Fate of Kings! Plus Lancer

Chapter Five
Unbridled Rage!

"I despise you, King of Heroes!" Arturia roared as she swung her blade, the focused waves of her Aura that swirled along the gleaming edge lashed out and carved a small path ahead of her, her emerald eyes were lived and she was oh so close to cleaving her so called "partner" in two or three, hell, why stop at anything beneath one million?! "With every fiber of my being!"

"This was entirely your doing!" Laughed the golden former-servant as she swung out with her dual curved blades which she had apparently pulled out from accursed treasury! The fact the King of Heroes still had access to it was insanely vexing!

"Draw forth your copy of Excalibur!" Arturia demanded as she carved through another pair of Beowulves, who were quickly stepped over by another pair, eager to get at the source of all that negativity, which was Arturia's searing rage. "I can use it!"

"Oooh? We're not even married and already you want what is mine?" The Blonde quipped, jumping up and over one beast, landing upon it's back before kicking one out of the air as it jumped at her new perch, then she severed her stepping stone's head from it's body with an oddhanded swing of her blade then rejoined Arturia in the frey. "I might be more agreeable, but this is too much fun!"

That had Arturia pausing, briefly enough that a pair of jaws almost snapped at her face, she growled and swung around and upwards, cleaming debris and Grimm aside. "When did you get a taste for battle?!"

"When I remembered how fun it was!" Gilgamesh smirked and pressed her back to the King of Knights as the Beowulves encircled them, they'd carved through roughly three dozen in a minute and yet it looked like double that still waited for them. "Do we really have time to waste on this fodder? We must find those relics." She urged the other.


"I refuse to fail because I was more concerned on eliminating pests than actually seeing our objective done."

"Then simply use a more powerful weapon."

"And waste my treasures on these?" A scoff. "I'd sooner ask for that buffoon Rider's help."


Everything seemed to pause at the loud, feminine bellow, even the beowulves seemed entirely perplexed as to where such a shout had come from. Gilgamesh and Arturia exchanged a glance, the former's eyes blinked while the latter's narrowed. "What happens next is entirely your fault King of Heroes."

"...What are the odds?"

To answer that question, life burst forth from the treeline with a crackle of lightning and the stumping thunder of hooves as Iskandra appeared, riding atop a lightning clad steed, sword in one hand and reins in the other, pointing her blade forward. "Trample all beneath your great hooves!" And with another shout, the rest of the tree line burst foward as dozens of horses rushed onto the field, all wrapped in lightning and whinnying their own war cries.

The moment they closed, they exploded, just...Straight exploded, clearing swathes of Grimm and leaving sizable craters in the ground as they blew a path straight one front of the Grimm forces, who "rallied" in the sense they resumed their attack, jumping at the approaching steeds with pure idiocy as they all but exploded themselves and those around them.

It was like watching two waves of lemmings charge the other, one rigged to explode and the other rigged with the detonators.

By the end of the destruction, Arturia and Gilgamesh barely had five wolves to their remains, and they dispatched those quickly before Rider rode up to them and offered them both a wave. "As I live and breathe again! I'd recognize those eyes anywhere! King of Knights! King of Heroes!"

She hopped off her steed, which then disappeared, returning to her Aura reserves. She approached, "It seems Fate has been kind, for now we are reunited!" She spread her arms.


"Rider no!"

Iskandra ignored them and swung his arms in, catching Gilgamesh just as she was mid turn to get away from the tall redhead, once in her arms, they struggled briefly, before they were both squeeed. "My friends!" Squeeze! Ingoring the way they begged for mercy. "It has been so long!" More squeezing!

"King of Conquerors, would you release our fellow initiates?" A tired voice said from behind her, and she knew Lancer must have finallt caught up! "They appear to be dying."

Whatever else could be said for Diarmuid, he was more than aware how strong the woman could be, and when they were both released, it was Arturia who was more than a little surprised when she stepped to the side and peered at the man who had "saved" them, and who she saw had her eyes widening and mouth parting.

Diarmuid likewise was stunned as well. before he finally came back to Remnant... Along with somthing else. Remember that "Hateful Rage of Diarmuid"? Well let's just say shock wasn't the only thing slamming back into the former Servant. Enough so that he soon grit his teeth, "Saber." He growled.

"Lancer...I-" She stopped herself, looking away, how could she face this man? They had been knights, and because of her master's cruelty, their final battle which should have ended in honor and without regret was instead marred by shame and trickery, none of it on her part, but her master's actions were also her own. So she bore as much of the blame as Kiritsugu.

Gilgamesh and Iskandra glanced at each other, then to the pair of knights, Diarmuid with narrowed eyes seething with tamed rage, and Arturia shamefully unable to meet such a gaze. Iskandra stepped forward, about to try and defuse this situation...When Gilgamesh spoke up for all of them to hear. "As much as I'm sure hearing about what sparks this dramatical performance, need I remind you all we're stll going through initiation? Can this wait until after we pass?"

The way she worded that that last bit didn't sound like a question, but it was Arturia who took the opening, andf fast. "Of course, let us go, King of Heroes." She turned and made her way in a direction that seemed remotely pleasant, AKA anywhere but there. Without a sound Gilgamesh followed after her, glancing back over her shoulder with a smirk.

Leaving Lancer and Rider behind.

"...Well, that was...Surprising?" That was one way to word that.

"Don't ask, King of Conquerors, just... Don't ask." Diarmuid sighed and raised a hand up to, running it oer his hair. "Let's just finish this accursed task ourselves." This was a good way to mar his time at Beacon, he knew there could have been others who had been reincarnated, the King of Conqeurors was a good sign of that, but to have the King of Knights? The woman who's very appearance got him to rage?

How could this get worse?

"How can we not kill a giant flying buzzard?!" Diarmuid snarled as he dove out of the way of another volley of feathers, which pierced the ground around him in a shower of death, he turned and with a flick of Gae Dearg, deflected one of the arrows that had been on point for his face. "Did not one of us train with firearms?!"

"I didn't! And my horses cannot reach that height!" Iskandra said, taking cover behind one of the ruins pillers. "What of you, King of Heroes! Do you not have a weapon in your treasury to deal with this pest?!"

"As if I would waste my treasures on so lowly a beast, it'd be dead now if I desired it, but as it is, I find watching you three run around like chickens with your heads cut off all the more amusing." That arrogant smirk might have been effective...

Were it not for the fact Gilgamesh was currently taking cover behind the ruin wall, which was the biggest piece of cover anywhere between the ruins and the sudden cliff fall that awaited them if that thing kept driving them backwards.

"We cannot simply just let this thing herd us to a drop!" Arturia growled, gripping her sword tightly in her hands. "Wait..." She looked thoughtful, "Rider! Can you swing that fallen tree trunk behind you?"

Rider glanced over her shoulder, seeing the trunk of a decently sized tree, she ran over to it, almost getting clipped by a feather, before hefting it up in both arms and swinging, once, twice, then she nodded. "Yes! But I don't think it will be enough to bring that Nevermore!"

"It's not meant to," Diarmuid said, suddenly behind the same piller she had been previously, pressing his back to it, he frowned. "She means for you to bat her into the path of the bird so that she may strike it down," He glanced over to the blonde King of Knights, "Isn't that right?" He tried his best not to sneer. He really, really did.

"Uh, yes, that is right, if I can get close enough, my sword should be able to cleave it's wing at least If we can bring it down to ground, we can kill it."

"You mean to use your Semblance?" Diarmuid asked.

"I...Don't think my Semblance is suited to this, it is more support than offensive. I shall rely on my blade alone."

"Forget it then," Diarmuid dismissed, shaking his head, "I will take the task of bringing that bird to ground," He gripped both his spears and lifted them, "No objections, I assume?"

"None," Arturia looked resigned, "Just be careful, Lancer."

"I don't need your concern." Diarmuid said, when neither King of Heroes or Conquerors objected, he nodded to the red haired Rider. "Get ready," Iskandra looked a little too eager to swing a tree trunk into him. "Go!" Diarmuid rushed from cover, glancing at the Nevermore who was giving them so much trouble, it was cirlcing back around for another pass... Perfect. He jumped up, curling his legs at the same time tha swing began, the trunk touched his feet and began to carry him forward...Then he kicked up with Aura enhanced legs.

The trunk exploded. His ears popped and suddenly DIarmuid Adfer was a bullet on an intercept course. He flew forward, tunnel vision taking hold as he twisted his spaears in hand, the shaft of Dearg parted, clicking away and with a click he inserted Buidhe, creating a crimsom shaft with a golden pointed spear, the parted blade of Dearg creationg a sort of crossguard beneath the golden edged blade. The weight was all but doubled as well.

He gripped it in both hands, the Nevermore entered his sight and he grinned. "You're mine!" He twisted in the air, bringing that spear around and forward with a flash of steel... The Nevermore screeched in agony as it's shoulder was pierced and the spearman was on it's back, ripping that weapon out none too gently before driving it back into the point where the wing met the body.

Needless to say, the Nevermore caved, and dipped to the side when it's wing no longer began to respond as well as it wanted to the commands of "FLAP FLAP LIKE YOU ALWAYS DO!", so his job complete, Diarmuid rode the giant bird dwon, waiting until it slammed into the ground before he leapt off and as it slid over the cliffside screeching bloody death, he landed in the wake of it and stood, leaning his combined spear on his shoulder and smirking at his comrades.

Because cool guys don't look at the things they kill.

Maybe this wouldn't be so bad?

"You are now team ADGI (Agile)!" The roaring applause and cheers from the second, third and fourth years watching the stage were almost enough to drown out Diarmuid's facepalm, Iskandra's fists raising into the air in victory, Gilgamesh appearing entirely at home under the basking of praise and cheer. Arturia just looked like someone broke her world, put it back together poorly then shoved her into it with a whole new set of rules.

"Lead by...Arturia Arc!"

"What?!" All four members of the newly formed team exclaimed.

"Congratulations, young lady," Ozwald said with a smile, taking Arturia's armored hand in his own and shaking it before turning back to the crowd. "Summer Rose..."

They tuned out the others, that wasn't important, what was important was that this was single handedly the third worst day of her life! First being the fall of Camelot, second being the time Merlin gave her magical man parts and now this?! THIS?! Why did the universe hate her so much?!

And why were the Kings of Conquerors and Heroes looking at her like her appointment as leader was HER fault?!

End of Chapter Five

Yup! There it was, no awesome fight scenes, no great story expansion, and just a hint of Arturia and Lancer suffering together! Because frankly I ship them in a way that I ship two Titanics! IE they both get to suuufffer! Because I enjoy it. That said, this story won't be getting overly deep and it's really just a means for me to vent my typing urges when I need to, so don't think it's going to get overly complex!

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