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After all that fighting, Naraku was defeated. Everyone received their wish and those souls he had condemned were set free. InuYasha and the group soon found out that Leiko's body was dead way before Naraku had possessed the ningen lord, but her personal belongings were still there. The brooch that Naraku had given her soul was imbedded with a tiny sliver of the jewel. Somehow, he had sensed her evilness and lusted for it, so with the right clay body… the perfect wife!

As for Kohaku, since the jewel was repaired, Sango had unconsciously wished for her little brother. After Naraku had died, those he killed were brought back to get a second chance at life. Sango's whole village was restored.

Miroku's air rip was fixed, and we soon found that his lechery was not the effect of the rip itself, but of his heritage. But, he got to asking Sango to marry him and they had three kids, all female, thank Kami!

InuYasha finally found his happiness, still a hanyou but happy with Mariko. They settled down and lived with us in the Western lands. They had two kits. Both male. That was a handful, plus Mariko still helps InuYasha with his control. Sometimes, I think it's just an excuse!

As for Shippou, well, in youkai age, he's now a teenager. Still a handful, but he's so cute trying to woo this pretty vixen. SesshouMaru is trying to aid him in that area, but I think they both need more held than just that…

As for Rin, I was so shocked to find that she married a nice young ningen named Higurashi Ryu. She and Ryu had many kids, one of which was Ojisan! I found as time went by that youkais decided to lay low once the Americans invaded and wars came. They had no intention of butting into ningen affairs.

Since I had turned eighteen, the spell that InuTaisho had cast was broken. The future depended on how the final battle had turned out, and since I defeated Naraku and I still hold the jewel in me, Kagome Higurashi was never 'born' or found. I watched as my great great- great- great- grandson, Souta grew up to be an older brother to a little girl that they named Kikyou in memory of the one Naraku had fallen in love with.

As for me, well Sesshou and I had two kits. One female, one male. Shippou was extremely happy to be an older brother. We named the female Rei, in memory of Okasan. The male, well we named him InuTaisho in memory of SesshouMaru's Otousan.

As for Lord Komashiro, he lives with Kouga, who is now mated. So cute! Lady Yumemaru watches over them all. She says SesshouMaru has all the help he needs.


" Are you ready?"

Kagome faced her husband and smiled. Five hundred years ago, today was the day they had defeated Naraku, and it was five hundred years ago that she made her wish.

" As ready as I will ever be." Kagome said happily.

" Come on then, we wouldn't want to miss out on Souta's wedding," SesshouMaru said lovingly.

Kagome nodded and placed her book down.

" I'm glad things turned out well," Kagome said happily.

" I'm just glad I found you," SesshouMaru replied, smiling at his wife. " I will never let you go."


Things turned out for the best. The future was bright and sunny. Kagome and SesshouMaru were together for eternity, watching over their loved ones, keeping the balance between good and evil.


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