He sat with his back against the wall, his elbows perched on the tops of his knees while studying the flower beds in front of him.

It had been awhile before he could even step inside, the memories of this place stinging him like shattered shards of glass.

But when he finally had, strange enough, this place was what also what kept him going, a deep longing to desperately keep those same memories alive.

It had been a couple of months but the flowers were once again flourishing. There were no longer any traces of brittle petals and no evidence of broken stems that were once there before from lack of care.

Now, vibrant indigos, radiant reds, and bright whites filled the small greenhouse unlike they ever had before. A glorious sight, that would be the envy of any gardener.

He brushed the dirt from his calloused hands off onto his ripped jeans and then reached into his back pocket.

He then began to pull out a worn piece of paper and carefully unfolded it, running his fingers slowly along the ragged edges and creased lines.



They found me.

And by the time you read this, I've already left.

It's hard to even write this, pain searing me at the very thought of being away from you.

I know you may not understand, and if you never do.. that's okay, as long as you know that me leaving was the very last thing I ever wanted to happen.

I wished we would've had more time together..

there was so much we had yet to do, so many more books to read, adventures to go on, and wonders to explore.

However, the time we did have is something I'll cherish for a lifetime.

Just reflecting back on every moment we shared, I can't help but think this was the universe's plan all along, that maybe you were sent to me because of what I've been through.

Like you were specifically placed in my life to help me through this struggle and remind me that there's still good that exists in this world.

I've now come to believe in miracles too.

The belief that joy can be found through pain, light can overcome dark, and victory can rise from the ashes.

Because I've experienced that through you..

Mike, you're my miracle.

I just hope and pray that our paths will cross again one day,

But if not,

Please promise me that you'll continue this journey we started.

That you'll press forward, embrace each new day with certainty, and continually pursue everything I know you can do.

Forever yours,



He put the note down and slammed his watery eyes shut.

For that split moment, it was like he could almost feel her, her faint voice echoing in his mind, the familiar warmth of her love enveloping his heart and spreading through his entire body.

Breathing in deeply, he leaned his head up against the wall.


YA'LL OH MY GOSH! YOU GUYS ARE EVEN MAKING ME SAD THAT THIS STORY IS OVER! GAHHH but I can't thank you guys enough for sticking through this story from beginning to end. It's been a roller coaster for sure but I honestly appreciate all of the love and support you've given me. And because of the overwhelming positive feedback, I plan on doing a sequel to this story in the future! I can't tell you guys exactly when it will be and that's because I don't want to give a set date and not deliver accordingly. I've just been sooo busy but when I do find time, I'll keep you guys posted for sure on the upcoming sequel.

With love-