Imagine living beneath the waves with a strong-sighted blessing of most excellent fabric. Holding the fabric over your gills, you would begin to breathe-drink its warp and weft. Though the plantmatter fibers imbue your soul, the wretched plankton would pollute the cloth until it stank to heavens of prophecy. This is one manner in which the Scrolls first came to pass, but are we the sea, or the breather, or the fabric? Or are we the breath itself?

- Septimus Signus, Rumination on the Elder Scrolls.

The Last Dragonborn

Volume 1: The Elder Scroll

"Its gotta be somewhere… around here" spoke a young twelve year old. Hair as bright as the morning sun, eyes of ocean blue, symmetrical three stripped whiskers on his cheek, and a ridiculous orange jumpsuit that seemed to illuminate within the darkness of the sewers beneath the surface. This boy was Naruto Uzumaki, newly graduated Shinobi of Konohagakure.

With a hand running across the many rusted pipes, an old tattered journal on his other, and a flashlight between his lips; he continued to trail across the moist brick walls. Shortly after the dubbed, Bell Test, Naruto had gone to the library. Surprising, as the Dead Last of the academy would rather celebrate his official rank as Genin at the Ichiraku Ramen Stand than ever pick up a book.

Truth be told, the clash against his new Jonin Instructor Kakashi only succeeded in making him realize just how weak he was compared to him. If he were to face opponents as strong if not stronger than Kakashi, then he'd have to be fully prepared both physically and mentally; otherwise his team would add Dead Weight to his title.

While he had originally gone to study and learn a new jutsu or two, he quickly became sidetracked when he discovered an old journal hidden within the History section. The notebook contained a worn map and detailed of an ancient tomb hidden beneath the village. In theory, based on what little was translated, a sacred treasure was said to be locked within the crypt. Unfortunately, all attempts to open said crypt was met with failure.

According to entry, excavation was seized to a halt when a breach attempt threatened to collapse the cave's interior. Meaning the door was never opened, preserving whatever treasure there was inside, treasure that had caught Naruto's attention.

"Damn, this is fifth time I've gone back and forth, is there something I'm missing?" spoke Naruto.

He leaned against a wall bearing three long pipes, only to find himself on the floor when one of said pipes snapped out of place. A section of the brick wall pushed itself in and slid to the left, revealing a long stairwell leading deeper underground. Naruto grinned and picked himself up, eager to continue down the trail he discovered.

To his dismay, it was pitch black, the only source of light came from his flashlight and the only sound that echoed throughout down the hole came from his footsteps. Eventually coming to the end of his descent, Naruto followed the path which brought him towards a crumbling stone bridge. Taking a single step, led to a series of hay needles to ignite in blue flames across the bridge. With the light that illuminating flames, Naruto was able catch sight of a closed double door at the end of the bridge.

"Looks like this is it" said Naruto.

The door itself seemed to be made of a dense black metal of sorts, strange symbols were engraved upon it, and many of the drawings depicted dragons. Bizarre but, interesting nonetheless. Naruto reviewed the journal, there was no key and the door was strong enough to tank explosions. Maybe the excavators were going about it the wrong way, something was clearly missing.

Naruto looked around but, couldn't find anything that could give a clue to opening the doors. He gave a sigh and sat down in front of the door, a hand on his chin and one on the ground. The Genin leaned in close to further examine the door but, was interrupted when a sharp pain surged from his hand.

"What the hell!?" looking down, a blade had pierced through his hand and was now spilling blood into a drain. The blade retracted and Naruto stood up, clutching his bleeding wound. The ground began to shake and the symbols began to glow an ominous blue, the sound of turning gears echoed as the doors slowly opened.


He had done it, Naruto had done what other previously could not, open the ebony door. Looking at his palm, he needed medical attention but, couldn't just leave, not after coming this far. Instead he took the old map and wrapped it around his hand as a makeshift dressing.

With his wound taken care of, Naruto crept inside the tomb to discover a single stone coffin inside. The interior was lined with the same mysterious text and images engraved on the door. Out of all the symbols, only three stood out, each burning in a multi-colored aura. In an instant, Naruto's vision began to blur as these symbols seemingly engraved themselves into his being.

Force… Balance… Push…

Stumbling forward and clutching onto the coffin's lid, Naruto kneeled before it, his face dripping with sweat and his breath heavy and ragged. Force, Balance, Push. These words continued boom within his inner being, all he could hear were those three words. Naruto began to tremble as these words became louder and louder, as if they had minds of their own, these words continued to bang against their prison.

Force… Balance… Push...

These words possessed power, destructive yet restrained, these words wanted to be heard, they needed to be heard, they would be heard! Like aged dams are prone to be, Naruto failed to contain the building pressure and exploded.


Naruto's back arched as he unleashed a powerful shockwave from his lips. What echoed throughout the cavern, sewers, and surface could only be described as a primordial thunderstorm. Civilians and Shinobi froze at the audible 'boom' and quickly began to scatter in a panicked frenzy as an earthquake shook the entire village. Chunks of rock and stalactite fell as the cave collapsed in on itself, Naruto crawled towards the gate but was quickly trapped in as the rocks continued to pile up. The quake lasted for another three minutes before finally subsiding, the blonde Genin coughed and gagged, waving his hands to clear the debris; completely unaware that his outburst had blown the stone casket open and of the bony figure that had risen from its resting place.

"Oh no, no, no, no, no, no…" panicked Naruto, struggling to pry off the piled rocks.

"I can't die yet… not until I… become Hokage!"

Taking a step back, he prepared a dual-fingered cross sign but stopped when a clattering sound echoed behind him. Naruto turned slowly to see a skeleton standing before him, the blonde backed himself against the stone barricade, as the living bones advanced towards him. The skeleton itself wore a tattered albeit regal attire beneath a rusted armor. Mere inches away from the blonde, the skeleton began to closely inspect the trembling Genin.

Naruto for his part, attempted to look away but the skeleton's lifeless skull kept appearing in his line of sight. After what appeared as an eternity, the skeleton reached inside its chest piece and presented the blonde with a scroll.

It was beautiful to say the least, a foot long golden scroll that radiated in a gentle starlight glow. The scroll held a royal design, bearing jeweled crowns at each end with extended into spiraling scepter like diamond tipped points and at its center, rested a star.

Naruto was in a trance, the allure of the artifact had him unconsciously reach out to grab the scroll. Taking the golden treasure with both hands, Naruto was snapped back into reality as the armored skeleton held his hands in place.

"Faal Sos Dovah Lost Alok Ko Hi… "

Naruto's body refused to move, whatever language the skeleton was speaking presented strength and authority, all the while demanding respect. What was more confusing was that Naruto could understand it. Blood of dragons? What?

"Haalvut Dii Suleyk Do Kruziik… Gaar Hin Thu'um… Fin Lein Fen Motaad Wah Hin Zul…"

The skeleton began to glow a soft amber, its bones soon began to peel the rising aura in a flake-like fashion.

"Bo Zeim Jul Ahrk Kotin Faal Suleyksejun Do Zoor! Meyz Aan Dovahkiin!"

The aura surrounding the skeleton erupted into flames, which both surprised and forced Naruto to shut his eyes as the now blinding aura was absorbed into his being. Like the words that were chiseled into his memory, knowledge unknown to him had been ingrained into his brain. Naruto gasped for air, he couldn't believe it; Dragons were real.

"Un Sil Nu Praan Voth Hi, Dii Lot Kiir…"

Naruto gazed at the skeleton, shocked at the revelation, "Y-You're my-" the skeleton then collapsed into a pile of bones and dislocated armor, "-Grandpa" whispered Naruto.

The Genin spent the next five minutes placing his grandfather's remains back into his resting place before taking a seat on the floor with his back against the stone coffin. What now? Naruto continued to ask himself. Trapped underneath cave-in, alongside a deceased relative, with a plethora of unanswered questions. His gaze went to the golden scroll in his grasp. With nothing left to lose, he opened the artifact.

The effects were immediate; printed runes, markers, maps, unknown text, and languages exploded in a green flash. Naruto clutched the scroll as he suddenly fell through the ground, shattering the world around him as he continued to sink into endless astral plane.

"What is this place?" he asked himself.

A sea of stars illuminated the red, blue, and green dust clouds that surrounded the abyss, a never ending horizon spawned countless galaxies and nebula; strange texts would appear and disappear into the background. Naruto reached out to touch a stream of glittering dust; smiling at the warm and ticklish feeling that passed through his palm. Suddenly, the scroll emitted a pulse that pushed away the clouds and tore open rifts across the ever expanding universe. Acting as a windows to the outside world, Naruto was able to catch a glimpse of multiple historical events. Two of which included the foundation of Konohagakure and the epic clash between its founders; Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha.

The boy's attention was then whisked away from the rift as a thunderous roar beaconed at its source. Naruto could only stare in utter shock and disbelief as a black scaled Dragon advanced towards him. Curved horns crowned its head and bony spikes sprouted out its back and down its spear tipped tail, and a pair of claw-like wings and talons.

The rage-filled expression that donned its fang baring snout was directed entirely on the blonde Genin. Naruto himself paled as steam escaped the Dragons lips, he watched helplessly as its jaws opened and flames vented out its throat.


As the river of flames approached, Naruto braced himself for a world of searing pain, the scroll once again unleashed a pulse which tore open more rifts across the dimensional plane. With the flames obscuring the Dragons vision, it was unable to see the rift that opened within its path and ended up crossing the bridge between dimensions into the outside world. Naruto cracked an eye open to see the rift implode and disappear.

A sigh of relief was cut short as a bright light illuminated brightly behind the whiskered blonde, turning half way to see that a second rift had opened in close proximity. With no time to react, the veil that kept dimensions apart shattered in a burst of glass as Naruto entered the rift and landed face first on the cold ground of a snowy mountain top.

His body shivering against the sub zero temperature, Naruto wiped the snow off his face and quickly stood up with his hands clutching his sides while his lips releasing a visible puff with each breath. The whiskered blonde was glad be wearing his orange jumpsuit, it provided some form of warmth, though it wouldn't do much against a blizzard.

He had to find a way off the mountain lest he be consumed by hypothermia and its sinister cousin frostbite. As Naruto approached the ledge, he was quickly entranced by the scenery displayed before him. Aurora, as far as the eye could see, brightly illuminated the sky in a ocean of colors. A large red moon accompanied by a smaller grey moon and a multitude of star constellations.

"Beautiful…" was all the boy could muster.

It was then that he noticed a peculiar wall built near the edge of the cliff, he approached the wall and was met with a familiar sight of encrypted text. Written in an unknown language that he could not understand meer moments ago, could now be read as easily as basic literature.

"This stone commemorates the child king Jafnhar who was burned alive by the fire of the Great Dragon Lodunost"

Once the verse was spoken, a single word from the translated text began to burn in a multi-colored aura. A repeat of the past, the symbol shot from the wall, allowing itself to be absorbed and permanently embedded into Naruto's memory. In a sudden turn of events, the cold air around him wasn't so cold and the frozen winds didn't bother him in the least. A warmth began to heat up in his chest, which began building pressure up and towards his neck. His throat hollowed in an amber glow and was clutched by Naruto's hand as the warmth evolved into a scorching heat.

Naruto knew what he had to do, it was all in his memory, this 'word of power' had become active and was begging to be released. Throwing his head back, staring into the night sky, he did just that.


Accompanied by the shout was an enormous fireball that shot from Naruto's mouth. It traveled high before dispersing into thin air. Naruto gasped for air, his mouth was on fire; figuratively, and his face drenched in sweat.

"That was intense…(huff) not as bad as the first time… (huff)(huff) is this gonna happen every time I learn a word?" he asked himself.

Before he could catch his second wind, a sudden gust slammed onto his position. Naruto could feel the winds picking up in sudden bursts of pressure, he could see the snow beneath him being pushed away in retreating clouds along with a growing shadow.

"DOVAHKIIN!" cracked a voice, sending tremors across the land.

Naruto looked up and backed up in panic as a second Dragon descended from the sky, perching itself on top of the Word Wall. The Genin tripped and fell on his back, as the Dragon extended its neck for a closer inspection. Unlike the his first encounter, this Dragon possessed light-tan scales, boney spikes sprouting beneath its jaw as well as its back. Its possessed similar a similar spear-tipped tail, talons, and wings; albeit shredded from the down up.

The Dragon closed the gap between the two, up close the Dragon could smell the air around the boy, see the power of its race coursing through his veins, witnessed him shout in the ancient tongue. The boy was undoubtedly, a Dragonborn.

"Goraan Dovah! Do not fear child"

"Y-Y-You can talk!?"

"Geh! Just as you walk, just as you breath Goraan Dovah!"

"Y-You're not going to eat me?"

"Nid! I will not devour the descendant of the previous Dovahkiin!"

Naruto picked himself off the ground, not completely trusting the Dragon as the first nearly roasted him alive. However, the term 'descendant' perked his interest.

"You knew my grandfather!?"

"Geh! Aan Suleykaar Dovahkiin Rok Lost! Saved our world from a great cataclysm Daar Rok Drey! Proud I am, to call him Dovah!"

Naruto beamed, while the info was limited it was great knowing that his grandfather was a highly respected hero back in his prime. Then his mind clicked.

"Dragonborn, I keep hearing that word a lot, even with this knowledge it's still hazy-" he gazed intently at the dragon, "-just, what IS a Dragonborn?" he asked.

"Dovahkiin! A great and powerful warrior, a mortal body of flesh with the blood and soul of a Dovah! Rare individuals they are, far rarer for more than one to exist at once, Daar Muz able to naturally learn and speak the ancient tongue of Dov, Thu'um"

"Dovahkiin were even capable of absorbing the souls of fallen Dovah, further increasing their intellect and granting them access to many words of power"

Naruto gasped, it all made sense now. His grandfather's tomb only opened after his blood was offered. His own corpse passed his knowledge and remaining strength onto him knowing only a Dragonborn could open the gates and claim his power. For what purpose, he did not know.

"You carry the soul of your grandfather, Fin Vod Dovahkiin! You are the same yet vastly different, your scent is not of this world-"

"Not of this wor- THIS ISN'T MY PLANET!? Kami, where the hell did that scroll take me?"


Naruto frantically looked around and spotted the golden scroll buried half beneath a pile of snow, upon retrieving it did the Dragon begun placing the pieces together.

"An Elder Scroll, it is no wonder you were able to cross Suleyksejun Ko Lein! The realm between dimensions"

Naruto looked at the Dragon with a curious gaze, "Elder Scroll?" he asked. Expecting an answer, the Dragon provided.

"Primordial artifacts, their origins unknown to all and their quantity vary, it is said to contain records of events both past and future, Ginun Ahrk Tiid bend the very fabric of space and time, archive limitless forms of magic! Its possibilities are endless"

Staring at awe in at the scroll in hand, Naruto could not believe such a powerful tool existed, but wait…

"What's the catch? Something this powerful can't seriously be used without drawbacks"

The Dragon gave a light chuckle, "Fax Hi Los! Very clever you are Goraan Dovah! Folov an Elder Scroll can not be read without a severe price! Madness, blindness, even death"

Naruto grimaced, while incredibly useful, the risks were far too great to be used. This revelation only added to the question pile, he read the scroll; sort of, yet retained his sight and sanity. He promptly asked this very question.

"Droz Dumed! Effects vary with knowledge, without intellect one can only see etchings and runes unknown! Higher knowledge grants insight at great risk! Dovah Los Ni Sahlonu we are neither immune to its power! Dovahkiin benefit greater than those without Dovah Sos! Temporary blindness appears to be the only known effect recorded by previous Dovahkiin"

"By how long?"

"Sed Jazbaar! Three minutes is the most common record amongst Dovahkiin, however others have experienced longer due to constant exposure to the scroll, enduring hours to days without their sight"

The Dragon rose its head back, giving the blonde a stern look, "Dovahkiin! Do you wish to use the scroll for personal gain?" it asked.

"I'm afraid I don't really have much of a choice, this isn't my world, until more options present themselves, this scroll may be my only way home"

"Buruk! A problem that may pose! It is true, the Elder Scroll is a key to interdimensional travel but navigating the realm between dimensions is no easy feat! Once inside you are not just presented with an infinite worlds but, infinite timelines as well, you can end up anywhere at anytime with very limited control! Sujir! Not surprising if your grandfather entered your world by complete accident"

Naruto appeared crestfallen, "So that's it then, first I'm trapped in a tomb now I'm stranded on a different dimension with my one-way out being a near impossible gamble… fuck my life" he said, taking a seat on a frozen rock.

"Tell me Goraan Dovah, is it better to be born a prodigy or to overcome obstacles through great effort"

Naruto looked at the dragon with a confused expression, obviously the second, he would know as he had personal experience in that field; even passing the lesson onto his underling Konohamaru.

"What you desire, Vokorasaal! Impossible as it appears it be, can be overcome- through hard work and determination, heh, that's a pretty accurate description of me" finished Naruto.

The Genin then recalled every obstacle he ever had to overcome. Surviving as an unwanted orphan, the hatred of the villagers, his multiple failures at the academy, the graduation and bell tests. This was no different.

"I've bled, sweat, and cried for less, if I am to stay in this world then I wish to learn what it has to offer… so , as a kid with nowhere and no one to got to, can you please teach me the way of the Thunder Voice, Thu'um" he asked.

"You wish to further your skill and knowledge of the ancient arts of Dovah?"

Naruto gave the Dragon a fiery look of determination, answering 'yes' to the given question.

"The path to intellect is rigid and treacherous, paved without shortcuts, it is for those who truly seek to master the Thu'um, are you still willing to trek this route?"

"Yes!" answered Naruto, without hesitation.

The Dragon eyed the boy intently, there was no lie he could see past and the pre-teen spoke truthfully. It arched it head back and released a roar that echoed for miles, Naruto stood his ground albeit more nervous.

"Very well, I shall teach you the ways of Thu'um! Tell me Goraan Dovah, what is thy name?"

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki, Genin of Konohagakure!"

"I am Paarthurnax! Grandmaster of High Hrothgar shall train you!" the now named Paarthurnax declared/shouted.

"Thank you, Sensei!"

The aged Dragon gave the boy a confused look at the unfamiliar term his student used, when asked, it was simply another way of calling him his Teacher. Accepting this, the age-long Dragon allowed the boy to ask another question.

"You said you were a Grandmaster yes? Have others come here to train as well?"

"I have taught the Way of the Voice for centuries and the Thu'um since long before, it has been long since a one has traveled here to train, your Grandfather being the most recent in the last hundred years"

"So there isn't anyone else?"

"To harness the power of Thu'um requires years of practice, study, and meditation, the Greybeards of High Hrothgar are masters of the ancient tongue, they see me as their Master! Wuth Orik! Old and wise! I meditate on the Kofumlaag! The words of Power! I counsel in their use"

"Greybeards, huh? Wait? You meditate on words?"

"Knowing a Word of Power is to take its meaning into yourself! Contemplate the meaning of a Rotmulaag! You will become closer to that Word, as it fills your inner self! Tell me Dovahkiin, what Word calls to you for deeper understanding?" asked the Elder Dragon.

Naruto pondered, he knew a total of four words however only two stood out, Fus and Yol. One a cataclysmic thunderclap that established dominance over anything else, the other a raging inferno of unimaginable destruction that removed any and all that dared cross its path. Naruto, he could feel it, the fire burning strong within his very being, providing warmth against the freezing winds and strength to survive the harshest environments.

He gazed up at his new Master and answered, "Yol!" Dragon gave a light chuckle in response.

"In your tongue, the Word simply means 'Fire', it is change given form! Power at its most primal! That is the true meaning of Yol, Suleyk! Power, you have it, as do all Dov, but power is inert without action and choice-"

Naruto took a seat before the Dragon in a cross-legged position, attempting to clear his mind and allowing his Sensei's words sink in.

"-think of this as the fire builds in your Su'um, in your breath! Su'um Ahrk Morah! What will you burn? What will you spare?"

Paarthurnax raised his head to the sky a roared, "STRUN BAH QO!" breaking Naruto's concentration, looking up at his reptilian Sensei in confusion.

Suddenly, the chilled breeze became a raging tundra, clouds formed dropping heavy downpour and hail, and the cherry on top, bolts of lightning began to crash around the mountain.

"Survive, Dovahkiin!"

Spreading his wings, Paarthurnax took to the sky, leaving his student to freeze. Naruto remained at his position, shivering as frost began to spread across his body and bracing himself whenever lightning struck close to home.

"Tsk, he expects me to survive in the middle of all this, if I don't get struck I'll end up freezing to death… I can barely feel my hands…" he muttered.

Faced with no other option, Naruto once again attempted to meditate. The risk was dangerously high with three paths to death: electrocution, hyperthermia, and gravity. Their was a slim chance he would survive a direct hit from a bolt of lightning, attempting to climb down the mountain with very limited vision would result in his imminent death. However, the Genin would have a 100% death rate if he failed to reheat his body.

"C'mon… I can do this… just gotta ignore everything... focus on the flames…" he shuddered.

The scorching warmth he felt before had dwindled down to a soft ember, yet little by little was it beginning to grow. Naruto could feel the flames boiling within him, the warmth was returning but, not enough to counter the cold, he needed more. He was reaching his limit, the frost had nearly encased him, his eyes were bloodshot and was becoming more pale as time went on.

Eventually, steam began to sizzle its way through his frozen skin, defrosting the forming ice, melting the snow around him, and evaporating the falling hail. Naruto stood up, braking the remaining ice on his body as it radiated in a fiery aura. He glanced up at the continuing thunderstorm, took in as much oxygen as his lungs allowed him to, and shouted towards the heavens.


Launching an oversized firebomb into the eye of the storm, colliding with a stray lightning bolt causing an explosion powerful enough to part the clouds. Naruto dropped to his knees, all the air he took in was immediately flushed out, suffocating to the lack thereof. To his dismay, the clouds began to reform and the storm to continue within a brief moment.


A deafening crack followed a blinding flash as a lightning bolt struck home. Naruto screamed at the top of his lungs as millions of volts were discharged into his being. The boy collapsed, his body in spasms, his clothes charred, and his consciousness fading once more.

'What just happened!? I-I got hit! Am I dead!? No…so much pain!'

His vision cleared, staring up into the eye of the storm, lightning continued to rain uncontrollably onto the ground below. Naruto began to think about a rumor he heard once, lightning never struck the same place twice, if true then he should be safe from any more bolts; then again, it was a raging thunderstorm conjured via dragon magic. He couldn't run, he couldn't hide, maybe… he could fight.

'It worked the first time… I can shoot another fireball into the eye and part the clouds, it'll give me a small window to recover… its all I can do'

Unable to move due to the conductive plasma short-circuiting his nerves, Naruto closed his eyes and began to concentrate. Blood began to boil and a fire flared into existence, opening his mouth the flames sparked and radiated with unbearable heat. Using the gusts of wind to his advantage, Naruto took in deep breaths in attempt to drawn in oxygen to fuel the growing fire. This worked all too well as the direction of the winds created a funnel effect, the rotating winds caused the flames to rise and swirl into a spinning fireball. The rotation allowed the winds to contain the building pressure with a soft shell while systematically fueling the fire alongside its caster.

Eventually all Naruto could see was a spinning sea of fire, the size of the orb had eclipsed him and was continuing to grow. He had reached his limit and the rest of his strength was focused on containing the orb of destruction. All he had to do, was let go.

'All or nothing… YOL!"

The orb traveled at an average speed, eventually making its way through the eye of the storm and into the clouds. Many bolts clapped and roared, eventually the fire met lightning and in a blinding light an explosion was left in its wake. Across the land, its inhabitants looked towards the Throat of the World, gaping at the spectacle that illuminated the night skies.

"Ow~" groaned Naruto, his ears ringing, his vision disoriented, and his body embedded into the mountain. Even with his head spinning, Naruto could catch the double vision of the reforming clouds.

"Well… that didn't last too fucking long…" he groaned, as the storm continued once more.


The rain slowed to a halt, the harsh winds reduced to a gentle breeze, thunder and lightning dispersed, and the clouds parted; allowing the moonlight to spread across the land. Naruto gaped and he shot up into a seating position. Who? What? How? He turned to see four elders dawning hooded robes and lost his balance when his Sensei landed before him.

"Pogaan Werid, Dovahkiin! Your flames burn brighter, fierce, like a Dovah! Your lesson does not end with the mastery of Yol, still there remains two words of power, each required for complete mastery of the Fire Breath!"

Naruto gave a tired smile and promptly fell back into the ground, he had survived lesson one and pondered what other life-threatening objectives his Sensei would put him through.

"It is a great honor to meet you Dragonborn, my name is Arneigr, these are masters Borri, Einarth, and Wulfgar; we are the Greybeards"

"T-The honors mine… I'd shake your h-hands but… I'm having a bit of trouble standing up"

Paarthurnax and Arneigr gave a hearty chuckle while the remaining Greybeards smiled at the familiar sight. Solaire went through same trail, though his method of survival differed it ended in a similar manner, his body broken and embedded in rock.

Encircling around the downed Genin, the elders encased him in a bright veil of swirling light. Naruto gasped at the warmth that was enveloping him, the burns and bruises he had earned from the lightning and hail were gradually fading. Once the lights ceased, Naruto was able to pull himself out of his self imprinted crater.

"Whoa… that was amazing, what was that?"

"A simple restoration spell"

"Spell? You mean like magic?"

"Indeed, magic given form and fueled by an innate spiritual energy that resides within us all, Magicka… does your world not contain this form of energy?" asked Arneigr.

"Guess Sensei filled you in about my… origins, no my world doesn't have Magicka, at least not that I know of, where I'm from we use something called Chakra, it's a mixture of physical and spiritual energy that allow us to perform Jutsu"

"Interesting, there is plenty more to share I'm sure, but I believe after an intense night of training, one deserves rest before continuing with their lessons"

Naruto gave a sigh of relief, his injuries may have recovered but, not his fatigue. It was only after the Greybeards led him down the mountain that he came to a mind-shattering realization.


Next Volume: Dragon's Soul

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