Yo! So, this is something that's been on my mind since I wrote a certain chapter in one of my other fics, and thought it was funny. This is really just for the shits and giggles, but there is some plot here too, and also a few warnings. First, swear words will be used, because teenagers. Second, a fourteen year old will be flirting with a lot of people he really shouldn't be flirting with, some of whom are much older than him, although they won't understand it. Third, none of these men will actually do anything to Harry, because when he's only fourteen, that's kind of creepy. ...I guess there's also a bit of Parseltongue kink here? In a sense? Because, you know, Slytherins. All these warnings are also subject to change, and more may be added, or removed in the future.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of its characters...

When Harry Potter's name came flying out of the Goblet of Fire, the fourteen year old had felt as if his life was ending. He had spent the first few days following the...incident, in shock and disbelief, unable to believe what had happened, unable to believe he was being forced to compete, unable to believe Ron had turned on him.

But as the shock began to fade, the anger had set in.

How dare they!? All he did was give, give, give to this place, putting his life on the line time and time again, and never asking for anything in return, not even his own safety, and this was how he was going to be treated!?

Fine! They could all just go and fuck themselves! Especially Ron, the traitorous twat! Hmph!

Harry already knew what he was going to do to counter all this. Sure, it was probably going to ruin his reputation, but considering that there was even less of a chance of him actually living through this year than usual, well, whatever. Was it even possible for him to be treated any worse? It was hard to tell. Either way, when he was done, everyone was going to be terrified and regret what they had or hadn't done.

Because, Harry Potter wasn't just any rebellious teenager. No, he was a rebellious teenager, who just happened to have Marauder blood in him. A rebellious teenager with Marauder blood, who possessed a very fascinating skill only the Dark Lord Voldemort himself could rival, a skill many were frightened-no, terrified of.

Oh yes, this was going to be very interesting indeed.

And as the young Potter smirked to himself, the inhabitants of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry suddenly found themselves filled with dread, though they had absolutely no idea why...

When Harry walked into the Great Hall the next morning for breakfast, it was with his head held high, and a smirk on his face. Well, that was certainly odd. Normally, he walked with his head down while frowning.

Unsurprisingly, Draco Malfoy was the first one to call him out on it. "What're you smirking about, Potter? Have a grown up dream, did you?" he mocked. He would have continued, having much more to say, if the other boy hadn't cut across him instead.

"Yeah, it was about your father," Harry replied rather casually.

Malfoy paled. His eyes widened, and his jaw dropped at the sound of the sibilant response. "W-wha-?"

"Did you know he has a really nice arse? It's hard to look away from it." He sighed mournfully. "Too bad he's a prick." And with that, the emerald eyed teen, still smirking, continued walking, and took a seat over at Gryffindor Table.

Ignoring the fact that he was being stared it, he began eating, seemingly unconcerned, but after a few minutes, it got really annoying, so he looked up, only now realizing Ron was the one seated across him. Shit. He hadn't been paying enough attention to have noticed.

"Problem, Ronald?"

"H-Harry, what're you-"

Harry raised a dark brow. "Oh, back to 'Harry' again, is it? Didn't you want me to piss off? What changed your mind?" He spooned some cereal into his mouth, green eyes still locked on his dear 'best friend'. He wasn't sure if he would ever forgive Ron for this-for turning his back on him like this. Ron, of all people, should have known better.

Hermione suddenly slid onto the bench beside him, pulling the boy out of his thoughts, dropping her bag to the floor with a heavy sounding thump, and she reached for the pitcher of water immediately, looking flushed and breathless.

"Hermione? Are you alright?"

Ron's eyes widened at the sound of normal English, but Harry ignored him. His revenge had hardly even begun!

The witch, unaware of what had been happening, nodded. "Yes, yes, it's nothing. Just had a very...unwelcome encounter with Parkinson, but she's been dealt with. Professor Moody happened upon us, and he's assigned her detention."

"Hmm, good. Serves that bitch right."

"H-Harry?" Hermione had fully understood the beginning of that sentence, but that last bit there, unless she had heard wrong, had been nothing but a strange sort of hissing. Was that what she thought it was?

Her green eyed friend merely smiled at her innocently. "Yes, lovely?"

Hermione looked at him closely, searching his face, making note of his expression, his posture, his eyes, and was sure she understood immediately. "Angry?"

"Absolutely livid," he replied pleasantly.

"Ah. Well, go on, then."

Harry grinned.

Many Gryffindors shivered at the sight.

And that's the beginning. Again, this is just for the laughs, though there is a bit of plot in it too, so don't take things too seriously. I started this on a whim while waiting to start watching Takeover, so I haven't fully thought everything through yet. Anyway, looking forward to reviews! Laterz!