Dreams of Reality

~#*(LAST TIME)*#~

She quickly but carefully slipped it on, and took a look at herself in the mirrors.

The dress was white, shimmering silver, blue, green, pink and gold, depending on how the light hit it. It had no sleeves what so ever, coming up to show just enough to play with the mind yet not enough to make her seem vulgar. The rim was lined in diamonds and a large crystal crescent moon sat between her breasts glittering many colours, surrounded by more diamonds. The dress was tight all the way down to her mid thigh before it just fell, giving ample room to dance in. The hem of the dress was also lined in small diamonds.

The jewels she had been forced to wear were simple yet elegant. She wore a pearl necklace but the links between the pearls were also diamond. She wore pearl drop earrings that fell from diamond crescents, and beautiful glittering bracelets ran up her white-gloved arms. No rings adorned her fingers.

"You look truly amazing my princess." Smiled Lily as she brought out Rini's formal tiara and carefully slipped it onto her hair.

"Thank you Lily." Smiled Rini as she rose to her feet. A knock on the door signalled the arrival of another servant.

"My Lady, it is time."


Chapter 6 - What Life's All About

"Presenting her Royal Majesty. Princess Chibi Usagi Serenity Moon Chiba." The announcer's voice rang clear across the room, and all eyes turned to the top of stairs as the doors opened and in stepped the vision of beauty that was the Earth/Moon princess.

Rini's eyes swiftly scanned the room for her heart's desire yet she saw him nowhere. Masking her disappointment behind a smile, she gracefully made her way down the stairs. When she reached the bottom, she was bombarded with the hundreds of royal figures that had been invited, each asking her for the first dance of the evening.

She took hold of a random gloved hand and the rest of the disappointed men stepped back to reveal the one prince she had been dreading seeing, "Oh no, not you." She groaned softly as she was lead onto the dance floor.

"You are looking beautiful tonight." The prince flattered shamelessly as he twirled her around.

"Unfortunately I can not return that compliment Prince Malcolm." She glared darkly at the man whom led her through the waltz.

"I deserved that. Princess, I wish to convey my most sincere apologies for my behaviour yesterday. I was in a very sour mood and I was looking for some stress relief. I know it is not much of an excuse but-" The song ended and Rini pulled away, cutting him off,

"You're right, it isn't much of an excuse." She managed before she was whisked away by another suitor. For the next two hours, Rini was unable to rest for even moment as she was forced to dance at least once with each guest there. Sure some weren't all that bad, but where was Helios?

Finally dinner was served and Endymion struck conversation with Rini, whom was sitting on his left, and Serenity, whom was sitting on his right. "How have you enjoyed yourself so far my dear?"

"Do you want the truth or a lie?"

"Am I going to like the truth?"

"Probably not."

"I guess I still want the truth." Endymion said almost uncertainly.

"I think hell would be a nicer place to be right now." She replied almost emotionlessly

"Darling could you try to have fun? Even a little?" asked Neo-Queen Serenity gently, as she gazed over at her daughter. Rini did not answer. She chose to begin eating her dinner instead.

Sighing sadly, Serenity felt the tender, reassuring touch of her husband's hand on hers. Endymion shook his head gently and the Queen dejectedly began to eat her dinner. Though conversations flew around her, Rini remained silent for the rest of the long banquet, not uttering a word or sound to anyone or thing,

When they all returned to dancing and mingling, Rini slipped out onto the balcony and stared up at the night sky. Looking back down and out over the garden she spotted a silver gleam and a golden glint sitting on the crystalline bench by the fountain.

"Beautiful isn't it?" the voice momentarily frightened the poor princess and she almost yelped in surprise.

"Oh. It's only you." She sighed disappointedly, quickly returning her attention to the lone figure out in the garden.

"Princess, I have already offered you my apologies yet you still hate me. Is there anything I can do, that will make you change your mind about me?"

Rini threw a glare over her shoulder as she made for the steps that led into the gardens. "Prince Malcolm. An apology cannot make up for many things, and the depth that you offended me but yesterday is one of those things. Now please leave me be." She bit out the last sentence with anger as she hurried down the steps and into the garden. Malcolm walked to the edge of the balcony and watched as the stunning princess quickly made her way towards the fountain, where he noticed a figure rise up, "Helios! You came!" he heard her exclaim as she rushed into the figure's arms.

Helios smiled lovingly at the pink haired woman trapped in his embrace as he captured her lush pink lips with his own. They remained together in a passionate lip-lock well after the man on the balcony left, and only parted when air became a dire necessity.

"How long have you been out here?" she asked, breathlessly, as she leaned into his loving warmth.

"Not long. I arrived mere moments before you appeared on the balcony." He whispered lightly into her ear before nipping it amorously and trailing delicate kisses down her neck, noticing a glamour charm had been place over the love bites he had left ubiquitously [1] on her bare shoulders.

"Mmmm. Why were you late?" she moaned softly as he began suckling on her shoulder, leaving yet another love bite, though not a strong one.

"Duty called. I had to answer." Mumbled against her silken skin as he made his way back up to her lips and once again took them onto a passionate journey, tongues entangling and duelling for domination.

This little make-out session lasted much longer than the one earlier and they did not part till Helios reluctantly broke away and traced the elegant contours of her face, " I think you need to return to the party before you are missed my love."

"I'm not going back in there without you. Surely you would not make me."

Helios smiled, "Never. Come." He wrapped an arm languidly around her waist and together they returned to the party in the ballroom.

All eyes turned to them as they entered, but Rini ignored them all and made her way to the dance floor with Helios. Together, they danced through many songs ranging from fast energetic ones to slow loving ones. Rini's gaze however never once drifted from Helios's adoring one, at least not until she rested her head contently upon his shoulder.

Finally when both admitted to their feet beginning to hurt, Helios lead her to a small table and sat her down, while he called Queen Minako over, to keep Rini from being harassed by the suitors, and he quickly vanished into the crowd. however not before assuring Rini that he would be back in a few moments.

"Well, well, well. Look who's been naughty." Giggled Mina tapping Rini's shoulder teasingly.

"Oh you're one to talk. Remember, your guest room is right across the hall from my room. You and General- I mean, King Malachite really should learn to keep it down." Rini smirked when Mina blushed beet red.

"uh.. Oops?" the two women's tinkling laughter could be heard very clearly throughout the hall and this made the King and Queen smile before returning to their conversation with the man beside them.

"So you having fun?" asked Mina as Malachite came over and sat beside her.

"Now I am very much so." Smiled Rini dreamily.

"That much is clear princess." Smirked Malachite as he motioned to her neck.

"Oh hush you. My niece is in love! This is wonderful!" giggled Mina, quickly becoming very giddy.

"Oh now look what you've gone and done. You've gotten her all hyped up and excited!" sighed Malachite leaning back in his chair, smirk still present on his lips,

"And I'm sure you'll enjoy wearing her out this eve in your chambers milord." Laughed Rini. Malachite shocked face only proved to make her laugh harder, "Well it's your own fault! You're very loud!" she rose to her feet when she noticed Helios walking back over with two drinks in his hand.

"And who taught you to speak so freely of such personal things?" Malachite cocked an eyebrow

"Oh come off it Mally. I'm not a little child anymore." She giggled as Helios handed her a cup of punch and wrapped an arm around her waist

"I can definitely account for that fact Maiden." He whispered huskily into her ear, sending shivers down her spine. Turning to him she smiled and placed a kiss upon his lips lightly causing many to gasp,

The chiming of the crystal glass rang across the room as the King and Queen rose up to their full regal heights on the platform where the thrones were located, "Good evening our honoured friends. As you all know, this ball was held to find a husband for our beloved daughter Princess Serenity. Well many of you have asked and after watching you all for the entire night, we have decided upon a match that we think will make both parties rather happy." The colour drained from Rini's face as she looked over her parents. They couldn't be serious?! They would not marry her off. If she had to cause a scene she would but she refused to marry anyone but Helios.

"Maiden do not worry. Just listen to everything they have to say before you become frightened or agitated." Smiled Helios

The Queen held out her hand for Rini and the crowds parted for her to make an easy path to the podium. When she was within an arm's reach, the Queen lightly grasped her daughter's and gave it a re-assuring squeeze as Rini stood beside her mother. "Come forth Helios, High Priest of Elision and Pegasus, Guardian of the Dream Realm." The loud commanding voice of Neo- King Endymion rang out in the ballroom and Helios followed Rini's path to the podium stepping up and standing beside the King.

Neo-Queen Serenity lifted her daughters hand with a glowing pride and brought it forward as Neo-King Endymion lift Helios's hand and rested it atop his daughter's one, " Helios, my most loyal friend. Not moments ago you asked for our daughter's hand in marriage." Rini's eyes widened as she realised where this was headed, "And we shall give it to you for we know that not only will you be a fine match," he stopped and the Queen smiled continuing for him,

"But that you will both make each other happy in a long life full of Love." The King and Queen released the newly engaged couple's hands as the silver crystal began to glow brightly. The light engulfed first Rini then Helios. When the people could see them again, Rini no longer wore her formal tiara but one that was almost identical to her mother's and on her finger was an enormous engagement ring while an elegant white cape encrusted with many diamonds encrusted in it, flowing behind. Helios was no longer in his formal high priest robes but was now in a silver suit with an white cape identical to Rini's flowing behind him. On his own head was a Crown similar to Rini's but it was a little larger.

Rini looked down at their joined hands then up into her love's eyes. Helios remained smiling ever so tenderly at her and before the crowd could blink a third time, Rini had flung herself into Helios's arms laughing happily before Helios captured her lips. The women sighed and the many suitor looked disappointed but they were all happy for them none the less.

A loud applause and quite a few whistles were heard followed by laughter and more applause. "The celebrations begin tomorrow but as for now, enjoy the rest of your night and gentlemen. there are many eligible women here tonight. Do not be discouraged." Laughed Neo-Queen Serenity as the orchestra struck up a slow song. Helios and Rini ended their kiss and made their way to the dance floor as did many of the other couples.

"You knew." Smiled Rini as Helios held her close to him, while they moved to the music, "That's why you weren't worried. But when did you have time to ask them?"

"When I went to get the drinks my love. I could not have some pompous suitor take the one person I refuse to share with anyone." He smiled as she gave him a soft, contented sigh and lay her head against his chest.

"I love you." Her breath gently tickled the side of his neck and Helios stifled a groan

"And I love you too Maiden." He felt her lashes brush his jaw as she closed her eyes in pure bliss. This was what life was all about. love.

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[1] Yes this is an actual word. It means everywhere