Ellie put the supplies away while Steve looked around the clinic. He found that for a 200+ year old home it was surprisingly in ok condition. Ellie picked up the package and called Steve over.

"Hey kid!, come here."

Steve entered the room and Ellie motioned for him to sit down next to her. Steve sat down and Ellie handed him the package.

"It's for you." she said.

Steve took the package and read the note attached to it:

Dear Steve,

I know you must have some questions and for all I know you probably hate me by now for leaving you behind. I hope you'll understand that it was for the best, the commonwealth is a warzone and we thought you'd safer if you stayed with Ellie. I want you to know that we didn't abandon you, I mean hell we're family and as long as I'm still kickin I'll be by your side.

Sincerely, Jason

P.S: I went back into your vault to see if I could find anything and I learned that your birthday is coming up and I hope this reaches you by then because I got you a little something to wish you a happy birthday.

Steve had completely forgotten about his birthday and checked his Pip-Boy and sure enough it was November 27th, Steve's Birthday.

"Aw, that's sweet." said Ellie.

Steve put his Pip-Boy down and opened the package and inside was a picture frame and a Holotape. Steve looked at the picture: it was of Steve, His mother and His Sister. Tears began to well up under his eyes.

"It-It's my mom," Steve Said his voice breaking up.

He felt the weight on the couch shift and Ellie wrapped an arm around him. Tears began streaming down his face. Ellie moved in closer to embrace him.

"That's it, let it out." she whispered.

Steve held the picture close to his heart and broke down for a few minutes before raising his head and wiping away his tears retrieving the Holotape from the box scribbled on the label was: Play me. Ellie handed him his Pip-boy and Steve popped the holotape into his Pip-Boy and played it.

" Is this on?, ok. Um hey kid I thought since your birthday's coming up I thought I'd try and get you something for your birthday. I went and found that photo, I thought you'd like a reminder of your family. I also thought you could use a reminder of your new family so I packed another photo in the box for you."

Steve took out the other picture it was of him, Jason, Danse, Piper, Nick, and Lucky in their little village out in the desert.

"Whether it's your parents and siblings or me and Danse, we're your family and you can always count on us. But that's not all I got you look in the box there's one last gift we got you."

Steve reached in the box and fished out a necklace. It was made out of a long leather string with multiple objects on the end. One was a .357 bullet with the word "Jason" etched onto the side, another was the Brotherhood of Steel logo made out of Scrap Metal Welded together, and the last piece was a small pin of vault-boy giving a thumbs up. The Holotape concluded with the two of them singing "Happy Birthday" and expressing how much they wished they were there to celebrate.

Ellie smiled, it warmed her heart to see that even in times like this people could still be nice to one another.

"So, how old are you now kid?" asked Ellie patting him on the back.

"Um I think about 16 or 17." Steve said sniffling and putting on the necklace.

"Well, happy 16th or 17th birthday. "


"Welp it's getting late, We should get to bed c'mon." said Ellie

Steve followed her and was led to a large bedroom.

"Alright you take the left side I'll take the right." she said entering another room off to the side.

"But my bed downstairs." Steve said.

"Nonsense!, it's your birthday plus I'll need those beds for patients so get comfortable." she said emerging in a gray tank-top and black sweatpants.

"O-okay then." Steve said kicking off his boots and getting into the bed.

Ellie got into bed and pulled the covers over her and turned herself to face away from Steve.

"Goodnight and don't get any ideas just 'cause it's your birthday." she said before putting out the candle.

"Got it, and thank you for.. everything." he said resting his head on the pillow and closing his eyes."