To the outside world she was just another normal seventeen year old with chocolate brown hair, enchanting blue eyes and deep red lips, but it was only her family and her best friend who knew the other side of the story. Mary Poppins was as far from normal as any young woman could get, what with her ability to clean her bedroom with simple snaps of her fingers and her ability to escape from reality by jumping into Bert's drawings with him, but that was what he loved most about her. Her parents didn't understand why it was so hard for her to keep her powers to herself when she was out in public, since she'd used her powers in anger one time, but they hadn't been blessed with the magical trait like their youngest daughter had. Throughout her life she had been sent to countless doctors, her parents hoping they would find a cure even though Mary knew she wasn't sick, Bert being the only one to take her in his arms and kiss her head and cheeks once she had been given injection after injection to try and make her normal. None of the injections would ever do anything other than make her ill, meaning that Bert would come over and sit in bed with her every day until she was better, allowing her to sleep soundly in his embrace.

He had always been there to hold her when she needed him and when she was under the weather due to the heartlessness of the doctors and her parents, which was why he now found himself reclining back against her headboard as she slept peacefully in his embrace and her head was settled upon his chest as he held her around the waist. If he had the right to do so, he would jump into a chalk picture with her and never let her come back to reality so that he could give her everything that she desired, but he knew that being trapped in a life was something that she was already suffering from. He slowly brought his hand up to caress the side of her face a few moments later as he watched her sleep, her arm draped over his abdomen as her leg was tangled with his and he smiled lovingly down at her as she murmured in contentment. Yes, they were only seventeen years old, but he already knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. 'I love you.' He murmured into her hair when he permitted his hand to settle upon the curve of her side through her nightdress, Mary shifting closer to him in her sleep as a sleepy smile formed upon her face and she tightened her hold around his abdomen as she snuggled up to him.

Bert lay quietly with her safe in his arms for the next few minutes before he furrowed his brow slightly when he thought he felt something along the lines of a kiss being left upon the side of his neck. It was a few moments before another one followed and confirmed his suspicions, Mary's hand trailing slowly up his chest as she continued to sleepily kiss the side of his neck. 'Mary.' He breathed as she gently cupped the other side of his neck in her warm palm, her finger pressing to his lips to quieten him as she continued to trail her lips along the smooth skin of his neck. He couldn't help but hum in satisfaction when she grazed her teeth over his pulse-point before she sucked gently upon it, her soft brown hair tickling the sensitive skin of his jaw as she smirked against him. 'Sweet'eart, you need to stop.' The groan which he released when she drew her nails down the other side of his neck revealed how he truly felt, Mary pulling away from his neck after she had sucked a bruise into the creamy skin that she had discovered there. 'You little temptress.' He growled when she met his gaze and her beautiful blue eyes sparkled as she smiled lovingly up at him, her hand coming to rest upon his cheek. 'What do you want, my gorgeous girl?'

'Kiss me.' She whispered as she trailed the seam of his lower lip with her thumb and felt him settle sightly as he slid his arms around her middle. 'Please, Bert, I want you to kiss me.' He never had seemed to be able to deny Mary anything that she requested of him, which was why he took her lower lip slowly into his mouth and caught her in a slow and tender kiss, her palm slipping around to the nape of his neck as their lips moved leisurely over one another's. He was slightly taken aback when she became bold enough to run her warm tongue along the softness of his lower lip, but he parted his lips nevertheless, her tongue slipping into his mouth before he groaned against her and buried his hand in her hair. Their tongues fought slowly for dominance as they began to roll around on the bed, their gentle giggles filling the other's mouth as they took turns taking the lead. It wasn't long until the need for oxygen became too strong to ignore and Mary sat up slowly where she was on top of Bert, his arms going around her middle as he smiled up at her from where he lay upon her pillow. 'Finally.' She giggled breathlessly as she ran her hands over the front of his chest. 'We've found something you're good for.' She kissed him sweetly.

'Do you 'ave any idea 'ow long I've wanted to do that for?' He ran his hands along her sides when she pulled back from their kiss and her hands settled back upon his torso, her beautiful brown hair fallen into her face before he tucked several wayward strands back behind her ear. 'I 'ate what they're doing to you at that doctor's office.' He stroked his fingertips delicately over the redness of her upper arm, a slight hiss coming from her as he touched a rather sensitive spot. 'You're not ill, sweet'eart, they shouldn't be allowed to do this to you.' She shrugged slightly before moving from over him and allowing him to slide his arms back around her middle as she snuggled up to him. She slid her arm slowly over his torso as she tangled her leg with his once again and he kissed her hairline lingeringly, her head coming to rest on his shoulder as she stroked her fingertips against his ribs. 'If it were up to me, I wouldn't let anyone 'urt you again.' He admitted gently as he nuzzled the tip of his nose against hers, a soft sigh escaping her. They were quiet for a few moments as they lay in one another's arms before Mary began to unbutton his shirt, their gazes meeting as he smiled lovingly down at her. 'It's a'ight, darling.' He stroked her face.

She slipped each individual disk through it's hole before sliding the article of clothing off of his arms and dropping it to the floor, her hand running slowly over his toned chest before she settled her head upon his collarbone and buried her fingers into the slight chest hair that was smattered over his torso. 'I wish we could just stay like this forever and you didn't have to go home, Bert.' She admitted as she nuzzled her nose against his warm skin and he stroked his fingers through her hair, a deep sigh escaping him as he pressed a kiss to her crown. 'I always feel safest when I'm wrapped up in your arms and I can hear your heart beating. There's something so comforting about having your fingers running through my hair and being able to feel your chest rising and falling, darling, and I hate it when we're away from one another.' He placed his finger lightly beneath her chin before tilting back her head and gazing into her gentle blue eyes, detecting the slight sadness in them as she warmly caressed his sharp jaw.

'Do you want a kiss?' He whispered as he brushed his thumb slowly against her chin, smiling when she nodded with a tearful giggle. He caught her lower lip in a long and tender kiss, then, cupping the side of her neck in his hand as their lips caressed and she rested her palm gently over his heart. They parted with a soft smack a few moments later before Bert pressed his forehead lovingly against hers, being able to hear the barely audible sniff that escaped her as the first tear rolled slowly down her cheek. 'Oh, Mary, come 'ere.' He soothed as he pulled her slowly on top of him and she permitted him to slip his arms around her middle and hold her protectively in place. 'Shh,' He hushed softly whilst running his fingers through her chocolate brown hair and allowing her to nuzzle into his neck, Mary choking through her gentle sobs. 'I've got you, sweet'eart, I promise.' He ran his hand slowly along the curve of her spine as she buried her nose slowly into the crook of his neck, her tears warm and wet upon his soft skin.

'I want to stay with you.' She sobbed as she settled down slightly upon his chest and allowed him to press a kiss to the side of her head. 'I want to just go somewhere where no one knows us and just start again, Bert, I want to have a life with you.' He brought her away from him momentarily in order to meet her gaze and wipe several stray tears from her cheeks. 'I want to be your wife and make a family of our own with you, Bert, I want to be your wife in every sense of the word.' He stroked her hair slowly before slipping his hand down to the side of her neck and brushing his thumb against her creamy skin.

'I want that too.' He breathed as he nuzzled the tip of his nose against her own. 'More than you know, my gorgeous girl.'

'Well then...' She ran her hand slowly over his chest. 'Make me your wife, Bert. Make me yours.'

It was later that evening when Mary was laying quietly on her back with her hand settled upon the flatness of her stomach through her nightgown, her bedroom silent as Bert had left just after they'd eaten their dinner and her parents were now out at the public house down the street. She knew that they wouldn't be back until early the next morning, considering they usually stayed with friends after they had spent a few hours at the bar, but she also knew that they had locked the front and back door to keep her safe from any intruders. Her brow furrowed a few moments later as she heard a light rapping upon her bedroom window, her heart pounding slightly in her chest as she knew that someone or something was on her balcony. Getting slowly off of the bed and making her way over to the drawn curtains, she took a deep breath before opening them and forcing herself to stifle the sharp gasp that escaped her at the sight of Bert standing outside. 'What on earth are you doing here?' She smiled once she'd quietly opened the doors that led out to her balcony and allowed him inside, Bert catching her in a slow and lingering kiss before he brought her close and pressed a delicate kiss to the crown of her beautiful head.

'I missed you and knew that your parent's weren't going to be 'ere since they're both down at the public 'ouse, so I thought I'd do what you wanted.' She furrowed her brow. 'Spend all night 'ere with you.'

'Really?' She gasped lovingly as she pulled away from his chest and rested her hands upon his sides. 'You'll stay here with me tonight?'

'Anything for me beautiful fiancee.' He replied with a small smirk, reveling in the way her eyes sparkled as she stepped closer to him.

'What..' She whispered. 'What did you just call me?'

He took her hand and led her slowly over to her bed before sitting down on the edge of it and bringing her carefully into his lap. 'I know you want to be my wife, Mary, and 'eaven knows I want to 'ave your perfect self in my arms when I wake up every morning, so I think we should do it. I want to be your 'usband, Mary; I want you to 'ave my children. I know that you'd make an incredible mother.' Her entire face was red as the tears sparkled in her deep blue eyes, her full rosy lips parted as her arms were wrapped around his neck. 'Please say something.' He chuckled as he ran his hand lovingly along her arm.

'Of course I'll marry you, you silly beggar.' She giggled tearfully as a breathtaking smile broke out upon her face and a single tear trickled over the curve of her cheek. 'I want all of that and so much more, Bert, I've never meant anything as much as I mean that. I want to be able to go to sleep and wake up with your arms around me, and I want to be able to kiss you without worrying that my father is going to end up discovering us together. I also want to know what it's like to...' She cast her gaze down to his chest as the blood rushed to her cheeks and she bit her lower lip gently, one of her nervous habits.

'To 'ave me make love to you?' He hooked his finger beneath her chin and directed her eyes back up to meet with his own. 'Is that what you're trying to say?'

'See?' She cupped his cheek lovingly. 'You know exactly what I want to say even when I cant find the words.' She leaned forwards then, catching him in a kiss that said more than simple words ever would.

'Mmm,' He hummed into her mouth several minutes later before reluctantly drawing his lips away from her own. 'As delicious as that kiss was, I think to be a proper fiancee, I'm going to 'ave to give you a proper ring.' He moved her slowly from his lap a few moments later before getting off of the bed and taking her hand gently in his own, going into his breast pocked for the small black box that he'd tucked away in there before making the short journey to her house with his bicycle. 'Mary Eliza Poppins,' He started as he brushed his thumb slowly over her knuckles. 'I have been in love with you ever since that winter's morning when you stepped out of the car on your first day in London. You walked over the chalk drawing that I had just finished and then felt so bad about it that you sat with me for two 'ours, in the snow I might add, to keep me company whilst I redrew it. I still remember the kiss on the cheek that you gave me as an apology before you 'ad to go inside.' She giggled softly as her hand trembled in his and he pressed a warm kiss to the creamy skin at the back of it. 'I want to know what it'd feel like to be able to kiss you ev'ry day; to come 'ome to you after work and 'ave you kiss me in the hallway. I want to know what it would feel like to run my 'and over the swell of your stomach as our baby grows safely inside you; to kiss the proof of our child and 'ave it kick against my palm.' She smiled warmly at him. 'Mary Eliza Poppins, would you do me the 'onour of becoming my wife? You would make me the 'appiest man in the world.' She was silent for a moment before nodding, gentle tears in her eyes again.

'Of course.' She whispered before stroking his cheek with the backs of her fingers. 'I'm never going to say yes to any other man, Bert Alfred.'

He smiled lovingly up at her before opening the box and removing the gold band from the pillow. 'I know it 'asn't got a diamond or anything, but surprisingly enough, working at a kite-stall doesn't bring in much money. I want to be able to get you a proper ring for the wedding, even if it's a small one, but I don't know how far I'll get with my current occupation.' Mary was quiet for a moment while he slipped the ring slowly down her finger, her eyes following his movements until the band settled at the base of her ring-finger. He then moved to sit beside her on the bed once again, taking her into his arms for a long and deep kiss to seal their engagement. 'I'm going to save the money that I earn from now on, because I want to be able to provide for you like a proper 'usband when the time comes, sweet'eart.' He smiled down at her as she was settled against his chest and he heard her gentle sigh as she rolled her eyes, his hand coming to rest upon the curve of her side. 'What?' He chuckled as he kissed her crown.

'I don't need diamonds or finery to know that you love me, Bert, I never have done.' She reminded him when she gazed up at him a few moments later. 'I grew up in much poorer conditions than I'm living in now, you know that. My mother and father went without eating for days at a time if it meant that I was healthy, and I'll be forever grateful to them for that, but it doesn't disguise the fact that we had to drink out of jam-jars when I was a little girl. I remember the day when father came home and told my mother and I that he'd found a new occupation up here and that he would bring home more money. I was happy, of course, but I didn't know I was going to fall in love with my future husband when I arrived here three years ago.' The two of them nuzzled their noses together affectionately. 'Oh, I love you.'

'I love you too.' He sighed as he cradled the back of her head. 'Now come on, you, time for bed. I've only got seven 'ours to sleep with you in my arms before I 'ave to go back down that trellis again.'

Mary giggled happily before crawling up her bed and slipping beneath the warm quilt, allowing Bert to remove his shirt and trousers before he slipped into bed beside her in nothing but his underwear. 'Is it alright if I sleep in my slip instead of my nightgown?' Mary asked softly as she sat up for a moment, her gaze fixing with his before he nodded slowly whilst nervously swallowing. She then slowly pulled her nightgown over her head before dropping it to the floor and snuggling back up against her fiance. The warmth of his body radiated against hers through the very little amount of clothing that separated the two of them, a satisfied hum escaping her when he permitted her to tuck her head beneath his chin. 'Goodnight, Bert.' She murmured as she watched him turn out the lamp on her bedside table.

'Goodnight, Mary.' He kissed her temple lingeringly. 'Sleep well, darling.'

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