Belongs to Donald P. Bellisario


Gibbs was silent as he leaned against his car, looking at the car next to him. Detective DiNozzo looked wrecked. Give him time. He just found out his partner was dirty, he reminded himself. Yeah, he wanted to get out of Baltimore, but he didn't want to press the kid. In his own car, Tony's shoulders slumped as he got into his car. Danny was dirty. How had he missed it? He didn't understand. Had he been that blind to it? To him? And what about Gibbs' offer? Should he take it? What if he ended up regretting it? The ringing of a phone cut his musings off.

"Girlfriend?" Gibbs asked.

"Yeah," Tony responded as he picked up. "Kate, hey Babe," he greeted.

"Hey. You sound drained. Long case?" Kate queried.

"You could say that." He bit his lip, unsure of how to proceed. The truth. Tell her the truth, he thought. "I just found out that Danny's dirty," he confessed.

"Oh, damn. Tony. Are you okay?" she asked, the concern showing in her voice.

"Yeah. He didn't hurt me. I just confronted him with it and left," he assured.

"That's not what I meant and you know it," she scolded and he heaved out a sigh.

"Honestly…I wish you were here. Could use you right about now," he admitted.

"I love you," she told him and smiled. Needed to hear that, he thought.

"I love you," echoed. "The guy who worked the case with me-Agent Gibbs. He offered me a job with his agency-Naval Criminal Investigation Services-and I'm not sure I should take it," he admitted.

"So you'd be a Navy cop?" she asked.


"Could you be happy there?"

"I-I don't know. I mean….Danny was dirty and I didn't see it. Maybe I'm not the investigator I thought I was. Maybe I don't have the br-"

"Stop right there, Anthony DiNozzo. You're smart. Don't even start that crap." Tony chuckled at Kate's tone. She never liked it when he was down on himself. "You were thrown for a loop and he's offering you a way to get your balance back. I say take it."

"Okay then. I will." As he said this, his hand fingered the jewelry box in his pocket. Inside was a simple diamond which he knew would fit her hand perfectly. Getting an idea, he opened the jewelry box to reveal the diamond, took a picture of it and then sent it to her with a message. Hearing the alert, Kate went to open up the text which read Caitlin Todd, will you marry me? She laughed. Such a dork, she thought to herself. Yes she would've preferred a proposal that was face-to-face, but then again, with their schedules, when would they have the time?

"Yes, Tony. I will marry you," she answered and he grinned. "Now get going and do what you need to do to become a Navy cop." He laughed and hung up and started the car. Seeing this, Gibbs got into his car and headed out.