"So this man is somehow related to you?" Sam asks looking at the file. I've been waiting for him to get back to the motel for 10 minutes, too afraid to actually look through it alone, afraid of what might be inside.

I bite my nails and shrug "maybe? Or he's lying about the house being in his family. I don't know! What do you see in there?" I ask him as he flips to another page.

He kind of shakes his head "nothing really, mostly tax documents and things like that."

"Wait, did you get anything from talking with him?" I ask, just now remembering where he was.

"Not really, he says the money was family money, someone died recently and he was the only relative to inherit it." Sam explains.

"Does he know who the relative was?" I ask him, not really getting behind that story.

He gives me a curt head shake and continues to review the file "So your mothers maiden name was Howell, and it looks like Luke's mothers maiden name was also Howell so it appears that your mother and Luke were aunt and nephew." He says slowly, trying to make sure he explains it right.

I scratch my head "so he is my cousin? I hurt my own cousin?" I ask, feeling a bit sick.

I never knew my mom had a sister or that I had other family. I take a seat, worrying about what I did and hold my stomach. Sam puts the file down, coming over to me and rests a hand on my shoulder "you don't know what you did to him, he seems to be okay Jaclyn, maybe the spell didn't work?" He offers the idea.

I look up to him, thinking about what he said and trying to believe it "maybe. I didn't know what I was doing, still learning. But don't you think Rowena would have known if it worked or not?" I question him, needing to know for sure.

"Maybe she did, and just let you believe you did something so that you'd feel bad, feel weakened?" He offers more ideas.

"I'm so confused. What did she want with me in the first place?" I ask out loud, not really needing an answer.

Sam pulls me back to our reality "well, we are going to figure it out. I say we go talk to him together, tell him who you are" I look at him like he's crazy, with wide eyes and a half open mouth. He holds his hand up "I meant family." He clarifies.

"Oh." I say, still feeling sick about that. I was so young when I lost my parents, I don't even know how to be in a family. "I didn't know my mother had a sister, do you think he knew?" I look to Sam, hoping he has an answer for me, knowing deep down I'd have to ask him.

He responds lowly "only Luke can tell you that."

I sigh and respond "well, let's go talk to him then." I stand up and go to move.

We get to the house and stand outside of it for awhile, Sam never never pressuring me to go inside. By the time I take another step forward towards the house it's dark. "You got this." I hear Sam urge me.

I continue in front and walk but before I can get to the front steps, the door swings open and Luke comes out holding the phone "Not another step closer or I'll call the cops!" He shouts loudly towards us.

Sam and I freeze and I can feel Sam's eyes on me, waiting for me to say something. When I don't, he speaks up "Luke? It's me, Sam." He calls to him.

"Why have you been standing outside my house? Huh? What do you want?" He yells back, shaking a bit.

I still can't say anything, frozen in time as I stare at the cousin I never knew I had. "We came to talk to you." Sam returns.

"No, no more talking! You're not in the FBI! I checked, now get off my property or I'll call the cops!" He continues shouting.

Sam grabs my arm lightly and says "okay, come on Jaclyn. Let's go." He tries to pull me back.

"Luke Dinners?!" I shout loudly back to him, my hazy focus finally coming back to me.

"Get off my property!" He shouts, putting the phone closer to himself to dial.

I shout quickly "I'm your cousin!"

He pauses but and hangs up the phone "I- I don't have any cousins." He says.

I nod, the frog in my throat heavy "your mom had a sister, she was my mother." I clarify.

He shakes his head "No, my aunt never had children. She was never married."

I correct him "I didn't even know my mom had a sister. I guess there a lot of secrets in our family. But I am your cousin Luke." I try to keep my voice from shaking.

"How- how do I know you're not lying?" He questions.

I say back "her name was Juliet Howell, have you heard that name before?" His eyes show some kind of recognition and his body postures turns less threatened. "She was my mother." I tell him, wanting answers.

He nods slowly, and steps back from his top step towards his door blinking a few extra times then normal "uhh, come in." He manages to get out while pushing his screen open with his back.

I eye Sam who nods to me and the two of us walk together into my cousins home.