Author's note: I had this in my head for a LONG time. I decided to release it immediately after Love Potion #7; but things came up and I decided to release it at a different time. This is an AU story and I was pretty inspired when I saw Legally Blonde and Bones. I made this one rated M to be safe because of some themes you'll see later on in this story. I'm going to be honest, I wasn't even sure if I was ready to post this, ever since my move I've been kinda mentally exhausted and trying to keep things in perfect balance. Writing, drawing, unpacking, getting life here in order, repeat. But I guess this is my way of getting things back into shape. Well I don't own Fairy Tail and I hope you all enjoy it!


Chapter 1: The Lawyer and The Iron Jailbird

It was two weeks; two weeks since twenty one year old Levy McGarden graduated top of her class at Magnolia Law School. Now an official lawyer, Levy made the decision to get a job at the best law firm in town; Fairy Tail Attorneys at Law. Not even a day after her interview, Makarov, the boss, called her telling her she was hired and her first case was tomorrow.

"I wish to give you a test at how good you truly are ." he said over the phone "Tomorrow you will be heading to Magnolia's Maximum Security Prison to meet your client." Levy raised her eyebrow when she heard this.

"Who is she?" she asked.

"He." Makarov corrected "You're client is a man. His name is Gajeel Redfox. He's twenty-three years old and is being held there temporarily."

"What did he do that got him there in the first place?"

"He's being charged with murder in the first degree and armed robbery." Makarov explained "He's a part of the gang Phantom Lord and not too long ago, the gang was performing a heist at their biggest rival, The Oracieon Seis' hideout and it went south from there. It was the wrong building and he's being accused of murdering Belno ,the elderly owner of the house his gang robbed."

"That's terrible!"

"But he claims he didn't do such a thing." Makarov continued "The evidence that was at the scene shows it was him; but he keeps claiming he had an alibi that night."

"Which is?" Levy asked.

"That's the problem, he refuses to tell us what he was doing during that time. His last lawyer got fed up with him and quit. Levy, he's our toughest client we've ever had. He has a rough personality and won't let anyone in."

"So why me?" Levy asked "Why are you assigning me to him? Isn't there another lawyer at The Firm who can take his case?"

"All of our best have much tougher cases at the moment." Makarov explained "They've been swamped with work and some don't want this case at all. Levy, I may have just met you but I have faith you can do this. It's dirty work as a lawyer, you may need to get your hands dirty just to get the correct information on your client. Levy, you're this man's last hope. If he is found guilty when in truth he's innocent, he could be put behind bars for the rest of his life for things he may have never done. You have to prove his innocence Levy! Be at The Firm tomorrow to get his files." With that said, he hung up.

Levy left at nine in the morning the next day to The Firm and picked up the files. She left The Firm and arrived at Magnolia's Maximum Security Prison. She entered through the heavily guarded prison and went to the guard at the front desk. The young man had blonde hair and blue eyes, he had a slight scar near the corner of his eyebrow. The name on the desk said: Sargent. Sting Ecluffe.

"Hi, I'm Levy McGarden, I'm with Fairy Tail." She explained "I'm here to see a Redox." The Sargent smiled a cocky looking smile at the young lawyer.

"He's in Cell Block A." smiled the Sargent "Let's go." He got up from his chair and walked with her to the Cell Block. She walked down the block and noticed the men were staring at her; hooting and whistling at her as she walked by. Levy felt uncomfortable being here, obviously these men haven't seen a woman in awhile... either that or she had the body of a fifth grade boy and they were interested.

"We're here." said Sargent Ecluiffe. He pulled out a key and opened a cell door.

"Redfox!" he screamed "You're lawyer's here." Before she could even introduce herself, a tall, muscular, tan-skinned young man with long spiky black hair walked out of his cell in a orange jumper, crummy boat shoes and was handcuffed. Piercings were over his nose, under his lower lip and where his eyebrows should be decorated his face. But what caught Levy the most were his eyes. They were blood red and snake like in a way; no, dragon like. She gulped; this man was definitely something to fear.

They walked down the hall and they finally reached the meeting room meant for lawyers and their clients. The Sargent opened the door and let the two into the room.

"Take your time." Sargent Ecluiffe said before whispering to Levy "If he goes bezerk, press the panic button on the wall near the door and we'll take care of him." with that said, he closed the door and left the lawyer and her client alone.

"So," he began "You're my new lawyer?" Silence. He looked at her with a questioning eyebrow, he could see she was studying him in order to get an impression.

"Don't you ever talk Shrimp?" that snapped her out of her trance. She then puffed her cheeks in annoyance. For some reason, it reminded Gajeel of a chipmunk.

"I have a name you know!" she squeaked.

"Well spit it out then half pint!"

"My name is Levy McGarden!" she exclaimed "I'm with Fairy Tail Attorney's at Law and I'm assigned to your case!" She let out a short sigh. Makarov wasn't kidding when he said he was difficult.

"I like Shrimp better." Gajeel said. He walked over to the chair and table laid out for them both, sat down, tilted his chair back and let his feet rest on the table. Levy let a small growl run through her throat; not even two minutes with him and he had to be the most irritating person alive. She walked over to opposite chair and sat down with her back straight and perfectly.

"Geez you seem like a prim and proper type." Gajeel said "My last lawyer didn't even give a crap about how he sat and whatnot."

"Well I'm not him." Levy deadpanned "I'm here to make sure that you'll be cleared of your charges and make it out of this prison alive without being raped." Gajeel looked at her surprised; no one ever spoken to him like this before.

"I'm your first case aren't I?" he asked her with a cocky grin. Levy looked at him, wide-eyed with shock and her face turning red. She had worked on a case before, but it was when she was in law school and it was with her class; this was her first case alone.

"W-What?!" she stuttered "N-no I had a c-case b-before y-"

"Gihihihihi." he cackled "I'm messing with ya Shrimp. It's obvious it's your first day."

"H-how do you know?"

"You're too prim and proper. The lawyers I dealt with basically don't give a shit." Levy heaved a long sigh.

"Ok," Levy began "Let's get down to basics." She opened his case file and looked at it "Where were you that evening three weeks ago?"

"Why should I tell you?" he asked.

"Well, I'm you're lawyer and I have to know what you were doing that ni-"

"What I was doing that night is private information." he growled "I can't tell you what but I can tell you that I wasn't the one who did it. Whoever did it obviously framed me because murder is the last thing I would ever do."

"I need this information Mr-"

"Call me Gajeel."

"Gajeel, I need it so that way we can prove your innocence and see if collaborates with the story your buddies claim-"

"Screw that Shrimp! If you want to be a good lawyer you got to have faith in your client no matter wh-"

"That's enough!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. Gajeel looked at her with surprise, she was the first person to ever stand up to him like this "You maybe older than me, you maybe taller than me and have you're doubts but I'm someone who doesn't give up THAT easily. Your last lawyer may have been a loser but I refuse to quit on you no matter how infuriating you really are! When you decide to finally fess up on what you were doing that night, don't hesitate to call, cause of right now I'm out of here!" With that said, she got up, grabbed her suit case and stormed out of the room. Gajeel stared at what was left of the scene before him; who knew that this tiny woman had such energy? But one question on his mind was, why was he aroused all of a sudden?

Sargent Ecluiffe was outside the room and looked at her with surprise, it looked like he heard the whole conversation.

"Take him back to his cell." she ordered "Him and I are done for today." The Sargent nodded quickly and ran into the room to retrieve him; it looked like he didn't want to face her wrath.

Gajeel was soon taken back to his cell by The Sargent and was soon un-handcuffed and put back in his cell. Gajeel just didn't say a single word, he was still stunned from his lawyer's reaction earlier.

"Hey Gajeel," said a voice "You ok?" he snapped out of his trance to find a pink haired young man who had to be close to his twenty second birthday, looking at him from the top bunk.

"Peachy Salamander." Gajeel grumbled.

"You know my name's Natsu!" the man called Natsu screamed.

"You think I care?"

"Whatever, anyway who was that blue haired girl?" Gajeel walked over to the lower bunk and lied down on the uncomfortable mattress.

"My new lawyer." he grumbled.

"Really?" Natsu asked "Is she taking any more cases at the moment? I can use a new lawyer. Mine's nothing but a complete rip-off. Never won a case in his life and he charges a lot of money."

"Tch, doubt she is." Gajeel replied "I'm her first real case."

"You're kidding."


"Well, does she have any friends who would take my case?"

"If I see her next time I'll ask." Gajeel replied sarcastically while closing his eyes.

"You gave her a hard time, didn't you?" asked Natsu.

"Why wouldn't I?" asked Gajeel "I'm her first case and how do I know she isn't gonna gab with her friends on my alibi?"

"Gajeel," Natsu began "She's trying to help you. You and I have a lot in common when it comes to being here despite we only knew each other a couple of weeks-"

"How the fuck do we have a lot in common?!" Gajeel asked "You're here cause you've been accused of arson in the first degree!"

"We were wrongly accused is what I'm trying to say." Natsu pointed out "My point is, we're innocent. I know you didn't kill that old woman and you know I didn't burn down anything! Our lawyers are there not because we're paying them, but because they have to have faith in us. They know we're innocent and they're willing to do anything to prove it that we're innocent. Except mine who is looking to just get more money for his drug habit."

Gajeel looked up at the ceiling of his bed and began to think of what Natsu said. In a way, he was right, this woman was his last hope of being able to be free again. But the question was, could he trust her?

Levy walked out of the prison and to her car. She threw her suit case onto the passenger seat and got into the driver's seat. She slammed the door and let her Friday yoga classes do their job. Not even two hours into the session and she left. She drove out of the prison and headed back to her apartment, she needed to report the session to Makarov. During her ride home, she couldn't help herself but keep thinking; a thought that was constantly in her head, one no lawyer should think of their client: What if he did do it?