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A Shared Fantasy

"Damn," Naomi thought as she woke up, "Is that dream ever going to stop tormenting me?" she turned over to look at the clock, three am. She collapsed back into the pillows and stared at her ceiling, it hadn't changed. Still caramel colored to contrast the deep crimson of her bedroom walls. Lights shone through the thin curtains. She moaned as she turned away from her window. "My bed's too big," she thought sullenly, "for someone who'll never share it." mulling on this thought she swung her feet out of bed to the cold wood floor and walked into the kitchen.

Pouring herself a cup of coffee and sitting down on the couch she thought about her dream. Every night, every single time she slept, a man comes to her dreams. He's warm and caring, loves her for who she is, and lets her be independent. He kisses her and gathers her kisses. He makes her high with all the pleasure he gives her. They are in a pure state of love and euphoria. In her sleep she lies with Brad.

*********************** Earlier that night, Tauros Base************************

Brad brushed his teeth slowly and carefully. Changing to his boxers he put a disc on a cd player. He put the headphones on and lay down, drumming his fingers against the bedside table.

"You're trying to stay awake aren't you?" his inner voice questioned him,

"Yeah, I am," he thought, "My dreams are great but embarrassing. I mean-" he was cut off by his inner voice again,

"Why are they embarrassing? You're a man and she's a woman, what's wrong with that?" Brad grumbled and turned off his disc player. He couldn't even explain it to himself. In his dreams a woman, an unmatched beauty inside and out, comes to his dreams. She knows his heart and he knows hers. Her fiery eyes are shining when they are together. He wakes every morning happy enough to sustain him through the day. In his sleep he lies with Naomi.


"Two down, one to go." Naomi thought as she looked down onto the ravaged battlefield. Dark clouds of dust rose from a stand of trees. "Aha." She aimed meticulously for the cluster and let loose three bullets. She heard a crash as the mangled hellcat fell out, a leg missing.

"Battle over, Battle over! And the winner is.the Flugel Team." She sighed and climbed out of her zoid. Was this all her battles would be? Taking them down one at a time or getting beaten? Was there no blurred line? Her boots landed softly on the desert ground as she leaned against the crimson side of her gunsniper. She felt herself slipping into a doze. She didn't care and let her mind wander over the deserts and bases of zi. And of course, it wandered to Brad, a fantasy and an elusive dream. "No, not elusive," she thought, "he's with me every night. But not willingly, and it's not him. It's just my fantasy. He could never love someone like me, no one could. I'm too proud and forbidding. But a borrowed love is better than none I guess." She stood up and brushed the dirt off herself. She climbed nimbly into her zoid and started home.

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