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The Forgotten Huntsman Ch 9

Previously: "Now the rules are simple last one with the bar not in the red is the winner now let's see the arena." Port said as the screen were spinning around and saw that one side was a forest setting while the other is at a beach filled with water and sand.

Winter took out her saber and Qrow looked ready and Naruto unhooked his Chakrams and and stared at the both of them. Then the countdown began until a loud sound appeared

Fight began

And all three of them began to clash.

Chapter begin

All three began to run towards each other but Winter quickly went to slash at Qrow and blocked it until Naruto came to make a slash at Winter while the other was blocking a slash from Qrow. He stopped it caused him to jump back.

"Well I'm impressed you must be special if you are going up against us." Winter said as she began to go after Naruto.

"Well what can I say I aim to impress." Naruto said as he slash and dodging Winter slashing attacks as they moved towards the beach part of the arena and ended with the two of them near the water with Qrow running behind them. Winter ran near the water and stabbed her blade down. Naruto and Qrow stopped to see what she was doing until they say a symbol on the ground.

"Is she really using her semblance on him just because he made it that far" Weiss thought as she saw her family's symbol for the glyphs.

"Oh what's this Winter Schnee is using her semblance against Naruto let's see what happens." Oobleck said as something began to come out. Naruto covered his eyes from the ice shards that appeared out of nowhere until the figure appeared.

It was a knight of white with a sword and shield standing there until it began to unsheathed his blade and stared at Naruto as he tightly grasped his chakrams.

"This knight will keep you out of the equation for at least a while." Winter said as she pointed her blade at Naruto and as the knight saw this he ran towards Naruto as Winter went towards Qrow.

"It's all yours kid!" Qrow said as he ran off to not take part of it.

"Great." Naruto said moved to not get slashed. He jumped back away from the knight he powered up his chakrams so that the blades were covered in flames.

"Burn baby!" Naruto yelled out as he threw his chakrams that were spinning in fire the knight put up his shield to block but the chakrams were still there in flames.

"Gotcha" Naruto said as he snapped his fingers as the chakrams exploded causing the shield to be destroyed as the chakrams came back to Naruto.

"Impossible how was he able to damage the shield'' Winter thought as she saw what happen to her knight.

"Hey fights over here ice queen!" Qrow said as he kept on trying to fight her. With the knight's shield broken and kneel down Naruto began to counter strike with his chakrams forcing the knight to stay on the defensive with his sword.

"This is incredible even though it's a summoned from its able to hold itself from Naruto's weapons" Oobleck said as he saw Naruto kept on swinging his chakrams at it.

Meanwhile they Winter kept on fighting with Qrow around a forest field slashing around them.

"This time I will beat you Qrow this I swear." Winter said as she kept on slashing at Qrow. She was able to back Qrow to a tree and was about to finish Qrow.

"This time I will end this." Winter said as he was prepared to finish him off until.

"Hey you two!" Naruto yelled at them as they turned around they saw Naruto throwing the body of Winter's knight towards them but Winter was able to dodge it but Qrow got hit with the body and crashed into another tree with snow covering him.

"Uncle no!" Ruby said as she saw her favorite uncle getting tackled by a knight made of snow.

"He was able to throw that like it was nothing how is that possible?" Blake said as he just saw someone being able to throw a massive knight out of snow.

"Incredible Naruto was able to defeat Winter Schnee's knight what strength this young man has!" Port said as the crowd cheered.

"Now that there's only two of us let's get back to where we left off now shall we" Naruto said as he began to spin his chakrams.

"You can try." Winter said with a glare.

"Yeah teach that jerk a lesson Winter!" Weiss said with a small flag with winter name with her face as chibi version.

"You can wish but Naruto is going to beat your sister down a notch." Yang said with her own but with Naruto's name and face on it.

"But Yang I thought you were on Qrow's said?" Ruby said with a cap and flag of Qrow.

"Yeah but don't you remember all the times we seen Naruto fight and won." Yang said as Ruby remembered all the times she and her sister saw Naruto fight in spars and tournaments.

"Besides look at our uncle." Yang said as Yang and Ruby saw that their uncle is still under the pile of snow.

"Alright ice queen try this on to calm your self a notch." Naruto as he jumped up and threw his chakrams in the air and placed his hand at her.

"Flamethrower!" And a burst of fire came from it heading towards her.

"No." Winter said as she used her glyphs for a wall of ice to appear and take the damage as it began to melt. But she didn't saw the smirk on Naruto's face as steam began to appear and began to surround the arena.

"Incredible Naruto mixed his fire with the ice and caused steam to surround the arena not being able to see the fight clearly." Oobleck said through the mic.

"Indeed well this looks like a steamy situation don't you think?" Port said as Oobleck face palmed by the pun.

Winter was looking at her surroundings looking for what looked like a man with two weapons. What she didn't someone was behind her. Soon the mist disappeared and Naruto was behind her with his chakrams hooked to his pants. He raised his hands at her head and hooking his leg to hers and fall face first to the ground (1).

"What an attack to let's take a look." Oobleck said as they saw the clip of Naruto and Winter with the attack.

Naruto then stood up while Winter tried to stand up. He saw that her hair was down out of her bun having her hair fall behind her and covering her right eye. She stood up and tried to stand up with her blade as a crutch. Naruto then saw the screen and saw that Winter was one last hit til she's out. Seeing that naruto picked her up and put her on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry." And Naruto fell backwards as he moved Winter's body to hit the floor (2) and caused her to lose.

"Winter Schnee is the first to lose this match." Port said as the medic came to take Winter. Off

"Yes maybe she could have stayed longer if she knew how to better use her aura." Oobleck said as the medic arrived.

Naruto picked Winter up and dropped her at the stretcher. He was about to leave her until Winter took his hand.

"Do me a favor will you?" Winter said as she was about to leave."

"What is it?" Naruto asked her.

"Beat him senseless." And with that they took her away.

"Oh don't worry." Naruto as he saw Qrow getting out of the snow.

"He's going to regret it." Naruto said unhooking his chakrams and use his flames as a boost to go towards him.

Qrow just got of the snow and was about to drink from a spare flask. He opened it and was about to drink it but was the flask was slashed in half by his chakrams while another came at the side and blocked it.

"That's the best you-" Qrow was punched in the face and crashed into a tree by Naruto as he grabbed his chakrams.

He saw that both bars are at orange which means it's at the end of the match. Naruto ran towards Qrow and began to start slashing at him.

"What's your problem?" Qrow asked Naruto as he kept on slashing.

"It's about your family." Naruto said as he made a fireball to distraction. Qrow saw this and quickly moved back.

"Sorry kid I don't have family." Qrow said as Naruto smirked.

"How cruel I wonder how are they going to react when I tell them how their own uncle Qrow said that?" Naruto said as Qrow's eyes widen.


"Qrow Brawen member of team STRQ and brother to." Naruto was about to continue but he had to dodge as Qrow switched his blade for it to form a shotgun.

"How do you know of this." Qrow said as he moved forward and kept on shooting. Naruto threw a chakram at him as he used for a distraction.

"Made you look." Naruto said as they began to cross blades.

"I'll ask again how do you know of this?" Qrow said in anger.

"Gee it's like you never heard of a thing called "The archives" before. I know what you are. I know what you both are thanks to a journal I found and put the pieces together." Naruto said and made Qrow afraid.

"But don't worry I won't say a word but just answer me this?" Naruto asked him and Qrow quickly nodded his head.

"Where were you when Raven left?" Naruto said and Qrow quickly jumped back.

"It's time to end this now!" Qrow said as his sword began to move as the gears began to move and the blade turned into a scythe.

"Indeed it is." Naruto said as he hooked his chakrams back and grabbed something from his jacket.

"What's this is he finished with his new weapon?" Port said as he saw Naruto pull a dark red stick.

"A stick?" Blake said as she saw Naruto take it out.

"I'm surprised we never see him use his scythe before." Yang said as he looked at her uncle.

Naruto then twisted the stick and it began to change form.

"I hope those two are watching this." Naruto said.

Insert "I burn" by Jeff and Casey lee Williams

The stick became a short curved handle with a black spike set in its pommel. The tip of the handle is white, and attaches to the base of the scythe's blade, which is roughly diamond-shaped, and is black with gold edges. The blade has a vague triangular shape. The back of the blade sports three spikes—two on the tides that are pale gold and one black on in the middle—that creates a shape to a crown. The black middle spike connects to a red, heart-shaped pattern on the main blade. There is a small, cross-shaped gap in each of the lobes on the heart. The blade's tip ends in a large arrowhead, and a long spike sprouts from the top of this arrowhead and arcs over the rest of the blade. The blade's edges are predominantly pale gold, except for an area near the tip, which is a normal shade of gold. The rest of the blade is black (3).

And with enough aura he had he put all of it out as he was surrounded by bursts of fire. In a burst he quickly went towards Qrow. He slashed at Qrow but rolled out of the way so he hit the tree and caused it burn till it turned to ash.

"Woah that's awesome and that scythe. I wonder how long it took him to make it? What type of metal? Ruby kept on making questions on Naruto's scythe Yang was looking at the screen when he used his fire.

"Let the flames burn you!" Naruto said as he ran and jumped while twisting and turning his scythe putting Qrow on the defense as they can hear and see the sparks appearing.

Naruto moved backed and and lifted his scythe and a wave of fire appeared and was able to hit Qrow and crashed through a rock that caused some rubble. Qrow got out of the rumble and didn't saw Naruto even though he had a massive scythe with him. Naruto then punched him in the gut that caused Qrow's head to go down and Naruto quickly grabbed his head and slammed his head to the ground in front of the rocks (4). With that caused his bar to go down leaving Naruto with his aura nearly at the red.

Theme over

"Naruto won the fight he is the first triple match in history!" Oobleck said as Naruto raised his arms as he won the fight. Then his team came out and helped him up and raised his arms as Velvet came and took a picture of that. Fireworks came out as the crowd cheered.

Naruto then pushed his team a bit far away and then raised his hand and made lifted his right finger and thumb as an L shape.

When Ruby and Yang saw that they couldn't believe that he remembered that sign they made.


"Do you really have to go Naruto." a fifteen year old Yang said as she was with her sister and dad to see Naruto leave to Vale.

"I said this already I wanted to this as far as I can remember and besides you're complaining since I am going to Beacon first. But hey you can catch up after all you're just a few steps close to me but not yet." Naruto said with a bag behind him and began to leave to go he took a few steps then he stopped.

"And besides." Naruto said as he raised his hand and made a hand sign.

"No matter where we are even if neither of us can't see each other I will always be at your side and looking at your way. Got it memorized?" Naruto said as he stepped on the ship and waved goodbye and then raised his hand. Yang then raised hers as she saw Naruto leave.

Flashback Over.

Yang then made her hand as that symbol and not so high raised it as well.

"I can't believe it. He managed to take down a general from atlas and one of the best teachers in signal. Weiss said as they kept on looking at the video.

"Yes students even when the odds were at young Uzumaki's favor he was determined to finish this fight." Oobleck said this the door opened and velvet came in yet stopped when she saw Naruto with the old team.

"Ah ms. Velvet since you were at the historic event what were your thoughts on this?" Oobleck asked Velvet as she began to fidget her fingers around.

"Umm." Velvet said until the door open and we see a girl with sunglasses and a barrett appeared.

"Coco" Velvet said as she was walking towards her.

"Velvet what are you doing we have a mission to go to." The girl now known as Coco stopped mid way as she saw her team and him paused at the moment.

"Perhaps Adel would you like to describe this event?" Oobleck.

Coco stood silent for a moment as she saw kept on looking at Naruto.


"Is there a reason you wanted to see us ?" Coco said as three members of team CFVN were in Ozpin's office.

"Yes it's the middle of the night and we have to get ready for tomorrow's mission." Velvet said as she was rubbing her eyes and Fox nodded his head.

"Don't worry It's just one simple thing for you three. Ozpin clutched his fingers as he told them what to do.

Flashback Over

"Sorry sir but I don't remember anything." Coco said while not looking directly at him since she has her sunglasses on.

"Now let's go Velvet." Coco said as she grabbed Velvet by the hand and left with her waving goodbye.

Scene Change

In a hideout we see Cinder and her partners were looking over some plans on their attempt to get rid of beacon. Until Cinder scroll turned on as message appeared from it as she opened it and began to read it.

"What is it?" Roman asked her as she kept on reading the message.

"It seems we have an unusual ally in beacon that will help us if we do something in return." Cinder said with confusing eyes.

"Who could that be." The boy with gray hair asked her.

"I don't know?"

Scene Change

Ansem was walking towards the school at night to one of the halls looking for something. As he kept on walking he stopped in one of the halls and saw a tapped door with a keypad. He looked at both sides to see if no one was looking and tapped at the keypad and saw 7 spaces for a password as he began to type the password.


As he finished typing it the door began to open and a wall appeared until it became stairs and he began to step in as he got in and the door closed behind him. He continued to go down the stairs as he got towards the end he saw a few switches and began to turn them on. Then the lights turned on and a what looked like a lab began to turn on. Everything around was covered of dust.

"Aerora." Ansem said and a gust of wind appeared and began to get rid of the dust and webs. Ansem then pressed another switch and a computer began to turn on with another password and he began to type another password


And the computer turned on and all the files he got were all saved. The heartless, nobodies, the grimm, and all the information on kingdom hearts everything was safe.

"Everything looks like it has been saved, that's good then there is a chance I can finish and fix this once and for all." Ansem said as he looked at his information. He opened one of the sheets and saw a journal there in glass case. He opened it looked over it and saw that it was full of notes.

"Yes he hasn't found it." Ansem said as he put the book back and began to work on his project. He went back to his computer and began to do a scan on kingdom Hearts. Soon it finished and the progress appeared on screen.

"Kingdom hearts download 40% left till completion." The computer said and Ansem smiled.

"Yes soon just a little bit more time. Keep on absorbing these hearts I offer you. Now to continue my research." Ansem said as he began to continue his work he left behind.

Chapter End

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(1):The Miz skull crushing Finale

(2):Brock lesnar's F5

(3):Marluxia's Hallowed Lotus from 358/2 days

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