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Summary: After an incident causes Arata's magic to rage out of control, Lelouch and Hijiri must work to not only protect their friend, but they must face enemies on different sides with the fate of not only their friend but the world at stake. Lelouch must understand and learn about his own unique potential to break the chains of fate that bind them. Lelouch/Hijiri/Harem and Arata/harem

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Chapter 1

Magic has a price

"Now let's try again, Lelouch," a young sixteen-year-old girl began.

She observed a young man of the same age standing in the heart of a glowing circle of magic consisting of a star and magical runes along the edges of the ring with two snakes eating the other's tail, making up the border of the magic circle.

The slender young woman had short blue hair and a single ahoge on top of her head and fair skin, but sometimes she seemed slightly pale with gold eyes. The girl was dressed in a white long-sleeved sailor fuku, a red ribbon tie, a black pleated skirt, black dress socks, and brown penny loafers.

The young man she was overseeing, Lelouch wore a short-sleeve white collar shirt with the top two buttons undone. Though they were the same age, she was Japanese while Lelouch was Britannian, having been exiled and abandoned in the country that had been renamed Area 11 after Japan lost the war with Britannia six years ago. He had black hair, a fair skin complexion with amethyst eyes; although he was tall for his age, he had a thin and lanky frame.

The magic circle he was standing in glowed with a dark purple light before a creature began to take shape before Lelouch.

Just a little more, Lelouch thought.

Lelouch closed his eyes briefly just as crack-like markings on his cheeks began to appear, but upon opening his eyes, they had changed to blood red, his pupils became long vertical slits. Then from his back, a black small demonic-like wing sprouted from his shoulder blade as his attire changed to him wearing a black suit of armor with metallic claw-like hands that matched the color of the armor with greaves to match worn over a black tunic with tassels. Lastly, he also materialized a black cape with a wide and large collar.

He actually did it, Hijiri thought as her eyes examined the finished construct.

Hijiri Kasuga watched with a mixture of concern and awe on her face, although typically whenever a Magus assumed such a form, it was a sign that Lelouch was a Magic King candidate. Yet shockingly, he wasn't one, despite having checked many times to be sure, but there was no denying the powers Lelouch possessed were eerily similar yet different at the same time. Hijiri remembered the first time she had met Lelouch, but that was before discovering not only was Lelouch, a magus, he possessed a unique power, unlike anything she had ever seen or heard of.

It had been six years ago, roughly a month before Japan was invaded by the Holy Britannian Empire after an attempt to impose economic pressure on the superpower failed, resulting in rising tensions between the two that ended with war breaking out between the two countries. Of course, as tensions flared between the two sides, anti-Britannian sentiments surged through Japan.

This led to the Britannians residing in Japan to suffer the blunt of it.

Lelouch was no exception as being attacked by the local Japanese children was routine by this point for the unfortunate young ten-year-old child. Every time he tried going to the local store to pick up groceries for himself and his sister, not trusting their caretakers and Lelouch desired to be self-sufficient, he would be ambushed by the local children. It had lessened when the son of Japan's last prime minister had begun intervening to stop the children from attacking him, which led to the young man to accompany Lelouch on occasion.

On this day, he didn't have his friend, Suzaku Kururugi to drive the local children away from him, but it seemed fortune smiled on him.

A young ten-year-old boy accompanied by a young Hijiri intervened on his behalf, although the boys nearly attacked Arata he stopped them long enough for a familiar young man wearing a white wraparound jacket with blue hakama arrived on the scene to chase the hostile children off. He had green eyes with brown hair and a fair skin complexion.

"Thanks for helping him," Suzaku Kururugi said before turning an annoyed glance at a beaten Lelouch as he was kneeling on the ground, trying to protect the food he had bought using his body as a shield. "Damn it, Lelouch, why do you have to be so stubborn? Didn't I tell you I would go with you so the local kids wouldn't attack you again!?"

Lelouch picked himself up without a word, but Hijiri hurried to help him up as a kind gesture.

"You don't have to help me."

"It would be impolite if I stood around."

"So, who is he?"

Lelouch cast a glance at another ten-year-old boy who seemed more laid-back and easy-going when compared to Suzaku. He possesses black hair and red eyes wearing the standard black school uniform.

"My name is Arata Kasuga."

Returning to the present, Lelouch focused on using his magic to animate his own shadow before providing a physical form for his shadow. Their work was taking place in the underground waterworks below a private school located in the middle of the Tokyo Settlement where Lelouch and his sister have been living since the war ended. Although he lost contact with Suzaku, he didn't lose contact with Hijiri, who managed to continue teaching him magic whenever the two had a chance to spend time together.

Even though he was very gifted and possessed great magical power, Lelouch was physically weak, so close-quarters combat or being involved on the battlefield would be dangerous for him unless he had someone who could fight his enemies in his place while he remained hidden. The magic was based upon the archives, named after the seven deadly sins, where Lelouch had chosen the archive opposite of him and thus the easiest for him to learn.

The young man had chosen the archive of Luxuria (Lust), which was based around the magic related to life and souls. Lelouch's primary Thema of the Luxuria archive that he had chosen to master was Vanitas (Nothingness); the Thema symbolized darkness and nothingness, able to consume and return all of creation to nothing. Yet for the last six years with Hijiri's help, Lelouch had delved further into the Luxuria archive since no Magus was limited to a single Thema.

Of course, Hijiri alone couldn't help him advance this far in his study of magic as he had another unexpected partner and something essential for every magus.

"Yes, child," a mysterious voice said, encouraging Lelouch, "Strengthen the bindings that give it form and infuse your will to make it an extension of you."

Hidden behind the cape, he wore a black leather tome with silver and gold arcane runes inscribed upon the cover with a gold chain tied around it was used to keep the small tome-style pocketbook in place. Although Lelouch could use magic to increase its size, his Grimoire was an ancient magical Grimoire which Hijiri was shocked to discover was in Lelouch's possession. It was a keepsake from his mother, taking it into his possession after her demise as a keepsake. He didn't understand why it was important to her, but after discovering his talent and magic, Lelouch understood its importance.

Yet it had raised some questions, which only furthered the mystery behind her death.

With a smile of satisfaction, Lelouch had finished as the complete spiritual construct stood before him with a black spiky mask upon his head while dressed in a two-piece purple and gold trim Victorian suit with a white cravat, black leather gloves while wearing a black cape with a red interior and a large collar on the back. As an intended cosmetic design, Lelouch had given his shadow puppet a muscular and tall build to help obscure his identity.

"Finally," Lelouch remarked with a smile.

"After a year of work, it's finished," Hijiri commented as she approached the shadowy doppelganger Lelouch had crafted using a combination of magic from the Terminus and Abies to fashion together a spiritual entity that Lelouch could control and use as a puppet to stand in for him during dangerous situations allowing him to avoid direct combat.

For his doppelganger to be autonomous without Lelouch needing to focus all of his attention on controlling it. Lelouch melded the souls of soldiers and samurai into the doppelganger infusing their skills and combat experience into it to create a highly-skilled killing machine if Lelouch wasn't controlling it entirely using it as his eyes, ears, and voice if he need be. This would give him more tactical options to consider in a combat situation. Being that it's his doppelganger, he can channel his own magic through it to provide it with weapons to use thanks to using his own shadow as its base; because of this when it's inactive, it would sink into Lelouch's shadow until he calls it.

"Yes, and now I can work on materializing a Knightmare Frame," the young man remarked without hiding the pride in his voice.

Trying to create a spirit like his doppelganger wasn't easy as it had taken a year to not only perfect the bindings needed to hold it together, but constructing it was another challenge. Lelouch knew from his studies with Hijiri that there was magic capable of nullifying magic, so he tried to design his doppelganger to prevent the magic that held it together and gave it life from crumbling too easily. Still, there was no denying that the fact he created such a creature he could call and command as an extension of his own will was an awe-inspiring feat and a testament to his talent as a magus.

"Well, don't push yourself too hard, Lelouch," Hijiri cautioned as there was usually the danger that a Magus could lose control of his or her magic and end up becoming a monster which had befallen some magus who had pushed their research and development of their magic too far. "That reminds me, there have been some monsters appearing in Osaka, so I was wondering if you could help me dispatch them, give your new creation a test run."

"Alright, and that's a good idea." Lelouch agreed, although he had no problem helping Hijiri when she asked since she had done much for him by teaching him magic.

Of course, as she had pointed out, it would be an excellent opportunity for him to put his creation through its paces to evaluate its combat effectiveness.

Later that same day after his creation merged with his shadow, Lelouch in the company of Hijiri was riding the train together heading to Osaka; although technically school was still in session, Lelouch didn't care much for his studies at Ashford Academy. It was because Lelouch found it trivial and not to mention his considerable intellect made his classes easily taken care of even if he missed a few of them. For Hijiri, on the other hand, one of her Grimoires, the Ilias Fragment, was sentient like Lelouch's own Grimoire, yet it could also impersonate Hijiri when needed to take her place without anyone aware of the fact she was out of town.

The two shared a compartment inside of the train cars as the train speed along the rails heading for Osaka as the two began conversing with one another.

"Have there been any changes with Arata?" Lelouch inquired, taking a sip of tea from a cup on the table between him and Hijiri.

"Nothing that I have noticed, but I guess that has made the headmaster of Royal Liber Academy nervous," Hijiri explained with a sigh because little did Arata realize she was tasked by the magical academy her parents attended to monitor her own cousin Arata when it was discovered that he was a Magic King Candidate.

Until Lelouch had discovered, he was capable of magic; he knew nothing of this until Hijiri told him everything.

Unknown to the public at large, magic was real in their world, but it was kept secret. However, there was unusual phenomenon or incidents that were beyond the understanding and comprehension of ordinary people, so mages are usually hired by governments such as Britannia, the Chinese Federation, and others to investigate these incidents and to resolve them. Magus for the most part train and further their magical studies by researching the magic and Thema they have dedicated their lives to studying, so to support their research efforts and to provide a place to learn how to use their magic, certain schools were created that were funded by the world's governments.

As far as Hijiri was aware, there were three, known collectively as the Three Great Magic Academies, and they were the; Royal Liber Academy, Royal Biblia Academy, and the Royal Akasha Academy in addition to an unknown fourth.

The academies are supported by the governments worldwide, which will lead them to request for assistance in matters that were well beyond their means to handle, such as mysterious phenomenon or dispatching of demons; magus who had been overwhelmed by their magic becoming monsters. Magus was also prohibited from taking part in local affairs of the world's governments, which was also put into place because the most powerful Magus was given the title of Paladin-class and if two Magus of the same class were to fight such a battle would bring untold devastation to the world. Lelouch was skeptical of such a claim, but after seeing what Hijiri was capable of along with his own magic, he was willing to keep an open mind to the possibility.

"Have there been any other parties who might've noticed that Arata is a Magic King Candidate?"

"There have been none so far, or at least as far as I know."

Lelouch realized something after some careful thought, "You do not think the increasing number of demons in Osaka could be tied to Arata somehow?"

Hijiri was hesitant to answer, but she relented. "Maybe, but I hope I am wrong."

"I see," Lelouch said, beginning to grow concerned about the situation clearly developing in Osaka, although he had considered staying in Osaka instead at times to make it easier for Hijiri to visit him for his magic lessons. Lelouch knew it was for the best that he lived in Tokyo instead where Nunnally would be safe, especially should Arata's slumbering magical power go out of control because he was a Magic King Candidate.

Magic King Candidates, or sometimes called Demon Lord Candidates, are powerful mages who are typically male as most magi are usually female, but some males who have become magi exist. According to legends and research conducted upon them, if a human becomes a Magic King, then they would possess the power to destroy the entire world. It was even more dangerous for a Magic King Candidate to be raised as an average human such as Arata because when their magic awakens, there is a genuine danger of it going out of control.

Lelouch had questioned the reason as to why Arata simply wasn't taken in by Hijiri's academy, but apparently, he was still a dangerous risk because of his potential to lay waste to the entire world.

It was for this reason that Hijiri had been secretly teaching Lelouch magic, especially after recognizing that Lelouch's magic and potential as a magus were similar to that of a Magic King Candidate but different in a way that couldn't be explained.

This was evident when Lelouch awoke his magic during the war seven years ago.

The two arrived in Osaka with an hour before Arata's class would be over for the day, giving the duo some time to investigate the city before Arata was out of class. Once they left the train station, Lelouch stood with Hijiri as she began concentrating on tapping into the various runes she had established around the city.

Hijiri's own magic was from the Ira (Wrath) Archive, and she specialized in the Thema Ruina, Partum, and Analysis. Her magic primary focused around Chaotic Runes that she could use for a variety of different purposes, including offensive and defensive purposes. One of these purposes was that Hijiri had created a number of her own runes and spread them out through the entire city to monitor the city for any signs of magical activity, but right now, she was activating them all at once to conduct a clean sweep through the entire city. Her runes were based on Norse Runes, which could be very destructive if used offensively, and yet she could use her magic to augment her physical abilities, use her runes to jump to high places, and even hide from ordinary people.

"I detected a disturbance at the park," Hijiri said after she finished her search.

"Right, let's go," Lelouch said before he and Hijiri rented a scooter to reach the park quickly. Hijiri could travel there just as fast. However, Lelouch wasn't capable of that due to his lack of physical ability.

As the two sped off, they were unaware of the fact that a young woman with green hair and yellow eyes possessing a doll-like complexion was following them.

The duo wasted no time making their way to the park, but along the way as Lelouch – he was driving the scooter while Hijiri sat behind him with her arms around his waist – was trying to take the most direct route to the park. As the young man cut through alleyways while Hijiri used her magic to render them invisible to avoid interference from local law enforcement, the two began talking as Lelouch had something on his mind.

"Hijiri, there hasn't been just demons sighted in this town that has you worried, Arata's magic is beginning to awaken," Lelouch said prompting Hijiri to look at Lelouch as he peeked over his shoulder at him before turning his eyes back to the road.

"At first I found the number of demons was increasing, but then," Hijiri admitted after some reluctance. However, she hesitated again before answering, "but then rumors being passed around said that people saw black figures before vanishing."

Lelouch's face turned grim, "So the situation could be worse then."

"Yes, but I pray I am wrong."

I fear that you will be wrong. Lelouch thought, but for Hijiri's sake, he hoped she was right.

The duo arrived in the park, and although school was over for most by now, they found the lush and green park filled with trees and large grassy fields with various playground equipment wholly deserted. The rest of the city, after disembarking from the train was so busy and full of people, but here it was completely devoid of life, causing a chill to travel up Lelouch's spine, fearing that he was going to be right about the situation.

Of course, he had good reason in hoping he would be wrong, especially if Arata had awakened as a Magic King Candidate, then the dangerous implications of that meant the end of the world could be upon them if they didn't do something.

"I am having trouble sensing anyone," Hijiri said although she and Lelouch had a good feeling what became of them.

Suddenly in the corner of Lelouch's eye, he spotted a young woman with blonde hair beginning to run towards them dressed in civilian attire.

"Help me!" The woman cried out with tears in her eyes, "My son is gone, someone, please HELP ME!"

Before Hijiri and Lelouch could react, they watched the woman disintegrate into black particles vanishing from view as if she was never there.

Neither said a word for over a minute until Hijiri broke the silence.

"We need to find Arata now."

Mounting the scooter once more, Lelouch drove it while following Hijiri's directions as she was trying to communicate with her Grimoire, the Ilias Fragment, using her runes spread across the city she was homing in on Arata and her Grimoires location. Along the way, they saw more of the city's inhabitants beginning to disintegrate into black particles.

"Those people don't possess magic, so they are vanishing first," Lelouch said, based on the fact he and Hijiri were unharmed so far.

"Yes," a female voice from the second Grimoire that Hijiri own said in agreement. "However, it's only a matter of time before Hijiri will vanish despite the protection I am providing."

"Why," Lelouch asked of the Astil Manuscript as it hung around Hijiri's right wrist in its small compact tome form that Hijiri had nicknamed Sora, "Why would she vanish?"

"It's because of the archive of magic she has chosen, and there is her relationship to Arata as well, but my protection spell should help her for a time."

Suddenly Hijiri felt a sharp pain shoot through her, although she hadn't been harmed, she felt it through the connection she shared with the Ilias Fragment.

Without warning, Hijiri took off as she leaped from the scooter using her magic to not only enhance her abilities but as create platforms to jump from one rune to another to further boost her speed until she left the scooter behind.

"DAMN IT!" Lelouch snapped, before materializing his own Grimoire, "Merlin!"

Merlin was the nickname Lelouch had given to the Grimorum Arcanorum he owned.

"Will I have to worry about vanishing?"

"No," Merlin answered before chuckling, "In fact, I don't need to worry about protection for you. You are immune to what is causing these mortals to disintegrate."

"What?" Lelouch said, confused by his sudden immunity to the breakdown phenomenon that was causing the people around him to be broken down into black particles. He wanted to inquire further about the nature of his immunity, but he didn't have time for it. "Connect to the Luxuria archive, execute Thema; Vanitas!"

In that instant, Lelouch's appearance changed as his school uniform was exchanged for a two-piece Victorian bodysuit with gold trim, heeled boots that were part of the second half of the stylish bodysuit with long black gloves covering his hands. A white cravat was formed as was a black cloak with a red interior, and a spiky black mask covered Lelouch's body.

"Merlin track down Hijiri and Arata and feed the information into my mask," Lelouch commanded as he pressed one hand against the side of the scooter before using his magic.

Specifically, Outer Alchemy, to instantaneously dismantle the bike before using equivalent exchange to reconstruct it into a small machine with two long mechanical legs and a crude cockpit where Lelouch sat, but the controls for his new machine were replaced with two levels on the sides of his seat which he used to control it.

Despite losing its wheels, the mini-Knightmare Frame Lelouch had created was running at a faster speed than the scooter was as it hurried down the road. Furthermore, thanks to the inhabitants vanishing from the city all around him, it made tracking down Arata and Hijiri much easier, but Lelouch had to hope he could make it in time.

I need to move faster and find Arata and help Hijiri, Lelouch thought as determination drove him forward.

At that moment, it had been unnoticed earlier, but a black sun had appeared over the skies of Osaka, causing the devastation to begin rapidly accelerating, and this was more apparent at ground zero where the source of the destructive phenomenon taking place could be felt.

Arata Kasuga was sitting on the ground with his back against a broken piece of concrete. The concrete slab used to be part of a highway bridge that had collapsed before he and Hijiri who had mysteriously vanished when he blacked out could pass under it, but now he was all alone, and the whole world around him was coming apart at the steams in more ways than one. The area around the sixteen-year-old had been reduced to ruins with the highway collapsed, and nearby buildings had begun to wear away rapidly, looking as if they had been abandoned and left to the mercy of time for over a hundred years.

Some of the buildings began to crumble from the accelerated rate of disrepair and decay.

Hijiri had managed to arrive and found Arata lying next to the ruins of the highway bridge, but there was no side of her Grimoire she had assigned to follow him while assuming her identity. With no time to search for her missing Grimoire, the young girl turned her attention to Arata, who was beginning to regain consciousness after passing out when his magical power awoke, which had quickly overwhelmed him.


Arata was dressed in a black school uniform with pants and an open jacket revealing the red shirt he wore underneath along with the white sneakers he wore.

"Arata, take this!" Hijiri said, passing her Astil Manuscript, despite Sora's protests.

"Hijiri don't do this, because without me you'll…"

Hijiri interrupted up Sora and gave her Grimoire a request, "Please save Arata and grant him his wish!"

"HEY," Arata shouted, feeling both confused and very confused at Hijiri's panicked and worried tone, "Who are you talking to and what is going on here, Hijiri!?"

"Even when I am gone, please wake up every morning on time," Hijiri said, ignoring Arata's demands, "please be sure to eat three square meals a day. Hang your clothes after you wash them every three days, or they'll get wrinkly. Of course, don't forget to clean regularly every three days; otherwise, everything will get filthy!"

At that moment, Hijiri began disintegrating into particles of light beginning at her feet before working its way up.

"Please don't forget about me," Hijiri said with tears in her eyes as the disintegration moved up above her waist.

"HIJIRI!" Arata cried out, but there was nothing he could do, however.


A black-gloved hand seized Hijiri's hand before it could vanish entirely as a stunned Arata turned to see a masked Lelouch standing there having just arrived on the scene. Despite what was happening to Hijiri a second ago the disintegration of the young woman stopped, but for any magus observing these events, it would've been something no one shouldn't have been capable of accomplishing. However, Lelouch didn't care at the moment, and his rage was overwhelming his senses, but another emotion was also fueling that anger.

A powerful desire to save one of, if not, his closest friend.

"I was powerless when my mother died and what would be the point of me possessing magic if I can't even use it to protect those close to me," Lelouch said with barely restrained anger.

Lelouch might've done what Hijiri did have his own sister been in danger; however, the young man knew that protecting Arata today wouldn't spare him from the judgment for his involvement in what happened even though it was well beyond his control. "Saving Arata now and sacrificing yourself would be meaningless if anyone realizes that he was the cause of this devastation! So get back here right NOW!"

Lelouch said as he began pulling while trying to use whatever magic he could and do the impossible by stabilizing Hijiri's form.

He had no spell, and for all of his mastery of the Luxuria archive and four Themas, there shouldn't have been anything he could've done.

Magic, however, is irrational by nature.

Lelouch's surging emotions and determination to bring back the young woman as he began pouring his magic into her hand in a desperate effort to save her, but something else was at work that Lelouch didn't know. His eyes beneath the mask began glowing red, and the black wing on his back reappeared, but this time, the wing had grown twice in size. He started pulling on Hijiri's hand, trying to pull the woman back, despite the act not being possible by any means. Yet as the ground began shaking, Hijiri's body began to return as the process that had been disintegrating her was reserving itself before Arata's eyes who continued to watch in stunned silence.

Eventually, Hijiri's entire upper body was restored, soon followed by the rest of her, which allowed Hijiri to realize that Lelouch had arrived on the scene.

How, Hijiri wondered, trying to comprehend how Lelouch was saving her, although, by all accounts that such a feat was impossible, This shouldn't be possible!?

Ignoring the stunned look on Hijiri's face, Lelouch succeeded in bringing Hijiri back as the rest of her had returned, and the young girl was returned to normal.

Lelouch was exhausted from the act, but Hijiri barely had the strength to stand as she stood up to face Lelouch, trying to comprehend how he had saved her. Lelouch's eyes returned to normal while the wing on his back vanished, but not long afterward, Hijiri passed out collapsing into Lelouch's arms as the latter managed to catch her before she hit the ground.

"You…saved her!" Arata said after a long moment of silence, but his mind was having trouble trying to grasp everything that had happened. Understandably it was difficult for him since, until today, he had lived an ordinary life as a high school student.

"Keep her close to you; otherwise, she'll disappear again."

Arata and Lelouch turned their heads to the source of the voice. It belonged to a woman with waist-length green hair, a pale skin complexion with yellow eyes wearing a white T-shirt with a white jacket over it, but the T-shirt had a cartoonish character of the Cheese-kun mascot on it. She also wore blue pants with black shoes.

"Who are you?" Lelouch demanded.

"I am C.C." The young woman said as she provided her own introduction, "I am here to help you, Lelouch vi Britannia, the son of Marianne."

"How do you know that?!" Lelouch snapped as Arata looked at the woman who recognized Lelouch.

"Calm down, I am not your enemy. You'll need my help since you know as well as I do that Britannia will not ignore what happened here, especially the one who indirectly caused all of this." C.C. cautioned as she turned her attention to Arata, who was trying to make sense of everything that was happening. "You need to take that Hijiri girl far away from this place, and I'll look after Arata. Besides, it might be best if I am the one who tells him what had happened here today."

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