The Dicte Voeltke of OC's

(A.k.a, A guide on how to write OC's in the RWBYverse)

Rule 1: Make your OC's original

Too many times I have seen a green-horned writer make an OC that is either blatantly overpowered in his semblance, lands a relationship with the girl of their choosing from the canon RWBY cast (usually the writer's waifu,) and then proceed to copy paste the canon events of RWBY with their OC thrown in at random intervals.

The main problem with these is that the authors are new to writing and don't really know what they are doing. Which is understandable, after all. I don't mean to sound cruel, but the problem is that these authors think that this story idea will make them stand out and make people want to read their passage.

Unfortunately, that's not how it works. Why? Because every idea for an OC going to Beacon with team RWBY that you've thought of, I can promise you that 5 or 6 people have already written it.

So, what do you do? I'm not saying stop with the OC's altogether, no no no. Properly written, a good OC can make or break a fanfic. Take 'My Turn' for example. The whole story is based round a SIOC, yet readers flock to it to read every new chapter that comes out. Why?

Because Le Mao wrote a single, well-developed OC, with a few other minor OC's thrown in of course. Colt Remington is based off the author himself, (or herself perhaps?) Colt Remington doesn't immediately start out going to Beacon to be a student with team RWBY. In fact, he does not become a student at all because he is too old to do so. This got my attention because it opened up a plethora of new scenarios and possibilities to throw your OC into.

Colt, unlike many OC's, had obvious weaknesses. At the story's beginning he had no aura, no semblance, a very basic weapon, and was not much of a fighter, which tied into the story quite nicely. These elements helped kept the reader on edge during Colt's first real fight because you knew it was a possibility that he might not win.

So at this point, you might be asking "What the hell is this guy ranting on about?"

And that's where the moral of the story for this rule ties in.

Get creative with your OC. Give them a theme, a color! Give them a semblance that no one has ever thought of, or maybe don't give them one at all. Maybe they go to Beacon, maybe they don't. Maybe they aren't even a huntsman in training at all. The possibilities are nigh endless, but some people fail to realize this. They go with the same cookie-cutter formula for OC's.

And when you're trying to get creative, cookie-cutting is a cardinal sin.

So now that you know rule number one, get out there, and think of all the possibilities for your OC. The possibilities are endless.


You know, I'll be honest. I don't really know why I decided to write this. Maybe I'm just bored, or maybe I'm just tired of seeing the same old writers make the same old mistakes. I don't even know.

A wise man once said "Change comes to all nations, to all ways of life. To slow it is possible, to stop it is not."

I guess I kinda want things to change on the RWBY page.

Oh also, credit to Le MAO for making My Turn. Go check him out.

I might make more chapters of this depending on future circumstance. If you want to pitch in your two cents about this "rule," feel free to review.