The battlefield of the Second Division was in complete and utter chaos.

Kiba watched as the other members of the Second Division began attacking each other left and right, and his mind began racing 'Dammit this is bad, I can't even tell who is who. I can't even sniff out the transformed fake ones from our own guys. How the hell are we supposed to stop them without killing our own men?' he looked back and saw Shino standing behind him "Oh hey you're finally back Shino, everything okay?"

Shino nodded and waved "Yes I am Kiba, you don't need to worry about me."

"Yeah well you'd better be careful, there's no way of telling where the enemy is going to come at us from next." he blitzed behind Shino once he saw him draw a kunai and slashed him down the middle with his claws, revealing Shino to be a White Zetsu clone in disguise "I had a feeling that you were one of them, looks like I was right to go with my gut on this."


Neji had the same issue as he tried to scope out the area with his Byakugan, only to find little to no results 'This isn't any good, even with my Byakugan I can't tell the real ones from the fake ones even by looking at their chakra.'

That was when one of the others rounded on him in a paranoid rage "Don't tell me, are you one of the fakes too?!" he started attacking Neji in a rage.

"Wait no stop, I'm the real one!" Neji's pleas went unheard and he was forced to defend himself against his attacker.


The First Division on the coastline was at a standstill.

Shikamaru and the others now stood in their own circles drawn into the ground "Listen to me and listen good everybody, whatever happens you don't step out of your circle because if you do then you'll be considered a transformed enemy!"

"Choza you realize that we're not getting anywhere with this situation." Dan pointed out "This tactic is doomed to fail."

"Believe me Dan, I know that all too well." Choza told him "But this sort of thing can't be helped, for now all we can do is wait."

"Just wait, wait for what exactly?"


"You got that punks? No one in here moves, we can't tell who is and isn't an enemy in disguise and more of those reanimated shinobi could show up at any time too! Anyone who moves will be considered an enemy so don't move, you got that?"

Kin and Ino shared a look as they heard this "And in the meantime the number of wounded from the various battlefields is only going to keep getting bigger as the battles go on."

"We have no choice but to wait now." Ino told her "That's all we can do for the time being."


The battle outside the Feudal Lords' hideaway continued in earnest.

"Fire Style: Crimson Dragon!" Kazuma breathed out a massive fire dragon, with Shisui doing the same and Yahiko breathing out a powerful wind jutsu, the three of them cancelling out the Wood Style used by Black Zetsu but not damaging him 'This guy just isn't going to go down is he? At this rate it's never going to end, we have to find a way to deal with him head on and soon but how?'


Ao quickly detected the situation from his position with the Sensory Unit of HQ 'The situation is becoming more and more chaotic by the minute, if we don't figure something out soon… Wait, what's this?'

"What is it?" asked the Mizukage.

"I'm detecting a new group of enemy forces, it's a small unit but the feel to this chakra seems unusual. I think… I think it's Madara Uchiha."

"What did you say?"

"Madara Uchiha is now leading a small unit onto the battlefield."

"And can you tell who is in this unit?"

"I do recognize the chakra signature, it is the Fourth Mizukage!"

"Do you mean the one that was a jinchuuriki of the Three Tails?"

"I have no doubt in my mind and all of the others with Madara are jinchuuriki as well."

"I can't believe he had more pawns under his control." Shikaku muttered "And Naruto, what about him? Where is he right now?"


The race towards the battlefield continued.

Tatsu looked back from where he and Naruto were racing across the trees only to find Utakata and Killer Bee finally catching up to them "It's about time you two caught up, where the hell were you guys? I mean I get the jackass with the goatee was taking a leak but Utakata I mean seriously, what the f*ck?"

Utakata shrugged "I got a little bit held up, I had to bring a few shinobi from the Turtle Island to the front lines and then I got distracted by some of those White Zetsu clones and a few reanimations."

"So did we but you don't hear me whining or anything, you're really losing your touch these days aren't you?"

"If you want to mock me like an ass then do it later, how are all of your Shadow Clones doing on the other battlefields?"

"My best guess is that they should be reaching the other battlefields right about now or they've already started fighting. That way Tatsu and I can use our ability to sense negative emotions to seek out all of the fakes." Naruto told him.

Tatsu nodded "Yeah that's the plan at least but we'd better hurry or there might not be anything left for us to save. If we're gonna do this then we've gotta do it fast. Now that's enough talking for the time being, let's pick up the pace."


Shikamaru looked around the area of the First Division 'Looks like some of them are growing restless, knowing what these guys can be like I doubt they'll be willing to take this for much longer. Either way someone is gonna snap real soon.'

This was when Choji spoke up "Hey Shikamaru, how long do we all have to stay like this for anyway? I mean that big statue thing could come back anytime soon and if it does then we're all gonna be screwed."

"Just calm down Choji, keep in mind that this is only until Tatsu and Naruto get here and until they do no one is to step inside anyone else's circle, if they do then they'll be tagged as an enemy no matter who they might be."

"But can't we just confirm who people are using some kind of secrets that only their friends would know the answers to?"

"Not a chance, keep in mind Choji that we already lost some people trying that method to begin with. That and sometimes a lucky guess could end up being right. It's a drag I know but it's the only sensible thing we can do, hang in there for just a little bit longer okay?"

"...Alright, I'll bare it."

"Okay good."

This was when Tatsu and Naruto, or at least their Shadow Clones, dropped down onto the scene in bright flashes of light "Hey guys, sorry we're late."

"Yeah well better late than never, I know that better than anybody. I'm just glad you and Naruto can finally end this madness, though I will admit that you guys have gotten pretty damn flashy since the last time I saw you."

"Naruto?" Dan took a good long look at Naruto 'That boy looks just like Nawaki. Who is this boy anyway?"

"That would be Naruto, he's the current jinchuuriki of the Nine Tails." Tatsu told him "It really is remarkable looking at him, I mean it still feels like just yesterday when he was running around painting the Hokage Monument and screaming about becoming the Hokage. He was such a little dumbass back then."

"Hey!" Naruto barked "If anyone here is the dumbass it's you, not all of us can date a girl for like four years before actually realizing that we were and making a f*cking move like you did with Ino!"

"Yeah well at least I actually noticed that Ino existed, the same can't be said for you when it comes to Hinata now can it?" he failed to notice one of the disguised White Zetsu clones attacking him, only for it to be incinerated by his Tenseigan Chakra Cloak "Did you hear screaming or something?"

"Don't change the subject, at least I don't get off by hiding porn magazines under my bed like I'm some junior version of Pervy Sage!"

"Hey I told you not to go snooping under my bed!"

"I didn't, you hid them under my bed in my apartment!"

"Hey you're the one who left the door wide open, you're just lucky Hinata didn't go snooping around for your underwear!"

"Oh please, I would kill for her to do that!"

"She almost did, I stopped her from stealing your underwear when I was hiding my porn under your bed!"

"AHA! So you admit it!"

"Yeah well at least I can control when I get a boner!"

"I can control my boners just fine!"

"Then why the hell do you have one right now?!"

"Because fighting in a war is a turn on for me!"

"...You're an idiot." Tatsu looked down and noticed a large number of scattered body parts from various White Zetsu clones littering the ground around them "What the hell happened to these guys?"

"You think Shikamaru and the others took them all out while we were arguing?"

"Use your head for once stupid, if they could do that then why the hell are we here in the first place? My guess is that they tried to attack us while we were arguing and they ended up getting blown to bits by our pure awesomeness in the form of our chakra cloaks. To put it so even you can understand, we're just that awesome." this prompted everyone present, at least everyone who wasn't a dismembered White Zetsu body part, to sweatdrop.


"Hey you there get back, don't come any closer!"

"Help me, someone please help me!"

"Do not approach or you will be considered an enemy!"

"Please I beg of you, just help him!"

Having heard enough of this, Ino and Kin both rushed outside "What's going on out here, what's the matter?"

As it turns out it was two Hidden Stone ninja, one of them supporting the other one "It's my husband, I think he can still be saved with medical ninjutsu."

"Stay put!" the Akimichi guard held up a spear to her "I told everyone here not to move or they would be considered an enemy, how can you prove that you're not enemies? You can't now can you?"

"I know I can't but still, my husband needs your help! Please I beg of you, just do what you can so that my husband doesn't die right here in my arms!" she pulled out a kunai and aimed it at her throat.

"Hey what the hell are you doing?!"

"If you can't trust me then I'll just go ahead and take my own life right here and right now, but I'm begging you to please just save my husband!"

"I told you to stop!"

"...Let them in." Ino told him.

"But what if they're enemies in disguise? You'd be playing right into their hands!"

"If they are enemies then either Kin or myself can deal with them but I won't stand by and risk the possibility of actual comrades being killed when I can do something to help them."

The woman have a grateful smile "Oh thank you, thank you so much." and then both of them charged forward as they revealed themselves to be disguised White Zetsu clones, and they moved in for the kill when…

"Rasengan!" two figures blitzed onto the scene and smashed both of them straight into the ground, revealed to be more of Tatsu and Naruto's Shadow Clones "Hey Ino, Kin, are you two alright?"

Ino looked on in slight awe "Tatsu… Naruto… it's you…"

"Yeah looks like you're alright to me."

"So then this means that you've mastered your Tenseigan and your chakra cloak?"

"Not exactly in the traditional sense, I'm about 85% of the way there or so. It's better than the dumbass back there, he's only at about 70%."

"HEY!" Naruto barked "I'll have you know that I'm way stronger than you!"

"Don't hold your breath stupid, I'm not just talking about raw power. To put it quite bluntly, your control over your power is the equivalent of horse shit."



The battlefield of the Second Division was getting more and more intense.

"Gentle Fist!" Neji took out a Hidden Stone ninja with one strike, revealing him to be a clone in disguise "So that one was a fake after all."

"Stop wasting time Neji, hurry the hell up!" Kiba bolted past on top of Akamaru "Bad news this way, Hinata is in trouble!"

"What?!" Neji rushed his way over towards where Hinata was being backed into a corner by a Hidden Stone ninja 'Dammit, I'm not going to make it in time!'

"You're going down!" the Hidden Stone ninja body slammed Hinata into a nearby wall, crushing her in it and revealing her to be a White Zetsu clone in disguise.

"So then… it was just a transformed enemy?"

"Alright now that's enough gawking, who's next?"

"Go for the two to your left!" that was when Tatsu and Naruto burst onto the scene "We'll talk you through it but for now just go!"

"You got it!"

Neji looked at the two of them in awe "No way, don't tell me."

"Hey Neji quit daydreaming, this way!" Kiba bolted past him "Seriously, you don't wanna make me tell Tenten that you were a wuss!"

"...I will kill you for that."


Hinata was struggling to fight off the White Zetsu clones that came after her all at once, being overwhelmed by their sheer numbers 'There's too many, I can't defeat them all!'

"Hinata get down!" that was when Naruto burst down in front of her and stopped their blades with his bare hands "Sorry I'm late."

"Naruto… is that you? You look so different from before."

"Yeah I know but you don't have to worry, everything's gonna be alright now. I promise you, no matter what happens I'm going to protect you." he summoned several chakra arms and cut down the transformed White Zetsu clones with ease, the exposure to the Nine Tails' chakra turning them into trees "Done and done, Tatsu can suck on that one." he helped Hinata to her feet "Are you hurt at all Hinata?"

"I… I'm fine."

Neji took this chance to round on the Hidden Stone shinobi in charge "Why didn't you tell us any sooner that Naruto and Tatsu had arrived."

"Probably because we just got here." Tatsu pointed out dryly "I get the mutt and Akamaru not being able to sniff us out since we smell different when we're like this but you're the one with 355 degree vision Neji so what gives you the right to talk shit, did you learn nothing from your ass kicking in the Chunin Exams?"

"Well I'm sorry but you both look different from before, even your chakra nature has changed completely. How do I know it's really you two?"

"8 Trigrams Boot to the Head."

"...Fine you check out but what about him, how do I know that's really Naruto and not one of the transformed white ones like the others?"

"For crying out loud Neji, it's really me." Naruto told him.

"You can say that all you like but can you prove it?"

"Tatsu didn't have to prove it!"

"Tatsu is an abomination of a human being like no one else in the world so of course he doesn't have to prove it."

"No Neji please stop, it is Naruto!" Hinata blurted out suddenly "You can tell by the look in his eyes."

"But Lady Hinata…"

"And besides he did save me from the others beforehand. Naruto I'm so sorry about this, we've all become so untrusting of everyone else."

"No need to worry about that." Naruto waved it off without giving a damn "Tatsu and I can find all of the fake ones in no time flat."

"Good thing we're here though, guys like Kiba and Neji are, to be blunt, pretty useless against these things." Tatsu pointed out "These White Zetsu clones can mimic pretty much everything on the physical level from their scent to their chakra signature."

"Yeah but we're here now so we're more than enough to catch these guys in the act and whenever I take them down they turn into trees."

"In reaction to their exposure to Kurama's chakra, but either way we share the ability to sense negative emotions that the White Zetsu clones give off so that way we can sniff them out like you sniff out ramen."

"Ramen? WHERE?!"


"You son of a- You know what screw it, there's no winning with you is there?"

"Took you long enough to figure it out, you really don't know when to quit do you?"

"I never quit and I never give up, it's part of my ninja way."

Hinata on the other hand seemed downcast at the thought of this 'The one that we swore to protect is always protecting us, I feel so useless.'

"Please don't worry about it anymore Hinata." Naruto had sensed her self doubt "You've already protected me twice and accepted me for who I am before almost everyone else, the time has come for me to return the favor."

"Oh I wasn't worried or anything, I just… I…"

"I can see it in your eyes Hinata and Tatsu did say that he and I can sense negative emotions you know. Don't be so hard on yourself, I have no doubt in my mind that you are strong. After all you're one of the only reasons Bushy Brow and I were able to beat Pain."

"That's enough jabbering, we've got a job to do." Tatsu took off towards the battlefield, with the rest of them following right behind him.


At the same time, the other half of Mu, having been spared from being sealed away thanks to his Fission Jutsu, was used by Kabuto as a catalyst in order to summon his trump card onto the battlefield.


Other battlefields were getting hectic and escalating as time continued to pass.

As the numbers continued to dwindle on boths sides on the battlefields of both the Third Division and the Fifth Division, Tatsu and Naruto's Shadow Clones arrived on each battlefield and began to turn the tide in favor of the Allied Shinobi Forces, wiping out the disguised White Zetsu clones and dwindling away at the numbers of the reanimated shinobi.


"Rasengan!" having finally arrived to support the unit guarding the Feudal Lords, Tatsu's Shadow Clone slammed a Rasengan into a nearby tree, completely missing Black Zetsu as a result "Dammit, looks like I put way too much effort into that one."

"Don't feel so hard on yourself." Kazuma blitzed over beside him "This is a slippery one so flinging attacks like that at him isn't going to get us anywhere, you see this is one of those times where the power of the Tenseigan is more of a hindrance than a help."

"And to think I went through the trouble of doing all of that training with Naruto, Utakata and the stupid one just for it to be for shits and giggles."

"Tell me about it. So what about the other versions of you and Naruto?"

"Me and Naruto have tons of Shadow Clones hitting up each battlefield, each of them should be hitting the other battlefields any time now."


Sure enough, by this point the battlefield of the Fourth Division in the desert had at last calmed down since all four of the reanimated former Kage had apparently been sealed away.

"Alright looks like things can finally cool down a little bit." Tatsu, him and Naruto having been forced back to their normal forms, turned towards Onoki "So what exactly are we supposed to do now old man?"

"I told you before you brat, I'm the Tsuchikage!" Onoki barked.

"Yeah I know, I just don't care. Anyway here's what I'm thinking, there's no point in fighting all of these reanimated ninja if we can avoid it and the other companies should be able to hold out for awhile. Besides Madara is the real enemy, this war is never going to end until we take him out once and for all."

"So what do you suggest then?"

"The real me and Naruto should be heading over in this direction right about now, the same should be said for Killer Bee and Utakata. I'd say that by this point the tide is turning in our favor without a doubt."

"I wouldn't be too sure about that." Naruto pointed upwards to where Mu stood on top of a large rock plateau nearby.

"Isn't that the Second Tsuchikage?"

"Yeah but I thought that Gaara had him sealed away!"

"This coming from the guy who supposedly defeated him, the way I see it if anyone is to blame for him being able to slip free then it's you."

"What?! Where the hell were you when he was-"

"SILENCE!" Onoki barked "This could only be the work of Lord Mu's Fission jutsu, he's able to split his body into separate copies of himself."

"So what then, he's some kind of clone?" asked Tatsu.

"Not exactly, it's more like his body has been split into two pieces although this one only has half of his normal strength."

"Well add that to the list of reasons why he's not worth even looking at right now, there's someone else up there with him." Tatsu pointed to the figure with long black hair and wearing armor that stood next to Mu.

Onoki froze in plane in sheer horror "No, it can't be… It's him…"

"What are you talking about, who is it?"

"So he's come at last… Madara Uchiha!"

"...Hold on a second, you said Madara Uchiha?"

"So that's what he looks like underneath his stupid mask huh?" Naruto snarled.

"Use your head idiot, that guy in the mask is a f*cking beanpole without his Akatsuki robe but this guy looks like he has the physique of a god! Or me. Besides take a good long look at his eyes, Sharingan or not he's under the effects of the reanimation jutsu that Kabuto is using on all of the undead ninja we've been fighting and if that's the case then that means that this guys is still dead."

"But that should be impossible!" Temari protested "HQ just reported that Madara is on the move elsewhere approaching in the other direction with a bunch of reanimated jinchuuriki."

"Again, beanpole vs physique of yours truly."

Onoki nodded "Arrogant or not the boy is right, besides I would recognize Madara anywhere or anytime since he and I fought back when I was a youngster. So that raises the question, who could the man behind that mask possibly be?"

"Maybe another surviving Uchiha who managed to live through the massacre, thank you Danzo wherever the hell in purgatory you might be."

"Why purgatory?" asked Naruto.

"Not good enough for Heaven but to good for Hell, even if he wasn't responsible for the Uchiha clan being massacred he did still have to do a lot of dark shit for the sake of the Leaf. Doing bad things but for the right reasons, not a bad way to go out either if you ask me."

"We're getting seriously off topic aren't we?"

"Hey you asked and I answered." this was followed by ominous clouds covering the entire battlefield "See even the sky itself is casting shade in your direction."

"And we're still way off topic." Naruto looked up at the reanimated Madara "So you're saying that if the guy up there is Madara then the guy in the mask in just an imposter? So then who is he really?"

"Truth be told at this point it doesn't mean shit who he is right now but we've gotta take him down either way."


The reanimated Uchiha, now revealed to be Madara himself, looked down on the members of the Fourth Division with a mix of curiosity and contempt "Their headbands all read the kanji for Shinobi and yet I see them all wearing clothing from each of the Five Great Nations, is this some new form of alliance?"

Mu shrugged "Well it does appear that we're at war with all of them at the moment and that's why we've been brought back."

"So that is what he's up to, but I can't help but wonder what exactly it is that he has in mind right now, it doesn't look as though things are going the way that he had originally planned. Why else would he resort to reviving me in a way such as this? So who is the current caster of the Reanimation Jutsu?"

"How am I supposed to know that?" and that was when Kabuto took over, using Mu's body as a medium of sorts "That would be me, my name is Kabuto Yakushi and I'm his collaborator or his partner in crime if you wish to refer to it that way."

"Speaking to me through the reanimation link, you're quite the sneaky one aren't you?"

"Your reanimation is quite special compared to the others, you're now even greater than you were during your prime."

"Is that so? Tell me, do you even know what I was like during my prime?"

"Not through personal experience, that's actually one of the main reasons as to why you're here right now. I want you to show me the power of the legendary Uchiha." they both dodged a swarm of sand with ease.

"I suppose we won't be able to catch them as easily as that." Gaara noted.

Madara landed on the ground in front of the Fourth Division, his Sharingan blazing into life in all of its crimson fury "Very well then, if you wish to see my true power then I suppose I might as well oblige you."

"Here he comes guys, get ready." Tatsu was quick to enter Sage Mode "Remember guys, don't look a Sharingan user in the eyes or it's game over."

Madara's advance towards them started slow at first but he was quick to build up speed and momentum.

"...SCREW THIS! GET HIM!" and so all of the idiots in the Fourth Division who cracked under the pressure and really aren't worth mentioning.

And as anime logic would dictate, Madara began tearing through hundreds these morons with ease using taijutsu alone, although he did get a little bit colorful with it when he stole some of their kunai and used them on themselves, not to mention when he took out a couple of them thanks to some Sharingan genjutsu and when he even strapped a paper bomb onto one guy, killing a large number of them at once.

Onoki watched as Mu faded from sight 'He can't use his Particle Style jutsu now that he only has half of his chakra.'

And now Madara was ripping through the alliance like a tidal wave "So you wish to dance with me do you?"

"Lightning Style: Purple Thunder!" a Sage Mode enhanced blast of purple lightning suddenly sent Madara tumbling backwards, courtesy of Tatsu "Word of advice asshat, I'm not someone you want to underestimate or that mistake will be your last."

Madara stopped himself almost immediately "Interesting, with that form of chakra and those markings of the Dragon Sage Mode I can only assume that you are a descendent of the Kamikaze clan. You have skill for one so young, but that will do little good against me." he blitzed through several hand seals "Fire Style: Great Fire Annihilation!" he breathed out a massive blast of fire.

'That blast of fire is insane, I'm gonna have to be fast. Naruto!"

"You got it!" Naruto blitzed through several hand seals, with Tatsu doing the same "Water Style-"

"Supreme Tsunami!" the two of them unleashed a combined water style jutsu that was large enough to cancel out Madara's fire jutsu and create a massive cloud of steam "Don't let your guard down, he's gonna use the smoke as a cover!"

"Fire Style: Flame Flower!" sure enough, Madara went back on the offensive and continued tearing through the Fourth Division.

"You will not be going any further!" now fully healed, Gaara attempted to stop Madara in his tracks.

Madara dodged each swipe of the sand with clear ease "Is that all this so called alliance is capable of?"

"Far from it! Sage Art: Lightning Style: Rasenshuriken!" Tatsu burst down from above with a Sage Mode enhanced lightning powered Rasenshuriken, followed by Onoki using his Earth Style: Mobile Core in order to corner Madara, resulting in a shockwave from the collision that followed.

When the dust cleared, it revealed that Madara had activated his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan and blocked the Rasenshuriken using his Susanoo.

'Dammit, he unleashed the Susanoo already? As if the Mangekyo Sharingan itself wasn't bad enough! Hey Naruto how much longer?"

"Hold on a second, I'm almost done." and then Naruto entered Sage Mode as orange markings appeared around his eyes "I'm ready!"

"Well it's about f*cking time!" Tatsu found himself on the defensive dodging various sword attacks from Madara's Susanoo left and right "Dude seriously hurry the hell up!" he barely avoided the swings of the Susanoo swords "Oh for f*ck's sake, there's OP and then there's this asshole!"

"Sorry for the wait!" that was when Naruto revealed himself with a fully powered Rasenshuriken ready to fire "I'm all fired up and ready to go, now everyone stand back if you don't wanna get caught in the crossfire.

"Go Naruto, I'll support you!" having been lightened thanks to Onoki's Lightweight Boulder jutsu, Gaara sent his sand forward at even greater speed, trapping Madara in a wave of sand but not hurting him 'It would appear that external attacks don't have any effect, so I should use the sand underneath his very feet!' he used the sand beneath his feet to grab Madara and pull him out of the Susanoo by force "Now Naruto, take him down!"

"Right! Sage Art: Wind Style: Rasenshuriken!" Naruto hurled the Rasenshuriken forward towards Madara at blinding speeds, resulting in a flash of light and a massive shockwave that threw them all off.

When everything settled down, it revealed Madara completely unharmed and a horrifyingly familiar pattern in his eyes "A powerful jutsu without a doubt but it clearly held far too much energy."

Tatsu found himself frozen in place, with Naruto being about the same 'To think he absorbed a Rasenshuriken without breaking a sweat like that, and if that weren't bad enough he of all people has the Rinnegan?'

Now that he had left everyone frozen in fear, Madara retreated back up to where Mu, still possessed by Kabuto, was watching "Well?"

Kabuto nodded in approval "It would appear that my estimate had been accurate, the natural possession that follows the Sharingan was the Rinnegan."

"I was able to awaken the power of the Rinnegan just prior to my death, you said that your name was Kabuto right? What exactly did you do to this body?"

"I did tell you this before your little demonstration, I brought you back at a level of power that surpasses you even when you were at your peak."

"You sly little bastard, you know of the secrets I hold within my flesh don't you? You aren't even able to read the stone tablet of the Uchiha and yet you still managed to decipher it. I don't know if I should be impressed or infuriated."

"Oh I'm simply testing out a hypothesis I developed based on years worth of experiments that I conducted with Lord Orochimaru and now you are proving that hypothesis to be true You were able to obtain a piece of the power of a god, the power of the Sage of the Six Paths, thanks to the power that I had built into you."

"Do not get the wrong idea, this is not power of your own creation!" Madara summoned his Susanoo and used it in order to form three simultaneous hand seals "Now witness the true power of the Rinnegan! Tengai Shinsei!" he used the power of the Rinnegan to summon a massive meteorite.

Tatsu came off as one of the only two not frozen from fear "So about 97% of you, Naruto included, are frozen in terror, 1% in the form of Gaara is claiming this to be the power of a god itself, and I'm the only one willing to keep fighting. Yep it's definitely one of those days now isn't it?"

"Don't any of you even dare consider giving up!" Onoki barked "Never quit without putting forth the effort no matter how small of an effect it may have, you must never forsake yourselves!" and he burst upwards towards the meteorite.

"And that's my cue to start earning my rank as a jonin, everyone clear out of here as fast as you can! MOVE IT!" this sent everyone else, including Naruto, running away from the scene as fast as they can.

Naruto looked over to Tatsu "So what the hell is the old man planning to do? Is he out of his mind?"

"He's gonna use his Earth Style jutsu to make the meteorite lighter and stop it from crushing all of us to death!"


Kabuto looked over at Madara "So am I correct in assuming that you plan to destroy the both of us as well?"

"Of course you brat." Madara let out a scoff "That was the original purpose the Second Hokage had for creating the Reanimation Jutsu after all, to take the others out with you. The two of us will simply regenerate within a matter of moments." he looked up and watches as Onoki made his way up towards the meteorite "A shinobi that has the ability to fly? That must actually be the little Fence Sitter brat from the Hidden Stone? How long have I been dead anyway?"

Onoki finally reached the surface of the meteorite and slammed his hands up onto the surface of it "Earth Style: Super Lightweight Boulder Jutsu!" he poured as much strength as he could into this jutsu, with Gaara backing him up through the support of his sand "Just a little bit more, I need only a little bit more to stop it!" and with a mighty roar he finally managed to stop the descent of the meteorite, albeit just barely, earning cheers from all of the other members of the Fourth Division.

"Well what do you know, who would've guessed that the Fence Sitter lad would become so capable of a shinobi. However this does raise the question Onoki, what do you intend to do about the second one?" and with a simple hand movement Madara summoned a second meteorite that crashed into the first one, sending both crashing down to the ground below.


The tremor that resulted from Madara's attack was so powerful that it could be felt even as far away as the Allied Shinobi Forces HQ, leaving everyone visibly shaken.

This was more than enough to make Tsunade decide to go out and join the battle against the reanimated Madara in person.


The results of Madara's attack were absolutely calamitous, since at least 95% of what was left of the Fourth Division had been wiped out by the impact.

Naruto pulled himself and Tatsu out from a rubber shield made by Dodai and gazed upon the destruction "Tell me something bendy guy, why the hell did you bother to go out of your way to save a bunch of Shadow Clones like me and Tatsu?"

Dodai let out a sigh "I felt bad about the loss of the other and whether you are a clone or not the two of you are still sorely needed here if we hope to win."

"Well then what about the old man Tsuchikage?"

"I've got him right here." Tatsu blitzed back over with a heavily injured Onoki being carried on his back, and he gently set him down "You don't have to worry, he's still alive but these wounds are serious."

"So… what the hell are we supposed to do against power like that?!"

"By getting a grip you dumbass, if we're going down then we're going down fighting even if we are just Shadow Clones."


At the same time Kabuto-Mu and Madare finished regenerating "So this is the result of the power of the Sage of the Six Paths, it's just as magnificent as I had imagined."

Madara looked around and smirked at the carnage in front of them "A landscape such as this brings back so many memories, but I have to ask. You said your name was Kabuto, how much do you actually know about me? Do not lie to me."

"Truth be told this is only a rough estimate but back when you fought with Hashirama Senju the First Hokage at the Final Valley you didn't actually die on that day, instead during that skirmish you may have lost to the First Hokage but you gained a portion of Hashirama's power for you to use for yourself. Am I mistaken?"

"...I see." Madara looked down his shirt "No wonder I'm able to see things like that coming as well as I am, so then do you also know of the full extent of our plan?"

"Not all of the details but please be sure to remember that I am your ally, however when it comes to that fake Madara and whether or not he intends to carry out your plan exactly I'm not entirely sure. Oh and by the way it seems you missed a few of the survivors here and there, the Tsuchikage and the Kazekage have proven to be especially persistent. What do you suggest we do?"

"Before we do anything else there is something that I want to check first."

"And what would that be?"

"This." Madara quickly blitzed through several hand seals "Summoning Jutsu!" he slammed his hand down into the ground.


Naruto suddenly fell to the ground in agony "Oh god… What… What's going on?"

"What is it Naruto, what's the matter?" asked Tatsu.

"My stomach… so hot… like it's on fire…"

"This chakra that is calling on me… It's MADARA!"


Madara looked around and frowned "It seems that he has still yet to capture the Nine Tails up to this point."

"As a matter of fact that's what this war is all about." Kabuto told him "The Nine Tails is still sealed inside of a jinchuuriki for the time being. Just take a look and see for yourself, that blonde boy over there with the whisker marks is the jinchuuriki and his name is Naruto Uzumaki."

"Uzumaki you say? So he comes from the same clan as Mito does he? He's one of the ones that attacked me earlier, he's nothing but a loud mouthed brat though."

"Yes but he's actually quite the shinobi and a very skilled one at that, we will need to capture him although the one in front of us right now is merely a Shadow Clone."

"It can't be helped then. I am curious though about something else though. That boy with the Dragon Sage Mode, is he a descendent of the Kamikaze clan?"

"As a matter of fact he is, he's one of just two survivors and what's more is that he holds within himself the dormant power of the Genryu dragons."

"The Kamikaze clan eh? They were always few in numbers but their strength was greater than either the Senju or the Uchiha clan. I respected them, to think they've died out to the point where there are only two left. Still though claiming the power of the Genryu is no small feat, I have to give him credit where it's due."

"And whether he realizes it or not he is even more powerful than Naruto, speaking of which shall we now go and capture the original one?"

"No not just yet, I have one other jutsu I would like to try out and I think it would make a prettier picture when there are still people alive to witness it." he formed a hand seal "Wood Style: Deep Forest Emergence!" he summoned a number of massive branches using a Wood Style jutsu and sent them hurtling forward.


"Well we're all officially f*cked." Tatsu muttered "The First Hokage was able to capture Kurama using Wood Style and now that we're faced with that and exhausted we're gonna need to pull a miracle out of our asses."

"I'm tapped out of Kurama's chakra and my own is about tapped out." Naruto told him "Unless either one of us can pull something out of our asses I think it's safe to say that we're f*cking doomed."

"Tatsu Kamikaze, listen to me."

'Is that you in my head Hikari or is this the so called conscience that never stops me from listening to Naruto and his stupid ideas?'

"Now is not the time for jokes as entertaining as they may be, this time I intend to assist you in surviving the onslaught of Madara Uchiha."

'Is this one of those things where I have to prove that I'm worthy like when we fought back on Turtle Island?'

"No, not this time. That time was merely a test to see how far you've come over the course of the past 2 years, this time I simply intend to lend you a small portion of my chakra in order to defeat Madara."

'Really, why now of all times?'

"Madara Uchiha is power hungry, arrogant and foolish. As Kabuto Yakushi stated, he had survived his battle with your First Hokage Hashirama Senju and immediately attempted to seek out the power of the Genryu, we drove him off but he swore vengeance upon us. I would rather give up my life to the Rabbit Goddess herself then give my power to the likes of an arrogant wretch such as him."

'...The Rabbit Goddess? What the hell does that mean?'

"You will find out in time. This conversation is wasting time, your comrades are counting on you."

'Right.' Tatsu found a white aura flaring around his body "Alright guys just stand back and enjoy the show, this mother f*cker is mine!" he formed a hand seal "Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu!" he charged forward and summoned several dozen clones, several large white Rasengans forming in each hand "Genryu Art: Massive Dragon Rasen Tairengan!" he hurled the barrage of Genryu powered Rasengans into the Wood Style Jutsu, shattering it in a massive explosion that followed with it.

Madara looked on as the Wood Style jutsu was shattered into pieces "Well it's just as you said before Kabuto, he is quite the impressive shinobi. I would expect no less from the Kamikaze clan, Genryu or no Genryu."


Tatsu fell to one knee as his Shadow Clones dissipated 'I used up all of the chakra Hikari gave me all at once with that attack, now I'm totally spent.'

"Hey Tatsu." Naruto limped towards him "How are you holding up?"

"I could disappear at any second now, what about you?"

"I'm about the same, you got any other aces up your ass?"

"Not at the moment."

"Stop it you two, that's more than enough." Onoki limped his way forward "The two of you have done more than enough, I'll take over this battle from here on out."

"Not a chance old man, you're in no shape to fight and you're the real one but we're just a bunch of clones."

"I have a chance for me to reclaim myself now, believe me when I tell you that I still have more than enough energy to do that at the very least. I will fight him."

"You're out of your gourd old man, you're already falling apart as it is."

"That's quite a shame isn't it?" Madara and Kabuto jumped down in front of them "I had been hoping to try out a few more jutsu on the lot of you but I don't think you have it in you to dance anymore now do you Onoki?" he received a glare and a snarl "Now don't give me that look, I already showed you the massive difference in strength between us a years ago when I defeated you and your master."

"I will stand no more of this." Onoki snarled "For all of these years we shinobi have done nothing but do battle, we have continued to fight for the sake of our nations and our villages without a second thought. We just take what we want from our enemy without a single care for the consequences, we take from them and they take back from us again in a cycle that never ceases. Three times now our pointless hatred has led to an all out war."

"That's how life is for shinobi, I find it hard to believe that you've lived as long as you have and yet you still haven't learned a single thing from the pain of the past."

"I've lived far longer than you and been around the block twice as long as you have, it is because of the pain that I've experienced in the past that I can even consider what will best for the future!"

"And yet here we are in the Fourth Great Ninja War." Kabuto pointed out "Do you really believe this to be what is best?"

"This war is different compared to the first three, this time we're all fighting the same battle on the same side in order to achieve something that supersedes the petty differences we've all squabbled over before. I've watched the youngsters like the Nine Tails jinchuuriki, the Kamikaze boy and the Kazekage and by watching them I've learned that time does not pass us by, even if it is slow in pace the world does grow from its past experiences and moves towards peace at a steady pace."

"That right there Onoki is where you are wrong." Madara told him "The world does not need to grow any further, it should slumber in peace under the power of the Infinite Tsukuyomi and that is all there is to it."

"Madara… Long ago you had forced me to forsake myself, however I shall win against you right here and right now and I will reclaim myself and then you shall be the one to take the so called eternal slumber." he stumbled slightly and fell forward

Gaara quickly caught him using his sand "Come with me then Tsuchikage and I will help you reclaim yourself. I have often found that the elderly complain when the younger generations dote on them too much, do you not believe this to be true?"

"Very well, I will allow all of you to meddle this one time and only this one time."

"It would appear that you have some fighting spirit still left in those old bones." Madara noted flatly.

"For the sake of my soul and for the sake of the future Madara, I shall be sure to defeat you here and now!"


Tsunade attempted to have Mabui use her Ethereal Transmission Jutsu to send her to the battlefield in order to confront Madara herself while using her Yin Seal in order to survive the effects of the jutsu, with A using his Lightning Style Chakra Cloak in order to survive the effects for himself, whereas Mei planned to have a certain someone use the Flying Raijin jutsu to take her to the battlefield since she didn't have anything like they did.


"Enough is ENOUGH!" believe it or not, Chojuro was the one who cut down Black Zetsu using his sword Hiramekarei "The more I cut down the more confidence I will gain, that is why I have to keep on fighting."

Tatsu freed himself from the roots Black Zetsu was using to bind him "Hey thanks for the save man but one quick question, where the f*ck was that 10 minutes ago? Seriously dude I could've saved a lot more of my Sage Mode energy."

"The Hiramekarei takes time to gather this much chakra but I think the end result is worth it don't you?"

Black Zetsu seemed to share his opinion "I… I can't move… I had no idea… He could transform… the shape of his blade… so fast…"

"That right there is your problem." Kazume told him "You underestimate us shinobi and that is going to be your downfall."

"Kazuma can you hear me? It's Shikaku from HQ, I'm sorry but can you just do as I say? It's an emergency, don't interrupt me when I tell you this. First of all the Madara Uchiha in the mask turned out to be just an imposter, the real one has been brought back through the Reanimation Jutsu. Lord Raikage and Lady Hokage are using the Ethereal Transmission Jutsu to get to the battlefield, but Lady Mizukage would never be able to survive the effects so we plan to send her there using the Flying Raijin jutsu and right now you're the only person alive who can use that jutsu single handedly."

'That's right, as part of a request from my father Lord Fourth gave me the scroll for my birthday before Tatsu was born and by the time I became a member of the ANBU I had mastered the jutsu about as well as he had. He taught it to the Genma Squad too but it takes them at least three people to make it work. Anyway I'll head over right away.'

"Kazuma." that was when Tatsu got his attention "Me and the dude version of Hinata over here can handle this black asshole, we'll take care of things here as fellow swordsman in arms. You got that?"

"Tatsu… You've really grown haven't you? Alright then, I'll leave this to you and then I'll go bail Itachi and Sasuke out of whatever trouble they're bound to get themselves into." and so he blitzed away.


"And now we might as well end this." Madara and Mu/ Kabuto charged towards Tatsu and the others with the intention of finishing them off.

That is, before Tsunade and A blitzed onto the scene in a blinding flash of light and sent both of them flying "Looks like we made it just in the nick of time."

Onoki breathed a sigh of relief "Unruly A and Princess Tsunade, for once I'm actually glad to see those two of all people."

"I had already relayed our coordinates to HQ." explained Dodai "We'll need the power of Kage level ninja at the very least in order to combat the likes of Madara Uchiha himself."

"Reserve Seal: Release! Ninja Art: Mitotic Regeneration Jutsu!" Tsunade was quick to use the power of her seal to heal herself.

"Are you alright Tsunade?" asked A.

"I'm just find, you don't need to worry about me."

"No way." Naruto muttered "Granny Tsunade and Old Man Raikage are here?"

"Not to mention she used her regenerating healing jutsu," Tatsu pointed out "She must already know how screwed we are if she's using that thing of all things, and I can sense the last one coming to this party too."

Sure enough, as if on cue Mei and Kazuma both arrived via the latter's Flying Raijin Jutsu "It looks like we made it in time, as you can see everyone here is still alive."

"Very well then, now if you'll excuse me I have friends who need my help for the fight that's coming up." and so Kazuma teleported away.

"Now I finally have a chance to let loose a little bit, and it's about damn time too." A let out an outright snarl.

"Alright then and now I'm finally ready to go out as well." Tsunade quickly deactivated her Yin seal.

That was when Onoki and Gaara "I must say that it's moments like this that make a life as long as mine worth living, one can only imagine seeing the day come when the Five Kage would come together in person and fight side by side." and then they were healed by Tsunade.

Madara looked on at his opponents standing beneath him "The Five Kage eh? This is just perfect, all of you will make this test of mine worthwhile."

"Thank you for this princess, I truly am grateful."

"I can heal the two of you but I'll have to slow down the process in order to conserve my chakra for the fight ahead." Tsunade told him "Raikage, Mizukage, I'll need the two of you to buy me some time so that I can finish up with this."

"Fine by me." A activated his Lightning Style Chakra Mode "Get ready Mizukage, let's get moving."

"Right." Mei blitzed through some hand seals "Lava Style: Lava Monster Jutsu!" she unleashed a flow of acidic mud in Madara's direction, easily melting through what was left of the Wood Style jutsu from earlier.

Madara on the other hand dodged the flow of acidic mud with ease 'A jutsu as pitiful as the likes of this isn't even worth absorbing.'

"Gotcha mother f*cker!" A burst forward and slugged Madara across the face at blinding speeds, sending him spiralling downwards.

'He's fast!' and then Madara was hit with another stream of acidic mud, but he was able to protect himself using his Susanoo.

"Lateral Bolt of Pain: CHOP!" A burst towards Madara and dealt him a lightning enhanced chop followed by another layer of acidic mud from Mei.


Naruto looked on in awe "Woah that's just awesome, hey Tatsu you think we should try and help them?"

"As we are now we'd be more of a hindrance than a help." Tatsu pointed out "You and I are just Shadow Clones and we're both totally out of chakra, right now the two of us would probably just get in the way."

"And what about Rubber Guy and Temari?"

"Chances are they're gonna be chasing after the Second Tsuchikage, they've still got chakra left and he's definitely the weaker one between himself and Madara.


The Kage front was still being stalled.

A and Mei both landed back on the ground in front of Tsunade and the others "How much longer until you're ready Hokage?"

"Just be patient, it won't be very long until I'm done." Tsunade hold him.

"But Granny Tsunade are you gonna be alright?" asked Naruto "Whenever you use the jutsu with that mark on your forehead you turn super old like some wrinkly bag of bones and then you pass out."

"...I'll punch you for that one later Naruto, this isn't like it is back when I fought Pain. Right now I only healed myself and none of the wounds on the Kazekage or the Tsuchikage are anything to worry about, I have more than enough chakra."

"Good so does that mean that you'll be able to heal me and Tatsu to? We may just be Shadow Clones but we can't afford to pop out of existence just yet, we can still join you guys in this fight."

"That won't be necessary."

"Why the hell not?!"

"Naruto, shut the hell up." Tatsu told him flatly "This war was originally being fought for the sake of protecting you, Killer B and Utakata but that's no longer the case."

That was when Madara burst back upwards, now sporting his Susanoo covered in Mei's acidic mud "A combination of Lightning Style teleportation and a Lava Style Kekkei Genkai, not bad at all."

"You know I normally prefer men who are hard to melt but in the case of someone like you I think I'd have to pass."

"You're not my type anyway." he attempted to swat them away.

"He can counter me even at my full speed." A muttered "I'm gonna have to get faster and increase my power in order to crush his defence."

"The question is, how is your defence against my attacks?" Madara quickly amped up his Susanoo and fired off a Yasaka Magatama.

Onoki and Gaara quickly combined their powers to create a shield of rock and sand, protecting everyone from Madara's attack "Do you understand now Naruto? This war has become a battle not only to protect you, but to protect each other."

"But I wanna fight Madara too, Tatsu and I can help you!" Naruto protested.

"Enough of that, the time has come for us to go on the offensive! Now Mizukage, Raikage, I need the two of you to listen to me very carefully!" he whispered something to A.

"A defensive wall made by combining sand and stone? Not that bad either." Madara prepared to attack them again and easily cut through the wall of rock and sand using the swords that came with his Susanoo.

"You will go no further!" Gaara attempted to bind Madara in a prison that he created using his sand.

A listened finishing to Onoki's plan and gave a simple nod "Alright I get what you're trying to get at, Mizukage you're up first."

"I understand." Mei blitzed through several hand seals "Water Style: Hidden Mist Jutsu!" she unleashed a thick cloud of mist.

Mu-Kabuto landed in front of them 'The Hidden Mist Jutsu eh? The must be trying to block the field of vision of the Rinnegan.'

"Now come on Raikage, let's do this!" Onoki hopped onto A's back and they disappeared from sight.

'That old Tsuchikage, he used his Earth Style jutsu to make the Raikage lighter and increase his movement speed as a result. But either way it's not like I have anything to worry about, it will just turn out the same as before.'

"Gotcha!" A suddenly blitzed in front of Mu-Kabuto and sent him flying into the mist, then burst towards Madara.

"Earth Style: Super Weighted Boulder Jutsu!" Onoki made A even heavier, increasing his attack power, shattering the ribcage of Madara's Susanoo and sending him tumbling backwards as a result.

"Okay good, that bought us some time but not much."

Naruto took this moment to finally explode "For f*ck's sake granny would it kill you to just heal me and Tatsu already?!"

"Naruto please, just calm down and you and Tatsu listen to me." Onoki shut him up "You see this war that we're fighting right now? In the beginning I only agreed to join the Allied Shinobi Forces in order to get rid of the Akatsuki, but as I spent all of this time fighting alongside the rest of you I started to get a feeling quite different compared to what I have felt in the past. Now I truly want to be here as the Tsuchikage of the Allied Shinobi Forces, and in the exact same manner some of the shinobi villages that used to be desperate and autonomous have now begun to change and now they have started to become one. So perhaps the system of this Shinobi World, which has thus far breed only hatred and war, may be able to change as well. Hear me out now Naruto, Tatsu, and both of you please let all of us deal with this Madara here and I swear we will finish him off right here and now. It will be the first step that we all take in stopping the Curse of Hatred that has driven all of us up to this point. Like Madara the five Kage are also guilty of creating new hatred and reviving old hatred in the past, the responsibility to make things right falls upon us here and now. Both of you just rest assured and leave this to the rest of us and as for the two of you, you go and take care of the other Madara my boys. That act will become the first step in promoting new hope for the future of this world. The old Madara or the new one, at this point it really doesn't matter, only by defeating both Madara's will we be able to bring this war to an end. We will all defend you here and now Naruto by fighting on this battlefield, so both of you must be sure to protect all of us by fighting over there on that battle field."

Naruto and Tatsu shared a look and nodded "Alright we get it."

"Now then Clone Naruto, Clone Tatsu." Tsunade addressed the two of them "All of us, the Five Kage united, we entrust the two of you with this message: We will win this war!"

"You got it!" and with that, the Shadow Clones of Naruto and Tatsu both dissipated, leaving the Five Kage to battle Madara on their own.


Naruto and Tatsu shared a look and nodded as they received the memories from their Shadow Clones "We will win for sure."

"What are you guys talking about?" asked Utakata.

"He's up ahead, it's go time guys." Tatsu pointed ahead to where Madara, who will now be referred to as Tobi, was approaching them on a collision course with this Six Paths of Pain made up of reanimated jinchuuriki "The time has come, are you with me?"

"YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT WE ARE!" so with a mighty roar, Naruto met Tobi in the middle, colliding with him with a powerful headbutt.


Yep, this is where shit gets good. The real Madara Uchiha has been revived, Tatsu and the jinchuuriki are on their way towards the final-ish battle, the Five Kage are raring and ready to go against Madara, and Kazuma is about to join Sasuke and Itachi in the battle against Kabuto. The last chapter was just supposed to be some more character development for Tatsu in the form of a filler chapter to show that this story isn't dead, I'll finish it one way or another.

That scene with Tatsu and Naruto unintentionally killing off the White Zetsu clones while they're in the middle of a conversation was based on the same scene from the second season of the Seven Deadly Sins where Meliodas and Ban pretty much do the same thing. You've gotta admit it's insanely funny and it works really well with everything else.

I sent Kazuma after Sasuke and Itachi and had him capture a few of those White Zetsu clones that attacked him because they're going to play a major role in the story very soon.

Just so you guys know, I looked back at some of the chapters that I've already done and renamed them in ways I thought would be more fitting. Nothing really big, just small changes so that I think it rolls off the tongue a little bit better.