this is my First fan fiction so I apologise in advance if its not the best. Placed between the fight with newborns in Eclipse and Bella's Change.

Bella's POV

I was sat in my rocking chair fighting sleep to finally see Edward, He had gone on a 2 day hunting trip after the fight with the newborns and Victoria. I haven't slept much over the past two nights I was worrying about Edward too much, yes I know it's silly to worry about a vampire but I know Edward and he would be worrying about me and would be distracted.

Sadly sleep won and I fell asleep in the chair. When I woke up I was still in my chair with no sign of Edward, I sighed and looked at the time to see it was only 10,"great still another hour" I stood up to go to the bathroom when a wave of dizziness took over me, I sat down on my bed and put my head in my lap till it passed but it didn't it just got worse, I had been feeling a little under the weather this afternoon so I am guessing it's something to do with that. I curled up in to a ball and shut my eyes which made it worse but it was better than looking at a spinning bedroom. I must of fallen alseep as the next thing I felt was a pair of cold strong arms wrap around me, I Moaned and tried to pull away to stay in my ball form. "Bella, Love whats wrong?" his voice was pained and full of worry "I feel dizzy, and it won't go away" it barley came out as a whisper but he heard it.

Edward's POV

I had finished hunting and just wanted to go home to be with my beautiful Bella, I sat on a rock waiting for my Brothers to finish, like who needs 4 bears, 2 lions and a fricking deer oh wait my brothers. "Dude chill out you will be with her soon" Jasper shouted from a tree I gave him an apologetic look "Sorry, I just miss her" It true im going crazy without her "Go on then, your done and we want to carry on" Emmett Boomed from behind me, that's all I needed I ran as fast as I could through the trees, from here it would take me 45 minutes to get to Bella's. When I got there she was curled up in a ball still in her clothes, I slowly walked over to her and picked her up put she protested with a moan "Bella, Love what's wrong?" I was worried now shes never this distance after my hunting trips "I feel dizzy, and it won't go away" oh great she's unwell and I wasn't there to Look after her. "Do you want a drink of water love?" I checked Charlie's thoughts and saw he was asleep "Yes p...please" She sobbed out "Bella don't cry sweetheart I am here now" I Held her close till she calmed down a little "Im sorry" she gave me a weak smile and put her head back down, I ran down and was back in a second with a cold drink. "Bella love drink this" She slowly sat up and took a few sips "Thanks" I took the glass and sat next to her pulling her close to me. "Why didn't you call and tell me you felt ill? I know she didn't like bothering me when I hunted but the thought of her being ill killed me inside "it only came on an hour ago" she said as she finally looked into my eyes with her stunning brown orbs. " Okay love just try and get some sleep you look really tired" I laid down pulling her with me and she fell asleep almost instantly.

Bella's POV

When I woke up I felt so much better, I looked up to see my golden eyed boyfriend staring down at me "Edward!" I jumped up and wrapped my arms around him "Good morning beautiful, you look much better" he gave a a long lingering kiss before pulling back, once again for my own saftey. "I feel much better thank you!, so what are we doing today" I looked into his eyes and got lost in them he chuckled and kissed both of mine "well atchally I would like to take you somewhere this afternoon, and well um Alice wants to dress you up for it" Oh great Barbie Bella.. "What's wrong with how I dress" I sighed and looked down. " Nothing is wrong with how you dress sweetheart but I want this to be special and well you know Alice if it's speical you have to be subjected to her power of fashion" he laughed and got up "Get dressed and I will make you something to eat okay?" I rolled my eyes, poked my tounge out and ran to my closet to find some clothes. After breakfast he drove me to his house but didn't really talk just looked and the road and every so often shot me his crooked smile.