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AN: I was inspired by a challenge I saw on the HPFC. These are mostly drabbles. There will be 20 in this collection.

AN2: This is set post-reveal

Alya groaned into her pillow as she woke from yet ANOTHER explicit dream about her friend.

Yet again, she had found herself having a dream about someone she could never have. Yet again, she found herself fantasising about someone who would never be hers. Once again…

Alya sighed. It was driving her crazy thinking like this. Marinette loved Adrien and it was clear he felt the same way. Marinette was HAPPY with her boyfriend and Nino was clearly interested in Alya…she SHOULD be happy for her friend.

With another sigh, Alya pulled herself out of bed and started to get ready for school. She might not be able openly express her feelings for Marinette, but she could be happy for her at least. And maybe, one day, Alya would be able to find someone else and move on.