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Next is a few warnings:
Mentions of:
-Past Torture
-Past Killing
-Human Expearimentation(Past)



October 24, 1983: Aoki Nanao and Ichi are born
May 4th, 1997: Nanao and Ichi join a Yakuza group called the Ken to Tate
October 3, 1997: Nanao and Ichi activate their Dying Will Flames
November 10, 1999: Kitani Narumi dies, followed by Ichi, Toyoshige, Haranoubu, Shigeko, and Naoki(whose flames tear them apart.)
December 14, 1999:Nana Ryusaki forms from Nanao.
February 5, 2000: Nana meets Iemitsu.
June 2nd, 2000: Sky Radiation* has caused Nana to agree to marry Iemitsu
October 14, 2003: Tsunayuki is born
November 3rd, 2008: Yuki awakens her flames and is sealed.
December 9, 2010: Yakuza time begins.
Februry 29th, 2011: Nanao escape from the sky radiation.
July 12, 2012: Tsuna meets Ryohei.
June 16, 2014: Tsuna and Ryohei escape, as well as Yuki breaks the seal, and Ryohei awakens his sun flames.
June 15, 2017: Reborn arrives and gets his world flipped.
This is all the background that will effect the story on the Sawada side.
December 24, 2011: Ryohei goes missing, and Kyoko tries to get her parents to search.
March 11, 2012: Kyoko is sick and tired of her parents' lies, and awakens her sky flames.
June 1, 2012: Starts going to Yakuza groups to find Ryohei.
January 20, 2013: After several tests over the past seven months, she proved her worth to the Kitamura Familigia**
June 16, 2014: While investigating the Niwo no Hebi, she comes across a fight between two masked assassins and the Yoasobi. Realizes its Ryohei, leading to his escape.
August 8, 2014: Negotiates a brief break until she reaches university age, when she will rejoin.

Thats all the important bits for Kyoko! Note, Hana is not included due to me getting sick and tired of hanging up more papers with information.

*- Sky Radiation is when a sky that has no guardians is in close quarters with a element that has lost their sky for an extended period of time. It leads to a net of Sky flame tendrils that weave over the flames of the element that trap thier wills, and depending on the type, can cause some bad problems. As Nanao is a mist, he became lost in her perfect world. The elements cannot get out off the "net" without great emotional upheaval.

**-the Kitamura Familigia is a mafia familigia that is only three generations old. The big part is that they pass on in a merit-based line, not a blood based. The choices are put through a test and have to meet certain requirements(like at least three elements). This leads to some interesting reigns...

I hope that you enjoy this, and that it makes Nana more interesting. I figured that Nana would be where Tsunayuki got her skill for hand to hand combat! Let me know what you think!