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Turn 13:

Battle Royale Begins

The entire Stadium cheered and clapped their hands. Sixteen Duelists, the remaining ones in the Junior Youth Championship, stood proudly in the middle of the Stadium.

"Kurosaki Shun didn't come, it seems." Ryu thought aloud as he looked from left to right, not seeing the said person anywhere.

"Where did he go?" Gong wondered. "The event is about to start." he reminded. Even the three Duelists from the Knight of Duels seemed to take notice of Kurosaki's absence.

"Everyone! Thank you for waiting!" the usual cheery voice of Nico shouted as he appeared beside the Duelists. "Right now, a Battle Royal between these sixteen Junior Youth competitors will take place!" he told as everyone seemed shocked by the revelation.

"Now then, let's explain the rules! The match will begin at noon and at that time Actions Cards will be spread out! And here's the important part: there are Pendulum Cards all scattered along the city, made by the LDS Corporation!"

"So we can all Pendulum Summon!?" Ryu asked, seeming shocked.

"The competitors must find at least two of them and then Duel!" Nico continued. "The matches will be held under the Ante Rule with the Pendulum Cards included. The winner gets to takes the amount of bet Pendulum Cards by the loser and acquire them as their own! The time limit is twenty-four hours!"

"Also, the city will be split into four areas based on the fields in the Field Spell: Wonder Quartet. The competitors are free to Duel in any of these areas! Let's start! All Duelists, prepare your Duel Disks!"

On cue, the sixteen entrants equipped their Duel Disks as their energy blades came to life. [Battle Royal Mode - Activated.]

The crowd erupted into cheers as the gate opened, revealing the streets of Maiami City. "Now then, let's get this started! Duelists locked in battle! Kicking the earth and dancing in the air alongside their monsters! They storm through this field! Behold, this is the newest and greatest evolution of Dueling! Action..."

"DUEL!" the sixteen shouted together as they ran into the city which transformed into four different zones as the Wonder Quartet Action Field got activated.

In the Volcano Area...

"With this, I've got two."

Ryu thought as he stared at the two Pendulum Monsters in his hand, one being Pendulum Statue Yellow Beetle and the other Pendulum Statue Purple Lance. He nodded to himself as he placed the two cards in his deck.

"Now that you have two, you'll be Dueling us!"

Ryu narrowed his eyes as he turned around, seeing two fellow competitors some feet away. One was a short fair skinned male who wore yellow martial arts clothing. He has glasses and a Mickey Mouse-like hat. The other was a tall fair skinned male who wore blue martial arts clothing and had black hair tied up in a pigtail.

"I'm Takeda Makoto from the Ryozanpaku Dojo!" the smaller one spoke. "And together with my friend, Umesugi Ken, we'll take you one!"

"We'll make sure to humiliate you, Fuji Ryu!" the taller one vowed as they both raised their Duel Disks.

"A two-on-one Duel," Ryu sighed as he raised his own Duel Disk. "Bunch of cowards."

"DUEL!" the three shouted.

Ryu - LP 4000


Makoto - LP 4000


Ken - LP 4000

"I'll be taking the first turn," Ryu announced as he took hold of two cards in his hand. "Using the scale 3 Pendulum Statue Purple Lance and the scale 9 Pendulum Statue Yellow Beetle, I set the Pendulum Scales!"

Two pillars of blue light formed by Ryu's sides as two monsters rose up: Purple Lance, as the name suggests, was a lance-shaped purple crystal (SC 3). Yellow Beetle, on the other hand, was a yellow colored statue resembling a beetle with a green spear sticking out its head (SC 9).

"Bring it on!" Makoto shouted as he grinned.

"We'll drag you into the darkness of defeat!" Ken told with his own smirk.

"Darkness?" Ryu echoed. "No... I won't do that again... I won't hurt anybody! With the currently set Pendulum Scales, I can simultaneously summon monsters through Level 4 and 8! Pendulum Summon! Come forth!"

A portal opened between the two pillars as a ray of light shot out of it. "Water Lord of Judgment - Miseria!" Ryu called out as his Ace Monster appeared by his side. "Due to the Pendulum Effect of Purple Lance, all monsters I control gain 300 ATK, and with Yellow Beetle, all Normal Monsters I control gain 300 ATK!"

Both statues in the Pendulum Zones glowed as Miseria's power rose (ATK 2500 → 3100). "I end my turn with this!"

"My turn!" Makoto declared as he drew. Just like Ryu, he held up two cards from his hand. "You aren't the only one who can Pendulum Summon; using the scale 5 Pendulum Statue Purple Shield and the scale 11 Pendulum Statue Purple Sword, I set the Pendulum Scales!"

A purple crystal shield and sword appeared on his field in pillars of blue light with a 5 and 11 under them. "Pendulum Summon! Come to me! Level 6: Tsumuji the Earthwind Star! Level 7: Arashi the Skywind Star!"

Two monsters shot out the Pendulum Portal as they landed beside Makoto: Tsumuji was a human with fair skin and two yellow eyes. It wore green armor and had a dark-blue eagle-like hoodie over its head (ATK 2200). Arashi had the exact same attire as its comrade but had a white eagle-like hoodie and its eyes were red (ATK 2300).

"I activate the Pendulum Effect of Purple Sword!" Makoto stated. "Once per turn, I can have all Warrior monsters I control gain 200 ATK!"

Both warriors on his field gained a fiery aura (ATK 2200 → 2400) (ATK 2300 → 2500). "Next I activate the effect of Arashi: once per turn, I can change one other Wind monster on my side of the field to Defense Position and have Arashi gain that monster's ATK until the end of this turn!"

"What!" Ryu gasped as Tsumuji crouched on one knee and Arashi gained another power boost (ATK → DEF 2000) (ATK 2500 → 4900).

"Next I activate Tsumuji's own effect!" Makoto grinned wider. "Once per turn, if I control another Wind monster on my field, I can change the battle position of a face-up monster my opponent controls! I choose your Ace!"

Miseria took a defensive stance (ATK → DEF 2000) beside its owner. "Also, the turn I use this effect, whenever a Wind monster attacks a Defense Position monster, I can inflict piercing damage to my opponent!"

"There's even more!" Ryu grunted to his opponent's explanation.

"Battle! Arashi will attack your Ace!" Makoto announced as said monster fired an arrow towards its target.

Ryu gritted his teeth as he started running, looking for an Action Card. "I activate the effect of Ice Blade Joker in my hand! By discarding it and targeting Miseria, this turn, it can't be destroyed by battle or card effects!"

Ryu took notice of a card laying on the ground, making him smile. However, just as he was about to pick it up, Ken clashed into him and made Ryu fall on the ground, all while Ken gathered the Action Card.

The arrow which Arashi fired hit Miseria, but didn't destroy the latter (LP 4000 → 1100). "It seems this card couldn't help anyway!" Ken told as he also grinned wider. "I activate the Action Spell, Flame Ball inflicting 200 damage to you!"

Four spheres of fire burst out the card as they hit Ryu, making him fall to one knee (LP 1100 → 900).

"Nice one Umesugi!" Makoto praised his comrade.

"Leave it to me, Takeda!" Ken returned the praise.

"You might act thought and powerful," Ryu said as he stood up. "However all your strength is nothing else than your cowardly-way of Dueling."

"You shouldn't run your mouth just yet!" Makoto warned his opponent. "Because my turn isn't over yet! Now that my Battle Phase is over, I enter my Main Phase 2 and activate the Spell Card, Polymerization! I fuse Arashi and Tsumuji!"

"Blow wind! Rage storm! Surging God of destruction, reign over this land! FUSION SUMMON! Come, Level 10: Supreme Wind Star, Fuujin!"

The new monster which emerged from the portal was clad in dark-green armor and held a purple scythe (ATK 3000). "I end my turn, but at this moment, the effect of Fuujin activates! During either player's End Phase, I inflict 500 damage to my opponent for each Warrior monster on the field!"

Fuujin swung its massive scythe as a storm of wind blew past Ryu (LP 900 → 400). "I've only got 400 LP remaining..." Ryu muttered as he started running.

"I won't let you escape!" Makoto vowed as he followed the ninja-Duelist.

"My turn!" Ken shouted as he drew his card. "Here comes my Pendulum! I, using the scale 5 Purple Shield and the scale 11 Purple Sword, set the Pendulum Scales!"

The same Pendulum Monsters which Makoto used appeared now on Ken's field too. "Pendulum Summon! Come forth, Level 6: Todoroki the Earthbolt Star! Level 7: Senko the Skybolt Star!"

Two monsters emerged from the portal as they stood beside Ken: Todoroki wore orange-red armor and had a hedgehog-like hoodie over its blond hair (ATK 2100). Senko, on the other hand, wore dark-purple armor and had a ferret-like hoodie over its purple hair (ATK 2400).

"I activate Purple Sword's Pendulum Effect," Ken stated as he smiled. "Once per turn, I can have all Warrior monsters I control gain 200 ATK! Also, as long as Senko is face-up on my field, all Light monsters gain the ability to deal piercing damage!"

Both warriors got surrounded by a fiery aura as they gave a battle cry (ATK 2100 → 2300) (ATK 2400 → 2600). "Battle! Senko attack his Ace Monster!"

The said monster jumped towards Miseria as it swung its staff. Ryu managed to pick up an Action Card as the attacked got closer by the second. "Evasion! This negates your attack!"

A transparent barrier formed around the Water Lord as it protected it from any harm. "Don't forget I've got two monsters!" Ken reminded. "Battle! Todoroki attacks next!"

The other warrior swung its club at Miseria as the latter got hit and destroyed (LP 400 → 100). "To think they could destroy Miseria this easily..." Ryu muttered.

"It seems you escape defeat. Now my Battle Phase comes to an end," Ken stated. "Allowing me to activate my own Polymerization, fusing Todoroki and Senko!"

"Flash across the Heavens! Echo through the Earth! Lightning God of destruction, reign over this land! FUSION SUMMON! Come forth: Supreme Lightning Star, Raijin!"

The warrior God which emerged from the portal wore yellow armor and held a black sword (ATK 3000). "I end my turn!" Ken announced as he looked at Makoto.

"And now the effect of Fuujin activates!" the other declared. "You take 500 damage for each Warrior monster on the field, with two, that's a total of 1000 damage!"

The Supreme Wind Star swung its scythe once again as a storm of wind blew in Ryu direction. The latter gasped as his eyes scanned for an Action Card as the storm got closer second by second...

In the Ancient Ruins area...

Kurosaki Shun widens his eyes as he pointed forward. "Battle! Raidraptor - Rise Falcon; rend and tear all! Brave Claw Revolution!"

Said Xyz Monster screeched above Shun as its body got covered in flames. Rise Falcon flew up the sky as it then dived down against its owner's opponents, Ashley, Bram, and Carl from the Knights of Duels. All three Duelists fell to the ground as their LP hit zero.

"These are not fit to be Lancers," Shun said as he turned to leave.

The sound of somebody clapping their hands made him stop in his tracks. Shun moved his gaze towards his left and saw a young person standing some feet away ahead of him. "It's you... Shiunin... Sora..."

"It's good to know you remember me!" Sora chuckled as he narrowed his green eyes at his enemy. "I've been waiting for this. For when I can settle the score with you, Kurosaki Shun!"

"After returning to your Dimension in nothing but shame, you're still obsessed with that?" Shun asked. "Having lost once wasn't enough?"

"On the contrary, it was perfect!" Sora told as his smirk widen. "It made me understand how I needed to gain more power in order to crush all of you Xyz scums! Now that my deck and I have evolved, I'm ready to take you on and defeat you! But first..."

The cyan-haired male snapped his fingers as three blue uniformed figures emerged from the shadows from behind Shun. "It seems your cowardliness is still the same." the latter comment.

"Oh don't get me wrong," Sora quickly exclaimed as he motioned towards the three Knights of Duels lying on the ground. "I just don't want those three interfering with us. Guys! You know what to do."

The three Obelisk Force members raised their Duel Disks as from each a purple light flashed, covering Ashley, Bram, and Carl. As the light faded away, the only remaining were three cards with the bruised faces of the three Knights of Duels.

"Please, come this way Kurosaki," Sora spoke up as he extended his arm towards said person. "I've already chosen our battlefield. Follow me."

"No matter what tricks you try to pull, you won't win," Shun told as he walked past the cyan-haired male, who followed him.

"Shiunin Sora doesn't want any interference while he's Dueling," the Obelisk Force member with a red jewel in its helmet told the other two. "For now, we'll close off this area by carding anybody who enters it."

"You won't be carding anybody as long as I'm here, Academia!"

The three Obelisk Force members turned around to see a person walking towards them. The newcomer had a black long-neck-shirt under a black and cream-colored jacket, black colored jeans, and brown boots. The person wore a black cloak around its shoulders. A red scarf was tied around the person's long black hair which hangs down in a high ponytail.

Ryx glared as he activated his Duel Disk. "Fight me."

"And who are you?" the one with a yellow jewel asked.

"Since he knew we were from Academia, he must be a Xyz Remnant," the green jeweled one told. "In which case, we must eliminate you."

"I may not remember if I ever Dueled with an Obelisk Force member before," Ryx thought as he clenched his fists. "But Shun told me everything about their strategies. My deck is also constructed around that given information, so I mustn't lose. For Shun and the Resistance's sake!"

"DUEL!" the four shouted.

Ryx - LP 4000


Red - LP 4000


Yellow - LP 4000


Green - LP 4000

"I'll start us off! My turn!" Ryx shouted as he examined the five cards in his hand. "To start things off, I normal summon Nature Nume Deity from my hand! Then, since I control a Nume monster, I can special summon Fire Nume Deity from my hand!"

His two monsters formed beside Ryx as both gave a battle cry (ATK 500) (ATK 500). "The turn Fire Nume Deity is summoned, I can inflict 1000 damage to my opponent!" Ryx explained as his Fire Nume Deity threw a sphere of flames towards the Obelisk Force, however, it only hit one of the three, Red (LP 4000 → 3000).

"You've jammed your Duel Disk so the only one takes damage at a time, huh?" Ryx thought aloud. "Not that will help you from escaping defeat. Using my two Level 3 monsters, I build the Overlay Network!"

Nature and Fire Nume Deity turned into rays of light as they entered a galaxy-like portal. "The guardian deity of souls, pass judgment upon all our foes! Xyz Summon! Come forth, Rank 3: Guardian Nume Deity!"

The Xyz Monster which emerged from the portal held two wooden shields depicturing a lion's head (DEF 2500). "Next I activate a Continous Spell: Nume's Cursed Reflection! As long as this card is in play, every time I would take damage from a card effect, that damage is redirected to my opponent! With this, I end my turn!"

"After a Xyz Summon, he activates a card which protects him from effect damage?" Yellow wondered as he turned to his comrade who took damage. "It seems we're fighting a well-informed enemy. Must be a Xyz Remnant."

"It doesn't matter who he is," Red scoffed as he glared at his opponent. "He's getting in our way, a very good reason to card this fool. My turn, draw! I normal summon Antique Gear Hound Dog from my hand!"

A mechanical dark-green dog monster appeared beside Red as it howled (ATK 1000). "Now I activate its effect, allowing me to Fusion Summon without the need of a Fusion card by using monsters on my field and hand! I fuse Hound Dog with Antique Gear Fusion Core in my hand which can be treated as any Antique Gear monster when used as Fusion Material!"

Antique Gear Fusion Core was a rusty colored machine: its body was a giant rotating gear with a glass-ball in its center in which electricity cracked. The two monsters swirled in a red and blue portal as Red chanted.

"Mechanical hound and gear who carry on the ancient spirits, flock together and become one with new power! Fusion Summon! Appear now! Level 5: Antique Gear Double Bite Hound Dog!"

A monster very similar to Hound Dog launched out the portal: this one had two heads instead of one (ATK 1400). "I activate the effect of Fusion Core in my graveyard: by discarding Antique Gear Supporter from my hand, I can add this card back to my hand! Next, I activate Polymerization from my hand, fusing together Double Bite Hound Dog and Fusion Core!"

"Mechanical hound and gear who carry on the ancient spirits, flock together and become one with new power! Fusion Summon! Appear now! Level 7: Antique Gear Triple Bite Hound Dog!"

An Antique Gear Hound Gog with three head launched out the Fusion Portal with a mechanical howl (ATK 1800). "The effect of Antique Gear Supporter in my graveyard activates! When I summon an Antique Gear monster, this card becomes an Equip Card to that monster, increasing its ATK by 1000!"

Antique Gear Supporter formed on Red's field: this monster's body was a giant rusty gear too, but it had two machine guns sticking out from its sides. The gear attached itself onto Triple Bite's back (ATK 1800 → 2800).

"Battle!" Red announced as he pointed forward. "Triple Bite Hound Dog attack his Xyz Monster!"

The two machine guns on the Hounds back started firing bullets after bullets towards its target. "I activate the effect of Guardian Nume Deity!" Ryx abruptly stated. "By using an Overlay Unit, I negate your attack! Holy Shield!"

A sphere of light orbiting around Guardian Nume Deity got absorbed into its chest as a transparent barrier formed around the monster, protecting it from the bullets.

"You managed to save yourself this time, but my monster can attack three times during the Battle Phase!" Red revealed as he smirked evilly. "Go! Attack for a second time!"

"Then I'll just activate my monster's effect for the second time! Holy Shield!"

The same outcome repeated itself, leaving Ryx and his monster unharmed.

"But now your pathetic Xyz Monster doesn't have any Overlay Units left!" Red sneered. "And I've still got an attack left! Antique Gear Triple Bite Hound Dog attacks for a third time!"

"There are more ways to stop an attack!" Ryx told as he held up a card from his hand. "I activate the effect of Thunder Nume Deity in my hand: when a Nume monster is attacked, by special summoning this card from my hand, I can negate your attack!"

In a flash of light, Thunder Nume Deity appeared by Guardian's side as a transparent shield formed in front of Ryx's field, blocking another round of bullets.

"Also, when Thunder Nume Deity is summoned, I can special summon a Nume monster from my deck! I choose Ancient Nume Deity!"

The newly summoned Nume monster held two shields made of rock instead of wood. They depictured a monkey (DEF 1000).

"Persistent little brat..." Red muttered in anger. "I set a card and end my turn! But don't get ahead of yourself, because my comrades' will teach you a lesson in opposing us!"

"You don't need to say that again!" Green smirked widely at Red's words. "My turn, draw! I activate the Continous Spell, Antique Gear Fortress. But this card won't stay for long because I activate Antique Gear Catapult! With this Spell Card, if I control no monsters, by destroying a face-up card I control, I can special summon an Antique Gear monster from my deck! So I destroy Fortress to special summon Antique Gear Gadget from my deck!"

A little rusty robot formed by Green's side: It had a large gear on its back and a red, green, yellow gear on its chest (ATK 500). "Now, since Antique Gear Fortress got destroyed, I can special summon an Antique Gear monster from my hand or graveyard! Say hi to Antique Gear Wyvern!"

A dragon-like monster made of rusty metal appeared beside Green as it howled (1700). "By tributing these two monsters, I Advance Summon! Appear! Level 9: Antique Gear Reactor Dragon!"

The two monsters burst into particles as they got replaced by a giant rusty dragon with old rags as its wings. The dragon's eyes flashed a bright pink as it roared (ATK 3000).

"You should tremble in fear kid!" Green told as he looked at his newly summoned dragon. "Reactor Dragon gains different effects based on the monsters I tributed for its summon: since I used a Gadget monster, Reactor Dragon can now attack twice during the Battle Phase! Since I used an Antique Gear, my dragon can now inflict piercing damage! But this guy's third effect is my favorite. Do you wanna know why? When Reactor Dragon attacks, you can't activate Spell, Trap AND Monster Effects!"

"In other words, when Reactor Dragon attacks you can't say anything about it!" Yellow continued his fellow Duelist's words.

"That is little importance to me," Ryx stated as he closed his eyes. "As long as Guardian Nume Deity is on my field, you can't attack other Nume monsters I control. Also, Ancient Nume Deity has the same effect."

"But that would mean-!"

"Exactly," Ryx cut off Red's words as he reopened his eyes. "You can't declare an attack. And since both Guardian and Ancient's effects are Continous Effects, Reactor Dragon's negation effect can't be activated if it can't attack in the first place!"

"You waited for the bitter end to reveal their effects, you Xyz scum..." Green muttered as he clenched his fists. "As it stands I can attack... I activate the Spell Card Antique Gear Sniper from my hand: with this card, if I control a Level 6 or higher Antique Gear monster, I can destroy one Spell or Trap card on the field and inflict 600 damage to my opponent! I choose your Continous Spell!"

A lightning bolt shot out the Spell Card as it hit Nume's Cursed Reflection, destroying it and lowering Ryx's LP (LP 4000 → 3400). "With this, I end my turn!"

"That's my cue!" Yellow shouted as he drew. "I activate the Spell Card Antique Gear Litter from my hand! This card allows me to send an Antique Gear Fusion Monster from my Extra Deck to the graveyard along with a monster which is listed on that card from my deck! I send Antique Gear Double Bite Hound Dog and Antique Gear Hound Dog to the graveyard! Next, I activate Antique Gear Scrap Fusion which allows me to use these two monsters in my graveyard for a Fusion Summon!"

"Mechanical hounds who carry on the ancient spirits, flock together and become one with new power! Fusion Summon! Appear now! Level 7! Antique Gear Triple Bite Hound Dog!"

Another three-headed hound emerged from the Fusion Portal with a howl (ATK 1800).

"Even their summoning chants are the same..." Ryx sighed in desperation.

"I normal summon Antique Gear Hound Dog from my hand and activate its effect! When normal summoned, it burns away 600 of your LP! Do it: Hound Flame!"

Another Hound Dog formed beside Yellow as it opened its mouth, revealing a flamethrower as fire shot out of it, hitting Ryx (LP 3400 → 2800).

"I hope you're keeping up because I'm just getting started!" Yellow taunted with a wide grin. "I activate the other effect of Hound Dog, allowing me to fuse it with Triple Bite without the need of a Fusion Card!"

"Mechanical hounds who carry on the ancient spirits, flock together and become one with new power! Fusion Summon! Appear now! Level 9: Antique Gear Ultimate Hound Dog!"

A new version of Hound Dog emerged: this one was a dark-red colored hound with three heads and several sharp tails sticking out from its back (ATK 2800). "Its effect activates! When Ultimate Hound Dog is Fusion Summoned, your LP is cut in half!"

The three head released a massive stream of energy which hit Ryx who stumbled backward, almost falling off his feet (LP 2800 → 1400).

"I can't attack, so I'll end my turn with two face-down," Yellow concluded. "You were an idiot to take all of us three head-on, let me tell you that. Your own idiocy will be your downfall!"

Ryx's eyes started faintly glowing as he took hold of the top card of his deck. "My-"

"My turn!"

Everybody gasped at the shout of a new voice. [Intrusion Penalty: 2000 LP] the newly arrived person's Duel Disk told as shockwaves run along their body (LP 4000 → 2000).

"I, the man Gong, do not approve of your way of Dueling!" Gong shouted as he walked up beside Ryx. "Don't worry Ryu: I'll aid you in this Duel!"

"Ryu?" the other muttered confuse as his eyes turned normal.

"Somebody else wants to be crushed?" Red laughed together with his comrades. "Very well: be our guest. You'll lose anyway."

Gong narrowed his eyes at the taunts. "Since I have no Spell or Trap cards in my graveyard, by discarding a Superheavy Samurai monster from my hand, I can special summon Superheavy Samurai Trumpeter from my hand!"

A little red colored robot appeared beside him as it held up its trumpet (ATK 300). "Next I normal summon Superheavy Samurai Scales from my hand and use its effect! When this card is summoned, I can revive one Level 4 or lower Superheavy Samurai monster from my graveyard; the one I choose is Superheavy Samurai Soulhorns!"

A green colored robot holding a scale formed on his field (ATK 800). Another Superheavy Samurai materialized on Gong's field, this one has an appearance similar to a chest plate with two horns sticking out from its sides (ATK 0).

"I tune the Level 4 Scales to my Level 2 Trumpeter!" Gong shouted as Trumpeter turned into two green rings as Scales entered them, gaining an orange outline. "Rise your war cry. Divine ogre! Show yourself. On this battlefield infested by evil! Synchro Summon! Now depart for the front! Level 6: Superheavy Samurai Ogre Shutendoji!"

A red colored machine formed on Gong's field as it swung its club and sitting cross-legged (DEF 2500). "A Synchro Summon..." Ryx muttered astonished. "Just like Ryh..."

"The effect of Shutendoji activates!" Gong exclaimed. "When this card is Synchro Summoned while I have no Spell or Trap cards in my graveyard, I can destroy all Spell and Trap cards you control!"

"What did you say!?"

Shutendoji swung its club as it created a storm of wind to destroy all the face-down on the Obelisk Forces' field. "Our Trap Cards..."

"I activate the effect of Soulhorns on my field to equip it to Shutendoji. I also activate the effect of Superheavy Samurai Soulshield Wall in my hand, equipping it to Shutendoji and raising its DEF by 1200!"

Soulhorns attached itself onto Shutendoji's shoulders as a giant green colored machine wall also combined with the Synchro Monster around its left arm (DEF 2500 → 3700).

"And how do you plan on attacking us exactly?" Yellow sneered. "Your monster is in Defense Position, so you can's attack!"

"Superheavy Samurai Ogre Shutendoji can attack in Defense Position by using its DEF during the Damage Calculation," Gong revealed, shocking the three opponents. "Battle! Shutendoji attack Antique Gear Triple Bite Hound Dog!"

The Synchro Monster used its club to hit the Hound Dog, destroying it with ease and damaging Red (LP 3000 → 2100). "With the effect of Soulhorns, since I have no Spell or Trap Cards in my graveyard, Shutendoji can attack twice during the Battle Phase!"

"What!?" Red gasped in horror as Shutendoji swung its weapon once again, sending Red flying off his feet (LP 2100 → 0). The Obelisk Force member vanished in a light as his LP hit zero, disappearing from the area.

"Impossible..." Green whispered in fear. "A nobody from Standard... actually managed to defeat one of us..."

"I, the man Gong, have just begun!" he announced. "I activate the effect of Superheavy Samurai Kōgek-II in my hand! After a Superheavy Samurai monster finished its attack, by discarding this card, that monster can attack another monster once again in a row!"

"Battle! Shutendoji will now attack the other Hound Dog!"

The Superheavy Samurai destroyed the Ultimate Hound Dog on Yellow's field (LP 4000 → 3100). "And since the monster which Kōgek-II allowed to attack again destroyed a monster in battle, you take damage equal to half its ATK!"

Shutendoji smashed the ground in front of Yellow, sending the latter falling onto his back (LP 3100 → 1700). "You lowlife..." he grunted in pain.

"With this, I end my turn." Gong concluded as he turned to his 'friend'. "Next is your turn, Ryu. Show them your way of Dueling."

"I'm not Ryu, you idiot," Ryx hissed, much to the other's confusion. "My name is Ryx!"

"Eh?" Gong seemed confused. "But you-"

"Look exactly like him?" the long-haired male finished. "I don't know why myself why, but we two have the same face. I thank you for getting rid of my opponents' face-downs, even if it was unnecessary. Next, it's my turn! I draw!"

"First I activate the Spell Card Xyz Treasure, allowing me to draw two cards since there are two Xyz Monsters on the field. Now, I activate Instant Overlay, turning this Quick-Play Spell into Guardian Nume Deity's Overlay Unit. To finish things, I activate the Continous Spell, Rank-Up-Magic - Crest Force!"

"H-Hold up!" Yellow called out, eyes wide. "I-If that card is a Continous Spell, that means-"

"Every turn I can use its effect to Rank-Up Summon?" Ryx finished with a cruel smile. "Exactly. Let me be the first one to spread fear into your hearts, Academia! I activate Crest Force's effect! Once per turn, by detaching an Overlay Unit from a Xyz Monster I control, I can Rank-Up that monster and special summon a new Xyz Monster which is 1 Rank higher!"

"Rank-Up...?" Gong thought surprised. "Ryu can do the same thing as Kurosaki? No wait - this person isn't Ryu, is he? So he was telling the truth about not being my so known friend?"

"Using the Rank 3 Guardian Nume Deity, I reconstruct the Overlay Network!" Ryx declared as his Xyz Monster reentered the galaxy-like portal. "RANK-UP XYZ CHANGE! Appear: Rank 4! SAVIOR NUME DEITY!"

The new monster had a similar appearance to Guardian Nume Deity, with chaos-like energy running along its body and shields which showed a lion (ATK 0).

"H-Haha! You got me worried there, kid," Green said sounding relieved. "You went through that trouble just to get out a monster with zero ATK? Have you lost it?"

"During my turn only, Savior Nume Deity's ATK becomes equal to the difference between my current LP and 4000," Ryx explained ignoring his opponent. "Which means its ATK stand at 2600. Continuing with my turn, I overlay my Level 3 Thunder and Ancient Nume Deity!"

"Another Xyz Summon?" Gong asked shocked.

"The deity which hides in the shadows, appear and pass judgment upon all our foes!" Ryx chanted. "XYZ SUMMON! Come forth: Rank 3! Shadow Nume Deity!"

Shadow Nume Deity emerged from the galaxy-like portal with two light spheres orbiting around it (ATK 0) as it stood beside Savior Nume Deity (ATK 0 → 2600). "Since a Nume Xyz Monster has been summoned to my field, Nature Nume Deity becomes an Overlay Unit to that monster from my graveyard, also, thanks to Ancient Nume's other effect, Shadow Nume Deity gains 1000 ATK since I used the former as Material for its summon!"

Two more lights formed as they orbited around Shadow Nume Deity (ATK 0 → 1000/OVU x 4). "Battle! First I'll get rid of the trash! Shadow Nume Deity attack Yellow directly! At the same time, I detach an Overlay Unit from Shadow Nume in order to increase its ATK by 1000!"

"No, wait!" Yellow tried to argue but Shadow Nume Deity rammed its body into him, making him cry in pain as he vanished in light (LP 1700 → 0).

"The last one is you," Ryx said as he pointed at Green who shrieked. "Battle: Savior Nume Deity attacks Antique Gear Reactor Dragon! I detach two Overlay Units from Shadow Nume in order to increase Savior Nume's ATK by 2000!"

Like Shadow Nume, Savior (ATK 2600 → 4600) also rammed its body into the enemy, making the rusty dragon explode as Green fell to his knees (LP 4000 → 2400).

"Let's see how these Action Cards work," Ryx said as he picked up an Action Card from a nearby wall. "It seems the Goddess of luck is on my side: I activate Wonder Chance, allowing my Savior Nume Deity to attack yet again!"

"This can't be happening!" Green yelled as he got hit by the Xyz Monster, sending him flying and vanishing in light (LP 2400 → 0).

Winner: Ryx - Gong!

"To defeat not one but two opponents during the same turn," Gong muttered astonished. "I, the man Gong, am really surprised."

"You should run away," Ryx spoke up. "Academia is everywhere in the city by now. You might have been lucky to win, but if you lose, there won't be a second chance."

"Who... are you? Are you Ryu's brother perhaps?"

"Dear God no!" Ryx snapped at Gong's question. "I'm not his brother! And why aren't you listening to me! Get lost before Academia finds you!"

"I, the man Gong, won't move from this spot until you tell me what's going on here!"

Ryx let out a long sigh as he saw Gong's seriousness. "Academia: a school in the Fusion Dimension that trains Duel Soldiers which are used to conquer the other Dimensions by turning its populace into cards. They already succeeded in destroying the Xyz Dimension, Shun, and my homeland..."

"Dimension? But more importantly, Duel Soldiers!?" the other parroted shocked. "I, the man Gong, do not improve! Dueling isn't supposed to hurt people, and more importantly, destroy other people's homelands!"

"Don't tell me, tell that to Academia!" Ryx said in anger. "The war has now come to the Standard Dimension... you're doomed."

"But what do you mean by Dimensions? Also, you mentioned something about being turned into cards, right? Explain."

"Look, we ain't got time to talk about it right when our enemy is making their move!" Ryx shouted. "Your little friend Ryu should know about all this stuff, so go ask him!"

"What? How should he know?"

"Hoh? You mean to tell me he didn't say nothing about it?" the long-haired male asked with a faint smile. "Maybe you should reconsider calling him a friend. There are more secrets around that guy than you think," he told before running off into the distance.

"Oi, wait! What do you mean!?" Gong inquired but with no response.

In the Frozen Area...

"Oh my sweet God!" a voice cried out in anger. "Can my day get any worse...?"

Fahrenheart Ryh looked at his surroundings with wide eyes. He was just taking a walk in the city's harbor when everything suddenly turned into ice and the temperature dropped below zero.

"Great..." he muttered as a cold shiver ran along his back. "I'm freezing! What the heck happened!"

"Stop right there!" a new voice shouted.

"I didn't do anything!" Ryh whined as he spun around, seeing another teen walking towards. "Wait a second - you have the same face as me!"

"You don't say!" the other person, Yofune Rys, sighed sarcastically. "It seems these idiots in the Standard Dimension are holding a tournament and they thought turning the whole city into a battlefield would be a good idea!"

"Yeah, that sounds pretty stupid," Ryh agreed with a nod. "Returning to the main topic: how come we share the same face?"

"I don't know," said Rys shrugging his shoulders. "I don't make that question anymore since you're the third person I see with my face."

"Third? You're my fourth one!"

"Wait, four!? So you mean there are two more people with my face!?"

"Yup!" Ryh laughed. "One was is a ninja for some reason, the other one is always bored and uses Xyz Monsters!"

"Oh yeah, the one with the Nume monsters... hold up, did you just say one is a ninja?"

"Yeah! He's really cool don't you think!?"

"Oh God... why do all people who have my face are weirdos!?"

"Hey!" Ryh shouted, seeming hurt. "I'm not a weirdo! I'm just a psycho! It's different!"

"Like that makes things better..."

"Yofune Rys!" another voice shouted. "The time has come for your punishment!"

"Oh great..." the said teen muttered. "The Obelisk Force..."

True to his words, three Obelisk Force members jumped down from the nearby building, surrounding him. "You'll feel the wrath of Academia!"

"It seems you're in trouble!" Ryh laughed as he turned to leave. "Well, I'll leave you be-"

"You're not escaping us," Yellow sneered. "The Professor wants everyone with the same face as Yofune Rys carded. Thus, you're also a target."

"Why would the Professor want us dead? I understand why he wants me dead, but why the other three...?"

"Pffff! Hahahaha!"

"What's so funny!?" Red snapped at Ryh's laugher.

"It's really funny how you fools think you can defeat me!" Ryh chuckled as he smirked maniacally. "I might not know who the Hell you are, but I know this: you're just a tool for my entertainment! Now, let's get this over with!"

"Wow... you were actually right," said Rys seeming shocked. "You being a psycho... it's very different from being a weirdo..."

"Thank you-"

"It's actually worse."


"Have you two finished saying your goodbyes!?" Green asked as the three Obelisk Force members smirked.

"DUEL!" the five shouted.

Ryh - LP 4000


Rys - LP 4000


Red - LP 4000


Yellow - LP 4000


Green - LP 4000

"It's my turn!" Red shouted with glee. "I normal summon Antique Gear Hound Dog and activate its effect: when this card is normal summoned, it burns away 600 of your LP! Hound Flame!"

A mechanical dark-green dog monster appeared beside Red as it howled (ATK 1000) and released flames from its mouth, hitting the other two (Ryh - Rys LP 4000 → 3400).

"I set a card and end my turn!"

"Then It's my turn, draw!" Green announced as he drew. "I also summon Antique Gear Hound Dog and activate its effect! Hound Flame!"

Another Hound Dog formed on the enemy's field as it launched another round of flames at the two sharing the same face (Ryh - Rys LP 3400 → 2800).

"Battle! Antique Gear Hound Dog attacks Rys directly!"

"Time out! That's not fair!" Ryh whined as his team-mate gritted his teeth. "We didn't even get our turns yet!"

"That's how Academia fights," Rys told as he glared. "The Obelisk Force uses dirty tactics like these to gain the advantage, also, when they activate a card effect which inflicts damage, it hits all of us, while we can only damage one of them at a time."

"Cowards!" Ryh shouted as Hound Dog rammed its body into Rys, making him stumbled backward (LP 2800 → 1800).

"I set a card and end my turn!"

"Then I'm up!" Yellow laughed as he drew. "I summon my own Antique Gear Hound Dog and use its effect! Hound Flame!"

A third Hound Dog formed on the battlefield as it released flames from its mouth, hitting its mark (Rys: LP 1800 → 1200) (Ryh: LP 2800 → 2200).

"Battle! Antique Gear Hound Dog attack that other lowlife directly!"

"Who you callin' lowlife, you lowlife!" Ryh snapped as the mechanical hound rammed into him as well (LP 2200 → 1200).

"I set a card and end my turn! It seems this will be a walk in the park! Yofune Rys, you're a disgrace to the title of elite's elite in Academia!"

"Look who's talking!" said person snapped. "The person who uses the same deck, strategies, and summon chants as other people!"

"It seems you really like running your mouth!" Green laughed with a smirk. "You should be quivering in fear, you brat!"

"Why should I be?" Rys asked calmly. "The outcome of this Duel was decided the moment it started. Your names are already printed on your gravestones and it says you three die."

"OHHHHH! Now that," Ryh shouted smiling. "Was a sick burn."

"I appreciate the comment," the other long haired male told with a smile.

"Have you two finished talking already!?" Red snapped again.

"Yes, yes, yes, whatever. It's my turn next, I draw!" Rys announced. "I normal summon Depth Wings Pitiless from my hand! Then I use its effect: by banishing Sacred Fallen Wings - Depth Wings Dragon from my Extra Deck, Pitiless' name is treated as the former's until the End Phase!"

A dragon clad in black scales with rainbow colored highlights over its body formed beside Rys as it roared, extending its galaxy-patterned wings as the reflection of Sacred Fallen Wings - Depths Wings Dragon got projected on them. The latter was a dark-red scaled dragon with two galaxy-patterned starts, holding a giant medieval sword.

"I'll follow that with the effect of Pitiless: by using this card and other monsters in my hand or field, I can Fusion Summon a Depth Wings monster without the need of a Fusion card! So I'm fusing Pitiless which is treated as Depth Wings Dragon with Depth Wings Cruelty in my hand!"

"Dragon with a pitiless soul. Gain the power of the Fallen Dragon and fuse together with the dragon with a merciless soul and become the new emperor of the unknown future! FUSION SUMMON! Come before me: Depth Wings Fallen Dragon!"

The upgraded version of Depth Wings Dragon had much darker armor, red glowing claws and talons, and a much longer sword with glowing orbs on it (LV 9: ATK 3000).

"I activate my dragon's effect: during my Main Phase 1, by paying 1000 LP, this turn Depth Wings Fallen Dragon can attack all your monster's thrice and they aren't destroyed by the first and second battle!"

"What did you say!?"

"It can attack thrice!?"

"Such an effect...!"

Were the Obelisk Force's gasps.

"Damn..." Ryh muttered impressed.

"If I recall, you said something about me being Academia's elite's elite, right? Let me show you how I've got that title! Battle!" Rys exclaimed as he pointed forward (Rys: LP 1200 → 200). "Depth Wings Fallen Dragon attacks Red's Hound Dog!"

"I activate my Trap, Antique Gear Magic Barrier!" Red shouted quickly. "This card switches my Antique Gear Hound Dog to Defense Position and prevents it from being destroyed this turn!"

"Naive! Since Depth Wings Cruelty was used as Fusion Material, my Fallen Dragon gains the effect to deal piercing damage! Darkness Fallen Slash!"

At its owner's command, Fallen Dragon swung its sword at Hound Dog but didn't destroy it. However, the sword hit the frozen ground under the Antique Gear monster, cracking the ice.

"Please! Stop!" Red begged (LP 4000 → 2000).

"Oh, I'll make it stop! Fallen Dragon attacks Hound Dog again! Darkness Fallen Slash!"

The dragon swung its sword once again, not destroying the enemy monster but the frozen floor below it, sending ice fragments against the Obelisk Force member's body, making him cry in pain as his LP dropped to zero and he disappeared in a flash of purple light (LP 2000 → 0).

"One down." Rys said as he held up the just carded Red's card in his hand. "Battle! Fallen Dragon attacks Green's Hound Dog!"

"I activate my face-down, Antique Gear Damage Condenser! With this Trap, as long as I control an Antique Gear monster, I take no battle or effect damage!"

"Futile resistance," Rys sighed. "I'll use my dragon to attack two more times Green's Hound Dog, destroying it!"

With two more slashes of its sword, Depth Wings Fallen Dragon destroyed the enemy monster.

"Now my dragon will attack the remaining Hound Dog!"

"I also activate my face-down, Negate Attack! This negates your attack and ends your Battle Phase!"

"It seems you two managed to live through my turn," Rys said a little disappointed. "I end my turn. I hope you'll defeat these two right?"

"Oh don't worry 'bout it!" Ryh chuckled to the other's question. "I'll do my best! I draw! To begin, I normal summon my Creeping Thorns of Nessus! Then, since I control a Nessus monster, I can special summon Nessus Dracokid from my hand!"

Beside the plant-humanoid female, a green scaled dragon formed: it had two big red eyes, two little leaf-wings flapping behind its back. The child dragon let out a cute roar as it stood beside Creeping Thorns of Nessus, which seemed fascinated by the dragon's cuteness (LV 4: ATK 0).

"Talk about show off..." Rys said as he looked at the female plant monster.

"What do you mean by that!? She's ain't got clothes on her, but she does have her areas covered up with roots!"

"Like that makes a big difference..." the ex-Academia elite said to Ryh's outburst.

"Continuing with my turn," Ryh ignored the other's words. "I activate the effect of Nessus Dracokid, targeting Creeping Thorns with it: I double the Level of the targeted Nessus monster, making her Level rise up to six!"

Nessus Dracokid roared again as the Level of its companion doubled (LV 3 → 6). "Now I tune my Level 4 Nessus Dracokid to my Level 6 Creeping Thorns of Nessus!" the female plant turned into six green rings as the little dragon flew into them, gaining an orange outline.

"The pure rain quell the fires of war, and raise the buds of counterattack!" Ryh chanted as a bright ray of light shot through the rings.

"SYNCHRO SUMMON! Come forth: Level 10! NESSUS BREATH DRAGON!" the monster that emerged from the light had looking scales, green over its long serpentine body, gray under its jaw and all the way to the tip of its tail, and orange on the back of its head. The serpentine dragon had two red horns sprouting from its head and two giant red petals blooming from its back (ATK 3000).

"Synchro Summon?" Rys echoed intrigued.

"I activate the effect of Nessus Breath Dragon!" Ryh stated. "By paying 1000 of my LP, I can special summon one Nessus Token for each sacrificed 500 LP! So I get two Tokens!"

The serpentine dragon roared as two little humanoid figures covered in leafs emerged from the frozen ground (Ryh: LP 1200 → 200). "Next I activate the effect of Nessus Dracokid in my graveyard: by banishing it, I can special summon another Nessus Token to my field! Next, I activate Trade with Nessus! This Spell card, by sending a Nessus monster from my deck to the graveyard, allows me to summon another Nessus Token to my field!"

Two more humanoid figures formed beside the others. "All Nessus Tokens gain 500 ATK for each one on the field; with four, all have 2000 ATK!" Ryh explained with a wide grin. "Also, my Nessus Breath Dragon gains 500 ATK for each Nessus Token on the field: with four, he also gains 2000 ATK!"

The dragon roared (ATK 3000 → 5000) as the Tokens jumped happily around it (ATK 0 → 2000). "Battle! Nessus Breath Dragon attacks Antique Gear Hound Dog! Downpour Disaster!"

Nessus Breath Dragon opened its mouth as a stream of water erupted from it, bathing the Hound Dog and making it explode along with sending Yellow off his feet as he took damage and got sealed into a card (LP 4000 → 0).

"In one attack," Rys noted, seeming impressed. "Not bad."

"Why thank you, but let's see what you say after this!" Ryh said as he threw his arm forward. "I activate the effect of my dragon: when it destroys an opponent's monster by battle, by tributing a Nessus Token I control, it can attack again in a row, however, if it attacks directly, all damage is halved; then I'll use my remaining Token for two more direct attacks!"

"Triple consecutive direct attack!" Ryh cried out as Nessus Breath Dragon and two Nessus Tokens all attacked together: the dragon shot another stream of water while the two Tokens threw some of the leaves on their bodies like shurikens against the last Obelisk Force member, making him disappear into a card (LP 4000 → 0).

Winner: Rys - Ryh!

"Piece of cake!" Ryh smirked victoriously as the remaining cards on the field vanished. "We make a great team!"

"What are you running your mouth for?" Rys asked as he glared. "I did all the hard work! Who was the one who cleared the field for the other so he can defeat the opponent with the greatest of ease?"

"Look at Mister-grumpy pants!" Ryh sighed as placed his arm around the other's neck. The Synchro user smirked to the Fusion user. "You should always look on the bright side!"

"Tch... I guess you're right," Rys nodded as he looked at the three carded opponents in his hand. "However, I can't understand why would the Professor want all of us carded and how does he know about you guys existences in the first place."

"Us who?"

"We who share the same face," Rys answered. "Now we're a wanted group. Akaba Leo could very well just send all Academia against us."

"Well the more entertaining opponents, the more fun we'll get crushing them!" Ryh shouted with a devilish voice and a maniac grin. "We'll get to make their worst nightmares come true and then kill them with our monsters!"

The Fusion user only stared at the other in silence.


"You were right..." Rys nodded several times. "Being crazy is very different from being a weirdo... it's much worse than I previously thought... it's horrible..."

"Oh come on!" the Synchro user whined through puffed cheeks, mimicking a little child.


I did two and a half Duel in one chapter... I'm impressed with myself.

For our first Duel: I made Ryu Duel against Ryozanpaku Dojo instead of Yuya. I gave Makoto and Ken's monsters some effects, making the fight a little more entertaining. Like in canon, I made the Duel end in a Cliffhanger and plan on finishing it next time.

Our second Duel: I decided to skip things forward and make the Obelisk Force arrive much earlier than in the Anime. Ryx made his first Duel against Obelisk Force and both sides used some new cards. Gong also entered the party (since in the cannon he should be in the Frozen Area Dueling with Yuzu) and helped Ryx out.

Third Duel: this was made so I can showcase more of Rys and Ryh's cards, making them quickly defeat the three Obelisk Force members. I plan on making the two have a similar relationship like Yugo and Yuri in the manga: in the Anime, they're enemies, while in the Manga they go around in Yuya's head together like a team.

Fanmade Cards:

- Pendulum Statue Yellow Beetle (LV 3/ATK 400/DEF 400/Rock/LIGHT/Effect/Pendulum/SC 9)

Pendulum Effect: Once per turn: You can have all Normal Monsters you currently control gain 300 ATK.

Monster Effect: If this card is Pendulum Summoned from the Extra Deck: You can add 1 "Pendulum Statue" monster from your Deck to your hand.

- Pendulum Statue Purple Lance (LV 4/ATK 1000/DEF 0/Rock/DARK/Effect/Pendulum/SC 3)

Pendulum Effect: Once per turn: You can have all monsters you currently control gain 300 ATK.

Monster Effect: If this card is Pendulum Summoned from the Extra Deck: You can add 1 "Pendulum Statue" monster from your Deck to your hand.

- Tsumuji the Earthwind Star (LV 6/ATK 2200/DEF 1600/Warrior/WIND/Effect)

Once per turn, if you control another WIND monster: You can target 1 face-up opponent's monster; change its battle position, and if you do, for the rest of this turn, your monsters cannot attack, except to attack that monster, and if your WIND monster attacks a Defense Position monster, inflict piercing battle damage to your opponent.

- Arashi the Skywind Star (LV 7/ATK 2300/DEF 1700/Warrior/WIND/Effect)

If you control a Level 5 or higher WIND monster: You can Normal Summon (but not Set) this card without any Tributes. Once per turn, target another Attack Position WIND monster you control: Change it to Defense Position and if you do, this card gains that card's ATK until the End Phase.

- Senko the Skybolt Star (LV 7/ATK 2400/DEF 1400/Warrior/LIGHT/Effect)

If you control a Level 5 or higher LIGHT monster: You can Normal Summon (but not Set) this card without any Tributes. As long as this card is face-up, all LIGHT monsters you control can deal piercing damage.

- Guardian Nume Deity Guardian Nume Deity (Rank 3/ATK 0/DEF 2500/Beast-Warrior/EARTH/Xyz/Effect)

2 Level 3 monsters

When this card is targeted for an attack: Detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; Negate that attack. Your opponent can't target other "Nume" monsters you control for attacks except for this one.

- Nume's Cursed Reflection -Continous Spell-

If you control no "Nume" monsters, destroy this card. During either player's turn, if you would take damage by an opponent's card effect: You can activate this effect; your opponent takes the effect damage from that effect, instead. You can send this card from your side of the field to the GY when your opponent declares an attack: End the Battle Phase.

- Antique Gear Fusion Core (LV 2/ATK 500/DEF 500/Machine/EARTH/Effect)

You can treat this card as any "Antique Gear" monster when used as Fusion Material. Discard 1 "Antique Gear" monster from your hand: Add this card to your hand from your GY. You can only use this effect of "Antique Gear Fusion Core" once per turn.

- Antique Gear Supporter (LV 2/ATK 1000/DEF 1000/Machine/EARTH/Effect)

When you Normal or Special Summon an "Antique Gear" monster while this card is in your GY: You can Equip this card to that monster with this effect:

The equipped monster gains 1000 ATK.

- Ancient Nume Deity (LV 3/ATK 0/DEF 1000/Rock/EARTH/Effect)

Your opponent can't target other "Nume" monsters you control for attacks except for this one. A "Nume" Xyz Monster which used this card as Xyz Material gains these effects:

This card can't be destroyed by battle or card effect.

This card gains 1000 ATK.

- Antique Gear Sniper -Normal Spell-

If you control a Level 6 or higher "Antique Gear" monster, destroy 1 Spell/Trap your opponent controls and then inflict 600 damage to your opponent. You can only activate 1 "Antique Gear Sniper" per turn.

- Antique Gear Litter -Normal Spell-

Target 1 "Antique Gear" Fusion Monster in your GY: Send it to the GY, then, you can send 1 monster from your deck to the GY which is listed on that card as Fusion Material. You can only activate 1 "Antique Gear Litter" per turn.

- Superheavy Samurai Kōgek-II (LV 3/ATK 0/DEF 2000/Machine/EARTH/Effect)

After a "Superheavy Samurai" monster finished its attack, send this card from your hand to the GY: That monster can attack again in a row, but it can only attack another monster. Then, if that monster destroyed an opponent's monster this turn by battle, inflict to your opponent damage equal to half the destroyed monster's ATK.

- Trivia: This card's name, "Kōgek-II", means 'attack' in Japanese. The two 'I' at the states a number of attacks a monster makes in Roman number, this case 2.

- Rank-Up-Magic - Crest Force -Continous Spell-You can detach 1 Xyz Material from a face-up Xyz Monster you control; Special Summon from your Extra Deck, 1 Xyz Monster that is 1 Rank higher than that monster, by using it as the Xyz Material.At the end of your turn, if you did not activate this card's effect this turn: Destroy this card and you take 1000 damage.

- Savior Nume Deity (Rank 4/ATK 0/DEF 3000/Beast-Warrior/EARTH/Xyz/Effect)

4 Level 4 monsters

When this card is targeted for an attack: Detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; Negate that attack and destroy the monster which attacked. Your opponent can't target other "Nume" monsters you control for attacks except for this one. During your turn only, this card gains ATK equal to the difference between your LP and 4000. During your End Phase, if this card is in Attack Position: Change this card to Defense Position. All of this card's effects can only be activated if this card has a "Nume" Xyz Monster as a Xyz Material.

- Depth Wings Pitiless (LV 4/ATK 1200/DEF 1200/Dragon/DARK/Effect)

Once per turn, you can banish 1 "Depth Wings" Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck: This card's name is treated as that card's until the End Phase. Once per turn: You can Fusion Summon 1 "Depth Wings" Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck, using monsters you control or in your hand as Fusion Materials, including this card.

- Sacred Fallen Wings - Depth Wings Dragon (LV 8/ATK 2800/DEF 1500/Dragon/DARK/Fusion/Effect)

2+ "Depth Wings" monsters

Once per turn, during your Main Phase 1, you can pay 1000 LP to activate this effect: This card can attack all opponent's monsters twice each, but the opponent's monster is not destroyed by the first battle. You can only control 1 "Sacred Fallen Wings - Depth Wings Dragon".

- Depth Wings Fallen Dragon (LV 9/ATK 3000/DEF 2000/Dragon/DARK/Fusion/Effect)

"Sacred Fallen Wings - Depth Wings Dragon" + 1 or more "Depth Wings" monsters

Once per turn, during your Main Phase 1, you can pay 1000 LP to activate this effect: This card can attack all opponent's monsters thrice each, but the opponent's monster is not destroyed by the first and second battle. You can only control 1 "Depth Wings Fallen Dragon".

- Antique Gear Magic Barrier -Normal Trap-

Switch an Attack Position "Antique Gear" monster to Defense Position. This turn, that monster can't be destroyed by battle or card effects.

- Antique Gear Damage Condenser -Continous Trap-

As long as you control an "Antique Gear" monster, you take no battle or effect damage.

- Nessus Dracokid (LV 4/ATK 0/DEF 500/Plant/LIGHT/Effect)

If you control at least 1 "Nessus" monster, you can special summon this card from your hand. You can only use this effect of "Nessus Dracokid" once per turn. Once per turn, target 1 other "Nessus" monster you control: Double that target's Level. Banish this card from your GY: Special Summon 1 "Nessus Token" (LV 1 - ATK/0 - DEF/0 - Plant - LIGHT) to your side of the field ("Nessus Tokens" gain 500 ATK for each "Nessus Token" you control).

- Nessus Breath Dragon (LV 10/ATK 3000/DEF 2000/Plant/LIGHT/Synchro/Effect)

1 "Nessus" Tuner + 1 or more "Nessus" Non-Tuner monsters

Once per turn, you can pay up to 1000 LP: Special Summon to your side of the field 1 "Nessus Token" for each 500 amount of LP paid ("Nessus Tokens" gain 500 ATK for each "Nessus Token" you control). This card gains 500 ATK for each "Nessus Token" you control. When this card destroys an opponent's monster by battle: Tribute 1 "Nessus Token" you control; This card can attack again in a row, but if it attacks the opponent directly, all battle damage is halved.

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