A/N: Implied bisexuality- and gay or straight, I expect you all to deal with it like adults. I have yet to post anything really "yaoi" in this fandom because, quite simply, I haven't seen anyone else doing it (or at least not without involving an OC) and didn't much see the point of publishing it if no one wanted it. However, I got sick of that idea and finally decided to at least put in a little shounen ai. ^_~ Here's hoping there are fangirls and otakuboys who wanna read it.

So, all bow down to the yaoi-beast! *does a one-woman wave* And if ya'll like this, maybe I'll write an actual pairing. Mmm, maybe some nice Kairi/Goro, with a side serving of Momo/Toji . . . Maybe even an ANGST-FREE fluffy one! *_* Tell me if you want me to, eh?

Kairi's POV.


"Miserably Ecstatic"

"Never frown, even when you're sad, because you never know when someone is falling in love with your smile." ~ unknown


Once, I saw you punch through a wall. That image has stayed with me through all of this stupidity- through Momo, through Misao, even through that bitch Sae's rotting-lily smile.

Which is weird, because the thing I really love is to see you smile.

So do it, Toji. Smile and for once keep your head on straight for long enough to outsmart Sae and make Momo happy too.

Don't you love it when Momo smiles? It's so beautiful- and I like Misao's too. They look alike; hadn't you noticed?

But no one else's happy smile seems to be as precious as yours is to me.

Smile for the camera. Smile for Momo. Aren't you tired of mucking through life like this? Aren't you sick of Sae hanging onto you and telling you poisonous truths and lies to make your ears bleed? Read a book; get a life. Are you really this stupid? Don't you know what I'm thinking?

Of course you wouldn't. But keep standing there, looking so innocent, so naïve: like some fucking vestal virgin with no idea of what happens after you swap rings.

I know you try so hard to be a good man and to take care of the people you care for, but you can't manage it, and that gives you such grief. So just smile, Toji. Smile with your holy lips and perfect teeth and brilliant eyes, like the angelic bastard that you are. Even though it huts, even though we've screwed up again, smile.

Because Momo is crying, and I don't think that I could stand to see both of you in despair.

And when I look over at you and you look back at me, you DO smile. It's weak, and nervous, and slightly scared for Momo, but it's a smile, and it's for me.

I've never been so goddamned ecstatic and miserable in my life.



* owari *



. : smile, angel : .