Let's get into it.

The crane's collapse covered the surrounding area with smoke and dust. You couldn't see more than a few feet in front of you.

"Pyrrha!" He called out, desperately trying to find his partner. "Pyrrha! Where are you? Pyrrha!"

After searching for who knows how long, he found her. Her body was lying on the ground motionless. "Pyrrha!" Jaune rushed over to her and got down to check on her. She wasn't breathing and her body was pale and cold to the touch. "No… no no no no no! Pyrrha! Pyrrha please!"

"You're too late, hero," Roman Torchwick taunted as he emerged from the fog, twirling his cane with a cocky smile.

Jaune's grief turned to rage as he charged at the man who killed her. Roman barely put effort into combating him. He was playing Jaune like a fiddle. It didn't take long for Jaune to be left beaten on the ground, struggling to move as Roman stomped his for on his neck.

"This is the best Beacon can make? Absolutely pathetic," Roman taunted. In his peripheral vision, Jaune could see the other girl he saw in his apartment, Neo he thought her name was, walk up and smugly chuckle at his situation. "Maybe if you were a half-decent fighter your partner would still be alive. But what else could we expect from someone so pathetic? Neo, put him out of his misery please."

Matching Roman's evil grin, Neo unsheathed her umbrella sword and stabbed the blade down.

Jaune's canine body jolted awake. It took him a moment to realize it was just a dream. The clock showed just over an hour had passed. since Pyrrha first woke up. He must have fallen back asleep. He quickly turned to Pyrrha and saw she was asleep again as well. He climbed on top of her and put his ears next to her chest. He heard a steady heartbeat and felt her chest rise and fall with each breath.

Knowing she was still ok, Jaune climbed back down to her side but spared one last look at her. Seeing her body bruised and in that neck brace hurt his heart, but it now also filled him with anger.

If he ever saw Roman Torhwick again, there'd be hell to pay.

Later on, Pyrrha and Jaune were chilling together watching some tv. Nothing really good was on, but they were enjoying each other's company.

"Hey Pyrrha!" Nora greeted loudly as she and Ren entered to see.

"Hello guys!" Pyrrha greeted.

"Arf!" Jaune wagged his tail.

"We came by earlier but you were asleep and didn't want to bother you. It is good to see you up again Pyrrha," Ren walked up next to the bed. "We brought you soup from the cafeteria."

"I still say we should have brought her pizza," Nora said.

"No solids until her neck is fully fixed. She might have trouble swallowing."

"... I mean pizza's not that hard, but yeah, point taken."

"Thank you, you guys are the best," Pyrrha said as Ren put the bowl on the overhead table and wheeled it in front of Pyrrha. As she leaned forward to take a spoonful, Jaune quickly jumped in front of her, pausing her.


"Jaune? What are you-" Pyrrha tried to lean back up only for Jaune to jump an inch closer.



"Bark!" He moved an inch closer.

"Jaune I'm just-"


"I'm just-"


"Just let me-"

"Bark!" This time Jaune put his paw on her mouth and then gently pushing her back down. "Grrrrr."

Pyrrha sighed, now realizing Jaune was just trying to stop her from moving her still braced neck. "Ok, what do you suggest I do then?"

After a few moments, Ren spoke up. "I could..." but he stopped when Jaune moved.

He picked up the spoon by the handle with his mouth, picked up a spoonful of soup, and walked over to Pyrrha. She chuckled before opening her mouth, allowing Jaune to feed her.

Ren and Nora watched as Jaune walked back and forth, feeding Pyrrha her soup so she didn't have to move a muscle.

"You know Nora or I coul-" Ren was silenced when Nora put a hand over his mouth.

"Nope," Nora said. "Don't. It's precious." Ren nodded in agreement.

Pyrrha was browsing through the channels trying to find something good to watch. Jaune, who was currently laying on his back on her legs, watched with her.

"There's nothing really good on," Pyrrha commented.

"Arf," Jaune agreed.

"Guess they save all the good stuff for after-school hours." She glanced at the clock. "Ugh."

Jaune did the dog equivalent of 'ugh,' which made Pyrrha smile.

"Oh, I got an idea. Can you hand me my scroll please?"

Jaune rolled over and got her scroll for her.

"Thanks. I downloaded a movie Nora said I should watch but I didn't have the time to watch it before. Want to watch it with me?"

"Arf!" Jaune wagged his tail excitedly.

"Excellent. Oh, I should probably tell you what the movie is called huh. The movie is 'Marley and Me.'

While Pyrrha tapped on her scroll to get the film up, she didn't notice Jaune's expression change. 'Marley and Me' was a movie Jaune was familiar with. Very familiar with it. He had to watch it many, many times with his sisters (who all wanted to watch it with him separately for some reason, as well as repeatedly for a time). He could quote the movie word for word.

He also was immune to the effects of the movie's ending, which Pyrrha didn't need to know.

(Approximately 1 hour and 55 minutes of movie runtime later)

"Noooooooooooooo!" Pyrrha cried. Tears streamed down her cheeks. "Why'd he have to diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie?!"

Jaune felt a little bad. On one hand, Pyrrha was just as hysterical as his sisters and it was kind of hilarious. But on the other hand, seeing Pyrrha like this, especially in her current state… he felt like a dick now.

"He was a good boy! He deserved better!" Pyrrha cried more.

The was debatable.

Seeing more tears flow, Jaune hoped up and tried his best to lick the tears away from her cheeks.

"Thank you," Pyrrha smiled and sniffed loudly.

Jaune hoped to the side to get her a tissue to clear her nose. Pyrrha reached for one simultaneously. Vision still blurry from tears, she just grabbed the first thing her hands grabbed and quickly brought it forth to blow her nose. It happened so fast that it was only after the fact that she realized tissues weren't supposed to be this heavy, big, and fuzzy.

She wiped her eyes and was met with the clear image of Jaune's face showing ultimate betrayal as she realized shat she just did.

"I'm sorry!"

The sun had set a while ago and Jaune was a human again.

"Are you sure you don't want me to bring you anything?" Jaune asked.

"No thank you," Pyrrha said.

"Are you sure?"

"Yep, I'll be ok Jaune. I can even move my neck from side to side with no problem now. See?" She demonstrated that she could. "The nurse said I can get the brace off soon so I'll be ok."

"Alright, if you say so, I'll see you tomorrow then."

"Yep, have a good night Jaune," Pyrrha smiled.

"Good night to you too." Jaune went to leave but paused at the door. "Hey, Pyrrha?"

"Yeah Jaune?"

"I'm…" Jaune looked like he wanted to say more, but couldn't find the words. "... I'm just glad you're ok."

Pyrrha felt something warm up inside her. "Thank you Jaune, I appreciate it."

There was an awkward silence before another awkward goodbye as Jaune left.

Not even a minute later, Pyrrha already missed Jaune's company.

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