I awoke the next morning, not knowing when I fell asleep but I reluctantly stood up and stretched my limbs. Well now what? I reached into my bag and got a quick snack out of there and ate what I could. Slinging the backpack over my shoulders I existed the house, the sun was bright and the air was crisp. It was very lovely morning. I looked over to my right and there laid a package, a small note sat atop of it saying, ' Here's a little something to get you started. -Mayor Lewis.'

I opened it up and inside was 15 Parsnip Seeds, a Scythe, a Pickaxe, a Watering can, a Hoe and an Axe. Seeing another note, it showed what I needed to do to plant seeds. I followed the instructions, clearing a place outside my house, tilled a small plot and planted the Parsnips. I've never heard of these crops before, hopefully they'll taste good, I wonder what they look like. I walked over to the small pond a few paced away from me, filled up my watering can and watered the new seedlings.

After that was done I started to clear more around it, this farm was a mess! I will make it clean and get this farm put back together! As I worked in the sun till the afternoon, clearing weeds, smashing smaller rocks, chopping up branches and cutting down small trees. I felt empowered making this the field of my dreams. "Okay…I'm done for now." I said outload wiping the sweat off my face with the bottom of my shirt. I felt my stomach rumble and headed into town to grab something to eat. As I walked down the dirt path which tuned into a cobblestone road I passed where the bus dropped me off as I came into Pelican town. It was small, but very cute none the less. I wandered past what looked like a doctor's office, then a small store coming up to a house I turned right and saw myself next to a bar of some sort.

Walking past it more I heard barking from behind a fenced off area, I jumped out of my skin and pick up my pace entering the establishment. I was not a fan of dogs, sure they were cute…from afar, but up close and personal. No thank you. I was greeted by a kind voice and saw a man behind a counter, he had brown hair and a mustache, and wore a blue shirt with a yellow jacket over it. "Hello, I'm Gus! You must be the new farmer, welcome to The Stardrop Saloon!"

I walked in more maneuvering past chairs and tables, and sat down at the bar. "Hello, I'm Popuri. It's nice to meet you." I shook his hand.

"A pleasure my dear, now what can I get ya?" He placed a menu down in front of me and I chose the spaghetti. As he was preparing it we chatted and he told me about the town and who lived here. He set down the plate in front of me and I dug in. It was delicious!

As I slurped up the last noodle I gave him a smile and paid him, "Thank you very much! That was delicious! Also thank you for the information." I exited and made my way out with a full stomach. As I explored the town I kept meeting more people, who were all excited to meet me. It filled my heart up with how excited they could get.

I kept exploring the town and over by the Saloon was a house that lived an elderly couple and their grandson and next to them was a trailer where a mom and her daughter lived. They were right next to river that ran through town, and further down was Mayor Lewis's house, I crossed the bridge to the East and saw that there was museum/library, the man who worked there told me it was Stardew Valley Archaeological Office. That and the curator before ran off with the entire collection of books and artifacts. He asked if I find any to bring it to him.

Then North of him was a blacksmith with a very shy, kind of grumpy attitude. Then as I kept walking further north I came across a market called, 'JoJa Mart: Life's better with JoJa.' It was weird, kind of creepy. I've never seen this corporation before. I walked in and was greeted by a short man with black greased hair and a suit on, he greeted me and offer me a membership to shop here. I declined and told him, "I prefer helping small businesses, thank you though." I walked out and thought of Karen, she was taking over her family's shop and she was very excited. Knowing that this kind of thing happens still made my stomach turn. Everything in there was cold and calculating. It didn't feel personal.

I crossed a second bridge leading back to the small shop in town, where I meet a nice family who lives there and the doctor who lives next door. I kept walking South into a big court yard that lead to two more houses, one had two sisters living there. They were opposites n almost everything, though they seemed nice enough. Next door was a woman living with her two sons, one was around my age and another who was very young.

I kept walking down the stone path and it took me out into the woods. As it turned to a dirt road I meet an artist who lived out here in a cottage. Then I saw a livestock shop and introduced myself, there was a woman who was taking care of her nephew, who was around my age, and young niece. She was excited to know that someone close by will be buying her animals now.

I excited and kept walking till I came to another road heading North and followed it, right to my farm land! I had to smash and chop my way back to the front of my house. It took a while to get over here and the sun was starting to set. I walked over to the bin and dumped what I had found while exploring today in it then head inside my house, lit my fireplace, eating whatever I had on hand and went to bed.

The next week was the same routine, wake up, eat water crops, clean up land and go talk to the towns folk. I did find where Robin lived, which was further up North, there her husband and two kids lived with her. Then behind them was a homeless man who was very sweet and lived in a tent. There was also another man who lived down at the beach going south, he was an aspiring writer. There was also someone who lived on the pier but wasn't home yet. That is till I checked my mailbox today, a letter was in it and read, 'Hello there,

Just got back from a fishing trip. You should come down to the beach some time. I've got something for ya. -Willy'

Oh, he's finally back, I'll go introduce myself. So, I headed down to the beach and stopping to talk to whomever I ran into. When I got down to the Beach I walked across the sand and to the pier. At the edge of it there stood an elderly looking man smoking a pipe, "Ahoy there, miss!" He waved at me.

"Ahoy!" I yelled and waved back making my way to him, "I'm Popuri, it's nice to meet you!"

"Heard there was a newcomer in town…Good to finally meet ya." He shook my hand, swaying a bit as he did, "Ah…I'm still tryin' to unwind from a month on the salty seas…it was a big haul! I sold a lot of good fish. Finally saved enough to buy me a new rod." He smiled a tooth grin, as he picked up a fishing rod. "Here, I want you to have my old fishing rod."

I took it out of his hands, "Are you sure?"

"It's important to me that the art o' fishing stays alive. And hey, maybe you'll but somethin' from the shop once in a while."

"Most defiantly!" I was examining the rod, I haven't gone fishing since I was a kid. He motioned over to me and was showing me how to use it properly.

While he was teaching me the art o' fishing he stated, "There's good water here in the valley. All kinds o' fish. And if you catch anything bring it to my shop, I'll buy it right off ya. 'If it smells, it sell's'." He laughed, "That's what my ol' Pappy used to say, anyway.' After a while he went back to the shop when I got the hang of fishing. I was excited to have a new source of income and food. I stayed there for a bit, catching whatever I could, mostly trash right now but hopefully soon it will be fish.

When I finally had enough of fishing I started to head off the Beach. Though as I was leaving I saw these strange things popping out of the ground, I wanted to say they were worms. I kept seeing them around the Valley as I explored. So, I took the bottom of my shoe and dug it back a bit and I saw something sticking out. I bent down and dug a bit and there was a book hidden underneath the dirt. I dusted it off and stuck it in my bag then a little further away I saw more and dug there too. I found a dried starfish, I took both to the curator, Gunther, he was very happy to see them. He even let me place the starfish wherever I wanted.

It was now the end of the week, Friday. Everyone seemed to gather at the Saloon every Friday to eat, drink and be merry. It was fun to sit in on and talk with all the townsfolk. Sebastian, Sam and Abigail were in the back of the saloon playing pool, and Sam was losing badly, which was apparently normal. Robin and Demetrius were dancing to the jukebox music. Pam was at the end of the bar drinking away, Gus or Emily who work there would refill it when it got down. Leah, the artist in the woods, was having dinner with Elliot the writer. Lewis and Marnie, who owned the livestock shop were drinking and having a nice chat together. Marnie was lost in the conversation with him, stars in her eyes. Pierre who owned the small shop was sitting down for a drink after a week's work, Willy coming to join him. I talked to all of them, getting myself acquainted with them. Everyone here was friendly in their own ways and I felt like we could all be fast friends, well…almost everyone.

There was one guy though that kept to himself most of the night, he always sat by the fireplace and drank beer. That was Shane, every time I tried to talk to him he would constantly brush me off, tell me to go away, or just flat out ignore me. I'm not okay with that, he will be my friend, everyone likes me, and even though I chopped all my hair off I'm still as cute as ever! So, the question is, why doesn't he want to talk to me! Calm down Popuri, not everything is about you…but I will be his friend. This is now my mission.

I sat down next to him and flash my brightest smile, "Hi, Shane! How are you?" He glanced over at me then look back to his drink and took a big sip not saying a word. I waited for a bit for him to answer, and when he didn't I reached into my bag pulling out a fresh parsnip, "Hey do you like these? I've never seen this kind of crop before, I tried eating it…it was okay, I prefer fruit or something sweeter than this. Do you want it?" I handed him the root crop and he raised an eyebrow to me, held out his hand and I placed the crop in it. I have made more progress now then I have in the past two weeks I've lived here!

He chuckled, "Thanks. You're a strange girl you know that?"

I scoffed at him, "How am I strange? I'm just trying to be friendly is all!"

He took a drink of beer, "Exactly. You've been trying to talk to me since you got here. Why? Ive done nothing but insult and ignore you. After a while everyone leaves me alone when I ignore them long enough. No one wants the burden of being my friend." He took another long drink.

"Well then give me a chance, get to know me and maybe we can call each other friend." I smiled at him sweetly, "Ask me anything!" I threw my hands up and spun in the bar stool.

He looked at me sternly, "Okay, why did you come here?"

"I had this feeling that re-starting the farm would be a great idea. It was the perfect time for me." I smiled at him and he just blinked at me. I'm getting good at this lying thing.

"You're a terrible liar." He chugged his drink back and signaled Gus for a refill.

"Uh, what do you mean?" I kept my smile in place and was trying to keep calm.

"You sound rehearsed, you kept looking away when you tell it, and you keep moving your hand up to reach what would have been hair to mess with." He drank some more and I felt my lip twitch. "Now if you really want to be my friend, I suggest not lying when we first talk."

"Finish your drink."


"Finish your drink and walk me home." I gave him a big smile, placing my hand on his shoulder. I could feel myself wanting to run.

He shrugged, chugged the rest if his beer, paid for it and got off his seat, wobbling a bit. We walked out of the Saloon together, he shoved his hands in his pockets and looked over at me. He was just a few inches taller than I was, wore blue cargo shorts, sandals, a worn-out jersey was hidden under a JoJa Mart jacket that was also starting to wear out. It looks like he hasn't shaved in a few days and his dark purple hair was a slight mess, his face was slightly red from all the beer he'd been drinking.

Once we hit the dirt road towards my land I started, "Your right, I was lying. I thought I had it down pat but I guess I didn't. I did something, kind of cowardly and stupid…I ran away from home. I felt like I wasn't appreciated in my family any longer and I felt like, I don't know. I kept arguing with my brother, my best friend married the guy I was in love with, and I felt like my life was going nowhere. So instead of facing my troubles head on, I remembered grandpa giving me this letter and inside of it was the deed to the land I now own and I just up and left, not telling anyone I was coming here. Just how I felt, and now I'm here and I still don't know if it was the right choice but I'm feeling happier just figuring out what I can and can't do on the farm, and trying to figure myself out I guess." We had reached the steps to my house, "So there ya have it. That's me, Popuri, the girl who can't face her problems and ran away from it all." I gave him a small smile.

"Well…shit…" he rubbed the back if his neck, "I don't know what to tell ya, girlie. I mean everyone has their reasons for doing things but…damn. Figuring out what to do with your life, I wish I had that kind of courage to even try. Though I would suggest that you tell your family that your safe, their probably worried about you. You seem like the type to trip on thin air." He chuckled, I puffed out my cheeks at him.

Sighing I look at him, "You're right, I need to do that. I've just been so nervous, what so I say? Do I give them an address to write back, then they would try and bring me back if they knew where I lived. I don't think I could go back...not yet anyways."

"Then just write your name, and no return address and explain to them why. I'm not going to tell you how to run your life though, you're a grown woman after all." My face flushed red, he was the first person to ever say that too me.

"You're right, thanks Shane. So, are we now friends?" I looked at him with hope.

He cracked a smile, "Yeah, sure why not." He took one of his hands out of his pockets and rubbed the top of my head, messing up my hair. "Just remember, you're the one who wanted to be friends. That means I'm not changing how I act or talk to ya. I'll still probably be rude and stand offish towards ya."

"That's fine, that's just who you are. So that means I'll just have to be extra cheerful and make sure to say hi everyday so you get into the habit of seeing me, your new friend! Witch will soon lead to best friends!" Smiling and laughing a bit. After a bit, he started to stagger back to his home. It would have been easier if he crossed through my land but…that was still a mess. 'I'll make a path way that way it's easier to go and say hi, or if he walks me home again.' I though heading back into my house and started writing a letter home, reassuring everyone that I was fine.

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