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Chapter 1: Transfer Student

Student chatter filled the classroom air as students began coming into a classroom. Each student began filling their seat one by one and socializing amongst themselves awaiting the arrival of their teacher.

"Does anyone know where Ms. Herts is?" A boy with blonde hair said. Three heads shook in denial.

"This is really odd, she's usually here before all of us." A girl with pink hair said.

"Well even teachers can have a slow start Aelita." A boy with spiked blond hair said while leaning back in his chair.

"Seems like everyday is a slow start for you odd." A boy with brown hair said. The three laughed at his joke.

"Jokes aside Ulrich, it's been five minutes and she still isn't here."

"Calm down Jeremie." Ulrich said, "Maybe she's just grabbing her coffee."

The door opened and in came Ms. Hertz. She did not close the door as she usually does which means that someone was meant to follow her in. Looking back at the door she smiled and cleared her throat to get the attention of her class and make an announcement.

"Class today we have a transfer student. He's from America so everyone be nice to him."

Whispers could be heard throughout the classroom from various students.

"We're getting a transfer student?"

"How cool."

"She said he's from America."

Odd, Ulrich, Jeremie, and Aelita did not say a word to each other yet. They merely looked at the each other, shared a nod, then looked at the door in anticipation.

Ms. Hertz looked at the door one more time. "You can come in now."

The student walked into the classroom and everyone inside was silent. He walked in through the door with his head tilted slightly down. A gasp was heard and a whisper of his hair was mentioned. He was dark-skinned with white hair. He wore a gray shirt with a jacket over it of the same colour. His pants were the same colour and his shoes were also white. In his right hand he carried a small notebook.

"Woah, white hair"

"His hair is so cool"

The student walked until he was positioned in front of the desk Ms. Hertz stands behind and looked up. His eyes were a dark brown, they could be easily mistaken for black if the person was not paying attention. Not a single word was uttered by the class. His eyes did not shine, nor were they dull. They were average, they showed no emotion. His face was blank, each feature of his face resting making it impossible to guess what he may be thinking.

Ms. Hertz stood behind him and spoke, "Would you like for me to introduce you?" The student shook his head in denial. Then he opened his mouth to speak.

"My name is Roman Kade." His voice came out smoothly.

The whole class stared at him. This was the first time they had ever met someone like him and already he made them feel uneasy.

Ms. Hertz looked at the class and back to Roman and clapped her hands to gain their attention. "Okay Roman, there is an open seat behind Odd Della Robia. You may sit there."

Roman looked to Odd and their eyes locked. Odd quickly looked away shifting his eyes anywhere else that was not Roman. Roman began walking towards his seat passing by the group of five before he was seated. The way he was seated he happened to be to the left of Odd.

Ulrich looked over at Roman and watched him for a second. To Ulrich he seemed like an okay person, he just looked a little odd on the surface. Redirecting his attention to the sound of chalk striking a board he concluded he would talk to the others about it late. Letting out a sigh he decided to just focus on the lesson.

*Lunch Break*

The sound of a bell ringing signified the end of the class. Students began to pack their things up and filter out of the classroom. "Don't forget tonight's homework." Ms. Hertz said as the students vacated the room.

The group of four, Odd, Ulrich, Aelita, and Jeremie opened up the door and looked at their usual table. Already seated was their friend and last member of their group Yumi Ishiyama. Looking behind her they could see Roman already seated at another table silently eating. Grabbing their lunch one by one they began to sit at the table.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Yumi greeted her friends. Ulrich decided to speak up.

"Nothing, just had an interesting science class was all."

"I heard we got a transfer student." Yumi looked around. "I wonder where they are."

"Look behind you" Jeremie said. Yumi did exactly that and when she looked at Roman her eyebrows lifted slightly. After a few seconds she turned back around finding three pairs of eyes on her.

"What?" She asked confused.

Odd bumped her shoulder twice with a sly grin on his face. "So, what do you think."

Yumi thought to herself for a moment before she opened her mouth to voice her opinion. "It's the first time I've seen a person like him but it looks like he is just very alone."

The group all looked over at Roman and saw him scribbling in his notebook with a tray of food next to him, they nodded in agreement. The lunch room door opened and three students walked through the door. Each student grabbed their lunch and continued to walk towards their table.

"Hello Ulrich dear. "One of the three said with a grin.

"How many times do I have to tell you? I'm not your Ulrich dear." Said an annoyed Ulrich.

"You should come eat with me today." She chided. "Come on, ditch those four."

"Well would you look at that Ulrich." Odd said with surprise in his voice "Sissi learned a new number! Isn't that just precious."

The group of five shared a laugh as Sissi fumed at the retort made by them. With a "Hmph" She and the two she came with walked past them right to the table where Roman was seated. Walking up with confidence she sat in the seat directly in front of him while the other two flanked her left and right. Roman noticed this stopped writing and looked up. Black met dark brown, there Sissi decided to speak up.

"So you're our new transfer student. What's your name?"

"Roman, Roman Kade." Roman spoke in a monotone voice.

Sissi leaned away from him in her chair. "What's with your voice?" She leaned back and held her head up by both of her arms on the table.

Roman's monotone voice drew the attention of the five sitting at the table behind her. "My apologies if I offended you Elisabeth Delmas."

"How do you know my name already?" Sissi asked curiously. The two beside her claimed both the seats beside here listening intently. His next answer surprised both her group and the one behind her listening in.

Roman turned a few pages in his notebook"I have done necessary research on the individuals here who seem to have made a mark. I know of you," Roman glanced at the two, "and the two beside you."

The group of three did not say anything, they listened as he saw the need to continue.

"Your name is Elisabeth Delmas, you are an eighth grader here at Kadic Academy. The two beside you are Nicolas Poliakoff and Herb Pichon. They are also eighth graders."

"Wow it looks like he really does know us Sissi." The newly named Nicolas said.

"Incredible." Herb said.

Roman's face remained blank and passive as the three stared at him. "Well." Sissi began "First off, the name's Sissi" Sissi crossed her arms, "I don't like the name Elisabeth. Second off you should hang around me, it would be a lot of fun."

'There's no way he could deny me, I'm the Principal's daughter' Sissi thought to herself.

"My apologies once again Sissi Delmas, but there's nothing you've done that makes you credible of your word." Roman's eyes once again glanced over at Nicolas and Herb who stood up beside her.

Sissi stood up in shock. Just who did this guy think he is? This transfer student just rejected her invitation into her group. "W-what do you mean by that."

Roman maintained eye contact with Sissi as he stood up with his notebook, closed in his hands. when he did Sissi saw that he was about the same height as her. She took a few steps back."I observed the interactions you held with the group of five behind you. While you showed a fondness for one individual, you spoke as if the others were not around him." His voice never wavered from the monotone he held.

Nicolas decided he was going to show Roman to respect Sissi. "Listen here you." Nicolas reached for the collar of Roman's jacket in an attempt to threaten him. A soft slap on the ground, a grunt was heard, and a smash stopping the whole lunchroom and bringing their attention to the back of the room.

Out of the group of five, Odd was seen standing in his chair to get a better view. The other's eyes widened as the could not believe what they just saw.

Nicolas had been flipped onto the table that Roman had just got done eating on. Roman stance was still in that of a throwing position. Roman straightened his body and stood straight up and looked at Sissi. Nicolas struggled to his feet, after being thrown by that kid. He wanted to get even. Rushing back at Roman he was stopped by a man of large stature. The gym teacher Jim Morales stood between Roman and Nicolas.

"Now now just what is going on here?" Jim looked around

Sissi pointed an accusing finger at Roman. "It was him, he threw Nicolas across the table"

Jim looked down at Roman in surprise. "You threw Poliakoff? He's twice your size."

Roman's face never changed and he answered in the same voice as he looked up at Jim. "An off balance force can easily be redirected with the proper technique." Roman then picked up his notebook.

"Nicolas wasn't trying to hurt him, but he just threw him." Sissi spoke up.

Roman narrowed his eyes at Sissi giving him an upset look. "Nicolas Poliakoff attempted to come in contact with my person, I took precautionary measures as I saw fit with the most minimal of injuries for him."

Jim looked around to the rest of lunchroom for verification. "Did anyone else see what happened?"

Odd chose this time to speak up "Yeah Jim, I saw the whole thing from start to finish."

"Come with me, you too transfer student. Poliakoff, let's go. We're going to the Principal's office." Jim, Nicolas, and Roman left the lunchroom to the Principal's office.

Jeremy stood up and turned back to his group "Come on guys, let's go"

A "right" came from each person as they followed their friend to the Principal's office to see the results of the altercation. Sissi was halfway through the door when she looked back at Herb "What are you waiting for? Let's go." Sissi ran after those who just left.

"C-coming Sissi."

*Principal's office*

Jim and the three behind him came into the Principal's room when they were given the signal.

"What is the meaning of this, your first day and you're already in my office Roman? I expected better of you." Delmas said in as disapproving voice. Roman's expression did not change nor did he open his mouth in protest. Instead, Jim stepped forward.

"There was an altercation between Kade and Poliakoff in the lunchroom." Jim supplied.

"An altercation?!" Delmas exclaimed.

"I brought these two here and Della Robia to explain the situation" Jim stepped behind the tree as they stepped forward.

Delmas leaned forward in his chair with both of his hands positioned over his mouth. "Explain what happened starting with you Roman."

"Very well." Roman stepped forward. "Whilst finishing up my lunch I was approached by one Elisabeth Delmas, Herb Pichon, and Nicolas Poliakoff. Elisabeth Delmas began a conversation with me. The conversation resulted in me telling her actions towards the group in association with Odd Della Robia were not credible. Nicolas approached me in attempt to make contact with my person. My response was to deal with him as effectively as possible whilst maintaining minimal damage to him, thus a flip was in order."

Delmas looked over to Nicolas. "Is that true Nicolas?"

Nicolas rubbed his sore shoulder as he answered " Yeah, but he didn't have to do all of that." Nicolas looked over to Roman to find that his darn face had not changed one time since this all happened.

Delmas sat back in his chair and let out a sigh. "Can you confirm that that is all that happened?" Delmas said looking at odd.

Odd nodded in agreement.

"Well then, that settles that, Nicolas you have three hours detention. You are to serve it in the library with Jim" Delmas said as an "Aw man." came from Nicolas. "Since this is your first time with anything like this happening Roman I will let you go just this once. Do not let this happen again, next time get one of the teachers"

Roman nodded his head at the request of the Principal. "As you wish Principal."

"Now you have one more class of the day, go attend that and have a good evening"

"I wish the same to you Principal Delmas."

Each person filtered out of the office one by one. Two groups were waiting on an individual from each party.

Roman walked by both parties and continued to his next class without interruption. Odd and Nicolas met up with their respective groups and they continued to their next class.

Yumi decided to speak up before their separation. "So, what happened Odd?"

"Well the new kid got off with a warning"

"Just a warning?" Jeremie chimed in "Delmas is usually more strict when fights happen."

"Well yeah, but you should have heard how he explained himself. He did it so clearly, you felt like you were right there."

"Maybe it was because you were right there Odd." Aelita mused.

"I wanna talk to him after class" Ulrich said. "That throw was pretty good. Anyone wanna back me up?" Ulrich looked at his group. "Sure!" Odd said and threw an arm around Ulrich's shoulder. "I wanna talk to him too."

"Alright then, after class it is. Where are you and Jeremie going to be Aelita?" Ulrich asked.

"We'll be nearby." Aelita answered.

"We might as well all talk to him then after class." Jeremie suggested.

With an agreeance among the group, Yumi parted her way as the four went their way.

*After Class*

Roman packed his things up and left the classroom, this whole day had been one interesting thing after another. 'I wonder what happens next,' Roman thought to himself. Upon leaving he looked at his phone for the time and noted that it was he had a few hours to himself before dinner so he decided to get some writing in. Finding a bench under a tree he set his shoulder pack next to him and took out the notebook and began writing.

A group of four left the classroom with intention to meet up with their fifth member before confronting Roman.

"Hey guys, you ready?" Yumi said greeting her friends.

"Sure thing, anyone know where he is?" Odd asked looking around.

Each member looked around and then a tuft of white caught Yumi's eye. Pointing in the direction of white Yumi called out "He's over there." The group of five looked in the direction of her finger and saw Roman as he poked his pencil at his chin in thought before writing again.

"Well I'm going, stare if you want to." Odd said and began approaching Roman. Ulrich followed behind him and the others soon after.

Roman heard the sounds of leaves crunching and looked up from his book to see Odd Della Robia approaching him with his group following behind him. Roman closed his notebook and stood up as they began to all find a spot they were comfortable with. Roman decided to make himself audible first in thanks.

"Odd Della Robia" Odd's attention was quickly grasped at the sound at the monotoned voice. "I would like to give my gratitude to you for verifying the occurrence between Nicolas Poliakoff and myself."

"Uh?" Odd looked to Jeremie for help in trying to decipher what it was Roman was saying. Jeremie shook his head at Odd's thoughtlessness. "He's saying thank you Odd."

"Oh, no problem then buddy." Odd said giving him a friendly smile.

"I take it you already know who we are?" Jeremie asked. Roman nodded his head at the question and then began to answer.

"While I have not met you all personally, I am very aware of who each of you are." Roman began, he opened his notebook once more and turned a few pages before answering.

"Jeremie Belpois, Odd Della Robia, Ulrich Stern, Ishiyama Yumi, and finally Aelita…."

Aelita assumed that he did not know her given last name so she began to open her mouth when Roman suddenly finished what it was he was saying.


The mention of that name shocked the group to silence. The one to break the silence was Aelita.

"How do you know about that name?" As she asked this question the others positioned themselves as to prevent Roman from escaping if he so tried to. Roman noticed a slight shift in their positioning and closed his eyes in before opening them again.

"I know of this name from my research and my discovery of this picture" Roman pulled a picture out of his notebook to show them the same picture Jeremy had discovered. A young Aelita was seen with a man wearing dark shaded glasses and a beard, she was smiling in this picture and so was the man.

"This man, Franz Hopper, is your father, is he not?" Roman questioned as he put the picture away.

"Jeremy I thought you said that this picture could never be discovered." Yumi voiced.

"It isn't supposed to be discovered, I don't know how he did it."

Aelita was too shocked to answer, Ulrich seen this and stepped forward.

"You don't plan on letting that out do you?"

Roman took the photo and placed it in his hand. "Dispose of this as you see fit." The group did not relax, they knew he still had the knowledge and they still do not know what the extent of what he knows is. Roman decided to speak up to relieve the tension in the air.

"This shows that my hypothesis was correct."

It was Jeremie's turn to chime in, "Hypothesis?"

"I believe you had heard me when I mentioned my researching of individuals that stick out amongst the others in this school." Roman turned to Jeremie. "Upon my discovery of this information I hypothesized if Aelita Shaeffer is a part of your group then you all would know of this last name. It seems that I was right." Turning to Ulrich he began to address his question. "Rest assured, this information was merely to satisfy my hypothesis, it will not be released to anyone else."

Aelita seemed to finally overcome her shock and began with a question "How much more do you know?"

"Code: Lyoko." Once again the words that left the person's mouth left the group in shock. This time it did not last as long. Odd asked the next question.

"How much do you know about it?"

"All I have discovered is that it is a program created by Franz Hopper. I do not know if it is still in operation to this day."

Ulrich stepped back to his original position and asked his question. " So all of this tension and no facial change huh?"

"I have a hard time making sense and showing emotions that I come across." Roman replied

"Yeah, I bet I could make you laugh." Odd added his two cents in.

"Try as you may, it is something I would like to experience."

"Are you saying you can't?" Aelita asked.

"Well, yes and no." Roman furrowed his brows in thought. "I have a hard time showing it."

"Okay guys I think we've got something to discuss." Jeremie said motioning over to another bench across from Roman.

"I take it you have been satisfied?" Roman questioned the retreating group.

"For now, we're just gonna talk about something and we will be back" Jeremie said with a smile.

"I will wait on you here." Roman sat back down and took out his notebook and continued from where he left off.

The group of five walked over to the bench across from Roman. Jeremie and Odd sat down and yumi sat on the top part of the bench behind the two, Ulrich and Aelita stood. The group sat in silence for about a minute until Yumi spoke up.

"So, what's the plan guys?"

"He definitely knows a lot." Ulrich said."He doesn't know everything though." Aelita responded.

"Yeah, but he knows enough" Jeremie said. "Because of his face I can't tell if he has any other intentions."

"Well Einstein, he does keep to himself and he doesn't look like to type to just give out that information. With the way he handled Nicolas today I think we should include him in our group." Odd said.

"Odd's got a point Jeremie." Ulrich said. "He knows about Aelita and Lyoko, not to mention he is capable of handling himself."

"I think you guys are trusting this guy a little too fast. We can't tell what he is thinking or what he might do." Aelita said.

"Yeah but if he was able to find that picture of you and Franz then he is more than capable of finding out about the rest of Lyoko." Ulrich said.

"It's Jeremie's call. If he wants to take the chance let's back him up on it." Aelita finalized. The group turned to Jeremie who was thinking very hard on the situation. A few minutes passed before Jeremie looked up then at his watch. "We've got two hours until dinner. Let's take a chance. If all else fails, I'll launch a return to the past and we won't even mention it again. Deal?"

Something did not sound right to Aelita. "I thought you couldn't erase the memories of someone who had been entered into Lyoko."

"Well." Jeremie smiled. "I was looking into a few codes and what not and found out I could. With just a few adjustments to the DNA code of you guys, I can make it so you never knew about Lyoko."

With an "Oh" and a resounding agreement between the group they all got back up and walked over to Roman. Roman noticed their approach and placed his book away once more. Jeremie took the lead.

"Okay Roman we've got two hours, but you have to swear to us. All of us" Jeremie said sternly

"What is it that I am swearing to?" Roman asked with his ever-so passive face.

"Swear that what we are about to show you will never leave you for as long as you live."

Roman closed his eyes letting a breeze wash over him as he thought to himself. Moments passed as he suddenly opened his eyes. Dark brown met blue, if anyone else looked it would seem as an intense staring contest was taking place. Then Roman opened his mouth for his answer.

"You have my word. Not a soul will be told."

A sigh of relief sounded through the group.

"Follow us, we've got two hours, let's make it count." Jeremie led the way.

The group of now six walked over through the trees to find a manhole with a cover the top. Turning to Roman, Yumi addressed him. "Before you come down here you have to make sure that no one see's you, if so our whole secret will be found out, okay?"

Roman nodded at Yumi's words. "You have my word Ishiyama Yumi."

Odd opened the manhole and each member began going down one by one. The last two were Ulrich and Roman. "Hey Roman" Ulrich called for Roman's attention. "Why do you call Yumi by her last name first?"

"Ishiyama Yumi is of Japanese descent is she not?"

Ulrich's nod confirmed his question.

"In Japanese customs you are to use the last name first and first name last. It would be disrespectful of me to address her by her first name when we have barely met" Roman clarified.

Ulrich did not say anything else, both headed down the manhole and Roman covered it back up.

Odd noticed they took longer than usual. "What took you guys so long?"

"Nothing Odd, just had something to ask him." Ulrich answered.

The group continued as they passed their usual transportation Roman noticed the skateboards and scooters and decided to ask a question.

"There are several means of transportation here. Is it safe to assume there are time you all must arrive at this destination quickly?"

"Yeah" Yumi answered his question. "Sometimes we have to be there in a hurry." Aelita fielded the next part of the answer.


The group arrived at the ladder used to climb up. Each person climbed the ladder. Once everyone was up Odd decided to tell Roman where they were.

"Welcome to the factory Roman! This is the place we'll be coming to several times when the time comes for it."

In a show of interest Roman raised an eyebrow and asked a question "What might you mean when you say 'when the time comes for it'?"

"I will answer that one when we get there" Jeremie said.

Walking into the factory Roman noticed it was vacant. All he could think is 'Interesting' as he watched each person take a rope and swing to what looks like an elevator.

"What are you waiting for? Come on!" Odd yelled back to Roman.

Roman followed suit and followed the others into the elevator.

"So, any thoughts so far?" Ulrich asked.

"Interesting." Roman responded in a astonishing voice.

"Heh, we're not even to the good part yet." Jeremie said

Arriving at the first floor the door opened to reveal a massive computer. It was the first kind Roman had ever seen and though he could not show it on the surface, he was floored.

"This is very interesting"

Jeremie and the others began walking towards the computer, Roman followed slowly. Jermie took the seat and it revolved around the middle of the room to a monitor.

"This is called the Super Computer. It was created by Franz Hopper and holds the world of Lyoko on it." Jeremie said with a smile as he watched Roman's eyes take in all around him. A hologram was projected from the object in the middle of the floor that immediately caught the attention of Roman.

"This is a hologram of the world of Lyoko" Aelita supplied. "It shows all five sectors and can pinpoint a tower."

"That's not all we are here for though" Jeremie's sudden input drew the attention of Roman. "We come here because of a threat against humanity know as X.A.N.A."

"X.A.N.A?" Roman questioned.

"Yes. This program was an artificial intelligence created by Franz Hopper but gained independent thinking and trapped him there. It's only desire is to stop us and try to enslave everyone on Earth. Your job in Lyoko is to guide Aelita to the tower that has been activated and keep her safe as she deactivates it. X.A.N.A. can also affect the world out here around us so we have to keep each other and the school safe."

"Interesting." Was the only response from Roman.

"Jeremie operates the computer while directing us on Lyoko." Aelita continued. "From here he can see everything and warn us of hazards coming up to block us from where we need to be."

Roman turned to Aelita, everyone swore he look surprised but if he was the look went away too fast to register. "You mean to tell me that you are injected into this virtual universe from Earth?" His voice seemed rise ever so slightly in surprise.

"Exactly" Jeremie said with confident smile.

Roman's face did not show any special response. His face was still blank. "Interesting" was all that left his mouth. Odd noticed this and spoke up.

"Still no response huh. I'll get you to smile, just you wait."

Jeremie shook his head at his friend's statement and looked up. "Alright guys head towards the scanners. Time to put him in."

Odd, Jeremie, Aelita, and Yumi all looked at Jeremie in surprise. They had not expected him to want to place Roman in Lyoko so quickly. "You sure about this?" Ulrich asked.


After filling in the elevator, the four motioned Roman to follow along who came without hesitation. The elevator went down one floor and opened up to the room of the scanners. Jeremie's voice could be heard over the intercom.

"There are only three scanners so you guys will have to go rounds of two."

Odd looked over to Roman's passive face "We would usually do ladies first plus one of us."

Roman looked over to the scanners once before looking back to Odd to answer him. "Which one of you will be accompanying them into the scanners?" Roman asked. Ulrich stepped forward quickly.

"Odd went last time so I will go first this time." Ulrich clarified. Looking he gave Jeremie the confirmation. "Alright Einstein, we're in."

The doors on the scanners shut one by one and Jeremie began the process to virtualization.

"Transfer Aelita, transfer Yumi, transfer Ulrich. Scanner Aelita, scanner Yumi, scanner Ulrich. Virtualization."

The three dropped onto the mountain sector surface. Each person made sure they were set before confirming to Jeremie.

"Okay we're here Jeremie. Send in the last two" Yumi said.

"Alright." Redirecting his attention to the remaining two in the scanner room he began to direct Roman. "Alright Roman step into open scanner in front of you. I will transfer and virtualize you like the others."

Roman looked into the open transfer Ishiyama Yumi had just been standing in. She was gone now, and this was not adding up inside his head. Three people walked into these cylinders and now no one was there. Would this process be safe? Would he be safely placed onto the world of Lyoko?

Roman stood still as he complentated his choice of stepping into the scanners or not. Odd walked up and placed hand on Roman's shoulder bringing him quickly out of his thoughts. "There's nothing to worry about. Just trust Jeremie, he's never let us down before. It doesn't look like you're the type of person to space out, even if your face looks like it." Odd gave Roman a wide smile reassuring him that he would be safe throughout this journey.

"Odd Della-" Roman began but Odd had cut him off before he could finish saying the rest of his name.


"I beg your pardon?"

"Call us by our first names man. We're friends now." Odd said while stepping into a scanner. "Let's go meet the rest of our friends."

"Friends…" Roman mumbled

The last thing roman saw before the closing doors was Odd's grin. 'Certainly interesting indeed.' Jeremie's voice rang out as he spoke the process of the virtualization to Roman.

"Okay Roman so first, the supercomputer will scan your dna code and imprint you into its system. Next, a card will load up with your picture on it and you will be placed into the world of Lyoko."

Roman listened to his words in silence as his body was scanned from the bottom to the top. He heard Jeremie's voice again repeating the same thing he said for the last three that were transferred, but this time it was for him and Odd.

"Transfer Odd, transfer Roman, Scanner Odd, scanner Roman. Virtualization."

At the sound of a person being virtualized Ulrich, Yumi, and Aelita looked up. Odd and Roman both dropped down to the mountain surface with Odd landing in a crouch position. Behind him Roman landed, but flat on his behind.

"Well would you look at that." Ulrich said calling their attention to the person behind Odd.

Roman had landed into a world with mountains. Standing up he dusted himself off he took in his surroundings and noticed the rocky area. To the others he stood still, what Roman was actually doing was identifying his five senses. 'I can smell, see, and hear. I believe myself to be capable of speech.' Roman took his finger and placed it on his tongue. At the taste of his flesh he pulled his hand away confirming each sense. Roman then began to inspect himself as the others watched. On his hands were black, fingerless gloves. He wore black trench coat, with long black pants. His shoes were black also but they were boots, made for combat. Pulling on a lock of his hair in front of his eyes he seen that his hair remained the same colour as it did on Earth. A voice brought him out of his thoughts and he turned around to face the source of it.

"Welcome to Lyoko!" Odd said happily.

Roman observed the four standing in front of him. A yellow samurai, with a demon mask, or Oni on his back. He was Ulrich. A purple cat person. 'That's Odd.' Roman thought. The black-haired one was Yumi. She stood in a geisha outfit with a kimono suited for combat. The last one was Aelita, she stood next to Yumi. She wore elvish clothes. They were white a white base with pink lining the the insides. Upon closer inspection he noticed her ears making her really resemble an elf. He noticed the approving looks of the group and began to move forward.

"How do you feel?" Ulrich asked as he walked towards Roman.

"I feel different, and the same." Roman looked at his hand and clenched his fist a few times. "This is strange, is what I am feeling real?"

Ulrich rested his hand on the hilt of the blade at his hip as the three behind him walked up to give an answer to his question.

"This is as real as you see it." Yumi said inspecting Roman. "Well well, don't you look handsome." Yumi said with a smile and looked at his face. To her surprise he still showed no emotion.

Aelita walked next to her confirming Yumi's statement. "You're going to be a tough one Roman but don't worry you'll be smiling in no time."

Roman looked at Aelita before asking his next question. "You all plan on helping me settle these emotions?"

"Well yeah, of course. You need a group of friends to hang around since you're here and since you know so much about our group already, why not?" Odd said.

Strangely Roman felt comfortable in the presence of these four individuals. Something about them being near him told him that he belonged there despite what he had been told before. His facial expression did not change but he was genuinely thankful for what they are doing for him.

"I give you my sincerest thanks. This is the first time I have been included in a group of friends. I understand I cannot show it on the surface, but I am truly thankful." Roman kept eye contact with the group as they looked back at him.

"Aelita can you send me a visual of what he looks like?" Jeremy asked from seemingly nowhere. At the sound of his voice Roman looked up. Aelita saw this and decided to answer to his curiosity.

"Jeremie is still in the factory at the computer, so don't worry. He can see us but we can't see him. Jeremie I'm sending it now." Aelita called out.

Once the visual was sent to Jeremie he seen Roman and his eyebrows rose in surprise. "Incredible, Roman made it there safe and he looks very cool."

"Thank you Jeremie" Roman said. Yumi noticed that Roman had not said Jeremie's full name like he had earlier and wondered why that was.

"Oh, you're finally using our first names now?" Yumi asked.

"Yes. Odd informed me that it was fine to use your first names to address you all. He said that we were friends." Roman explained.

"Well, since today we are now." Yumi gave Roman a soft smile.

"Jeremie, how much time do we have? I wanna see what he can do." Ulrich asked

"We've got about 45 minutes until dinner. So if you are going to spar, do it fast." Jeremie advised.

"Yeah" Odd chimed in. "It's meatloaf tonight. I love meatloaf." Odd finished while rubbing his stomach.

"I saw that flip, what was that?" Ulrich asked.

"It was Judo. I have experience with Judo and Jiu-jitsu." Roman replied.

"Really, why?"

"My parents decided it would be a good decision I could defend myself. A correct choice in their judgement."

Ulrich and Roman took a few steps away from each other, then away from the group.

"So you want to fight me?" Roman asked.

" Something like that." Ulrich drew his blade. "In this world you have life points. You start with 100. Once you hit zero, you're devirtualized and sent back to Earth."

"In any case of being devirtualized, am I able to come back immediately." Roman's question took them by surprise. Luckily for them Jeremie had a response ready for him.

"No, you can't but only if you are devirtualized. The supercomputer needs time to re-build your models here on Lyoko. The time limit is 12 hours. If you aren't devirtualized then you can come and go as you please."

"Interesting." Roman responded.

"Well no sense of waiting, Super Sprint!" Ulrich announced. With tremendous speed he was in front of Roman with his blade already moving.

"Ulrich take it easy!" Yumi yelled. Her expression changed to that of awe when she noticed Roman had already duck the blade and shocked even more when he heard an "oof" from Ulrich. Ulrich had been swept off of his feet by Roman. Ulrich rolled backwards from Roman to gain some distance.

"Well your reactions aren't slow." Ulrich said dusting himself off.

"Your speed is inhuman." Roman said while slipping into a fighting stance.

"It might feel like the real world but we're all different here." Ulrich pointed a thumb at the spectating group. "Look at them, all different people on Lyoko."

Roman took a good look at each person before forming his next question. "Is it wise to assume you all have abilities here as well?"

"Yeah, now we just gotta figure out yours." Ulrich said readying himself.

With a battle cry Ulrich had charged towards Roman once again using super sprint. Ulrich performed a diagonal slice that Roman dodged and countered with a roundhouse kick to Ulrich's left side. Bringing up his arm to block he pushed away the boot of Roman and sliced at his head. Roman ducked the slice and went for another sweep at the legs. Not one to be caught a second time, Ulrich jumped high and went for a vertical spinning slash directly at the position of Roman. Recovering quickly from the sweep Roman rolled to the right but was too slow as Ulrich was over him with his blade in motion. With no choices left Roman brought his hand up to block the blade.

"What?" could be heard from each person as they could not believe what they just seen. Roman's hand was coated in a black energy protecting him from Ulrich's blade.

"Aelita, that energy looks like the same from your Energy Fields, except black." Yumi said.

Aelita formed a ball of energy known as "Energy Field" into her hand and looked at it closely and back at the hands of Roman.

Roman took advantage of the shock of his opponent and brought the blade across his chest causing Ulrich to stumble forwards. This allowed Roman to spin and use the back of his other fist and strike Ulrich in the head causing him to fly towards the spectators. Ulrich was caught by the Telekinesis of Yumi and placed back onto the ground. Ulrich gave a quick thanks as Jeremie's voice rang out to everyone.

"Ulrich you've lost 20 life points. 80 left."

Rubbing the back of his head Ulrich readied his stance.

Roman looked at the black energy that coated his hands. Inside he was amazed, outside he only raised his eyebrows.

"Triplicate!" Ulrich suddenly split into three people. Roman readied himself again as each Ulrich approached him. Both the clones and the original surrounded Roman before closing in on him with a slash. Before the slash could connect Roman jumped into the air. Taking another look at his hands he thought of a way to utilize the energy he had discovered. Falling back to the ground between the Ulrichs, Roman's fist hit the ground below him and a shockwave of black energy surged in a circular pattern.

"Oh, what?" Ulrich tried to move but found himself unable to. This black energy had paralyzed his form. Roman charged his fist before throwing a fist at Ulrich's form. Black energy fired from the fist to Roman. Ulrich managed to break free of the paralysis in time and used Super Sprint to close in on Romans location. Since Roman shot the blast of energy he was left vulnerable to recharge.

'This is quite the predicament.' Roman thought.

Roman attempted to roll to the side. This attempt was foiled because of the loss of stamina used for the previous attack. Ulrich was able to catch him and kick the heel of Roman's foot causing him to fall flat on his back. Ulrich stood over his form with his sword aimed at the neck of his opponent.

"I concede" Roman said. Ulrich offered his hand to help Roman up and Roman accepted the offer.

"Alright guys, we've got 30 minutes to get back to school before dinner. I'll bring you in." Jeremie said as he started to devirtualize the first three that came in.

"Devirtualize Odd, devirtualize Yumi, devirtualize Aelita."

Ulrich walked over to Roman and held his hand out. Roman saw the offer for the handshake and met him the rest of the way.

"That was fun." Ulrich said.

"Indeed, it was-" Roman was cut off by Ulrich.



Jeremie's voice rang out once more signaling the devirtualization of Ulrich and Roman.

"Devirtualize Ulrich, devirtualize Roman."

Roman looked at his feet and saw as his form began to disappear in white squares. 'This day proved to be very interesting.' This was the last thought Roman had as his consciousness was brought back to his body on Earth. When his scanner opened he saw his new friends waiting for him smiles on each of their faces.

"How do you feel?" Jeremie asked Roman.

"I feel like myself once again." Roman answered back.

"Any idea what that black energy was?" Aelita asked.

Roman shook his head in denial.

"Well, don't worry" Odd said as he leaned on Roman's shoulder. "We'll figure it out. Now let's go to lunch I'm starving."

"You're always starving Odd." Yumi said with a giggle.

The group with the exception of Roman shared in the laugh as they began the journey back towards the school. Passing by the transportation once more before the final climb up, Odd had one more question for Roman. "Hey Roman, do you have a skateboard or a scooter?"

"I have a skateboard with me." Roman answered.

"Good, bring it next time we come down here. It will be the fastest way to reach the factory, oh and welcome to the group Roman." Odd finished with a smile.

"I give you my gratitude once again." Roman responded.

Climbing the ladder the group made their way towards the lunch room once again.

"Ah Rosa, the meatloaf smells delicious." Odd said while receiving his portion.

"Thank you Odd." Rosa said back before giving the other students their food.

Each person picked up their food and walked over to their person took a seat and the only seat left was the one next to Odd. "Looks like we finally got someone to fill that spot." Ulrich said looking at Roman. Roman did not respond his attention was focused on his hand as he opened and closed it constantly. Another hand drew his attention when it came into his view and set on top of his. It was Yumi's.

"Don't worry, nothing will come from your hand." Yumi locked eyes with him and have him a reassuring smile. "We're in the real world now for sure." Yumi pulled her hand away and began eating.

Roman began eating while looking at his hand. His face hid his thoughts well. Inside his head he began questioning everything he knew after that experience. People could be inserted into a virtual universe from Earth! There was more to this, more he wanted to know, needed to know. His body was transformed from matter to particles and back to matter before he knew what happened. It felt surreal to him but strangely enough, it did not bother him. He looked once at his newly acquired companions and felt pleased to have them. He knew one thing and that was his boundaries. He would soon have the answers he needed from them, all he needed to do was bide his time. This also meant that he had much to write about. Jeremie noticed Romans blank gaze at them but did not respond to him, all he did was give him a smile that had a meaning behind it. "We'll help you out." It took forever to him but for once he felt accepted.

The sounds of a door opening brought those facing it, attention to it. Sissi walked through the door still accompanied by Nicolas and Herb. As Sissi and her two companions walked past the Lyoko group's table she noticed a head of white and stopped.

"So you managed to get that transfer kid in your group huh? How'd you do it? Pressure him?" Sissi said with a smug grin.

The group minus one all looked at Sissi angrily, new member or not, no one insulted one of their group and got away with it. Aelita opened her mouth to retort to her but a voice spoke before her.

"Sissi Delmas. I believe you of all people know the results of bothering me." Roman's eyes seemed to pierce right through her, though his face kept its blank state his eyes told a different story.

Roman held his gaze at Sissi to what felt like a century to her before turning away. "W-whatever." She and her two companions walked away not before Nicolas turned back to exchange some words with Roman.

"I didn't forget what you did, watch your back transfer kid." Nicolas began to walk away after stating this but Roman's voice halted him.

"Nicolas Poliakoff, I apologize for my actions earlier, but I am not fond of aggressive contact. I merely responded naturally. I hope we can get along in the future."

Nicolas paused at his words. He seemed to have considered his request before walking away.

"Think he'll forgive you?" Yumi said.

"Perhaps." Was Roman's reply.

Roman looked at his food and closed his eyes taking in all that just happened around him. Then he opened his mouth.

"This day has been most interesting indeed."

*After dinner*

The group finished dinner and began to head to the gates to see Yumi off.

"Where is our destination?" Roman asked.

"We're going to see Yumi off, she doesn't live here. She stays at home. It's still close so don't worry" Ulrich said.

Yumi began walking through the gates before she stopped. "I almost forgot guys, we have to give Roman our numbers."

A short exchange of numbers and goodbye's Yumi was walking back to her home and The other five began walking to their respective rooms. With a goodbye Aelita walked towards her room and the four boys began walking back to theirs.

Odd and Ulrich arrived at their room and said their good night before going inside. Roman and Jeremie both bid them good night as they continued along. Jeremie stopped in front of his room and opened the door. Before he walked through the door he asked Roman a quick question.

"Where is your room at Roman?"

Roman looked at his room and the door next to it and voiced his answer with a point of his finger.

"Next to yours."

"Really, well that's convenient. Good night then buddy, I'll see you tomorrow"

With a nod of Roman's head Jeremie closed his door and Roman began walking towards his room. Setting his things down he decided. That he would read before he went off to sleep. Before opening his book he looked at his clock to see it was 8:00 p.m.

*At Yumi's house*

"I'm home!" Yumi yelled as she walked through her front door. "Hello?" She called out. It was weird to her that no one was home. She began taking her shoes off but stopped when she heard the voice of her mother.

"Hello Yumi, welcome home." Yumi's mother said.

Yumi slipped her shoe back on using her back to shield her vision but did not stand up. Instead she decided to ask a question.

"Hey mom, where's Hiroki and dad?" Yumi's asked.

"They are sleep, just as you should be." Yumi heard her mother's voice and it sounded distorted and there was only one reason for that.

'Xana.' Yumi thought to herself. Without raising suspicion she got up and thought of an excuse to warn the rest of her gang.

"Honey where are you going? It's past curfew" The distorted voice could be heard in front of her as the X.A. mother blocked the door from Yumi.

"Sorry mom." Yumi apologized before performing a drop kick. The kick connected and Yumi's mother slammed into the door before falling down. Yumi recovered quickly and bolted out of the door. As she left two more figures revealed themselves to be Yumi's father and her little brother, Hiroki.

"After her!" The distorted voice of the mother ordered as the two began their pursuit of Yumi.

Running towards the academy Yumi took out her phone and called Aelita.

"Answer, come on pick up Aelita."

*With Aelita*

Aelita stirred awake from the sound of her phone ringing.

"Who calls at a time like this?" Taking a look at her phone she found the answer to her question. "Yumi!"

"Yumi?" Aelita could hear Yumi's breaths and was immediately alert. " What's wrong?" Aelita asked as she sat up on her bed sat up on her bed.

"Aelita .X.A.N.A.'s activated a tower he possessed my family. Get the others and get to Lyoko."

"What about you?" Aelita asked.

I'll lead them away from the factory for as long as I can." A grunt could be heard from her end of the phone. "Hurry!"

Aelita was dressed in a matter of second and was out the door. Aelita found the boy's dorm and began traveling down the stairs to the Jeremie's room. Knocking on Jeremie's room door the response was quick as Jeremie was already awake and beginning to move to alert the others of the attack.

"Aelita, good that you're here, I was just getting ready to call you and the others about the X.A.N.A. attack." Jeremie said while closing his door.

"Yumi already called me, her family is possessed by X.A.N.A. She said she is leading them away from the factory."

"She can't hold them off for long, you get Roman. I'll grab Ulrich and Odd."

"Where is his room?" Aelita asked looking around.

"Next to mine's" Jeremie answered before walking into Odd and Ulrich's room.

Aelita walked towards his door and noticed that his light was still on. She gave the door a few slight knocks before she head foot steps approaching the door. She stepped back as Roman opened the door. His face still as blank as she remembered it when he left, his curiosity was still there though.

"How can I help you Aelita?" Roman asked.

"We've got to go to Lyoko. X.A.N.A's launched an attack." Aelita said in a hurried voice.

Roman looked at her for a moment before responding "I will be right there."

"Okay" Aelita said as she watched Odd and Ulrich come out of their bedroom like zombies.

"I was at the good part of my dream too." Odd whined.

"Whine later, we've got something to take care of." Ulrich said then let out a yawn.

"Are we ready?" Roman asked coming out of his room.

Odd looked over at Roman and found he did not look tired. "Roman how are you just, awake? Odd said wiping the sleep out of his eyes.

"I was not sleep yet. I was writing in my notebook." Roman responded.

Jeremie decided to remind them of the position they were in.

"Need I remind you our friend is being chased by X.A.N.A.? Let's go, she doesn't have much time."

With that statement the group began making their way to the factory.

*With Yumi*

Yumi ran past the gates of the school. Looking behind her she could see that her two possessed family members were gaining on her. Leading them into the city seemed like a good choice so she would go for it. Running into the city she noticed an alley she could duck into and get a break. Utilizing a shadow and a thrown rock she redirected the attention of the X.A.N. Ishiyamas and hid in the alley she had been looking at. Yumi took this time to catch her breath and get a text out to her friends to get an update on the progress. She decided to text Ulrich.

[Are you guys at the factory yet?]

Yumi awaited the response. A moment later and her phone vibrated Ulrich had responded.

[We just got here. Going down the elevator right now]

Yumi sighed in relief, it wasn't too much time now until the tower was deactivated.

*With the others*

Jeremie was already in the seat of the supercomputer and the others had hid the button already to go to the scanner room.

"Alright guys the tower is in the forest section, lets get to it." Jeremie's voice rang out over the intercom.

In the scanner room Aelita, odd and Ulrich stepped into the scanners and their virtualization process began.

"Transfer Odd, transfer, Ulrich, transfer, Aelita. Scanner Odd, scanner Ulrich, scanner Aelita. Virtualization."

"Okay Roman, it's your turn. Step into the scanner exactly as you did before." Jeremie instructed.

Roman did not hesitate this time as he stepped inside with confidence.

"Good, now transfer Roman, scanner Roman, virtualization."

Roman had that feeling once again as he heard the last word leave Jeremie's mouth. His consciousness slipped once again before he fully regained it. He landed in the world taking a kneeling position and looked up finding his friends looking back at him.

"Good landing." Ulrich said.

"10/10" Odd said giving a thumbs up. Aelita giggled at her friends playful antics. Aelita looked up to make a remind Jeremie of a vital asset to reach the tower.

"Jeremie? What about-" Aelita began but was cut off by the sound of virtualizing vehicles.

"Vehicles? Don't worry, I got you." Jeremie said in a victorious tone. "The tower is 50 degrees north-east of you, hurry."

Roman looked at the materializing vehicles. One was a one-wheeled motorcycle, another was what looked like a hover scooter, and the last one looked like a pink hoverboard. Roman watched Ulrich mount the motorcycle, Aelita jumped on the hovering scooter, and odd backflipped and agility landed on the board. Both Ulrich and Odd took off. Leaving Aelita and Roman.

"Sheesh those two." Aelita extended a hand to Roman. Roman took her hand and was pulled on the board. Aelita looked back before taking off "Hold on" with that she took off easily catching up to Odd and Ulrich.

"So what do you think?" Aelita asked.

"Interesting choice of vehicles." Roman responded.

"What you are riding right now is called the Overwing. Odd rides the Overboard, and Ulrich rides the Overbike." Aelita filled in.

Three shots went past the group as each member on dodged the shot. The sudden maneuver made Roman focus on the source of the shots. Ahead he saw two crustaceans. Giant red crabs, they were guarding a tower with a red aura. Upon looking closer he saw there was some sort of symbol on the top of the crabs, it looked like an eye.

"See that eye on top of the crab's head?" Aelita asked.

"Yes." Roman responded.

"Hit that target to destroy X.A.N.A's monsters. I'll get you in close. When I do I want you to drop down and hit that target okay."


Aelita drove the overwing left and right dodging shots before riding right over one of the crabs. "Now!" She yelled. The moment Roman heard her signal he dropped down. Roman formed a knife hand and coated it in the black energy he had used before. Landing on top of the crab his hand pierced the eye like. There was a flash of white before the crab panicked causing Roman to fall onto his back. With a grunt he looked up to find the second grab standing over him with a leg up poised to strike. The leg came down and Roman could do nothing to stop it. Roman never felt the strike but heard the sound of something crashing. Ulrich had let his bike slide into the other leg of the crab causing it to fall. Odd saw the opportunity and flipped himself upside down "Laser arrow." An arrow fired into the eye. A white light shown from the hole that shined lighter before it exploded. Ulrich offered a hand to Roman and he took it lifting himself off of the ground.

"I saw that, you did pretty good for your first elimination. You didn't even get devirtualized." Ulrich complemented Roman.

"Gotta give you a three though for that landing after the take down" Odd said. "You landed on your back."

"Thank you for your assistance." Roman said.

"Don't worry about it. You'll get better as you fight." Odd reassured.

"Now for the finale" Ulrich said. Aelita jumped off the Overwing and ran towards the tower with a red aura.

"Is that safe." Roman said watching Aelita enter the tower.

"Yeah, she does it all the time" Odd said.

"How long have you all been doing this?" Roman asked. Odd and Ulrich looked at each other and blinked twice before answering.

"We kinda lost track. If you really want to know you can ask Einstein." Odd said.

"Einstein?" Roman questioned.

"That's our nickname for Jeremy." Ulrich answered.

"I see."

"Tower deactivated." Aelita announced.

*With Yumi*

Yumi struggled to break free of her father's grasp. Nothing she did could help her though. He hoisted her in the air choking her attempting to suffocate her. Yumi began to lose consciousness when suddenly the hold was broken and Yumi was dropped. Yumi's father and Hiroki both fell to the ground unconscious while Yumi sat there catching her breath. A few moments passed as Yumi finally gained her breath and she pulled out her phone.

*With the others*

Roman, Odd, Aelita, and Ulrich just returned to the supercomputer room from the scanner room.

"Another job well done." Jeremie congratulated the group.

"Roman made his first takedown" Aelita said motioning towards Roman.

"I saw" Jeremie said. As he was about to begin his next sentence the sound of a phone's ringtone could be heard. It was Jeremie's. "It's Yumi." Jeremy said as he answered the phone. "Hello."

"Hey you guys must have just deactivated the tower." Yumi said.

"Yeah everyone is back here at the factory" Jeremie responded.

"Good. Launch a Return To The Past. My dad and brother do not need to know why they are waking up in the middle of the street this time a night." Yumi ordered.

"One Return To The Past coming up." Jeremie responded as he hung up and began typing in the sequence.

"Return To The Past?" Roman questioned.

"The supercomputer can launch a program that sends the world back a few hours, even a whole day, back in time." Jeremy said while typing.

"How far are we going back?" Roman asked.

"Right about the time where dinner just ended." Jeremie finished typing in the last code and held his finger above the enter key. "Well time for your first return trip. Return To The Past now." With that said the enter key was pressed and a white light enveloped the whole room and before Roman knew it. He had just finished his dinner and looked at all of his friends. Looking around he noticed that Sissi had not come in yet. Did that mean she would not come this time? Now was not the time for that, he had a question to ask Jeremie.

"Jeremie, what all can the return trip revert?" Roman asked.

"Well it can revert injuries, memories, and occurrences. We don't use it if we don't have to though." Jeremie answered.


"Because it doubles X.A.N.A.'s power each time."


"You know Roman that seems to be your favorite word today." Yumi observed.

Roman turned his attention towards Yumi to answer her. "Due to today's event that is only word that comes to mind that can describe such events that have transpired." Roman replied..

The door's opened and the attention of the Lyoko group were drawn once again to the arrival of Sissi, Nicolas, and Herb.

Walking past their table Sissi stopped to address Roman. "So you managed to get that transfer kid in your group huh? How'd you do it? Pressure him?" Sissi said with a smug grin once again.

'The same words as before. Interesting. I can use this to my advantage' Roman thought to himself as he stood up and locket eye contact with Sissi before speaking.

"Sissi Delmas, perhaps you would like me to inform your father of your harassment" Roman said smoothly.

"My daddy would never believe you." Sissi said as she crossed her arms.

"That may prove to be true, but this time it is not only one person that can verify this occurrence. It is five." Roman said motioning towards his new group of friends.

With a "hmph" Sissi walked away. Herb followed her calling her name. Nicolas followed too but not without saying a few words to Roman.

"I didn't forget what you did, watch your back transfer kid." Before Nicolas could walk away Roman's voice stopped him.

"Nicolas Poliakoff, I apologize for my actions earlier, but I am not fond of aggressive contact. I merely responded naturally. I hope we can get along in the future." Roman's voice came out the same as the first time he said it.

Nicolas did not look Roman in the eye. He could not hold his gaze and decided to briskly walk towards Sissi. The rest of the Lyoko group left the cafeteria and began walking Yumi out once again.

"You know Roman even though your face is blank your eyes are the scariest part of you." Yumi stated.

"Yeah you have a look in your eyes that makes it feel like you're staring into our souls or something" Odd added on.

Roman merely blinked at the words of his friends. "I can not change that which I have been given."

"We know, so we don't want you to change. Just learn to show a few emotions is all." Yumi said.

Roman had one more question before the group saw Yumi off for the last time until tomorrow.

"Jeremie, will the same occurrence happen twice?" Roman asked.

"No." Jeremie denied. "X.A.N.A. needs to recharge himself to try and and attack us once again. When a tower is deactivated there is no telling when he will be ready for another attack but my Super Scan should alert me if there is any activity on Lyoko." Jeremie finished while showing the scan on his laptop to Roman.

The group saw Yumi off home and began to walk back towards the the dorms. With exchanged goodbyes once again Roman found himself sitting in his room once again with his book in his hand. Looking out his window he saw the moon and the night sky filled with stars.

'Perhaps these people are the ones I've been looking for.'

Roman did not know it but as he opened his notebook the ghost of a smile trimmed his lips. This smile quickly faltered as he furrowed his brows. His writing had been reset as well. He made a quick mental note of this before rewriting what was there before and going to sleep.

His notebook was left open, there were several paragraphs and under it all was a sentence.

"I finally made friends."

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