Author's note: Here we go! Gajeel's alibi! Can't wait to show you guys!

Chapter 6: Gajeel's Alibi

"I guess you could say the fucking situation started years ago." Gajeel began "I grew up without a mom, my dad raised me by himself and had a girlfriend every other week. Some wanted me dead a few treated me like a mom would've. By the time I was in my teens I was already getting into shit. Car jackings, drug dealings, robbery, petty crap. I joined Phantom Lord as an outlet in life and that got me into trouble almost every week. About three months ago, I got arrested for robbery of a local convenience store. My old man was so sick of my shit he refused to pay for my bail this time. However, someone was able to actually pay my bail and I was let go..."

"Redfox!" the officer screamed "Your bail has been payed!" the officer opened the cell door to a cocky smirked Gajeel who was thrilled his father finally came to his senses and let him out of jail.

"Gihihihihihi." he smirked "Old man finally came to his senses huh?"

"It wasn't your father this time." Gajeel paled hearing that.

"What?! Then who?!" an older woman approached him.

"I did." said the older woman. Gajeel recognized her immediately; it was Belno, the owner of the convienece store he just robbed "I bailed you out."

"What? Why the hell would you of all people bail me out?!"

"Come with me, I want to talk." hesitant at first, Gajeel obligingly followed.

She owned an old buwick skylark that looked as if it seen better days. She interposed her way into the old car and pened the passenger side for Gajeel to enter which he did. She started the car and began to drive away from the police station.

"Do you know why I'm taking you home?" Belno questioned Gajeel.

"To be honest," Gajeel grumbled "I could fucking care less."

"I came here to give you a warning. I'm advising you to leave Phantom Lord." Gajeel's whole face looked appalled at her words.

"You fucking kidding me? You telling me, Black Steel Gajeel to leave Phantom Lord?"

"I'm not telling you too." Belno corrected "I'm only giving you advice."

"Why?!" Gajeel screamed "Why would I leave a gang that treats me like a king?"

"Because you know as well as I know they're bad for you, that you're better off somewhere else."

"I'm one of Jose's best! I get treated like fucking royalty in that gang-"

"Does Jose really say you're one of his best with honesty, or does he say that so he can just keep using you?" the car grew dead silent after Belno's question, Gajeel actually never thought of that to be honest.

"Gajeel," Belno explained "you're a smart young man; but you have to realize that Jose is only using you. Being a convienent store owner, I've seen many troubled youths like you who were under Jose's control for years, my son was one of them and he payed for it with his life in a shoot out." Gajeel felt the air change that moment, he heard a story from some of the longer time members about a shoot out a few years ago that taken the life of a few Phantom Lord members. He never expected to come into contact with one of their relatives.

"I'm sorry." Gajeel said to Belno for some reason. He wasn't one to give someone sympathy, but for some odd reason he felt he should.

"Thank you;" Belno genuinely smiled "but I have to say you remind me of my son in some sense. And I want to give you the advice that I wish I could've given him: Nothing lasts forever in that gang, and it's only a matter of time before Jose decides he won't need you and disposes of you. I won't force you to quit; but if you want to live to see your own grandchildren, then quit now and save yourself before it's too late. For your sake and for the people you love, I would do it." for some odd reason, her advice actually got to Gajeel. It made him begin to think over a lot of things in his life with this gang and how seriously bollixed it can get in there. He even once witnessed Jose tell one of his higher ups to execute a lower member for failing to get the drugs for them to sell. Maybe Belno had a point, being in this gang wasn't worth it. He sat there and thought about everything Belno has said to him for a moment before finally they pulled into Gajeel's driveway.

"Take my words of wisdom Gajeel." Belno smiled "It could save your life. I hope the next time I see you, it's as a customer and not someone trying to rob my store. Have a good rest of the night Gajeel." Gajeel unlocked the old car and made his way outside, as she backed up, Gajeel unconsciously waved goodbye to the woman. For the rest of that night, Gajeel's brain was on auto pilot. His father wasn't even aware he was home until the next morning, he was that silent. Around twelve, maybe three in the morning, Gajeel came to a decision.

"After that night," Gajeel explained to Levy "I made the decision to leave Phantom Lord. I made up an excuse to Jose that something came up in my life recently that made me have no choice but to leave Phantom Lord. He normally has a very violent reaction but he took it well I guess. After I left, I moved out of my old man's place, I also got a job at a local place and started looking into getting a degree."

"So that's your relationship with Belno," Levy breathed "but the night she died, where were you?" a blush started to creep up on his cheeks.

"D-do you know that kid place Igneel's Castle?"

"Of course!" Levy smiled "I used to go there all the time with my friends when I was little!"

"Yeah," Gajeel smiled slightly "my old man used to take me there when he wasn't working. I got a job there to fix those arcade machines. Little shits for kids would stick a lot of crap in those things and I had to repair them. The night Belno was killed, I had to cover someone's shift..."

"Oh, was one of the mechanics sick?"

"No... the guy who wears the dragon costume had food poisoning from bad lobster or shit..."

"And you had to go into the dragon costume."



"Yeah. I was in the fucking costume."

Levy wasn't sure to either laugh or be surprised that a big, tough guy like Gajeel would go as far as to wear a costume of a big red cartoon dragon that she and her friends used to love hugging when they were small. Then again, she could see why he was embarrassed to tell anyone his alibi for so long.

"Well," Levy suddnly said trying to clear the air "do you remember what time you were working?"

"Yeah, I got there at four and left a closing time." Gajeel remembered "The place has a six am to 11pm work time." Levy thought for a moment and realized what Gajeel said off setted the entire report.

Before she met with Gajeel for the first time, she read the police report and learned Belno was killed around 9pm that night; but Gajeel was working from 4pm until closing! Not only that Igneel's Castle was on the other side of town from Belno's home and it takes thirty five minutes to get to and from her home! There was no way he could've went to her house and been at work at the same time!

"Gajeel," Levy realized "there's no way you could've done it! If your alibi checks out, then you're not the murderer!"

"That's what I've been fucking telling everyone!" Gajeel said "Finally! Someone with a fucking brain around here!"

"If you're ok with this Gajeel," Levy asked "do you mind if I speak with your boss? It's not that I don't believe you or anything; but if we're going to get you out of here, I need to have your story confirmed."

"As long as he can tell'em I was there," he waved "fine by me."

"Perfect! Thank you Gajeel! Now, are you up for a round of Operation?" if Gajeel's grin could grow any wider, it just did.

"Yer so fucking going down." Levy pulled out the board game and once again, they entered their own little world where it was only the two of them.