Near Imperfection- Prologue: Grace under Pressure

By: Jade Maxwell

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter in any way, shape, or form. Making no money off of it either!

Warning: Cho/Hermione fem slash and hints at Hermione/Ginny (possibly Pansy/Hermione as well), hints at Draco/Harry slash, angst, ooc, and sap basically.

Notes: I was doing a search for Cho/Hermione/Cho fem slash and found no stories so this will be my second one. I was listening to Linkin Park CD while I wrote this if it explains the mood.

Summary: Hermione in her seventh year is being drowned with her new workload, as well as being a Perfect. What does she do when she finds out her best friend, Harry, is seeing another man and that man is Draco Malfoy: archrival and son of a Death Eater? And she can't tell anyone for his sake and Draco's sake. The pressure is on and then a most unexpected person helps her through it...or does she add more pressure?

Six years of working hard and being pressured from all angles paid off, if you were Hermione Granger. She was now in her seventh year, a Perfect and close friends with the one and only...Harry Potter. One would expect that she was crazy. With her multitude of classes and extra load of stress. Of course Ron thought she was beyond the fine line between sanity and insane, but he was the most laid back individual around. And he also was one of many males to have a crush on her in the Gryffindor common room. Only with her now beautiful appearance and not her extreme book smarts.

Hermione could really care less though, she was so absorbed with her work and studying she barely had time for her friends and no time for a boyfriend. Most days she was bent over one of her many large books concentrating, a piece of parchment beside her and a chewed up quill being chewed on some more between her teeth. Shoulder length auburn hair tied back in a quick knot, with more than a few strands of curls falling out. One, unpainted and unadorned, finger running up and down the letters, page after long page. Finally a sigh would escape her and she would fall against the back of her chair in exasperation, pulling a strand of hair aggravated. Ron or Harry would shake their heads and usually Harry would pat her shoulder in acknowledgement to her self-induced suffering. Her brown eyes would flicker up and she would smile slightly before literally attacking her book in savage studying. The Gryffindor common room students would shake their heads and return to gossiping, writing, or studying.

This was the life of Hermione Granger and some would say she actually enjoyed her enthusiastic studying. The teachers all knew that she had almost every answer to almost every question and if she didn't would run to the library and research till she knew everything about it. Other Houses were perplexed by her eccentric ability to want to know everything there was to know about everything. And no one she knew personally had her zealous for the unknown researching. Everyone would conclude in privacy that she was near to perfection. Gryffindors said she was Perfect and suited the role well. Even in the look department people were starting to agree that she was nearing perfection. Reaching a perfect 5'6" in height, with large deep brown eyes, heart shaped face, cupid bow-shaped lips, slender yet voluptuous figure, and once very long uncontrolled frizzy hair now cut to just brush her shoulders in soft controlled curls. All in all she was beautiful. No one could deny it now that she had blossomed so wonderfully in little more than two years.

Yet, no one knew who she really was. No one knew what she called her self in the privacy of her now silenced four-post bed. Everyone saw her holding grace under pressure, but no one saw her cry herself to sleep after writing in her diary. No one knew that she was imperfect because of one thing...

Hermione Granger fancied girls and was even having a secret affair with the one and only Ginny Weasley.

"Perfect is not as it seems..."


Short prologue, I know. But it was just to prepare you for the story and all! Please review!