This is my new attempt at writing a fanfiction. Please tell me if I've got any of the facts wrong, or when I need to correct something. All suggestions are welcomed!

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Howl of the Frostwolves:

Chapter One - Durotan's Struggle.

Upon the sickly dark green blight-ground, the snow fell. In a matter of minute, snow filed the small hill, overlooking the huge northern white wolves of Draenor, the chosen mounts of the ancient Frostwolf clan.

Wind blew against the old, yet powerful green-skin, as he approached the small hill. Orc was dressed in white wolf fur, much of his features hidden behind the cloth of the shamans, yet his eyes, his brown eyes were revealed. His face was wrinkled even more then usual, as he walked against the wind and the snow. The thoughts of the Orc were somewhere far away.

But what matter did he ponder? The weather? Or his personal life?

If one looked on his face, then he will see an old sage, yet with an imposing muscular structure even for an Orc. His face wrinkled even more, as he stopped.

*Is he mad?! Why was he doing this to his. no, wait, our people? Am I the only one who sees the demonic corruptions of the clans? Well thank nature for saving us from the insanity!*

*And what about Ner'zhul? At least he is somehow mentally stable, but then again - he also does nothing against the demonic corruption.*

Suddenly, the old Orc realized it all.

"Gul'dan only wants power for himself, and encourages demonic corruption" - the shaman spoke out clearly - "while Ner'zhul wants power for the Orc race, no matter the means, and ignores demonic influences. But that would mean..."

And he became quiet, finishing the sentence in his thoughts.

*...that neither one is competent! They will only bring doom to us all. But is there any other option? Either I join Gul'dan, and risk loosing the lives of my people to his dreams of power, either I join Ner'zhul, and risk to lose my people to the corruption, either I-*

His trail of thought was broken, as a young Orc on a large grey wolf appeared. He was carrying a parchment and a flag of Gul'dan. The old Shaman prepared to defend himself, reaching for his sword.

"Stop, oh Durotan of Frostwolves!" - cried out the younger Orc - "I bring the message from the great Gul'dan!"

Durotan stopped his arm, and nodded to the messenger.

*If Gul'dan is great at anything, then that's insanity.*

"A portal to another world has been built on Hellfire Peninsula!" - wolf- rider finally confronted Durotan - "Gul'dan wants to lead our people to that world."

"Carry on" - the shaman nodded again.

*Oh no! Gul'dan wants to conquer another world! He wants to give new lands to his chaos as well! He must be stopped... And how did he build a portal? Hmmm... Probably his demonic patrons did that task for him.*

"He has chosen several clans to be sent to take the world for us, and your clan is amongst them!" - Gul'dan's messanger continued.

"What?!" - Durotan bursted out - "Excuse me. Please continue".

*Why did Gul'dan choose his clan as well? There was something wrong about this... Nevertheless, that does give us chance to try and save the new world, if of course Gul'dan allows my clan to pass through.*

"You are to be given safe passage to the new world. You better prepare for the journey immediately, for the scouts are to be sent through the portal today, and after they return, the main invasion is to be commenced" - spat out the wolf-rider rather quickly.

"Very well" - the chieftain of the Frostwolves smirked - "I will get the clan ready. Farewell!"

"Farewell!" - replied the messanger with much emotion.

*Maybe there is another option...*

With that thought, Durotan, the Chieftain of the Frostwolves walked back to the camp, slowly as always, yet bent on stopping Gul'dan.

*Maybe my people still have a chance...*