Chapter 1


A new girl had arrived. I was scared. It was my turn to show the newbie around. I hadn't done it in ages.

Newt nudged me. "It's your turn Fred, I did it last time!" He whispered to me. I sighed.

"Okay, okay Newt, I'm going."

"You'll do good Fred, you said you had two younger siblings, a twin, and three older brothers, you should do good with this girl." I pushed my way through the crowd and walked up to the girl, she looked about seventeen, with short, blond hair. She was crying, she might still be asleep because she didn't have her eyes open. She reminded me of Ginny. But without the red, unruly hair.

She opened her eyes. They shone with fear. "I'm Fred Weasley," I choked. "Welcome to Heaven." She looked around her, as if she was looking for somebody.

"I'm Tris." She said. "Tris Prior." The second after she said her name, two adults ran towards her and swooped her into a hug. I figured they must be her parents. And her parents died for her.

After they had that lovely family reunion, Natalie, I remembered was her name, came towards me and said, "I guess you can show her around now Fred, but please, be careful. She is our daughter you know."

"Wow." I said, "I never would have guessed." Natalie smiled at me. She knew she did really enjoyed my sarcasm, even though I told her over and over, it would be even funnier with George here. Tris came up to me.

"So," she said. "You're here to give me a tour?"