Dreams Of Reality

Ok I've had this story rolling around in my head for a whil and it is going to be rather short but it's definately NOT a one-shot. I'm not sure of the rating at the moment so I'm going to start it off on a PG if needed the rating will go up.^_^ Anyways... enough of my babbling...

Chapter 1 - Wishes Do Come True
It had been 16 years, since the rise of crystal Tokyo. it had been 10 years since the last time a certain pink haired princess had seen her love. She may have been only 6 at the time but she was well and truly in love. Rini sighed sadly, staring out at the beautiful fountain in the centre of the gardens. She leaned her elbows on the railing of her balcony, sighing as she looked up to the moon for comfort. The sort of comfort that only it's soft, yet bright, reasuring lights could bring to her lonely, broken heart.

It's not that he had broken her heart... But being away from him for so long without the slightest bit of contact was causing her great distress and it had only grown larger with the passing years.

Lately her loneliness was so evident, that her mother, Neo-Queen Serenity, had even come into her room late in the night, asking her what was wrong...


(Knock, Knock)

"Enter." sighed the sad young lady, brushing her long, healthy, pink hair to silky perfection.

"Honey is something the matter? You don't seem to be your usual self lately..." Asked Neo-Queen Serenity as she crossed the room and stood behind her daughter, gazing at her through the mirror with soft eyes.

"What do you mean mother?" she asked expertly acting confused though inside she was almost crying... It was that noticable!

"Don't act confused!" scolded her mother a little more harshly than she intended. She instantly felt sorry as her daughter dropped the well practised act, and a frown crossed her beautiful features. Bright red eyes, dulled slightly in distress. "I'm sorry honey... I'm just so worried about you... We all are..." she sighed turning her daughter around and hugging her.

"It's nothing mother..."

"It is definately something if it is causing you so much pain." her mother had always had a way of stating the obvious. It could be very annoying sometimes but right now, it showed how much she cared, and how much she worried for her. "Is it a boy?" she asked sadly , pulling back enough to look her daughter in the eye.

A tear leaked from Rini's left eye as she looked at the ground, unable to hold her mother's gaze, and nodded slowly.

"Who is it Rini?"

"Remember in the past... When you sent me back to help defeat that dream snatching woman from the mirror?" Serenity nodded slowly... this had happened MANY years ago, and she never noticed pain in her daughter. This only meant that either Rini's acting skills were dying away or the pain was getting stronger.

"It's just... Ever since we got rid of that woman... I haven't seen hide nor hair of Helios. I miss him so much..." she choked out holding back the tears that threatened to flow out. She would not show such a weakness in front of her mother.

"Oh Rini..." Serenity sighed, hugging her daughter tightly


Yes... now her mother knew her secret. Her love. Her pain. And even with the comforting hugs and comments, nothing could take away the void in her heart. The empty-ness she seemed to feel. Day in, and day out, it never changed. The lonelyness would be there.It would never leave no matter how hard she tried.

The only thing, or person in this case, that could ever heal her sad, lonely and broken heart, is the one person she hadn't seen in 10 long hard years. The one person she would continue to wish for till the day she died.

She took in a deep shaky breath and entered her lavishly decorated room to prepare for bed. She took out her two heart shaped ondangos (She kept the style because it suited her a lot), and brushed her hair to silky perfection as she did every night. She then slipped off her princess dress, and slipped on her silk night gown. It was a pretty pale pink that didn't cling to her body, but it wasn't extremely loose either. It was spaghetti strapped and came down the floor. In all honesty, it looked like a dress had it not been for the fact that a princess would never wear such a thing out of her room, without a robe to cover what it exposed. She pulled on a matching robe and made her way to the bathroom, brushed her teeth, washed her face and went back into her room.

She was about to slip into her large King sized bed when something outside caught her eye. She hastened to her balcony and stared around the garden. Seeing nothing, she brushed it off as her imagination, she turned to leave and as she did, she saw a shooting star I wish I could see you again Helios... If only for a moment... she sighed again. She knew it was foolish to wish upon a shooting star but she would try anything to be with him again... or at least to see him on last time.

Slowly she made her way back into her room and slipped into her bed, hair pooling around her as she cried herself to sleep, silently. Thinking only of the man that stole her heart all those years ago.

~Rini's Dream~

Rini was walking through an ice field. It must have once been a beautiful garden because many flowers and animals had been frozen solid in their places. She crouched down only now noticing that she was in her princess dress and that, for some odd reason, in all this ice and snow, she didn't feel cold in the slighest until she thought about it.

A soft wind from the east picked up, blowing Rini's hair gently as she continued to walk down the silver path. This dream was not like her normal ones... It seemed so real. Like this was another plain of existance. Why was she having this dream? What did it mean?

She was startled out of her thoughts by a sudden, gentle, male voice from behind her, "It's been a while Rini." there was a pause as she froze mid stride and turned to face her addressor, he waited to see the look of shock register before he saw aprehention, "I've missed you so much." he smiled sadly, moving towards her, and when he was close enough, he enveloped her into a big hug.

"I've missed you more... How come you never visit, not even in dreams?" asked Rini as a few tears slid down her cheeks, and she burried her head into crook of his neck and wept freely into his shoulder as he just let her cry in his arms... she needed to get it out of her system.

"I wanted to... Believe me I wanted to. But I was told some things I never want to believe. I was told that by contacting you, I'd not only be placing you in danger, but certain events took place that I do not wish to recall those lies...at least, I hope they were..." he sighed sadly, memorizing the tantalizing smell that was Rini. She felt warm, comfortable, safe, secure, happy... So many wonderful feelings were beginning from just being in his arms.

She hugged him tighter, as if, if she let go, he'd vanish again. He sighed inwardly at the contact. He knew this girl had deep feelings for him which he most willingly returned but what of her status?

After a good 5 minuets, he used his right hand to lift her head, and wipe away her tears gently, kissing the trail they had made on her cheeks. She sighed gently, feeling his lips on her cheeks. He looked deep into her lovely Ruby red eyes and was surprised at what he saw there.


After all these years, she still loved him. He could see the emptyness she was feeling without him and instantly felt a pang in his chest.

Rini staired up into Helios's azurian ice blue eyes ( I'm not sure what they really are so we are going to just pretend that this is right. ^_^), trying to see what he was thinking. But she was quickly lost in them. Drowning in his warm eyes. So caught up in them that she hadn't noticed they were closing off the distance between their faces, until their lips met in an all out, earth shattering, soul seering, absolutely loving kiss, that neither backed down from until they ran out of the vital necessity...


Rini blushed as she looked down, though she never stepped out of his embrace. She wanted to stay in his arms as long as she possibly could. "I. I."

Helios smiled. After all this time she still never lost that childish innosense. A warm smile tugged at his lips as he manuvered his right hand under her chin, and lifted it until their eyes were level. He leaned in and again they were in engaged another kiss, though this was more urgent, needing, wanting... They were pouring their souls into the kiss and they'd be damned if they were going to stop before they had to.

When Rini opened her eyes again, all she could see was Helios. She was so lost in his gaze that she never noticed when the ice around them began to melt away, revealing beautiful flowers of all sorts, animals of everykind, and a magnificent fountain off in the distance began to flow but the water was a mix of colours... Silver, red, purple, blue, white, pink, green, black, yellow, orange... any colour in the rainbow... and none of the colours blended. They just swirled around peacefully.

"Rini I must go. I'm sorry I can't stay longer. But you are to wake up soon." he sighed sadly,

"NO!" Rini wrapped her arms tightly around his waist, tears streaming down her face "Don't go! Please?" the last word came out in a whisper as her shoulders started to shake as she sobbed into the crook of his neck.

He held her in a tight, comforting embrace and rocked gently, "Rini, I have no choice. You're going to wake up..."

"Please..." she sobbed

"Rini I..." he paused when he noticed that the ice was slowly creeping back into their surroundings. He sighed heavilly, and moved to take a step back but she held onto him more. "Rini, I must go. It's not my choice..." when she didn't move back he sighed again, "Rini. Love. Please don't make this any harder than it already is... Please? It's already killing me to do this." when she heard this, she slowly looked up , though tears continued to fall.

"Helios please don't go. I can't live without you. I have for the past ten years and I was dead Helios. I may have been alive physically but I was a robot. A shell. I can't keep up on my own.I need you! I. I. I still love you." she whispered, "I always have, and always will."

Helios was stunned into silence. It wasn't so much the fact that she had said 'I still love you'. He already knew that... it was more so the way she described the way she lived when he wasn't there. "I love you too Rini. I'm so sorry I couldn't be with you for so long." he said sadly, kissing her forehead, "If you let me go now, I promise I'll be back tomorrow night." she looked up at him with hope in her eyes


"Of course!" he smiled kissing her lightly on the lips as she let go slowly, "but even if you didn't let me go, I'd still be back tomorrow night." he laughed at her annoyed expression. The sound of the deep rumble from within his throat made Rini give him a small smile. He gently wiped her tears with his thumb and kissed her again, before his form began to fade... "Good bye..."

"Bye..." she sighed gently noticing the now beautiful garden and the brilliant sun shining down on the many roses, moonlilies, tulips, and wildflowers around the fountain, paths and benchs. She could hear birds in the tall, beautifully unique trees and could see the butterflies fluttering about landing softly on the flowers, fountain, or the green grass only shifting position from their perch when disturbed by the countless rabbits, puppies, kittens, or ponys, lazing and playing about the place.
~End Dream~
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