Harry Potter and the Power Rangers Redux

Chapter 1 - RUN

August 1994 - Hogwarts Castle

the school year was winding down, Harry was spending loads of time in the Hospital Wing, turns out exposure to Dementors Takes a toll on a young man

Hedwig flew into the hospital wing and landed on harry's bed

"Hello Girl what you got there?" Harry smiled indicating the owl's leg that was being offered

harry took the letter and read it

H Go and see Moony He'll explain Snuffles

Harry Looked over the Letter

what could Sirius want to say to harry that had to be send via Professor Lupin

harry stowed the letter away in his robes, looking up to Madame Pomfrey

"Can I go and Visit with one of the Professors Madam Pomfrey I've a few question about some reading to ask Professor Lupin" Harry Said quickly building a lie there was no way if he explained a letter from Sirius black had him asking questions

the Mediwitch assessed her patient Before nodding her approval

"You May go along to Professor Lupin's Study but no Magic or over exertion deal?"

Harry nodded briskly thanking the matron as he slipped out of the bed and hospital wing slipping down the corridors to the Defence Professor's Office knocking softly

"Come In Harry" the reply came

Opening the door Harry found the Grinning professor Lupin

"Professor I…"

"Received a Letter from Snuffles telling you to come to me correct?" Lupin finished

Harry nodded as Lupin Erected a Privacy Bubble

"Harry after the other night with my transformation and Padfoot's Escape My Position here is untenable, now dumbledore would happily have us sit by and continue as we were but frankly we are not satisfied, Sirius is a wanted criminal, whether innocent or not and I am a Werewolf, we've recently got into contact with an old school friend who Left the Country when Voldemort Rose" Lupin Explained

Harry nodded his understanding

"He Offered Sirius and I Asylum should we need to leave the Country" Remus continue

"You Can't Leave, I've just got you both back in my life" Harry Protested

"Harry our friend Xander Knew Your Parents, His Offer to Escape is extended to you also" Remus said putting a hand on the young wizard's shoulder

Harry's jaw dropped

"But what about Voldemort and the School"

remus fixed harry with a steely stare and his golden eyes looking into the young man

"Harry, Voldemort will win this war, you know it, I know it and frankly he does too, the entire ministry is ready to fall to him at a word, running now is the safest thing for you, Xander works for the US version of the Ministry Macusa he sent a letter to show you" Remus said handing the parchment to Harry


My Name is Xander Steele, I attended Hogwarts with Your mum and Dad, I knew then that the Wizarding World was Bent.

Fudge couldn't be more corrupt if he was wearing a sign, Now I know your OWLS And NEWTs are something you are worried about, My Colleague at the US Ministry Testing Department will happily do your examinations for you at my call

and learning the stuff, have you asked professor lupin how well he did at school?

Remus will be able to arrange getting your money over to the US,Your Parents were my friends and i think about them every single dayhope to meet you soon

Xander Steele


US Ministry of Magic

Harry Read the letter and looked up to Lupin

"Okay Remus, I'll go, i want to say goodbye to Ron and tell him I'm going" Harry said

"Harry Ron's Family will tell Dumbledore where we are going, can i ask that you say nothing and write to ron when we're hidden?"

Harry Looked scandalized but considered the thought

"Okay Harry take the train home tomorrow when you get off I need you to Activate this portkey it will take you to Padfoot and we'll go on from there" Remus noted handing Harry a Small Necklace with a charm on it them had the potter emblem on it

Later that night - Gryffindor Tower

Harry Packed his Trunk the Night before he needed to be ready as tomorrow he was running away

He avoided conversation with his dorm mates withdrawing to bed after packing and going to sleep

the next morning however couldn't have gone worse.

Harry having shrunk his trunk and put it in his coat pocket

was enjoying Breakfast when Dumbledore burst into the Hall walking towards Harry, Lupin instinctively got up and walked towards the table

"Harry my Boy i must call you for a chat in my office I've heard rumours of a kidnap plot for you that means you won't be riding the train today" The Aged Headmaster said his eye twinkling.

Remus caught Harry's Eye and a silent message was passed

"Professor I'm not sure i understand"

Dumbledore looking Harry in the Eye stiffened

"Harry I Must Insist you Come With me Now" Dumbledore's wand dropping into his hand

Lupin Acted First a protego between dumbledore and Harry

"Lupin You know I know better Harry has a destiny"

"Yes Albus a Destiny None of us want, Harry is leaving with Me Now" Remus Said

"I'm Afraid not Remus Harry will not be leaving Stupefy" Dumbledore Called the red curse hitting remus' shield

"Harry GO NOW" Lupin called as his duel with Dumbledore Stepping Up Harry activating the portkey the feeling of a pull behind his navel as he vanished and reappeared in the hallway of a small House.

Lupin Cottage

"Moony, Harry?" a familiar a voice came as Sirius walked into the hall

"Sirius thank Merlin you're here, Dumbledore Knew He attacked us Remus was Dueling him as i left"

Sirius Growled pulling his wand

"I Hope he's wearing the emergency portkey, Portkey Activation" Sirius spoke

for a moment nothing happened but then Remus Appeared

"Moony You're okay?" Sirius said picking his best friend up

"Sirius It's not good Albus Knows we have got to get harry's Freedom confirmed now" Remus said

"I've had the paperwork ready, Harry come with me" Sirius said

Harry following him into a cosy living room a table sat with Documents Sirius pulling a chair up Harry sitting in it

"Harry These are charmed documents a goblin is waiting to Action them As we need to get you Emancipated and Out of the country Magical Documentation works through Blood so 3 Drops on this Parchment will action your heritage" Sirius explained handing harry a small knife

Harry cutting his thumb and dripping the Correct amount of blood onto the charmed parchment, the parchment glowing and The wording changing

Harry James Potter

Head of House Potter/Peverell

500 Million Galleons

Heir of House Black

"Heir of House Black?"

Sirius Smirked

"Godfather Remember, I named you my heir when you were born, if anything happens to me you inherit the lot"

Remus walked into the room

"Harry go and Change into Casual Clothes, Sirius I will get the International Portkey and wait for you here"

Harry leaving the room as the two marauders Converse

"You feeling okay Moony, Dumbledore hurt you any?" Sirius asked

Remus Chuckling

"Padfoot you know it takes more than a stunner to put this Wolf down"

Harry walked down the stairs In jeans and a T-Shirt as he entered the Hall Remus and Sirius joined him holding a three pronged Device

"Grab hold of one of the handle Harry international travel is horrible" Remus Warned

The PortKey Activated moments Later They Landed in a room With Marble walls

International Travel - United States Ministry of Magic - Angel Grove California, USA

Harry Stumbled Dizzy from the Trip

"That was horrible" Harry Said

A man approached, he was tall Blonde and well built in a smart Shirt and Trousers

"How Are you Padfoot?"

Sirius looking up A Smile bursting onto his Face grabbing the man's hand

"Steele thanks for the escape route"

The man shrugged "Think nothing of it Old friend Prongs Would've Been happy" he approached harry "So this must Be Harry, Merlin you truly are Prongs jr..."

"But with my mom's Eyes, Everyone says it" Harry interrupted

"Right Officially I need to get you Registered over here, As far as Our Ministry is concerned you're Migrating that's all anyone needs to know, I've Arranged your files personally, Padfoot Moony, You have been added to my department as cover"

Angel Grove Desert

In a temple out in the desert an alarm went off

"Alpha what is the Alert"

A Robot checked the Data banks

"Zordon it's an incredibly Strong Magical Reading in Angel Grove, Should I Contact the Rangers?"

The great Sage Zordon in his Timewarp replied "No Alpha, We must monitor the reading I don't think it's a malicious Force, it feels different to Rita"

"Understood Zordon" Alpha replied

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