusedly.

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