Neb: I do not own Harry Potter, J.K Rowling owns the story. This is a story that takes place a Three years after Harry defeats You Know Who.

Norman Schneider was a young boy who grew up in an orphanage. He had no recollection of his mother who dumped him there, only that she left a note saying to him. I made a mistake having a child and I am sorry. I hope one day you will make another family happy and prove me wrong. That was when strange things happened. As he grew older he experienced things he didn't understand. One time when there were bullies picking on this younger girl, he wanted them to stop, but didn't want to confront them. That was when a hose set off and shot mud all over the bullies.

The gardener couldn't explain how mud got into the hose instead of water, or how it set off to begin with, but after several days of inspecting the pipping. The owner of the Orphanage and the gardener just stopped asking questions and somehow forgot about the event. Of course, the days leading after that event, Norman got a letter in the male stating he was a Wizard who needed to learn to control his magic. Luckily for him there was a school called Hogwarts, where he could learn wizardry.

He wrote back stating that he was afraid to Enform them, he had no means of transportation to get himself to said school of Wizardry or any shop that would get him the supplies he needs. He has no legal guardian outside of foster home staff and cannot leave foster care without permission from his foster family. He also said he would have loved to learn the ways of magic, but he is incapable of performing such actions.

After he had finished his apology letter he headed back to the mailbox and placed it inside. It was unfortunate he couldn't go, but what was he supposed to do, ask them to go through all the trouble of finding him a family and a means to acquire their education. Like someone is going to magically fall out of the sky and suddenly turn things his way.

That was when a man with curly brown hair and small lens round glasses appeared in front of him sitting on a two-seat bike. The man was dressed in an old fashion brown leather vest, white button down shirt, and red bow tie. His pants were brown dress pants as well and black dress shoes, shined enough that Norman could see his reflection in them.

"Sorry, was that apology letter a yes or a no," the man spoke up as Norman stumbled back from his sudden appearance.

"Who are you," Norman asked and he looked at him confused and then smiled.

"Yes, yes, I am Randy Oswald an employ of the Ministry of Magic," he explained. The man shook Normans hand and then grinned at him once more before taking a breath. "I was sent to confirm whether you will be staying at the school of wizardry or not."

"I'd like to, but I don't have a means to get there," he spoke up.

"I can get you there," Randy explained. "That's the easy part, getting your supplies during this high demand time would be tough, but I think I can work a few miracles."

"And after the school semester ends, where will I go," Norman asked. "Where will I get the money to take care of this?"

"Your father's account of course," he spoke up. "Your dad was a wizard, and much to my disliking he dated a muggle and then dumped her."

"Then she had me," Norman responded. "Why did you wait this long to find me?"

"I was only aware of your magical presence after the hose incident you committed sixteen days ago, I would have come right away, but I needed to file for some mind erasing charms on muggles."

"What's a muggle?"

"Non magic folk," he explained as he checked his watch. "I can arrange some paperwork to give you a new legal guardian on top of an arranged visit for your father in case you want to see him. Now sir, I am being very generous towards all these offers, I suggest you take at least one."

"Why can't I live with my father?"

"Your father was locked up in Azkaban for performing an illegal curse," the man explained. "Normally that will land you with something close to life in prison, he was the classic using the wrong spell for the right reasons case and turned himself in gaining him some small points of leniency. Your father Nick Rodney Silver has been given a twenty- five-year sentence which is more like a slap on the wrist for using such magic. In other words, never ever use an illegal curse or charm when you are learning magic, do you understand me!"

"Yes sir," Norman responded hastily and the man glared at him through his glasses and then nodded.

"Glad we have an understanding," the man smiled. "So yes or no?"

"Yes," Norman spoke up.

"To which of the items I listed? Family, Father, School, or the free ride to the bank I'll give you?"

"A-all of it, yes to all of it."

"Very good," the man smiled. "While my job isn't normally babysitting twelve year old boys, I did ask for the ability to push my boundaries in helping you, due to your condition of not seeing a whole lot of magic until this point… are you in shock?"

"N-no," the Norman responded and the man glared at him once more.

"Brave boy," the man smiled. "Maybe he'll be in Griffindor."

"Griffindor," Norman questioned. The man signaled him to the back seat of his bike. "The foster home."

"Already forgot you lived there," the man explained. "Welcome to the word of wizards." The bike lifted off the ground taking them into the air as he rode Norman straight into a portal. As Norman looked down he saw a huge town underneath him as they rode over to a bank.

"This is amazing," Norman shouted.

"It is? I mean of course it is."

The first thing the two of them took care of was collecting money from the bank. There was a sack of gold coins and a stack of books in the bank, yet Randy only grabbed a handful from the sack and handed it to Norman. "Best to start budgeting," Randy explained.

"You might as well be my legal guardian," Norman huffed and Randy grinned while shaking his head.

"I've already got four kids and a big job, I think I should stop there."

"Is collecting students your only job," Norman asked.

"I don't normally collect students, I'm a secretary of the ministry," he explained. "That pretty much makes me the legal guardian of everyone who works there, as I do various tasks for them like file paperwork and fetch coffee. Don't worry, my daughter will help show you the ropes when you arrive on the train, stick with her and she'll show you how to get along fine there."

"What year is she?"

"Third," he explained. " I have a son who is on his fifth year, and the other two graduated." Norman looked at one of the books in the vault."

"Swipe wand three times then flick, gain the eyes of infinite?"

"A spell your father came up with, while infinite was a stretch, it allowed him to solve crimes by giving him an unrivaled perception."

"Cool, so he was a detective," Norman spoke up.

"Yes, one of the many people I'd fetch refreshments for," Randy explained as he cleaned his glasses. "Nick was tracking down a former Death Eater and was put into a bad position where he was forced to use a killing curse."

"That got him in prison," Norman grunted.

"Indeed, we don't play games in the Ministry," Randy admitted. "No exceptions are made when using that curse, he was lucky to have such a good lawyer at the time."

"Who was his lawyer?"

"Me," he smirked as they left the bank.

"Name a pet?"


"Congratulations, that's the first thing we are going to get."

"What about meeting my dad?"

"Later," Randy promised. "We'll get to him eventually, but education comes first." They retrieved several books for first year wizards and a white gerbil as a pet for Norman. "That was easy, not too expensive either. The expensive part would be your wand."

"A wand? Where are, we going to get that?"

"I suppose Ollivanders would be a good place," Randy explained. "I got my first wand there, and I suppose most wizards and witches go there as well." Randy lead him to a shop that had O;livanders written in the front of it. A paper on the window stated it was featuring new wands. "Amazing, they are saying mermaid tears are now being put into wands. I'd hate to see how that works."

"Tears of joy usually," an old man spoke up from behind them. They turned around to see a white haired old man who walks sort of limping. "I don't subjugate any magic creature to cruelty."

"Wish I could say the same for yourself, does walking hurt that badly Ollivander," Randy asked and the man smiled at him.

"I remember your wand, dragon heart string and Vine wood, short," he smiled.

"Yea, this little thing, it's served me well," Randy grinned to him as they entered the shop. "Why the change in formula now?" A young girl, age twelve with black hair and freckles was standing at the front counter already looking at some of the wands.

"I see like your mother you just help yourself," Ollivander spoke up. The girl looked up at them and smiled.

"This one will do," She dropped a coin pouch on the counter and Ollivander went to go check her wand out.

"Mermaid tear, word got around fast," he smiled. "The wand chooses the wizard, has that wand chose you?" She waved the wand as fireworks emerged in front of her. "It has, you have a good eye Ms."

"Cook," she replied. "Wendi Cook."

"Well Wendi Cook, we do give special discounts to bright youngsters," the man smiled.

"Give the extra coin to him, he looks like he can barely afford a new wand." Norman raised a brow and she just smiled before heading out of the store.

"What's with this new formula, you usually stick to three cores?"

"I'm getting old," the wand maker smiled. "I'd like to try something new if only for a little while. The wand she had was…" He looked at his counter and then sighed. "Made differently than my others."

"Right, it was made from the joy of a Mermaid."

"No, not that one," he explained as he handed the girl's change to Norman. "I made these wands limited time offer because I could only get the formula right twenty percent of the time. Some of the wands turned out terrible, because after I collected some tears of joy from the mermaids, one of them slowly turned from happy to terrified, to completely upset. I stopped collecting tears after that."

"She has a wand made from a tear of sadness," Randy grunted. "We can chase her down and snap the wand."

"No, if that is the wand she feels comfortable with, I'll let her get a shot at it. If not, I have some nice unicorn horn core wands I'm sure she'd appreciate." Norman looked at the row of wands Wendi had already broken into. He moved to each wand as the two grownups bantered at each other. He suddenly focused on a white wand that had a yellow stone in the middle of it as he grabbed hold of it. His eyes began to spark from it as a single tear fell from his face.

"That's the other one," Randy spoke up as he moved to take it from Norman before getting slapped by the Ollivander.

"This wand chose that boy," he explained.

"Yea, we don't need to know the mystery of that," Randy grunted. "Look, you stopped making mermaid tear wands after just starting because you realized it's wrong, so why keep these?"

"Because turning pain to passion isn't wrong," Ollivander explained. "continuously inflicting pain however is. I'm proud I managed to get these two wands owners so soon. I thought they'd never sell due to the extent of their creation. I used Holly Tree for both and the same core, I just made them different sizes due to the branches I had. Norman's is a ten-inch wand, while her wand is seven inches."

"What does that have to do with anything," Randy asked.

"I made them perfectly, that what that means. They have owners they'll work for."

"Fine, we'll by it, but get rid of anymore sad mermaid wands, I don't want to make this a ministry issue."

"Those were the only two tears I collected from that mermaid, I didn't have the heart to continue after that." Norman headed out with his new wand and a slightly edgy care taker.

"What's next on the list," Randy growled as they shuffled along the road. "Right your father."