It was 1 peeseful day in gensokyo and reimu was just walking around some random area when a fidget spinner fell from the sky randomly xd.

"What to the frick is this thing" she said as she picked up the fidget spinner that was on the ground because it fell there for some reason

she spun it around in her hand but got bored like 5 seconds later because it's a stupid little useless fidget spinner that has no purpose in this society or anything.

just as she was about to slam it onto the ground in an epic fashon. Marisa came flying down from somewhere for no reason and stopped reimu before she could commit such a sacreligious crime.

"stop waht u are doing you dang thug!' marisssa said with a demeaning voice

"Oh hi marisa I was just going to destroy this piece of garbage that fell down from the sky or what ever" Reimu responded, gleefully unaware of the dastardly crime she was commiting.

"u cannot, that is a fidget spinner and they are super cool. everyone at my school owns one and says they are super cool and whatnot." marisa said, very offendidly

"U dont even go to school" reimu said, she was right you know.

"whatever stupid head. anyways I stole a bunch of them and they are in my backyard, wanna go check them out?" marisa said in her usual fashion.

"k" responded reimu and of they went to the magical forest to find some neato fidget spinners.

but before they could do all the stuff i just mentioned a second ago (seriously, can you even read?), Hatate, the least memorable character came in for a scoop.

"Heyo my peeps. what are you doing today?" she said in a bawdy voice.

"like who cares, clearly not us because nobody like you that very much." reimu said in her usual angre voice

Marisa was not so rude to and said "we are going to my house to look at fidget spinners, they are very trendy and cool and totally not cringe in the outside world!"

this was the peak of the tengu girl's interest because she nneded some cool story to boost up readership of her crummy newspaper.

"mind if i write an article about this modern masterpiece?" hatate said in a persuasive voice, tickling the eardrums of our protagonists.

"no way, dumbo, these piece of technology is too cool to be in one of your stupid, irrelevant, and boring newspapers." marisa said very rudely but in a truthful manner.

"more like a snoozepaper" (lol roasted)

"I now my news is major garbage, but if i have some good articles then it waill be goo d ok?" hatate said desperately

"hey, why are you even here anyways? you dont even have to leave your house to write new you big loser." Reimu said, being correct as she usual is in this fanfiction.

"I wanted o go outside so people actually would know who I am and maybe read my newspaper" Hatate said, on the verge of tears.

"fat chance" said marisa, also being correct.

"ok, whatever, im going home to write about something cooler than ur stoopid spinner toys for lame-o'S" hatate said going away like a useless sack of flour.

whith that roadblock out of the way, our heroes jurneyd to magic forest to find marisa collection of the fidgeting spinners.

They arive in a timely mannor and marisa showed of her cool collection, sitting on the lawn of her neighbor, and possible love interest, Alice.

"pretty cool huh?" marisa said, pointing to the multicoloured array of cool fidget spinners.

Before reimu could respond, Alice popped her head out the window and started yelling "marisa, get this garbage off my lawn."

reimu was confused "I thought that you said you kept these in your backyard."

" I dont have a backyard, so I've designated Alice's lawn as my new backyard!" marisa said, with utmost confidence.

"If you dont remove those from my lawn, ill come down there and make you remove them" Alice said, still shouting out the window.

"bring it on." said marisa, in a bragging tone.

So Alice went down the stairs and the two began to fight for some reason.

Reimu was awfully bored and began thinking to herself "Why did I even come here? I don't even like fidget spinners." before tossing the fidget spinner onto the ground and heading home.

Back at the shrine reimu reflected on her uneventful day, and hoped that fidget spinners wouldn't become popular in gensokyo because of some crummy newspaper article or a giant pile of them in the middle of some forest.

Anyways, you basically wasted your time if you read this entire fanfiction.