This chapter contains memories of sexual assault

Battered And Bruised-Ch 1

Penelope Garcia pulled her tired, sore, aching body up from her bed and walked over to her closet to grab her clothes for work, when she stepped in front of the mirror in the bathroom and dropped her robe she gasped when she saw the bruises that her boyfriend Sam had left from their argument the night before.

As she turned on the water in the tub she shook her head and said, "I can't take this anymore and I shouldn't have to", she poured some bubble bath into the water and then stepped into the water. When she sat back against the bathtub she hissed in pain as she tried to take a deep breath, she closed her eyes and let the memories of the night before fill her mind.


Penelope walked into her apartment and smiled when she saw her boyfriend in her kitchen, she shut the door and toed off her shoes and laid her things down and made her way over to him. She said, "hey good looking, whatch got cookin"?, he grinned and said, "ohhhhh only your favorite Chicken Alfredo".

She smiled and said, "for little ole me, what did I do to deserve that"?, he pulled her into his arms and crashed his lips against hers and when they pulled away she said, "wowwwww". Sam laughed and said, "what took you so long, you called me like 2 hours ago and said that you were on your way"?, she said, "well the team", he slammed his fist on the counter and said, "there it is again, your precious, precious team".

He looked at her with such hate and said, "well tell me what did you guys do that took over 2 hours"?, she said, "w w well Sam they just got back from a case and hotstuff asked me". He grapped her hard by the arms and pulled her close to him and said, "your hotstuff, do you know how sick I am of hearing about your hotstuff, your hotstuff"?, Penelope said, "Sam you're hurting me".

He released her arm and said, "oh forgive me goddess" and he sucker punched her in the ribs several times causing her to grab on to the counter as she fell back. Sam said, "it's time for me to show you just who you belong to, it's me not Derek playboy Morgan but meeeeeee", he then grabbed her hard by the wrist and pulled her through her apartment heading toward her bedroom.

When they stepped through the door he ripped the front of her dress open, she said, "no Sam, noooo", he punched her in the stomach and said, "shut up pig". As he ripped her dress and bra from her body she gasped for air, she then felt herself hitting the mattress and watched helplessly as he ripped his belt from his pants.

He said, "now you're going to see what you get when you don't get home on time", she said,"no, please don't do this, please Sam it won't happen again" but it was to late he slashed her arm and stomach with his belt several times before sliding out of only his pants and boxers and joining her on the bed.

He hovered over her and smiled and said, "now Penelope you're going to pay", he then tore her panties from her body and thrust himself into her hard and fast. She squirmed and tried to get away from him but he was to strong for her, she opened her mouth to scream but he plastered his on hers drowning out any screams.

Sam pounded into her hard and fast and it was only a matter of a few minutes before he exploded inside her, he rolled beside her and pulled her into his arms and said, "now go to sleep and I don't want to hear anything else about your precious team or your hotstuff, do you hear me"?, she didn't answer fast enough and he slapped her across the face knocking her glasses off her face and he screamed, "DO YOU HEAR ME"?, she nodded her head and said, "yes, yes I hear you, no more, please no more".

He held her so tight that with what she feared were broken or cracked ribs that it was hard for her to breathe, she didn't dare move in fear that he would unleash his wrath on her again. She closed her eyes and hoped and prayed for sleep to come to her but sadly it was hours away and she was hours away from freedom, freedom from her apartment and freedom from Sam.


Penelope quickly put make up on her face to cover the light bruise that was trying to form, she grabbed another long sleeved dress and put it on and then decided to leave her hair down just in case any other bruises started to show. As she headed out the door she dreaded to see what the day was going to bring.

She the shut the door leaving all of the painful memories from the night before behind her