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A/N: This was inspired by the Viz Graphic Novel's No Need for Tenchi! #9 The Quest for More Money. If you don't know what happened in the graphic novel then you are going to be very lost. And no I'm not going to explain what happened in it, I had to pay too much cash for my mangas to just tell everyone what happened! Besides Viz Graphic Novel's would be very pissed at me. So to set you straight just follow the plot line of the Tenchi Muyo OAVs.

Chapter one: After All That's Said and Done

The warm rays of first morning light cut sharply through the cold crisp air of late autumn. It had been a little over four years since Tenchi released Ryoko from her imprisonment in the cold hell called a cave. Four years since Ayeka had arrived with intentions of 'repaying' Ryoko for the damage she had caused to Jurai's planet and pride. Dragging along her little sister, Princess Sasami. The baby pink-eyed girl with twin blue pigtails showed Ryoko sweet innocents, something she lacked thanks to her days spent under Kagato's whims.

It wasn't long until the Galaxy Police detective Mihoshi showed up. It amazed Ryoko how smart she really was, she heard rumors that Mihoshi was once the greatest on the force and it wasn't really her grandfather's influence that got her the job in GXP. In fact they say the cause of her down fall was stress from her work and a loss of her friend and partner Kiyone.

It was because of the bumbling detective that she found out that the tales Kagato had told her of her creation and purposes where all fabrications when she released the magenta haired child bodied scientist Washu from her imprisonment in a stasis crystal. At first Ryoko didn't believe the child proclaiming herself to be her mother. But with time and great reluctance the two came to terms with one another and Ryoko bowed down to her request to be called mom.

All that had happened in one year. In the next year so many new things happened. She found out she had a sister, more like a clone only she was nothing like Ryoko, she was kinder and bared two crescent shaped scars on each cheek. Their need for money had sent them on a treasure hunt that had revealed the location of a secret Jurain tree and a Tenchi look-alike. So many things had happened to the Masaki 'family'.

In four years she had matured significantly, handling her situations more like an adult rather than fight and destroy anything or anyone that stood as an obstacle in her path. Her maturity showed greatly when Tenchi finally made his decision a year ago. He had sat them all down in the living room; everyone knew what was coming up next. The speech was predicable, 'I know you all have been awaiting my decision for a long time now, and I thank you for your patients...' but what he said in the end was what shattered her heart. 'I love Ayeka.'

Tenchi, being Tenchi tried to sooth Ryoko afterwards with 'sorry I had to hurt you's and soothing words of friendship. 'No Tenchi, don't regret the things you do.' She had managed her words of wisdom without breaking face or letting on the slightest hint that she was hurt.

It had broke her heart of course, enough that she went into space with a large supply of sake and disappeared for a matter of months. But she returned in time to sit stonily through the wedding then afterwards vanished for a few months more.

After the 'grand marriage' as many referred to the extravagant wedding the Jurains held for their first princess, time seemed to have slowed down with very little exciting events happening. True another mad scientist would could every once in a while to challenge Washu or so on, but they were mere molehills compared to the excitement they were use to.

It was almost six thirty as a small blue haired goddess climbed up a slender ladder to the beam above head. "Come on Ryoko get up, it's time for breakfast." Sasami, second princess of Jurai said in a small voice that begged for her housemate to rise to the new day.

Ryoko moaned a groggy reply, "One more hour." Then rolled as much as her beam would permit onto her side. She had spent most of the night and dark morning hours celebrating dual events, one the visiting return of the happy couple and second surprisingly the promotion of Mihoshi. Ryoko listened as Sasami sighed defeated and climbed down the latter. Ryoko gave a half smile as she looked outside to the falling leaves she'd go outside and help sweep later, but for now it was too cold. She still hated the cold. Everyone could tell by the way she shivered away from the window.

Ryoko groaned to herself, winter would be arriving soon making it colder than what it already was. Maybe worse it would snow even worst than the previous year and that year they said it was a record snowfall.

Ryoko yawned deeply; yes at least another hour was needed before she vacated her resting-place to attempt her share of the chores. "For Sasami I think I'll actually do something this time." She muttered to herself as she drifted off once more.

Ryoko blinked in disbelief as she found herself standing amidst a vast valley of wild flowers in full blossom that seemed to stretch out forever until it reach the horizon and somehow managed to merge into the beautiful blue sky. Suddenly a great shadow shrouded the land, covering it with a cool darkness.

At first Ryoko had thought something had merely over clouded the sun, but her assumption was withdrawn as the beautiful flowers withered and the green grass turned an unpleasant shade of brown and began to cake and crack beneath her feet. The death of the land went on until everything within sight was barren. The direction of the hot breeze caused an urge in Ryoko to turn to her left; in the distance a large leafy tree stood proud and strong among the dry cracked desert land.

"I know this place." Said Ryoko slowly walking towards the tree. As she stepped forwards the tree's leaves began to brown and fall away.

"No!" Ryoko cried as she began to jog forward the leave falling faster with each step closer she took. Ryoko wasn't sure why but all she did know was that the tree was dying because of her.

Finally she reached her destination; she stood under the branches allowing the dead green-brown leaves to rain down on her like dry tears.

Someone nearby sniffled. Ryoko turned in the direction of the noise to see a little boy. He had a small head wound that allowed a river of blood to flow down the ridge of his nose. But that was not the cause of his tears. His glassy chocolate brown eyes looked sadly onto the tree. "Rest in peace, my friend." He said his voice growing deeper and his face and body changing.

Ryoko watched in silence. The boy, now a man, looked like Tenchi but Ryoko knew better she knew that the man was not him, a tell-tale scar at the right corner of his chin told her this definitely wasn't Tenchi. She was about to say his name when he suddenly cried out in pain and fell onto the ground.

"Ryooookoooo!" He howled out her name.

Ryoko sat up in her bed awake from the dream. Sweat drenched her skin; her heart rate was pounding against her heaving chest. Her throat was soar, "Did I scream out?" Ryoko wondered.

"Ryoko? Are you okay?" A concerned voice asked.

Ryoko looked over the edge to Sasami. What time was it? Sasami was always up early and hadn't she just tried to wake her? Was she even fully conscious when she shooed her away? "Ryoko are you okay?" The young girl repeated.

Ryoko placed her forehead in the palm of her hand. "Yeah, I'm fine." Ryoko said.

"Fine?" A shrill and upset voice asked. "Screaming and waking everyone up is fine?"

"Back off Ayeka!" Ryoko hissed her recent dream still on her mind.

Ayeka's voice stopped in her throat as if fearful to face the demoness's wrath, it was true they had their spats here and there but Ayeka knew when it wasn't time or wasn't wise to start something with her ex-rival of her love's heart.

"Ryoko," Asked the sweet concern voice of Sasami. "Are you sure you're fine?"

Ryoko felt herself ease at looking into the large baby pink eyes of her innocent friend, there was no one purer than the girl that stood below her now.

Ryoko opened her mouth to reply when a large mane of magenta walked into view. "Sure she'll be fine Sasami, all Ryoko needs is to fill up that bottomless pit she calls a stomach then she'll be back to her normal lazy, teasing self." The chibi bodied scientist said.

Ryoko silently sent thanks to her mother promising she'd share her thoughts and troubles during breakfast.

Everyone gathered together bowing their heads in thanks for their meal. With an involuntary clap of their hands they all sat down to eat. Ryoko's mind drifted as she ate, she did not take into thought what it was exactly that she was eating but knew to consume at least five bowls worth or else the others would become concerned as most people would with a pregnant woman.

~Penny for your thoughts. ~ Little Washu's voice rung in her head.

Ryoko looked up from her meal towards her child-bodied mother who was eating and paying attention to another one of Ayeka's little anecdote of Tenchi's humorous struggles to fit in at court. Ryoko was almost sure she was just imagining things when Little Washu turned casually and looked her directly in the eyes giving her an no-you're-not-losing-it smile.

Ryoko went back to unconsciously eating. ~It's just that dream I had. ~ She spoke privately to her mother.

~Ah yes, what about it? Or better yet what was it about? ~

Ryoko sighed deeply drawing the attention of everyone at the table, neither she nor Washu noticed. She took another mouthful of food as she sent images of the dream to Washu.

Washu was still for a moment as she tried to analyze the dream. Everyone noticed this as well and was more ready to point it out. "Little Washu are you okay?" Tenchi asked.

Washu waved her hand dismissing their worry. "I'm fine, I think a bit of food went down the wrong tube." She said lightly. ~Have you been thinking about him lately? ~ She asked towards Ryoko. Ryoko gave her a nod. ~When? ~

~About two weeks ago when I saw him in my dreams. I thought he was Tenchi, but then again I knew it was him. ~ Ryoko stated.

~When he appeared in your dreams before were they always this intense? ~ Washu asked.

Ryoko gave Washu a small barely detectible shake of her head. ~No, before I would wake up, then it was waking up in a cold sweat, and now...~ Ryoko's thoughts drifted off as she remembered each detail from her current dream. The once a boy now a man crying before the dead tree. The way he fell before her and called to her with great urgency.

ryoko, ryoko, Ryoko... "RYO-ko!"

The light cyan haired pirate jumped with surprise as she looked onto the furious first princess of Jurai. "Ryoko would you please snap out of whatever world you have slipped off to and pay attention. My, it is awfully rude of you to ignore people like that." Ayeka said in a shrill manner. Her voice always seemed to go an octave higher whenever she seemed the lightest bit upset.

Ryoko grumbled a comment. "What was that Miss Ryoko?" Ayeka asked.

"I said 'Please continue, Princess.' " Ryoko lied.

Ayeka eyed Ryoko suspiciously before going on with her tale. "So Tenchi walks right into the council and says..." Ryoko did not care to hear the rest of what she had to say about stuffy Jurai, what concerned Ryoko was that what she believed to be Ayeka calling out to her was still calling her name. Ryoko, Ryoko, Ryoko...

"RYOKO!" It called again, this time more urgent.

"Ibara! I'm coming!" She shouted causing everyone to jump. She ran out the door taking Ryo-ohki by the scruff of her neck.

Breathless she swung the cabbit into the air watching as Ryo-ohki's fur was replaced by the dark dome and jewel shaped spikes. Never before did the cabbit's transformation seem so long to Ryoko. Without a second thought Ryoko phased herself aboard and quickly navigated Ryo-ohki out of the Earth's atmosphere.

"I'm coming; I'm coming Ibara! Please wait for me; hold on, I'm coming."


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