A/N: Haha! I'm back! Welcome to both returning readers who loved the old story as well as new readers getting introduced to this for the first time. This is the rewritten version of my story "Return To Me" that I decided to both fix some issues I had with the old version and to just improve upon the story as a whole as my style and I have grown over time. While the old version is discontinued I do still have it up and available to be read if you feel like comparing and contrasting or even just to get a hint as to what the story may shape out to be, feel free to take a look at the version posted on Fafiction on my profile. Just go to the list of stories and click "Return to Me: Discontinued Version"

Okay, that we are all up to speed, WARNINGS DOWN BELOW!

Some things you need to know about this story: Shredder is just a really really evil human in this story. Really just...not a nice guy. This is a turtlecest story...of a sorts (Can I still call it that even though they aren't turtles anymore?!) The pairings include Raph/Leo and Mikey/Donnie. I also feel compelled to warn you that there is going to be physical and sexual abuse as well as some full on rape unrelated to that sexual abuse and perhaps some referenced forced drug use (we'll see more about that later in the story though), but these won't be until the second installment of the story. I plan for this to be duology, yay! But there will definitely be some sexy times between the boys! If any of this bothers you, feel free to exit stage right quietly. So I believe that is all, and without any further adui I hope you guys enjoy the new prologue, and tell me what you think.

Everything hurt... His entire body felt so heavy that even opening his eyes took too much effort. So he just lay there, on his side, still and silent, in the darkness. Through that darkness came a new pain, starting in his heart and spreading throughout his entire being. This one seemed to overtake the physical pain entirely, bringing tears to his eyes. With gritted teeth Leonardo fought to remember what had happened to cause so much hurt, but it only seemed to swallow him up the more he tried.

Hazy images danced in the blue banded terrapin's mind, fighting through the pain in an effort to take up some residence in his head. Still, there was only the pain. His brothers... Shit! Where were his brothers?!

Even as he willed with all his being for his eyes to open, Leonardo could only manage to meekly peek through the small crack his eyelids had allowed him; his surroundings just as blurred and hazy as his memories had been. With what remained of his sight came the rest of his senses as well.

It was terrible. The scent of freshly spilled blood and death clogged up his nostrils, making him want to gag. He probably would have if he had the strength. The pain he had felt before intensified as he became more aware, though Leonardo could only manage a low groan to voice his agony. All throughout his body, the turtle felt cuts, most still leaking out blood. However, those wounds weren't what caught his attention.

Protruding from his plastron Leonardo could see two, blood caked blades among the shattered scales surrounding them; not an inch of them left untainted by the crimson that flowed freely through the wound. Seeing this, his eyes widened even if only a little.

Gradually, he tried to will his arm up to the blades and weakly gripped at them. Grunting at the pain, he pulled as hard as he could at them, but it didn't seem to be enough. Neither of the blades budged even an inch. The blades, while a very uncomfortable source of stinging pain, did serve a purpose, though. As the fallen warrior stared at the offending things, memories of that night's events returned to him in waves.

The time had come at long last. Tonight was the night Leonardo and his brothers had agreed that they would end the Shredder's reign of terror once and for all, and avenge Splinter's Master Yoshi. They had fought their way into Shredder's headquarters, fought more foot ninjas than he had bothered to count and then... nothing. All he could remember next was charging at the one who had proved himself the very embodiment of evil. Yet the hurt inside spiked again, stronger than before.

Leo remembered feeling unbridled rage surging through his veins, as the pain was doing now. Why he was so angry, he couldn't recall.

More images flashed in his mind's eye. He could see the Shredder blocking his rage-fueled attacks with a cocky ease. He watched as his senses were returned to him in shock of seeing and feeling the two blades that had always rested on the Shredder's gauntlets embed themselves into the front of Leo's shell and pierce his chest with a horrible CRACK!. He remembered the choked gasp that left his lips as he stared down in horror and disbelief as his wound sluggishly seeped blood.

Looking around himself now, he could see that most of the blood he was smelling came from the puddle of it he was laying in. How long had he lain there?

Another image glimmered in Leonardo's mind. He saw himself separating the blades from their master with a swift and powerful turn of his body. Thinking back on it now, he noted the move may have been the reason he was bleeding so terribly. Finally, the terrapin saw himself slice the shocked Shredder's head clean off, ending the life of their enemy and the battle as well. After that he remembered falling and waking up as he was now.

So where were his brothers?

With great difficulty, due to what he knew now to be blood loss, Leo managed to prop himself up with shaky arms to look around. Sure enough, the Shredder's body lay a few feet away from him, his head in its own surrounding pool of blood. So where… Dark brown eyes looked around desperately only to land on a sight he'd rather have missed.

Donatello and Michelangelo were the first ones Leo saw. A peaceful if not slightly pained expression was on his youngest brother's innocent face. Michelangelo's baby blue eyes now glazed over by death; yet, a small smile graced his features. Donatello lay over Michelangelo's body, covering the youngest turtle so completely that if Leo had been positioned in any other direction he wouldn't have seen Michelangelo at all. Dried tear stains on Donatello's olive-green cheeks told him Michelangelo had died first. By the numerous swords sticking out of his back... Donatello had been trying to protect their little brother's body.

Tears finally made their way down the oldest turtle's face. He'd failed them... The pain in his heart made sense now. His two youngest brothers were gone. He'd failed his job as a leader to protect them. And if they were gone, did that mean Raph was…?

Looking around once more, a choked sob escaped Leo's lips as he laid eyes on the red banded terrapin. Out of all three of his brothers it was obvious that Raphael had taken the most hits before finally falling. Not an inch of his body was spared from the bruises and lacerations that marred the darkest turtle's skin. A new, fresher wave of pain coursed through Leonardo's body at the sight of his mate in such a state. To see Raphael, his Raphael beaten, battered, cold, and dead not too far from where he lay...

Summoning up what remained of his strength, Leonardo dragged himself to the place his mate lay still, never to open his beautiful golden eyes again. Every movement only caused his body more misery. His aching limbs begged him to stop, to slip back into the darkness. Still, he dragged himself forward, inch by inch to his lover's body, leaving a trail of blood in his wake.

When, at long last, he'd reached Raph's corpse, Leonardo's body collapsed on the ground beside him. Only capable of feebly taking his brother's hand into his own as his blurred vision grew dark once more.

'Why had it come to this?' he thought as he looked into the forever closed eyes of his love. What had they done to deserve such an end? Was it because of their love? Were their feelings for each other so wrong that they deserved such a terrible fate as retribution for their sin?

'Tch, screw fate,' Leonardo thought as he felt his eyes begin to close, 'If that's the reason for all this then so be it. I don't regret any of it. Though... I do have one wish,' A few more tears escaped his closed lids and fell lethargically down his cheeks. 'My last and only wish… let's all meet up again. If we're ever reborn, I hope in my next life… we could all… be together again. That next time...we could be happy...please.'

With that final thought, the oldest turtle's breathing stilled and Leonardo followed his younger brothers in death.

But it was not the end…