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Daryl's sitting at the table staring at Michonne as she goes on and on and on and he can't help but tune her out. When they first started talking about investing in property to open up a Bed and Breakfast it sounded like an amazing opportunity. A place out in the country, surrounded by the woods where he could hunt and fish. He'd build his cabin he's been dreaming about, and in exchange, all he has to do is be the handyman to Michonne's business. It was a no brainer.

But then she brought up the idea of doing a reality tv show. One of those home buying programs he bypasses whenever he does watch tv. She's already applied and their application is in the final group. They're supposed to meet with the producers to discuss things further.

Frankly, he stopped listening after that.

Her husband, his best friend Rick, is sitting beside her, clearly as engaged as he is. He'd told Daryl before coming today that Michonne was gonna pitch a crazy idea at him. And he needed to hear her out completely before turning it down. What Rick didn't warn him about is how he couldn't say no to this offer.

"Don't see why we can't buy a place without all the fuss," Daryl speaks with a grimace.

"Because this is my favorite show and this place is a dream of mine. If I have the opportunity, we are going to take it."

"Why do I gotta be on too though. Why can't Rick go on?" Daryl questions, pouting like a child.

"Because no show, no cabin on the property,"

Glaring at Rick, who quickly averts his eyes, Daryl taps his fingers on the table.

"Ain't saying nothin'. 'M gonna just stand there," he says.

"You're gonna do whatever the producers tell you to do Daryl. Think of that little cabin and all the squirrels and rabbits you want just out the back door." Now she's teasing him and he's had enough.

" 'M going out for a smoke."

Rick joins him on the back porch a few minutes later. Daryl takes a drag on his cigarette and blows the smoke out the side of his mouth and glances over at Rick.

"I'm sorry brother."

"Ya ain't."

"I warned you." Rick rubs his forehead, but Daryl can see how he's doing it to hide the little smile on his face.

"Forgot to tell me I don't get no say in the matter." Pinching the cigarette butt between his fingers, he stubs it out on the bottom of his boot.

"Man she's obsessed with this show! She was so excited when they called, what was I supposed to say?" Rick paused. "She's been really down since Carl left for college. I like seeing her happy." Daryl can't begrudge the man his wife's happiness. He cares about her too. She's one of his closest friends, but damn! The last place Daryl Dixon wants to be is on tv.

Beth clicks out of the 'new property listings' on her computer. A bell tinkles letting her know someone's coming in the door to the little office where she and Maggie had opened up their real estate business.

"Maggie?" Beth looks up from her desk to see Maggie, her arms full, trying to maneuver her way in the door. She. jumps up and rushes over to help her sister. "What is all this stuff?"

"Well coffee for one, I need lots. I'm exhausted and I don't even know why?" Maggie sits the cup holder down on the desk. Beth has a feeling she knows the reason behind her sister's fatigue. Her boyfriend Glenn is back.

The couple had broken up two years ago. Glenn moved back home to help with some family issues; Maggie had just started classes to get her real estate license and didn't want to quit. Plus she didn't want to leave the little Georgia town that she and Beth had grown up in. She had big dreams for them right there in their home town. Beth had been ready to pack up and go anywhere else that wasn't Senoia. Somewhere far away that definitely wasn't home to Jimmy, her cheating ex. But Maggie's enthusiasm for their new adventure and her daddy's concern that she was running away had given Beth a couple of reasons to settle down and enjoy life. And to be honest she hadn't wanted to go far. Her family are the most important people in her life.

"Up late with Glenn?" Beth smiles at her sister and unrolls the paper tubes she'd been struggling to hang on to as she came into the office.

"No, not even. I mean yeah we were together, but I just wasn't feeling all that great." She comes up next to Beth and lays a finger on the map Beth has open before her.

"What are these?" Beth asks.

"They're old land maps. The library had a ton and I got them to donate them to us. We can use them to decorate!" Decorate. Of course. Maggie's fixated on making their office pretty instead of finding clients. The phone rings and her sister plops down in a chair and answers it.

"Greene Realty" All of a sudden Maggie's on her feet, bouncing on her toes looking like she's having a fit. Beth raises her eyebrow in concern and amusement. "Oh my god Michonne, really? Well yes, I'm definitely in! Are you kidding?! That's so exciting! And it will be a way to get our name out there! Yes. Okay. So next Tuesday. Sure I will be there." Maggie hung up the phone and starts jumping up and down for real.

"Uh, Maggie, care to share what's got you all excited?" Beth asks her hand on her hip and the other hovering just a few feet away from Maggie, ready to catch her if she collapses.

"That was Michonne! She is looking for property to open up a bed and breakfast-"

"And we need clients!" Beth claps her hands and starts bouncing on her toes right along with Maggie.

"That's not the best part! She applied to be on the show House Hunters! And got a callback. She wants us to be her agents! She's meeting with the producers of the show next week and they requested she bring her own agent with her." Beth feels a little wave of anxiety. She hasn't even gone out on a showing on her own yet.

"We don't both have to go, do we? One of us should stay here and be available to clients." Beth tries to sound nonchalant and not as nervous as she feels. Maggie folds her arms and sets her gaze on her little sister.

"I suppose so. Michonne never said either way." Maggie is looking at her and it isn't really a critical look, it's more like she's searching for something. But it's making Beth uncomfortable. "But I would guess they'd only want to pay one realtor."

"Well if they want me to, I'll do it. I just.." Beth doesn't know how to explain it to Maggie. Her older sister has always been outgoing and enjoys being the center of attention. Beth is happy being in the background. "Maggie I haven't even gone out on my own yet." She hates the desperation in her voice.

"Beth don't worry about it. We'll figure it out. And I have a showing scheduled for today. We'll go together and you can do it all on your own. I'll just be there for support." Maggie smiles at her and holds out a cup of coffee.

Daryl sits on his small couch in the living room of the apartment he's been living in for the past 5 years. It's small, but it always served its purpose. He doesn't need anything bigger. It's just him and his things. Michonne is always bugging him about fixing the place up. Hanging art and maybe getting a cute throw rug. Daryl Dixon doesn't do cute. But he's thinking about his cabin. Because now it's becoming more of a reality. His own place. And he thinks that he'd like to fix that up. No fucking cute rugs though. Pictures on the wall, art as Michonne likes to call it, that might even be okay. As long as he picks it out. And he likes hardwood floors and granite counter tops and cabinets made of rich dark wood. He smiles to himself, he's actually a little excited about it all.

And then he remembers the tv show. That he's supposed to be on. With his best friend and his crazy wife.

He's back to being irritated. And he's wishing he'd never even showed an ounce of interest in Michonne's hairbrained idea when they first started talking about it on a camping trip to the very woods that they intend to buy property in or near. But it is a good idea and he really kind of likes it.

" I don' wanna be on no goddamn tv show. Christ why she even gotta do it.." His cell phone rings and he stops grumbling to himself to answer.

"Yeah?" he says gruffly.

"Well hello to you too Mr. Dixon! Is that any way to talk to your future boss?" Michonne says sweetly on the other end of the line.

"What the hell? Ya ain't my boss! Partners. Ya want my money, we're gonna be business partners." A thought suddenly crosses Daryl's mind. "And seeing as we're business partners and all, I got a problem with this tv bullshit."

"Daryl, Daryl, Daryl. We're partners. You're right about that. Which means you need my money as much as I need yours. Look I promise I won't let them put you on the spot okay? And we're gonna be working with Hershel Greene's daughter Maggie. You know her." Daryl chews on his thumbnail. He doesn't know Maggie all that well, knows of her. Seems like a nice girl. And Hershel, he's the town veterinarian. Daryl's worked on his truck a time or two when Hershel couldn't do it himself. He thinks there are a couple of other kids too, but he isn't sure.

"We gonna get enough land so's I can put my place way out in the trees?" Daryl asks. It's also his way of conceding to Michonne's insane idea.

"Why are you so anti-social?"

"Ain't. Just like quiet. Might put up a fence with a gate. Y'all gotta call if ya wanna visit and shit." Daryl bites his lip so he doesn't smile and chuckle into the phone. He hears Michonne let out a sigh.

"No fence. We'll make sure there are lots of trees, so you can hide. Or get lost." She laughs out loud at that and Daryl can't help but join in. But only a little.

Maggie was true to her word. She took Beth on the showings with her to help get comfortable doing them herself. Beth has to admit that it wasn't as hard as she originally thought. Her only problem is trying to remember the proper names of moldings and paneling. She's a numbers girl and can tell you proper square footage and how long the slope of the roof should be. But ask her about design finishes and she gets flustered.

She likes the clean and modern look. She grew up in a house that was full on country. She hated staring at the stuffed deer head over the mantle and the chicken plates her mother had collected for years.

Her room was full of ruffles and hand knitted blankets with antique pictures of horses and farms. It was the dream house her mother wanted, and Beth respected that. She has her own dreams for her own home one day and until they get this business moving, it will only be a pipe dream.

Watching Maggie in her element was a fun surprise. Maggie is strongest was she takes charge. Owning her own realty business is right up her alley. She held a confidence in herself as she shows her clients around the house. She gets to know them and finds out what's important to them in a home and their needs for the area. Establishing a good connection between yourself and your client is the number one rule for their business. It's what will get their name out there and hopefully bring in more referrals.

They're showing the young couple two houses that day, both within a small distance of one another. Maggie takes care of the first house entirely, but she allows Beth to take on some points in the second home. It's nerve wracking but once she gets over her initial fears, it seems to go smoothly. And Maggie pipes in with details that Beth forgets or answers a question that she isn't sure of.

It works great and by the end, the clients are going to go home and decide which property they're interested in. And get they'll back to them the next day to put in an offer. Beth and Maggie are exhausted by the time they make it back to the office, but Beth can tell that something more is off with Maggie.

"You don't look so good, Maggie," Beth says, giving her sister a sympathetic look.

"Yeah, I'm just tired from last night and today. I'll probably head home and just go to bed."

"That sounds great. Do you want me to bring you some soup or something?" Maggie shakes her head no and grabs her bag.

"Do you mind closing up shop here?" Maggie asks turning around.

"Absolutely. You go home and get yourself better," Beth replies shooing her sister out the door. Once she sees Maggie get into her car, she goes back and turns off all the computers and lights around their office.

She looks around and mentally makes a list of all the things they need to do. Hopefully, with them being featured on this show, business will pick up. Their office needs to look professional and not like they just opened it up six months ago.

Beth has a lot of work ahead of her.

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