Naomi and Brad were walking back to her apartment. She had her head on his shoulder and his hands wrapped around her waist. They walked down the streets, louder at night than during the day, as this was the city voted with "best nightlife." Oblivious to the stares of people unaccustomed to couples covered in sand walking down the street, they reached her apartment. She opened the back door and they walked up a few flights of stairs. Naomi took out the key and opened the door.

"Welcome to my domain." She said as the lights came on. Brad smiled as she walked barefoot into the living area. He laughed and said,

"You know we forgot to get your shoes." Naomi laughed and put her arms around his shoulders. He kissed her and she entwined her legs around his waist. They sat down on the couch, still locked in a kiss. When they broke apart, Naomi looked at him with a beseeching look on her face,

"Why don't you stay the night? It's one in the morning anyway." He smiled at her and kissed her crimson lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he picked her up and carried her to her room.

************************Tauros Base, 3:00 am******************************

The small base was in a frenzy after finding Brad missing. Leena shot through the rooms and yelled,

"His car's missing." Jamie peeked out of his room,

"Everything's here." Bit smiled and yelled childishly,

"I bet he's at Naomi's!!" Leena stood stone still as a slow grin spread over her face,

"I second that! Dad, Brad's at Naomi's!" Doc looked up from his model and said,

"I'm sorry what? Brad's missing?" Leena sighed exasperatedly and yelled,

"Jamie! He's at Naomi's!" Jamie looked at them in shock; they could be so immature!

"Well, the only way to find out is to call."

**************************Naomi's apartment******************************

The phone rang over and over. Naomi groaned as she reached out for it, without waking Brad, who was sleeping next to her. Their clothes lay in strewn around the room. Too late, Brad was awake and watching her. She put a finger to his lips and picked up the phone, trying to seem normal.


"Naomi, this is Jamie, sorry to call so late but Brad's missing. You didn't happen to see him did you?" A shout on the other line rang from the phone.

"Brad's there with you isn't he Naomi? You and him are going out and you guys are sleeping together! Shame!!" Naomi tried to keep from laughing and said.

"Jamie, Brad's car broke down so he's staying at a friends. I met him today at the beach. Don't worry about it."

"Thanks." She hung up and burst out laughing. Brad smiled at her and said,

"So, I'll need to tell them that my car broke down?" she smiled and lay back down.

"Yeah but don't worry about it now, for now lets get some sleep."


Brad woke up slowly. He couldn't remember where he was for just a second but the sight of Naomi sleeping peacefully brought it all back. He smiled and tenderly brushed a strand of hair off her cheek. She murmured and opened one eye. Yawning she sat up and stretched. They both walked into the kitchen and sat on the couch. Naomi looked at him out of the corner of her eye.

"You know it's ten in the morning?" he put his head back and answered,

"Yeah so Jamie's probably already called. At the base we get up at eight." Naomi looked at him in shock as if to say, how can you get up at eight every day? He laughed and she went over to the answering machine.

Hey this is Naomi so if you have a reason to be calling me leave a message and I'll decide if I want to call you back. BEEP.

"Hey this is Leon, just wanted to call to say hi and great job at the battle yesterday. Huh? Kelly be quiet, they don't know yet! Oh yeah. So give me a call if you want to." Naomi laughed and went on to the next message.

"Naomi this is Jamie, if Brad calls tell him we'll pick him up. Thanks for all your help." She called back and said,

"Jamie? Hey, this is Naomi. I'll pick up Brad and take him to the base. Don't worry about it. Yeah, bye." Naomi deleted the messages and walked over to the kitchen. Pouring two cups of coffee she said,

"You wanna go out for breakfast? I'm not much of a cook." He smiled and hugged her.

"Not hungry"

Then he caught her by surprise by lifting her over his shoulder and walking into her room with her shrieking with laughter the whole way.

A/N: well it's done, woohoo! I am afraid I might be obsessed with this couple, but I am not! They're both really diverse and complicated people so it's easy to come up with scenarios. I think I am just saying this to reassure myself, oh well. I'm not obsessed, I am not obsessed.