I'm doing this one because no one else has yet. You're welcome. By the way, I won't pretend to know everything about Gate, the reason being that; while I did watch every episode, I believe the version I watched cut out certain scenes for some reason, so if something seems off, just let me know.

Tirus felt sweat cake his forehead. It was a hot day today. His helmet didn't do him any favors, it was almost like an ocean of sweat was pooling in his brown hair. He was at least thankful that the Empires regulation helmets were all open face, so it wasn't absolutely blistering. Alnus hill has never really been this hot before. His five foot long black tower shield shone in the light. His black breastplate was also stifling, and he had to repress the urge to strip down to his undergarments. If he wasn't surrounded by thousands of his comrades he may as well have.

Alnus hill itself was home to what was known as the Gate. A magical passageway that lead to other worlds. Rumor reached the emperor that it was to open itself soon, and as soon as it did, they were all going to charge in, and kill or enslave every living being they could find. If the other civilization on the other side didn't expect it to be coming, then they might be able to get this war done with soon. He had a girl to marry, he couldn't waste time conquering nations, and there were more important things in life.

He sat down, and looked out over Alnus hill, seeing grassy fields stretch out for seemingly miles before they were stopped by a thick forest. The trees in that forest had broad green leaves that were perfect for shade; the soldiers of the empire received no such thing here. Sure, they had tents, but Tirus couldn't leave his post until he was given the order to. The Gate could open at literally any moment now. Meaning that he most likely wasn't going to be leaving his post until nightfall.

He heard the clinking of training soldiers in full combat gear behind him, and a few officers shouting out formations and other such orders. He waited there for hours, or at least what felt like hours, before he heard a bellowing shout from the other side of camp.

"The Gate has opened! Shield formation now! Advance when formed!" One of his superiors yelled.

The man had gray eyes with the same color of short hair, and deep crows feet. A long beard hung down almost to his chest, and a large mace was tied to his belt. A flag bearing the empires mark was in his hand, the asterisk like symbol flowing through the wind.

It was time to fight, and then marry the girl he loved afterwards. Maybe he could bring back a souvenir from the other world? Maybe not, he wouldn't waste time trying for trinkets, all he wanted was to be by her side. He grabbed his tower shield, and found his squad mates. Their officer lined them up in a block formation, with Tirus being near the back. The men in front locked their shields together, and marched forwards.

A massive line of similarly formed squadrons were laid out like a line in front of the gate. They all waited for a moment, and then the squad in front of Tirus' began to proceed, with them following in tow. The cavalry unit and dragon riders were all behind them, ready to spread out and assist the main force if necessary.

Tirus would never ride one of those things. Everyone in his unit constantly corrected him about the dragons that the other soldiers rode, saying they were wyverns or something. For all Tirus cared, a large lizard with wings is a dragon. He didn't care how many legs it had.

He continued to muse about the subtle differences between large winged lizards, when he noticed that they had just passed through the entrance to the gate. The front of the gate itself was shaped like the entrance to a mausoleum, with a square body and triangular roof. Several turquoise gems glowed in between the marble pillars beside the entrance, along with a single well cut one directly above the entrance.

Tirus felt no different after stepping through the gateway, but he noticed that he and the other units of his squad were bathed in the same turquoise glow that the gems were producing. Another thing that threw him off and made him consider turning tail was the fact that the entire hallway leading up to the other end of the corridor was just pitch black. The walls, ceiling, and floor were completely black, as if they were made of solid obsidian.

They continued to march along, until Tirus could spy what looked like the other end coming into view. That also made him uncomfortable, for all he could see from the other entrance was the color red. Blood red.

"Delilah if I die, know it was for doing something stupid." Tirus muttered silently to himself.

Suddenly, the unit in front of them stopped, when they were a few feet from the hallway. He had heard a theory once about the Gate that it could lead to any world. If that were true, wouldn't that mean that it could go to a world where humans were the size of mountains? Maybe that's why they stopped. There wasn't enough room for them to continue through the entrance.

Suddenly Tirus' eyes widened as he heard a shout.

"Withdraw immediately! Form a shield wall around the gate and no matter what don't break it!" Their officer shouted.

Tirus' years of military training kicked in, and he and his whole squad immediately turned heel, and began sprinting back towards the exit. Not so fast as to trip the other members of the unit, but fast enough to get the hell out of there quickly.

It was accomplished well enough, however, he wasn't deaf. The hallway that used to echo with every step was now filled with blood curdling screams from behind him. He heard flesh get ripped apart with the sound of grinding metal. Explosions could also be heard from behind him, and he could only wonder to himself.

What had the empire gotten themselves into?

If whatever it was proved to be too much for the army to handle, then his honor be damned, he was getting out of there. The empire could charge him with desertion and all of the dishonors they felt like, nothing was keeping him from returning to Delilah. They all made it well enough, and began forming the wall around the entrance. Tirus made sure that he was right next to the gate with his shield. Whatever was charging through there that made them retreat wouldn't see him first; they would see the men up front.

If it was some sort of battle god of death, then they would need Rory the Reaper on their side for something like that. Sadly, her holiness doesn't usually participate in these kinds of things anyway. Many other men scrambled out, and with every single one, he noticed that they were beginning to hold much more fear in their eyes.

Spittle flew from a few of their mouths as they scrambled past the still forming shield-wall. Whatever coming was bad.

As if on cue several of this short tan skinned… things stormed out of the gate on all fours. They had razor sharp pointed teeth, still red with fresh blood. Their hands bore pointed claws, and their eyes glowed a bright orange color. They weren't all that tall, only about four feet tall max. The tan parts of their skin looked to be harder than the other portions of its flesh; the softer bits were a dark blue color.

Several of the little imp like things hopped up on top of the gate, climbing up the pillars with their claws. It made several scratches in the pillar, but once they reached the top, Tirus clenched his teeth. They seemed to be gathering a ball of pure energy in-between their hands, bright orange as their cursed eyes.

One of these beasts flung one of these energy balls at a man beside Tirus. The result was horrifying. The impact splattered against his shield, but it melted the soldiers flesh as it easily melted through the steel. A loud scream of pain was the last thing that the soldier next to Tirus would ever say.

Tirus immediately dropped his shield and ran as fast as he possibly could in the opposite direction of the gate. If these things could send out balls of death that could melt through a steel shield, then he would have nothing to do with it.

Why did he have to join the military?

"Advance! Spears raised! Close off the tunnel!" Oros's commander shouted.

Oros clenched his teeth in fear. The small beasts that poured through the open gate numbered over a hundred, yet they were still able to send the Empire's force into disarray. One of the little beasts leapt atop his shield, and swiped at his face. Oros ducked his head under the strike, and speared the monster through its wide open mouth.

The effects were as wanted; the weapon punctured the beast through the back of its skull. They could at least be killed then. He shoved it off and continued to advance with his fellow warriors, who continued to thrust their spears into their enemy. As long as the imp like creatures weren't allowed to fire off their magic, they were actually simple to handle. Sure, their physical strength was no joke despite their small size, underestimating these tiny monsters could prove to be fatal.

Archers lined up their bows behind the shield wall, and loosed their arrows upon the little monsters. The arrows impacted against their bodies, and that was when Oros noticed their weakness. The tan portions of their flesh were strong enough to deflect the arrows, however, whenever an arrow impacted into ones dark blue flesh, the weapon penetrated deep.

"Aim for the blue parts men!" Their commander shouted.

Looks like their leader had the same idea. The spears continued to thrust into the imps, penetrating their flesh and felling them, however, with every single one that fell, two more seemed to take its place. The gate had opened up to somewhere it shouldn't have; but if they were able to push this enemy back, they could see what was on the other side, and claim whatever riches were theirs for the Empire.

He wondered if they had pearls, his daughter always wanted a necklace of them. His thoughts immediately returned to the battle at hand once another kind of monster charged through the gate. It was large, easily a whole head higher than the tallest man. Its flesh was either the color of tanned skin or charred black meat. Its whole body rippled with muscle with every motion, and its eyeless head was white and bald.

It swung its mighty claw into his commander's chest, ripping the officer in half like his armor was nothing. Several men froze in fear, and others took action, stabbing at the thing furiously with their spears. It hardly pierced its flesh, blackish red blood leaked out of the few leg wounds it received. Arrows stuck an inch into its body, yet still it fought with all the strength of a dragon.

It crouched down, receiving a spear to the neck in the process. The beast ignored the pain, and leapt over the shield wall unto the defenseless archers behind them.

"Close quarters won't end well for us!" Oros shouted. "Archers stay out of its reach!"

Screams of horror emanated from behind Oros, but he didn't dare look back, if they break the wall, then the imps will get through. Well, even more of them anyhow, there were a few that scaled the walls and pillars of the Gate, and used that to leap over the formation as well.

He noticed that something large was charging out of the tunnel, even larger than the monster that came out before it. Oros was able to make out a single color.

Blood red.

Suddenly, Oros felt himself on the ground. His vision was blurry, and the side of his head felt wet. He sat up slowly, shaking the dizziness off, and felt at the wetness. He put his hand in front of his face, and saw his blood staining his hand. Something knocked him down, hard.

He looked up, and his eyes widened by a large margin. The shield wall had been broken; men were either scattering in fear or trying to recollect themselves against their new opponent. However, Oros knew it would take more than a mere man to take this thing down. It towered over some of the ogres in the army behind them, and its appearance was enough to make Oros almost forget his honor and flee for the hills along with that coward Tirus.

Nothing would make Oros run.

Its skin was pure red, and its legs were covered with shaggy brown fur. In place of feet, it had a pair of black cloven hooves. Its arms were massive, and the monsters clawed fingers were already caked with some blood. Its yellow glowing eyes found him, and Oros froze. It reared its long black horns at him, and roared a terrifying roar.

"Get the ogres up here immediately! Dragon riders as well! Quell the enemy force with brute strength!" Another officer yelled, resulting in that order being repeated all the way to the back of the line.

It was as if… they had opened a portal to hell itself. Who knew what other assortment of beasts lay on the other side? Oros struggled to stand himself back up, but found that he lacked the strength to do so… the massive red monster ignored the arrows peppering it, and marched over to Oros, it raising a massive hoof over the middling aged soldier's chest.

"You're coming home, right daddy?"

Tears streamed down Oros's face as the hoof smashed down on his breastplate, crushing every single rib and internal organ he had.

Several more monsters charged through the Gate, all a random assortment of sizes and terrifying shapes. After the initial shield formation was crushed, even more monsters were free to come through. There were large fat ones with jagged yellow teeth and plate armor that covered all except their mouths and disgusting guts. Portable cannons were attached to their arms, and they fired them with impunity into the Empires troops, tearing them asunder with explosive results.

Regular man sized monsters poured through as well, but they looked nothing like a human. They were colored gray like stone from a quarry, and red lines of energy shone through their hard flesh. They had no eyes, and their skull resembled that of a helmet. Their arm seemed to be a cannon like the fat ones had, except this one was actually a part of its stone flesh. The energy these monsters fired from a distance were all similar, yellow energy that exploded upon contact.

Then these… large balls of red flesh and some tentacles floated out of the gate, ascending high into the air and firing energy at the wyvern riders. They had a single large green eye in the center of their head, and small tentacles hung almost useless at their side. They had sharp fangs; like the rest of these beasts, in a huge cavernous mouth which glowed shades of blue and orange.

More and more of all these demons poured out from the entrance. Tall skeletal monsters leapt out of the lines of demons. These ones had their chest encased in steel, but there was some contraption on the back of them that allowed them to propel themselves forwards. Two blocks supported on thin black rods dangled besides its head, which the monster used to blast apart even more of the Empires troops.

A large green ogre charged one of the red horned demons, and the two clashed. The demon dodged backwards away from the ogres club, and thrusted his claws forward, impaling the ogres chest. The ogre dropped its club and the red demon retracted its hand, revealing a still beating heart in it's now bloodied hand. Its moment of victory was interrupted however, when a wyvern flew down and clamped its jaws firmly around the red monsters throat. The rider sunk his sword deep into the red demons eye, and withdrew his blade. The demon did not relent however, and wrapped a massive hand around the wyvern's neck.

The demon squeezed, and wrenched the wyvern off of it, still holding the flailing beast in its hand. The demon brought the dragon kin's neck closer to its fanged mouth, and sunk its teeth deep into the wyvern's scales.

Eventually, the beast stopped moving, and; being furious at his companion's death, the rider struck at the demon once more with his sword. The metal snapped against the black horn, the blade flying into the mass of battling bodies below. The demon bit down hard on the riders arm, eliciting a scream of pain from the soldier.

He clenched his teeth, and flew forwards, plunging his left hand right into the demons only remaining eye. He got a hold of the slimy thing, and squeezed, ripping it right out of its socket. The demon screamed in pain as well, and flung the wyvern and its rider aside. It flailed about without reason, striking down Empire soldiers and its fellow Demons alike. Another ogre charged up to it, and slammed it in the chest with its massive mallet, sending it flying in a bloody and broken heap by the Gate. This was quickly becoming a slaughter, sure, the human soldiers could handle the small fry, but when the bigger monsters were coming through that gateway, they might as well have been ants trying to beat a dinosaur.

After an hour of battling however, the soldiers were beginning to notice something darting through the ranks of the demons with incredible speed. Thundering shots could be heard from across the battlefield for miles just from his weapon. The Empire soldiers see him as flashes of dark green, ripping and tearing the demons asunder as if it were child's play.

They didn't know who this was.

However, the demons scourge did.

He was the Doom Slayer, and he was going to rip and tear.

Until it is done.