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She said she couldn't come. Said she had an emergency to deal with. Stood up at the last minute. Left to go alone.

He knew her husband didn't like him. He knew her husband was against his new proposals. He was also aware of the tensions it was causing between them. His actions were slowly fracturing a very stable relationship.

Truth is, he was jealous. Jealous of Gordon, of his position in the hospital. He had respect. He had authority. Most of all, he had Jill. Together, they ran the hospital and did a fine job.

Gordon hadn't entirely forgiven him for trying to get Jill out when she was pregnant with Jonathon. He knew deep down she wouldn't go, but it was worth a try. Without her, Gordon would admit defeat sooner rather than later. Gordon had figured out his plan.

Jill was a pawn in his game. Something that could be played with, manipulated and used. He knew that. Given recent events, she was vulnerable.

So, he'd been forced to rethink. Go another way to get what he wanted. Somehow prize Jill away once more. Continue with his plans for expansion. Modernising. Upgrading.

As he sat down with a glass of brandy, his proposals on the coffee table infront of him, he thought about her. She had Gordon to go home too. She had someone to talk too, someone who loved her dearly. He had no one. There was the odd girl he'd met, but it never lasted. Not long enough anyway. His relationship with Catherine ended rather spectacularly.

He picked up the large document, filled with diagrams, numbers and ideas. Big ideas, including Jill's much talked about premature baby unit, a new surgical wing and better facilities. A hospital worthy enough to compete with Ashfordly general.

So, he sat and glanced through, skimming over the details, looking for something that would encourage people to help him. He'd tried, people were interested, but it was the senior staff at the Royal who were now in his way, most notably Gordon and Matron.

What to do? He'd already enlisted support from Major Fleming, who was a dear friend of Jill and Gordon's, and wealthy businessmen with ideas of their own.

The hour was now getting late. His concentration waning, Placing the document down on the table infront of him, and finishing his brandy, he stood, hoping something would come to him as he slept. A way of getting Jill back on side if nothing elseā€¦.