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Chapter 3: Clone disaster

Two weeks past since the last X.A.N.A. attack and the loss of the Forest Sector. So far there was no trace of an attack since but that did not mean that nothing interesting had occurred. The spar that Roman had with Yumi revealed something that both learned that day: One, Roman was slowly starting to show emotion and two, Yumi was much better at physical combat than Roman thought.

*Two weeks earlier Roman vs. Yumi spar*

'3. 2. 1. Go!'

Roman and Yumi dashed at each other and Yumi opened up the fight with a jumping kick. The kick passed the space where Roman's head previously occupied and Yumi found herself hopping back upon landing because of Roman's roundhouse. Forming a knife Roman attacked Yumi's abdomen. Yumi caught the invading hand and spun into Roman aiming an elbow for his head. Roman brought a hand up to catch the elbow and kicked the back of Yumi's leg causing her to release his hand and kneel. Roman quickly found himself turning upside down upon being flipped forward. Landing hard on his back Roman quickly rolled from the strike aimed for his head. Rolling backwards Roman reproached Yumi and they began exchanging blows. Yumi decided it was time to have her height contribute to the fight and began throwing kicks, distancing Roman from her. Roman aimed a fist for her head but it was easily countered and Roman's chest was quickly met with Yumi's foot as he had been kicked hard enough to roll back a few times.

"Not holding back, are you?" Roman asked with a pained grunt.

"If I did, I'd lose. I'm sure about that." Yumi answered.

"Your height is troublesome." Roman said getting back into a stance.


That was all Yumi replied with before they started once again. Roman knew he had to get in close to nullify the advantage Yumi set for herself. Roman tried the offensive once again and went for a flying knee towards Yumi. Yumi easily dodged by shifting her body and found it was an opportune moment to try an aerial spin kick, so she did. Roman barely managed to dodge but found pain in his side. Yumi's second kick had landed perfectly on Roman's right and she followed up with a hook to the left side of his head. Roman ignored the pain and brought his arm up to block the hit and quickly issued a palm strike to Yumi's chest causing her to stumble back.

'She's done for.' Roman thought.

Roman wanted to finish the match so he took advantage of Yumi's balance and feigned a hook into a sweep. Yumi showed her prowess by, not only regaining balance faster than Roman thought, but also avoiding the sweep. Roman recovered from his sweep and found a kick aimed for his body. He brought his hand to defend himself from the kick but found himself on his back blinking and staring at the ceiling. Yumi had feigned a forward kick and decided to go for a sweep of her own. Roman closed his eyes in defeat taking in the events that had just happened.

With a sigh he opened his eyes and found Yumi looking down at him. Yumi offered a hand that Roman took. Yumi's eyes widened when she helped Roman up. His eyes maintained their blank look but that's not where her focus was. It was his mouth. Roman had a smirk on his face! Yumi quickly took out her phone to snap a picture, but found the smirk gone. It was as if it never happened. Roman's head tilted slightly to the side at her actions and he asked a question.

"A message from Jeremie?"

"No." Yumi said shaking her head. "You were smirking. I wanted to take a picture to show you and the gang."


"You know I'm going to tell them right?"

"Do what you will." Roman finished as they left the gym.

*Present time*

Roman looked at his reflection in the mirror trying to visualize himself with the smirk his friend mentioned. To no avail he was not able to see it but found himself seeing something else. His reflection took a faceless form and stared back at him. Then it spoke out in a whisper.

"Freak boy." Roman visibly tensed up and the glass in front of him shattered as his fist had just been rammed into it. Uncurling his hand it was wracked with pain as shards of glass were stuck inside. Roman placed his hand in the other and rushed towards the nurse's office.

*Nurse's Office*

"How did you get glass in your hand?" The Nurse asked while wrapping Roman's hand.

"A hallucination." Roman answered.

"A hallucination? Are you alright?"


The nurse had finished wrapping Roman's hand when he answered. "There you go. Just make sure not to do anything too strenuous with it. Not until it heals at least."

Roman looked at his hand before forming his next question.

"How long will I have this?"

"About a week." The nurse answered back.

Clenching and unclenching his hand Roman found pain still there but not as noticeable as before.

"This will do. Thank you." Roman said as he began to leave but stopped at the door when he heard the nurse's words.

"It's a Saturday. Take it easy and you'll be fine in no time. Now go get breakfast. It's still early."

Roman looked back at his hand before answering. "I will."


Upon arriving to the cafeteria Roman noticed his group already sat down at their usual table and eating. Roman grabbed his food and walked over, his sudden appearance catching Odd's attention.

"Hey Roman where were- Woah! Your hand. You alright?" Odd exclaimed.

"I am fine." Roman said sitting down.

"Well what happened?" Ulrich asked.

"A hallucination. I punched a glass, shattering it into my hand." Roman answered.

"That's some hallucination." Ulrich finished.

"Bad mornings aside you guys wanna go to the factory today? Me and Aelita finished a program for you guys." Jeremie asked.

"Yeah we put a lot of work into this one." Aelita said.

"Do you plan on telling us more about this program?" Roman asked.

"Nope. It's a surprise."

"Well no sense in waiting. Let's get a move on." Odd said.

The group left the cafeteria and were met by an approaching Sissi and company.

"Well well, where do you think you're going Ulrich dear?" Sissi said getting close to Ulrich.

"First off." Ulrich said stepping away. "I'm not you dear. Second, can't you see we're going somewhere." Ulrich turned away and his group began leaving when Sissi's statement caught his attention.

"Na uh. You're not going anywhere. Daddy wants you and he told me to come get you."

Ulrich narrowed his eyes at her and looked back at his group once more.

"Don't worry we'll bring you up to speed when you get there." Jeremie said.

Ulrich sighed before giving his answer to Sissi. "Alright then. Sissi let's go." At his answer Sissi gleefully latched herself onto Ulrich's arm much to his discontent. Her and her two companions walked towards the principal's office.

"I can see she is very taken with Ulrich." Roman observed as he watched the happy face of Sissi.

"Yeah, she's been like that for a long time now." Odd said. Odd's attention was drawn to Roman's staring.

"Hard to believe you cracked a smile huh?" Odd asked.

"I cannot see myself with one. When I tried.." Roman's unfinished sentence finished itself when he brought his bandaged hand up.

"Well don't worry. If Yumi managed to make you smile. Then that shows something." Odd finished.

"Oh don't forget. Someone call Yumi. We have to get her in on this." Jeremie said.

"On it." Aelita said as she rang up Yumi.

After the phone call the group took off towards the factory entrance.

*With Ulrich*

Ulrich pushed Sissi off of her for the third time and was fed up with her being touchy.

"Sissi stop latching onto me. It's annoying. What does the principal want with me anyway?"

Sissi shrugged her shoulders and responded. "I don't know. He just told me to bring you to him. Something about grades."

"Oh, it's about that." Ulrich rolled his eyes. Nicolas and Herb snickered at Ulrich's actions but turned their attention elsewhere when he glared at them.

"Oh well, I can go from here Sissi so I don't need you to come with me the rest of the way." Ulrich said. Sissi surprisingly was content with his answer and walked away with her group in tow.

Ulrich watched the group's retreating forms and let out a breath as he walked towards the door to the Principal's office. His hand reached out for the doorknob but stopped as he took one last deep breath. Opening the door he saw the Principal and also two more people sitting in chairs looking back at him. His mother and father were present.

'This is going to be a while.' Ulrich thought before closing the door behind him.

*With the others*

The Lyoko Warriors were standing in a frozen landscape. Roman breathed into his hands and looked up.


"Yep, this is the Ice Sector." Odd said. Jeremie's voice rang out above them.

"Alright guys get ready. Me and Aelita put a lot of work into this."

Three pairs of eyes landed on Aelita as she just smiled back. "You guys are going to love this."

In front of them a virtualization seemed to take place. A from was placed in front of them but it was blank, like a dummy. Aelita approached the dummy and began to give her explanation.

"This is a training dummy. It is controlled by Jeremie and can change shape to any of you giving you the ability to spar and practice against one another."

The dummy changed to Aelita and began mimicking her movements.

"As you can see, Jeremie can set it to move with me, or." The dummy then stopped and got into a basic combat stance. "Set it for combat based off the many programs that are in the Supercomputer."

"Well done you two." Yumi said while clapping.

"Yeah, real good job. Now I can kick Ulrich's butt." Odd said.

Aelita noticed Roman had not said something as he normally would in these type of situations.

"What's wrong Roman? Already seen something like this?"

The mentioned Roman had a hand up to his chin in thought. "No" He answered. "I was thinking of all possible outcomes if X.A.N.A. had a hand in this"

"Don't worry. I've made sure to secure it." Jeremie's voice rang out.

The dummy changed forms but became glitchy and stopped moving for a second.

"Uh Einstein, something's wrong with it." Odd said wearily.

"I see it. I don't know what happened. Let me fix it." Jeremie began typing away at his computer. What he missed was a flash of the X.A.N.A. signal on another monitor.

"And finished. It should work correctly now." Jeremie said. A hint of pride in his voice.

The dummy changed to the form of Ulrich and the group began sparring with it.

A scanner opened up and a black-clad figure stepped out of it. Looking down and clenching his hands he looked up and the X.A.N.A. symbol flashed in his eyes. The figure moved for the exit of the Scanner Room from under the eye of Jeremie and slipped away. The figure had one destination in mind, Kadic Academy.

*With Ulrich*

"How could you let your grades drop like this!?" Ulrich's father's voice could be heard.

"Dear please calm down." Ulrich's mom tried to stop her husband.

"No, he needs to learn that I don't tolerate dropping grades." Ulrich's father said.

"Now now." Delmas said. "That is not necessary. We can place him in weekend classes, that way he can make up for his grades."

"He'll need a lot more than that. Is there a way you can double his lessons?" Ulrich's father asked.

"You can't be serious!" Ulrich exclaimed.

"Oh, I'm very serious. You need to learn that school is not a joke." Ulrich's dad said.

"Well there is a way we can have him take more lessons in a day." Delmas said.

"Good. Set that up as soon as you can. Our boy can not be-" Ulrich's dad's voice was cut off by the sound of splintering wood. Looking back a hand encased in black shot through the door.

"What the-"

The door was shoved off its' hinges and flew towards Ulrich who dived from his chair.

"What is going on here?" Delmas asked.

The person standing in the doorway was none other than Ulrich's friend.

"Roman?" Ulrich said in disbelief. He got no reply as the black-clad figure scanned the area. Roman's eyes locked with Ulrich and that's when his eyes flashed once more showing the X.A.N.A. symbol.

"That's Kade? What's he wearing?" Delmas asked.

"It's a long story." Ulrich answered.

*With the others*

"Aaah" Odd exclaimed as he was knocked back by a kick from the dummy transformed Yumi.

"I can only beat Aelita in hand-to-hand combat." Odd crossed his arms in a huff. "Not fair."

"Well Odd, she's the only one who doesn't have any experience fighting" Yumi said walking over to Odd.

"Guys bad news. X.A.N.A.'s activated a tower. In the mountain sector so get moving." Jeremie's voice rang out. "I'm programming the vehicles so get to the way tower and deactivate it."

"Looks like you get to ride the Overbike today." Yumi said.

"Seems that way." Roman said.

Each person got onto their vehicle with Aelita joining Yumi on her's.

*With Ulrich*

Ulrich's father and Delmas were on the floor groaning in pain from their attacker his mother grieving over her husband. Roman was in his Lyoko outfit and still retained his powers? How? How was he even taken over when he had already been to Lyoko? Jeremie had better explain this when he talked to him.

Avoiding a knife hand, Ulrich rolled towards the door and ran out of the principal's office. Taking out his phone Ulrich called Jeremie to inform them about this.

"Jeremie! Roman's attacking the school!"

"What? He's here in Lyoko. X.A.N.A. activated a tower." Jeremie responded

"Then this must be a polymorphic spectre. X.A.N.A.'s made a spectre of Roman and sent it for me."

"What? How? There isn't way he could, unless. The training dummy!" Jeremie concluded.

"I will try and buy you guys as much time as possible. Meanwhile I'll destroy the dummy's data. I did not think X.A.N.A. would think of something like this." Ulrich said.

"Alright. Good luck." Jeremie said and hung up

The spectre charged energy in his legs and, in a massive jump, landed in front of Ulrich. Ulrich got into a combat stance and the spectre did the same.

"Let's dance."

*With the others*

"Guys, I just got a call from Ulrich. Apparently X.A.N.A.'s taken the data from the program me and Aelita created and made a spectre of Roman."

"What?" Roman said.

"Ulrich is holding it off so let's hope you can deactivate the tower in time." Jeremie said.

The group of four emerged from the way tower into the mountain sector.

"I have no idea how long Ulrich can hold himself against a spectre of me. Especially from Lyoko."

"Don't worry. Ulrich will be fine. Let's focus on that tower." Odd said.

"Directly west of your position there should be the tower." Jeremie said.

"Yeah we see it. It's behind a few rocks." Yumi said. A swarm of five Hornets came at the group firing a barrage of blasts. Yumi and Odd moved out of the way but Roman jumped off of the Overbike to dodge the oncoming blasts. Yumi threw her fan at the swarm and caught one leaving four. Making a loop around the Hornets Yumi hovered close to the ground where Roman stood and Aelita jumped off.

"You take her to the tower." Odd said dodging another barrage of shots. "We'll take these."

Roman nodded in response as he and Aelita began making their way towards the tower. Using a set of rocks as cover Roman peeked his head out and seen two Krabs and an enemy he had not seen before. It was a giant, black, ball with X.A.N.A. symbols horizontally around it.

"There are two Krabs and a massive ball." Roman said.

"That's a Mega Tank. One hit will devirtualize you so watch out."

"How does it attack?"

"It'll open up and shoot a large red beam out. That's exactly the time to strike it though. It's weak point shows when it opens up."


"Do you have a plan?"


"And that would be?"

"Hope that this works."

Aelita raised an eyebrow at the response from Roman.

"That's not something I expected you to say."

Roman looked at her once more.

"Neither did I. Cover me as I go in."

Roman stepped out from his cover and ran at the enemies with Aelita trailing slightly behind him. The Krabs open fired at Roman's position and the Mega Tank rolled around to get into position to fire. Roman charged energy in his legs and jumped high to avoid the lasers and landed onto the top of one of the Krabs and issued an energy-infused palm strike to the symbol. Roman jumped away from the exploding Krab and landed right in front of the second Krab. The Krab charged a shot but missed when Roman rolled under it. Roman kicked one of the legs of the Krab causing it to tilt and fall over.

Aelita fired an Energy Field at the Krab causing it to explode. The Mega Tank rolled around to Aelita and charged a blast. Roman saw this and charged another jump and leaped over shoving Aelita out of the way and immediately charged energy into his hands to block the oncoming blast.

"Go now." Roman grunted out

"Right." Aelita said. She ran past a defending Roman. She had nothing in front of her but the tower.

*Odd and Yumi*

"Laser Arrow!" Odd shot three arrows that met their intended targets. "Alright! I'm three for three. The last two are yours Yumi."

"No problem." Yumi threw both her fans at the remaining Hornets. One fan met its target, the other missed as the Hornet dodged right into another Laser Arrow.

"Alright that's the hornets gone. How's Aelita and Roman, Jeremie?" Odd asked.

"Roman just got devirtualized by a Mega Tank, but on the good side of news Aelita is in the tower." Jeremie responded

"Nice." Odd said.

"Awesome." Yumi said

"Now let's hope Ulrich can hold out for just a few moments longer." Jeremie said

*With Ulrich*

Ever since being involved with Lyoko, Ulrich's had to deal with many problems. Odd's feet, X.A.N.A.'s attempts on the world, even all the homework he had to study, but this, this was new for him. The worst part about it, he had never even fought Roman in real life, only in Lyoko! There they were even grounds. He had won in Lyoko because he had more experience, but real life was very different. Everytime he was hit, everytime he barely dodged a knife hand, he was painfully reminded of his human limits.

Sidestepping a kick from the spectre, Ulrich aimed a roundhouse kick for its head but was painfully placed on his back from a quick sweep from the Roman spectre. The earth beside him cratered slightly as an energy-infused foot met the ground beside his head as Ulrich barely managed to move it from being smashed. Rolling to avoid more stomps Ulrich backrolled to get back to his feet. As soon as he made it to his feet his breath was quickly relieved from him due to a charged projectile emitted from the spectre's fist. Ulrich's back harshly met a concrete wall as he slumped over in pain. The spectre stopped moving and began breathing very hard.

'Oh yeah, he can't use that and keep moving.' Ulrich thought as he used the wall behind him for support to stand up.

Ulrich caught his breath and charged at the spectre. The spectre still recharging could not do anything in retaliation as its head met Ulrich's fist and it hit the floor. Ulrich mounted the spectre and began punching at its face. Punch after punch landed until its hand caught on of the fist and shoved Ulrich away. Ulrich stood up on shaky legs holding his chest. The spectre stood up and slowly approached Ulrich. Ulrich noticed the spectre's face, it was smiling! A crazy smile! A crazed smile on the usually blank face of his opponent was fighting was unnerving. He was supposed to smile, but not like this.

"Come on X.A.N.A., cut me a break." Ulrich said.

The spectre ran at Ulrich with a fist charged in energy. Ulrich closed his eyes and awaited the finishing blow.

It did not seem like the others were fast enough to deactivate the tower.

Ulrich waited for the finishing but it never came. Opening his eyes Ulrich saw the spectre bugging out. If this was happening then they did it. They deactivated the tower in time. Ulrich promptly fell back on his behind and let out a breath of relief as he looked up. He grabbed his cellphone. He had to make one last request.

"Ulrich! Are you alright?" Jeremie asked.

"I'm fine Einstein." Ulrich chuckled but stopped because of the pain in his chest. "A few scratches here and there. Can you launch a Return To The Past?"


"Roman knocked out Delmas and my dad. I'd rather not explain to them why the new transfer student can generate energy from his hands."

"No problem. I'll launch one in a few seconds."

*With the others*

"Good job guys." Jeremie looked at the person next to him. "Looks like you gave Ulrich a bit of trouble Roman."

Roman nodded in response to his statement. "I will apologize to him when I see him again."

"Alright, you guys ready for a Return To The Past?"

A sound agreement from the remaining members of Lyoko was all he needed to hear as he typed out the commands for the return trip.

"Return to the past now." A white light ejected from the Supercomputer and enveloped the room. The white light kept going outside of the factory until it stretched across everything that could be seen.

It stopped and the next thing Roman knew he was sitting across from his friends in the cafeteria once again. Looking down at himself once he looked up to find four pairs of eyes placed on him.

"Don't worry. You'll get used to the return trips." Ulrich said.

"Ulrich. I apologize for the trouble my spectre gave you." Roman said.

"What? That was X.A.N.A. man. You couldn't do anything about it." Ulrich said with a wave of his hands.

"My question is why did he choose Roman of all people." Jeremie said.

"Because he's new." A voice said sitting down at their table.

"Yumi? What do you mean by that?" Jeremie said.

"He just got into our group so X.A.N.A. guessed that we wouldn't know much about the way he fights"

"Fair enough."

"Speaking of fighting, how'd you do against Roman's spectre?" Odd asked.

"He beat me bad. He still had all his powers from Lyoko so I was barely able to keep up." Ulrich winced.

"Well look at it this way. That was a X.A.N. Roman. You don't know yet if you can take the real one."

"What are you implying?" Roman asked.

"Well I-" Odd was cut off by Ulrich.

"Oh no. I fought him twice already. That's more than enough for me."

"Well I guess we learned a few things from that last attack." Yumi said.

"And that is?" Aelita asked.

"One, Roman's a tough guy and two, any programs you guys create can be manipulated against us." Yumi said.

"That just means we have to work harder to secure what we have. We can't go losing another sector now can we." Jeremie said.

"I second that statement." Roman said.

"Well since we got the whole day off, what do you guys want to do?" Ulrich asked.

"I'm going to skate around for a little while." Roman said standing up.

"Oh, can I come too?" Odd asked.

"By all means. I am still unfamiliar with the environment so it would be wise to have someone show me around." Roman responded.

The two exited the cafeteria.

"So what are you guys going to do?"Ulrich asked the remaining group members.

"I'm going back to my room to see about restoring the Forest sector. Aelita you can join me if you want." Jeremie suggested.

"Thanks but no. I'm going to listen to The Subsonics. I got their new album." Aelita said.

"What? When'd you get it?" Yumi asked.

"Last week. You want to listen to it?"

"Definitely." Yumi said as the two left the cafeteria.

"What are you going to do Ulrich?" Jeremie asked.

"I don't know I'll find something to do." Ulrich said with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Ulrich dear!" Sissi said from the door of the cafeteria.

Ulrich facepalmed. He had forgotten about that. "Oh no."

"You forgot about Delmas?" Jeremie said.

"Yeah. It's alright though. I know how to deal with it this time."

Ulrich and Jeremie both left the cafeteria walking their own ways. One with three other people to deal with his parents and grades, the other to work on a new plan for his friends.

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