Harry Potter and the Power Rangers

Chapter 18

Command Centre

Angel Grove Desert

The rangers stood around a cot on which Jason lay Trini knelt alongside the unmoving teen.

Kim and Harry watched as the Vietnamese girl cried

"Are you sure there's nothing you guys can do no magic that can help?" The pink mystic ranger asked

Harry looked to the older magicals

"Death is the one thing that's absolute even in our world, the fact James and Lily are here is a major major problem it means the veil has been opened" Remus repled

The aforementioned elder potter rubbed his chin "We followed Riddle, it stands to reason if whatever brought him here is destroyed then he and we go back to being dead, i would sincerely doubt your friend would come back though"

"Jay really? you can see everyone's upset" Lily admonished her husband

"Now lils you know me i don't do hopes and dreams i'm a realistic guy"

"Prongs you didn't know the kid, he was a good kid" Sirius added a slight scowl present.

"Zordon, What do we do now, someone has to ... " Billy started his words getting a little stuck "Someone has to take Jason back to his Family"

"I'll handle it guys, I've got a contact in the Angel Grove Police Dept, i'll arrange for you guys to find out officially tomorrow"

"How can you be so business like about This Jason is DEAD!" Trini yelled breaking down again

Kim took her off to talk as Xander left to sort arrangements with the police"

Command Centre outer perimeter

Kim caught up to Trini who was sitting on the old temples wall.

"You loved him didn't you?, He knew he told me"

"Jason told you?"

"Uh huh, he didn't know how to approach you thought things might be a bit awkward and then Harry arrived"

"Kim i don't need you rubbing your relationship in my face"

"I'm not Harry explained things, He's going to fight the guy who killed Jason, He needs us to support him, Trini we aren't a team without you, let's do this for Jason, for his memory because he was our friend, our leader"

"and the man i love" Trini added joining kim and fist bumping her.

Time Skip

Angel Grove Youth Centre

Jason's Memorial

"It's so hard to comprehend, Jason dead, a hiking accident" Ernie repeated for what felt like the hundredth time.

Jason's family had asked his friends what he would have wanted the funeral service had been brief Jason only being a teenager limited what stories there were to be told but Zack still stood up and talked about Jason on behalf of the other rangers obviously omitting ranger related stories.

Ernie had offered up the youth centre for free and the centre was packed out full of people Principal Caplan said a few words about Jason's schooling whilst not the most academic of students his extracurricular activities had him in the top third of class.

About 3 hours in the communicators bleeped Harry responded it was putties causing trouble

"You guys stay i'll go and deal with this with The Knights" Harry whispered to Kim

"Harry you stay, kim needs you We'll deal Prongs and Lily are already on their way" Remus replied before leaving

Angel Grove Park

The group arrived where the putties were reportedly causing trouble

The small group of grey creatures were chasing kids around.

The Knights dealt with the putties

However there were events ongoing at the Youth centre

Meanwhile at the Youth Centre

Kim leaned her head on Harry's shoulder

As they looked at the large display of photos of Jason

"I still can't believe he's gone" Kim said sniffing away tears

"He was a hero all the way to the end he needs us to fight on for him, And I certainly will"

Kim looked to her boyfriend and a small smile crossed her lips

"Yeah Let's do that Let's do it for Jason


A massive explosion rocked the building sending the lights out.

"What in tarnation" Jason's Father yelled

"Everyone stay calm, I'll go and check the fuse box" Ernie commented Billy following him out of the room.

Kim and Harry walked over to Zack and Trini gathering together "Zack slip out the side and contact the command centre" Harry said "Kim, Trini try and keep everyone Calm I'm going to check out the explosion, I'm the least known I can slip out" the girls nodded Kim giving Harry a quick kiss as he slipped through the crowd and outside.


Harry ducked behind a large bush as he saw Voldemort and Grindelwald flanked by a small battalion of putties

"Oh S…" Harry swore deciding in the moment that he needed to do something and that letting the two dark lord's into the youth centre was tantamount to killing all of them.

Everything flashed through Harry's mind at once as he gripped his wrist and transformed into Solaris Knight and stepped out.

"I can't let you in here"

"Oh look Gellert I didn't need to do anything Harry Potter has given himself to me"

The Putties charged forward as Harry pulled his sword and started cutting them down.

Putty after putty met the magical blade of the knight saber, severing arms, legs the odd head.

Once the group of grey clay creatures were dispatched Harry stood facing the two wizards

"Stop stalling and finish this" Grindelwald said

Voldemort lifted his wand "Avada Kedavra"

The spell flew through the air as it neared the knight it was engulfed with a rather sizable explosion.

Harry heard in his ear

Red Mystic Knight Initiated

Harry looked down his suit was mostly red now with golden flame accents.

"It worked Zordon it worked" Harry heard in his ear the voice of Alpha sounded excited

"Young Knight you have merged the powers of Solaris Knight with Red Mystic

The power surge was enough to stop the attack Use Phoenix Fire Shield to reflect Magic" Zordon's voice spoke

Voldemort growled raising his wand and firing another curse The flames around Red Mystic Knight turned into a red shield the blasting curse bouncing off sending the pair of wizards into the air as the floor beneath them exploded.

Harry turned and Watched as they both disapparated turning and looking at his suit as he did the Kim and Trini came running out of the Youth Centre

"Oh my gosh look Trini"

Harry demorphed and his body gave out

Zack rushed out Billy not far behind him

The two boys helped Harry up as the remaining knights arrived

Gathering around the worn out Harry

"We'll take him you return to your friends Memorial" Mystic Silver said noticing mr Caplan in the doorway Kim looked confused but then noticed her principal's position.

The knights vanished.

"I hope he'll be okay" Kim thought walking back inside.