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The Forgotten Huntsman Ch 8

"The Vytal Festival is soon upon and you might not know it but history can be made when you all may not know it." The teacher took a sip from his coffee and quickly moved to another direction. The teacher has messy green hair and brown eyes. He wears a disheveled white shirt that is partially tucked into his dark-green pants and its collar raised, showing a slack yellow tie, along with mismatched brown and black shoes. He also has round glasses that appear to be opaque.

"I mean can anyone explain why we have this festival to begin with?" Oobleck asked the class and Pyrrha raised her hand.

"The Festival was created to serve as a celebration of peace between the Kingdoms. Every two years, a Kingdom would be chosen to open its doors to the world, allowing citizens from every corner of Remnant to meet and indulge in one another's cultures." Pyrrha said as Oobleck nodded his head in a rapid pace.

"Yes, Yes and even to this day there some historic moments that even some moments that people still remember to this day. Oobleck said as he went back to his desk and took another sip.

"For example did you all know that in our thirty ninth annual Vytal Festival we not only had the best match in probably in a long time and not only that it was the first and only one match so far that dealt with a student from Atlas, Beacon, and a teacher from signal." Oobleck said that last part and that caught the attention on everyone since no teacher participated in the festival before.

"And who were involved in the match Professor?" Weiss said and Oobleck turned around said.

"Well for the one that was from Atlas was none other than Winter schnee, your sister Weiss Schnee." Oobleck said and Weiss was stunned since she has never heard her sister take part of this. Then Ruby raised her hand and asked the Professor.

"And who was the teacher in the match was he cool?" Ruby asked with wide eyes wondering if the teacher was someone they know. Oobleck took another sip.

"How can I say this without insulting him." He looked up in thought.

"He was a dusty, old crow…" And with that both Ruby and Yang both stood up with a loud voice.

"WHAAT!" and everyone told them to stay quiet and sat back down. Oobleck stared at them and moved around.

"Yes and the student from this academy was considered the best huntsman of his year and lived by what a huntsman stands for and next class as to celebrate the Vytal festival I will show the match as to prepare you all. The bell rang and and everyone left for lunch.

Scene Change

We see a portal appear around a street alley and Ansem appeared out of it with his hood up and began walking across the street and as he walked he saw a store called "Tukson's Book Trade". And that the windows were darken but was able to see someone in. He walked in and closed the door and couldn't believe what he saw.

He saw a man with a short-sleeved quarter-zip burgundy and black shirt with a visible white undershirt. His hair was cleanly cut, and he had noticeable sideburns. With it he had six gunshot wounds from his chest with him bleeding and his arms with claws laying down slowly breathing.

"Who did this to you?" Ansem said and the man as he went to try and heal him but he grabbed his hand and used his final breath to answer him.

"A man with gray eyes and gray hair with a girl that has light, mint-green hair. You won't miss them but they are-" with that the man died in the ground with his eyes open succumbing to the wound and died.

Ansem then laid him on the ground and summoned Oathkeeper and pointed at the body.

"Your death may have been in vain but your heart will be in a greater purpose." A bright blast of light came out and pointed at his chest leaving his body to disappear and a heart to appear and went to his keyblade. He then went the door and flipped the sign to "closed" and activated his portal and left.

Scene Change.

Ansem appeared out of his portal and began walking around and saw Ozpin and Glynda walking towards the Academy's Cafeteria and decided to be known.

"Well good to see you both in the after all you are always stuck in that office of your's." Ansem said and both turned around and saw Ansem walking towards them. Ozpin saw him and hid his glare with his glasses and frown by drink his cup

"Well good afternoon Ansem I hope you are enjoying it as you wanted it." Glynda said trying to sound stern.

"I am thank you for this year's class of future hunters are entertaining to see." Ansem said this and saw some thing fly off from the roof with what looked like blonde hair.

"As I said entertaining." Ansem said as they went to the cafeteria Ozpin was about to open the door but was stopped.

"Please Allow me." Ansem said and as he open the door a piece of cake flew out and landed on Ozpin covering his face except his eyes for his glasses kept him enters the room growling. She proceeds to use telekinesis to re-organize the room.

"Children, please. Do not play with your food!" And she used her crop to fix the room and Ozpin face. As Glynda finished fixing the room Yang came crashing down and was about to make a harsh landing and closed her eyes but didn't feel the impact. Then Yang opened her eyes and saw that Ansem was carrying her in a princess style.

"I knew you couldn't resist." Yang said until Ansem dropped her on the ground and ran back to her team and friends. Glynda was about to lecture them but Ozpin stop her.

"Let it go." Ozpin said

"They're supposed to be the defenders of the world." Glynda said as they stared at the group.

"And they will be, but right now they're still why not let them play the part? After all, it isn't a role they'll have forever." Ozpin said as he walked off.

"That may be but for how long for when you are around and give them the orders." Ansem said causing Ozpin to stop to look at him and Ansem stared back at him.

"And remember you still owe my a condition." Ansem told Ozpin.

"Yes." Ozpin said and he kept walking and Glynda walked behind him.

Scene Change

Pyrrha was was walking back to her dorm room to rest before she starts her training again with Ansem and remembers some of the advice he gave to her.

Flashback sequence

Pyrrha and Ansem were clashing each other with the weapons seeing that Pyrrha was only holding it with minimal strength. As she leaped up to do a downward slash Ansem dodged it and made slash up to block the attack that made their weapons created sparks.

"Focus put more strength on the blade." Ansem said as he pushed the blade closer to her face. Pyrrha pushed back and tried to use her semblance to make distance. Ansem was running back towards her and she tried again but couldn't do it. And then he went down and the blade to her neck.

"Do not always believe that your semblance alone will help you in battle. For these keyblades are made of something much more different from metal." Ansem said as he made his blade disappear. Pyrrha stared at him then at her hand.

"And when will get my own blade?" Pyrrha said and Ansem looked at her then walked towards her.

"The only way for you to have your blade is when your heart says that you're ready for the burden on having it." Ansem said as he pointed to where her heart is.

"Only then your blade will appear." Ansem said as he activated his portal and began to leave.

"Tomorrow we will keep on training your blade work and maybe we could work on something new." Pyrrha raised her head only to see him gone.

Flashback over

Pyrrha realized that it was getting late and quickly ran to the roof to begin her training with Ansem.

Scene change

Up on the roof Ansem was staring at the heart shaped moon.

"Very soon I will be the person who I once was." Ansem said as he looked at the moon.

"Finally I will have a heart at last." Ansem said and Pyrrha appeared.

"You have arrived. Now we will start with a new lesson." As he said that 4 training dummies appeared. He then looked at one of them and extended his hand.

"Fire!" And a fireball appeared and blasted at the dummy.

"Is that your semblance?"Pyrrha said in shock. Ansem shooked his head.

"No this is something much complex than a semblance that Huntsman use." Ansem said and soon they began their training.

"First with fire you have to take a deep breath first then imagine something burning inside of you then." Ansem took a deep breath then made a straight punch and fire came out and hit the other target.

"Now you try." Ansem as he took a few steps back one more step for extra measure.

Pyrrha took the information and began to do exactly that and when she did only a small flame appeared from her fist. Ansem facepalm

"We have work to do." Ansem said as they began training.


Pyrrha was staring at the as her hands and knees were at the ground as sweat was running down her head.

She raised her head and saw Ansem's hand. She took it stand up.

"Well the good thing is that you can use it the bad however." He stared at the targets but weren't damaged as the around them was burn marks with some flame moving around.

"We need to teach you how to aim." Ansem said and Pyrrha laughed at that.

"That is all for today you can rest for now." Ansem said and Pyrrha smiled and left. As she left Ansem continued to stare and began to see kingdom hearts filling itself up with the hearts.

Scene change

It was morning and everyone was in Oobleck class ready to see the match he promised to show. Ruby and the rest of team Rwby were talking to each other wondering who the student was.

"Who do you guys think it will be?" Ruby asked her teammates.

"It won't matter who it will be for my money will be on Winter." Weiss said crossing her arms knowing that winter will win the match.

"I'm with my uncle Qrow there's no way he will lose this one he always wins." Ruby said going on her uncle's side.

"Me too." Yang both holding handmade mini flags with the words Uncle Q.

"I will wait until we see what all three can do." Blake said.

In less than a minute Oobleck came in with mug on his hand.

"Alright class prepare to see history in the making." Then he put a few codes in they were ready to see the historic match.

Video start/flashback

We see both Oobleck and professor Port sitting as commentary to see the match.

"Well that was a splendid match the way those two in the arena should be proud of themselves" Port said to Oobleck and to the crowd as they cheered.

"That's right but there is one more match to end this festival and that is the triple threat match with miss Winter Schnee, signal's academy own Qrow Branwen, and a student from our own academy." Oobleck said and the crowd were cheering and screaming of excitement.

"Wow people were excited for the match weren't they?" Ruby said as the image of Winter, Qrow,and the beacon academy symbol appeared as a triangle.

"Shush I'm watching here." Weiss said as she saw her sister walking towards the arena.

"Making her way to the arena is Atlas own Ice queen Winter Schnee!" Port said as the crowd were cheering for her.

Winter wearing her atlas uniform with her hair tied up into a bun leaving a bit of it on her eyes with determined look on her face with her saber at her side.

Then out came Qrow wearing a white shirt with a ruined cape and black pants and boots with a cross necklace with a sword on his hand leaning on his shoulder.

"The teacher from Signal academy and member of team STRQ Qrow Branwen" Oobleck said as Qrow said as Qrow took out a flask from somewhere and began to drink only for it to be confiscated.

"Branwen." Winter said with a deadpan voice.

"Ice queen." Qrow said and Winter made a sound by clenching her teeth.

Then the lights around the arena went out until a spotlight appeared and at the the entrance there was a violinist with a red jacket he played a few notes until he also disappeared as the person was a hologram shocking the crowd.

"What was that for?" Blake asked until.

Insert "Shinsuke Nakamura's rising sun"

The sound of a violin began to play then an more violins appeared and began to play with it and kept on building up until long screech was heard and then a catchy tune and he appeared.

The person was a blood red jacket with a black undershirt, black pants and boots fingerless gloves. Hooked on his pants were his chakrams and the lights came back revealing the person having blonde hair with three whiskers

"No way is that?" Ruby whispered to Yang as she had her eyes wide open.

"It is him." Yang as tears were about to come out from her eyes.

That person was Naruto was walking his way to the ring while dancing to the rhythm.

"On his way to the arena is "The Flurry of Dancing Flames" Naruto Uzumaki. Port said as the whole arena were cheering on.

"Wait can you hear the crowd for a second." Oobleck said as they started to hear the crowd.

"Incredible they are singing with the violin." Port as they heard the crowd singing with the violins.

"That's kind of awesome I like it." Yang said as she heard the crowd singing with the instrument

As Naruto got to the arena he looked at Winter then at Qrow. He then punched the ground as fireworks appeared with the last one said "Vytal Festival."

"Now the rules are simple last one with the bar not in the red is the winner now let's see the arena." Port said as the screen were spinning around and saw that one side was a forest setting while the other is at a beach filled with water and sand.

Winter took out her saber and Qrow looked ready and Naruto unhooked his Chakrams and and stared at the both of them. Then the countdown began until a loud sound appeared

Fight began

And all three of them began to clash.

Chapter End

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