Harry Potter and the Power Rangers

Chapter 19

Command Centre

Angel Grove Desert

Harry laid on a cot as Xander looked him over

"He's ok, just exhausted, he used a lot of power really quickly"

"I will give a little of my own power to energise him more quickly" Zordon announced

A jolt of energy struck harry who sat up

"oh bloody hell did i over do it again?" He said a group laugh following "Must you always steal my jokes Mr Red Mystic Knight?" Sirius pouted

"oh get a grip Padfoot, old man" James joked

"Enough both of you, Zordon, Xander what happened to me?"

"I'll answer this, When Jason died his powers left his body and well they looked for the most powerful host which it seems was you." Zordon explained

"The Red Mystic is powered from the phoenix in time of great need it creates a fire cloak I never got around to testing it but it works as you saw"

Alpha contacted the rangers letting them know Harry was ok.

Harry got off the cot to the protests of both of his parents

"You didn't know Jason I want to be with Kim they were very close" Harry argued before drawing on his powers and teleporting to The youth centre

Walking into the room he spied Kim being accosted by Bulk and Skull.

He walked over his legs feeling a little sore Kim looked shocked but hugged her boyfriend

"Hey buddy that's skulls girl"

Kim rolled her eyes and Harry took a deep breath looking up at the two bullies flames in his eyes

"Excuse me?" "I've had a very bad few days Jason has died and I don't have time for your foolishness piss off" he growled

The two goons running away scared

"woah Harry calm down it's only Bulk and Skull" Zack commented leaming in to the brit and adding "Although Jase would be so proud of you there kim was like his sister and you protecting her like that would have earned you major points"

Kim blushed a little a tear dropping down her cheek.

The wake started to wind down with people leaving the 4 rangers were left with Harry and Ernie bidding the large man farewell as soon as they got out of sight each teleported home.

The Next Day School was off for the rangers so They gathered together at the command centre

"Harry i understand your position but i feel it is too drastic invoking a duel is risky"

"I agree with Zordon Son there must be another way" James added

"Look everyone please i've thought this through He wants me, he will continue to murder until he gets to me

I wont have deaths on my conscience i already cost us Jason"

"Jason Died defending the world"

"Well i don't want anyone else falling when I can stop this, I need a second, Zack would you mind"

The black teen looked shocked "Sure Harry I'll back you, what do i need to do?"

"Traditionally if either party dies their second takes over" Billy prattled

"I'm not planning on dying so hopefully nothing but you can be sure Grindelwald and necrosis will be around so keep your eyes open"

Later in Angel Grove Park a morphed Red Mystic Knight stood with the Green Mystic Ranger

With a pop necrosis appeared by his side the two wizards

"So The baby who refused to die has decided to give me a second chance how helpful of you"

Voldemort raised his wand and cast curse after curse Harry dived under the curses avoiding them

The barrage ended Harry's position had changed Necrosis was behind him an idea struck him.

"come on is that all you have?" Harry mocked

A sickening green curse hurtled towards Harry at the very last second he dived to the side the curse striking the embodiment of death, the power of the curse causing it to explode.

The world seemed to freeze

Command Centre

"Zordon, Alpha whats happening?"

Kim asked

"Necrosis was the one who messed with death Those who came through are being pulled back, Alpha please send us to our son so we may say good bye" Lily said quickly. The automaton doing as she asked

Angel Grove Park

Necrosis laid in a heap

As Harry and Zack looked on

The portal opened behind the two dark lords, pulling in grindelwald

"I won't go" Voldemort raged

Gold and silver mystic appeared

"Oh you're going if we have to so do you come on!" James growled and he threw himself into Voldemort the two passing through the portal.

Lily lingered briefly

"Harry, sweetheart we are so proud of you, I have to go now I'm sorry" as Harry reached out for an embrace the portal swallowed Lily before dissipating.

"Harry buddy, I don't know what to say man" Zack said attempting to console his friend the green mystic putting a hand on his shoulder.

Harry swallowed hard as his communicator beeped

"Guys it's Kim, you need to get back here something's happening"

Quickly the two did as their comrade asked and teleported

Command Centre

As Harry and Zack appeared they saw a ball of light moving around the room before it entered one of the monitors

The monitor showed Jason

"Guys can you hear me?" Jason asked

"we can jase" Zack answered

"Look don't worry about me I died fighting for what i believed in, now i don't have long We're taking advantage of the veil repairing itself to say goodbye"

Everyone looked on as Jason continued

"Zack you're the big brother of the group now, you look after those kids at the youth centre and check in on my folks"

"you… you got it jase"

"Harry, Kim i'll address you together since that's a thing now"

The two in question stepped forward

"Kim your like my little sister i will always be your brother and Harry you hurt my sister and i will find a way to get you"

Kim sniffed and Harry nodded at the former red ranger"

"Billy you always were our pet science guy keep things ticking over for the guys

I know you can and look after trini please"

As Jason looked towards trini

Remus stepped up and put a small privacy ward around the globe allowing Jason and Trini a moment of privacy.

"What can i say Tri?"

Jason paused as Trini cried

"Stop doing that you look like a monster, I'll always live on in your heart, I love you, if only i'd had chance to say it before this"

"Goodbye Jason, I love you" Trini whispered as Remus took the ward down

Trini grabbing onto Billy for support.

"Zordon, Alpha thank you both for the support and making me a power ranger"

"Jason you were always a ranger You were chosen for a reason rest on hero"

"I don't have long now so Goodbye guys beat Zedd for me" Jason said as his image faded for the final time.


Now I know Jason's death may be a little unpopular however it is for a good reason and I hope you will stick with me as I continue