Author: WhiteFox
Title: Notes of Spring
Pairing: HP/SS
Rating: PG-13 or thereabouts.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, names or fictional places mentioned within this story escept for facts added by myself. All other rights belong to JKR. No infringement is intended and this story was written with no intention to gain any monetary benefits.
A/N: I know I should be working on the other fic but this idea struck me and I had to write it down. Its not very angsty. I wanted to write a more lighthearted piece.
Summary: AU. Hogwarts is a school of Magic and Music. Severus Snape is a famous conducter who teaches there. One day, a young prodigy enrolls into Hogwarts and Snape finds himself, against his better judgement, inexorably drawn to the young violinist. But while the person is easily caught, his family and friends are not easy obstacles to overcome.

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"Goddammit Blaise, you know as well as I that you are not ready to play in the main orchestra yet!"

The androgynous student stared at his mentor rebelliously.

"I am ready! I know it! You're just keeping me back on purpose! Even Draco has made it to second tier! I'm still in third and I've been hear 2 years more than he has!"

"Draco is in second tier because he works hard /and/ has the natural talent for it. Furthermore, he is also one of our schools most consistent top achievers. He has /earned/ his right to be there!"

The young man drew himself up indignantly and replied coldly, "You will recommend me for the main orchestra. If you don't I will tell everyone that you slept with me!"

"You dare!"

"I dare! Everyone knows where your inclinations lie and it's no secret that I've been down here more often than most others. The rumours are already circulating. All I have to do is confirm them!"

"You would lie about something this serious just to gain something you could probably achieve with a year of patience and dedication?"

"I refuse to wait another year. It's been too long a wait as it is."

"Zabini, you do realize that if you fail to meet the standards while performing in the main orchestra, you will no longer be eligilble to enter it again? It would be far wiser for you to train for one moreā€¦"

"NO! I am ready! I will do it!"

A sad sigh from his mentor. Resigned eyes stared at stubborn ones.

"Very well. I will put you up for recommendation. I do hope you remember my warning, Zabini. Playing among the professionals requires talents, dedication and a huge amount of discipline."

"Just do what you have to. I won't fail."


The house was filled with the soulful notes of a violin. Lily Potter swayed lightly to the music as she folded her laundry, a soft smile of her lips.

Her son Harry was the source of entrancing music. Home schooled in magic and music by his parents and training diligently with his maternal grandfather, Harry had become a closet prodigy. Sometimes, Lily mused to herself, her father had to have some weird Rapunzel complex. He had refused to allow Harry out of the house or meet anyone for the past sixteen years of his life.

/Although he didn't have a problem letting the other two younger ones run wild./

Her son, shy by nature, had never uttered a word of complaint. He would listen to the tales told to him by his family of the world outside but never had he voiced any dissatisfaction in being confined within the house for all his life.

/But that's going to change now. Father wants Harry to go to Hogwarts to get his 'finishing touches' as he puts it./

As if Harry didn't know more than the average wizard already. Having A grandfather like Tom Riddle meant that you had a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. If you didn't mind the occasional obnoxious comment.

/Frequent is more like it./

The music came to an end. The notes lingering in the air like a fairy echo. Lily put her laundry in the basket and went to the music room where she found her father smiling proudly at her blushing son.

"Wonderful Harry! Absolutely brilliant! You will cut a swathe through Hogwarts and be in the main orchestra in no time!"

/So that's why he wants Harry to go to Hogwarts!/

Hogwarts was more than just a school for Magic and Music. It was also in possession of the most coveted orchestra all over the world. Every member of the orchestra was a full time musician who dedicated their life to the art of music. Tickets to attend a performance were never turned down and even royalty were never guaranteed a seat nor a personal performance. The orchestra was a work of art in and of itself and remained untouched by the politics of the outside world.

It didn't mean that there wasn't a lot of underhanded things going on to get a chance to play in the orchestra but somehow all those actually chosen were of the highest integrity. Lily could understand why her father wasn't brooding over sending his grandson away.

"You could have told us you know, father. James and I have been going in circles trying to figure out why you've suddenly decided send Harry out into the world."

Tom smiled proudly at his daughter.

"Why do you think I've trained him so diligently since he was a child. That he is gifted for the violin is an added bonus, being that it is the same instrument as my own."

TomRiddle had been the most famous orchestra player and composer in his heyday. He had been the only musician to successfully play the Devil's Trill. When he retired from the music world, everyone had gone on about how they would never hear that beautiful tune again.

"He's now the second musician to successfully play a /complete/ rendition of the Devil's Trill!"


James Potter stumbled into the room in shock. He had arrived home five minutes ago and had stood just within earshot to listen to the conversation. His father in law's matter a fact statement, however, had made him lurch into the room.

"That's right James. He can play it. I fully intend that he be my successor in the world of music. I can't believe that no one has been able to play that composition properly since my time. It's a disgrace to all musicians. Harry here will be my heir and legacy."

James wasn't too pleased about his father-in-law's plans but said nothing. After all, Harry loved music with a fervor unmatched by any of his other siblings making him perfectly compatible with his fussy music mad grandparent. It was probably why Tom had allowed the rest to go to school but refused Harry the same freedom.

"Harry, are you alright with this?"

His oldest son nodded, a soft smile on his lips.

"Grandfather discussed this with me several times. I am in complete agreement."

James watched as his grandfather placed a proud hand on his heir's shoulder and the way his son leaned into the touch.

/Too close. They are much too familiar with each other. I only hope father remembers that although he is Harry's mentor in all respects, Harry will one day leave the nest and find a love of his own./

James wasn't disturbed by the evidence that his father-in-law and his son were probably sexually involved. His son had announced his sexual orientation on his 13th birthday but it wasn't really an issue considering that all Potter males were able to bear children. They were an old family and they held to old traditions. But he only feared for the future as he saw how possessive Tom was of Harry.

/Still, if he is willing to send him of to Hogwarts where he knows Harry will most probably meet another or maybe THE other, things should be alright./

A light hearted chuckle drew him out of his reverie, and James blinked to see his wife and son grinning at him while Tom just shook his head in amusement.

"No fear, James. I am close to Harry but I am not going to start casting curses at the numerous suitors who will approach him." Then the smile disappeared and was replaced by an implacable look. "However, should anyone harm him in any way, I make no promises."

James grinned at the older man.

"Not a problem, I think. I would probably help you!"

Lily rolled her eyes at the two grown men's posturing and turned to Harry.

"Come on dear, we still have to finish packing your things. You leave the day after tomorrow."

"Yes, mother."

Hugging his grandfather and father goodbye, Harry left the room silently, his long braid swinging gently behind him.