My Time-traveling Daughter

Disclaimer: This is a work of fan fiction using characters from the Harry Potter world, which is trademarked by J.K. Rowling. This story is for entertainment only and not part of the official storyline.

Part 1:

Hermione stared at the ticking clock situated above her desk. She had been working on the same project for several months now; all to retrieve a body, she wasn't even sure was there. Hermione stood gracefully, her wide legged trousers swaying as she walked out of her office and into the hall that led to the room she currently disliked most.

The death chamber.

Upon entering, Hermione walked down the stone steps leading to the curtain Sirius Black had fallen through eight years before. After that fateful day, Hermione, along with Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, had led the fight against Lord Voldemort. Learning of the horcruxes, they had went off, in what should have been their seventh year, fighting to destroy them. In the end, the trio had managed to destroy all of them and then destroy Voldemort at the Battle of Hogwarts. The years following the destruction had led Hermione to the Department of Mysteries. She stood in front of the Veil of Death thinking back to the time she completed her mastery in ancient runes.

Though Hermione had been accepted into several mastery programs for ancient runes, it was a witch in Peru that had peaked her interest most. Azucena Díaz was in her late fifties with long straight hair and a petite frame. She was confident in her abilities, strict when needed and adored Hermione after training her for two years. Moving back to work at the ministry was a large adjustment for Hermione since being in Peru.

Hermione glanced down at the large faced watch on her wrist. It was time to meet her boyfriend and his family for dinner. They usually had a family dinner on Sunday's, but Ronald was traveling this weekend. He and Harry worked in the department of magical law enforcement. Harry had quickly moved up within the division, however; Ron was content to be an auror assigned to small time crooks and raids on previous death eater houses. His mission seemed to combine both this coming week and he left on Sunday afternoon.

"I am going to have fun. I am going to enjoy dinner. I will not hex anyone." Hermione repeated her mantra for dining at the Weasley home. The dinners had become something of a joke towards her career in the last few years. While in Peru, Hermione and Ron had called off dating. They didn't want to hold either back and long distance relationships are incredibly hard. Both had been sad because they had been dating for a year prior.

During her time in Peru, Hermione had dated both casually and seriously. It was the first time she had experienced no prejudice about her blood status, no recognition about her famed deeds and men just seemed to like her. Hermione realized she rather liked them back. Returning back to Britain had ended her most recent relationship. Eventually, she agreed to try again with Ronald. He had also tried dating but remaining in Britain meant everyone knew him and largely went after his fame.

"Talking to yourself again Granger? I've heard that's a sign of madness," Draco Malfoy smirked at his coworker.

Hermione looked towards the blonde man. While they had hated each other in school, their working relationship had built until they realized that on some level they were friends. They had lunch together. Occasionally they even told each other personal stories or thoughts.

"Tonight's a Weasley dinner night. I'm preparing myself for the wedding and kids speech." Hermione sighed before running a hand over her thick curls.

"Well, you can always do what I recommend." Draco tossed a small squishy ball up in the air before catching it.

"Malfoy, I'm not leaving Ron just because Mrs. Weasley wants us to marry now." Hermione rolled her eyes. Looking at her watch again she made her way to her office, "I'll see you this weekend Malfoy. Your mother wants me to take a look at a few books she has. I'll be over Sunday after Ron leaves." Hermione gave a quick wave and trotted off.

Reaching her office, she gathered all of her runes work up and threw them into the correct folders to take home. Securing her office and setting her wards, Hermione then made her way up to the fireplaces to floo home.

Sunday August 14, 2004

Lucius Malfoy enjoyed smoking a cigar in his office. He really enjoyed smoking said cigars when no one bothered him. He especially loved the cigars his son's friend brought home when she visited her mentor in South America. Even if she was a mu…muggleborn. He smirked. He was getting much better at correcting himself.

Lucius leaned back into his chair, raising his feet onto his desk before crossing them at the ankles. Reaching for the matches, he flicked one against the paper before a flame burst through. He held it towards his cigar, puffing as he made sure it lit. Flicking the match out, he placed it in the nearby ash tray before taking a long draw on the thickly packed cigar. Pulling his wand from his sleeve, he summoned his decanter of aged firewhiskey he kept hidden and a glass tumbler.

Draco wouldn't be home until late afternoon, and Narcissa had taken the morning to shop around before she met with the mu…muggleborn. He realized he corrected himself again. Lucius smirked. Draco's friendship with the girl was beneficial.

Lucius leaned forward slightly and started to pour the firewhiskey when a crack jerked him upright. Slamming his feet down onto the floor, the decanter sailed out of his hand and smashed into the marble floor. Whipping his wand out, Lucius stood up only to realize someone else was in the room. A small someone else was in the room. Lucius looked down over his desk. A petite bushy haired child, wearing a large necklace sat on his marble floor blinking up at him.

"Grandpa Lucy!" The small child shouted from its position on the floor. "Oh I'm so glad to see you, grandpa Lucy. Mummy is going to be so mad at me for playing in your office without you here. But papa said I could go find you. Only, You weren't in your office. But I founds your necklace," the child was speaking quickly and waving her hands around.

Lucius looked towards the child before eyeing his decanter of specially aged firewhiskey. Reaching for the chair behind him blindly, Lucius plunked down. The move was most inelegant, but Lucius couldn't find it in himself to care. Finally realizing the child was still speaking he held up a hand. The child looked at him with a perplexed expression but stopped talking.

"Child, did you just call me grandpa Lucy?" Lucius growled out.

"Course I did silly. That's what Daddy said your name is. You always say "my little eagle, your daddy is full of" but I never get to hear the rest because mummy makes you stop talking." The little girl made a face resembling Lucius. Her eyebrow rose, a smirk formed on her tiny mouth and her face lost most of the expression she had previously had. Even the tone of voice was similar to Lucius' imperial tone he used with people whom annoyed him.

"Interesting. Could you remind me of your name. And maybe how old you are." Lucius tried for subtlety. The child obviously knew him. He had no clue as to how.

"Grandpa Lucy! You know how old I am. It's my birthday. Are you tricking me? I'm Aquillae. Mummy says it means flying eagle in a different language which is kinda like a Gryffin and she was a Gryffindor. Papa says I should be a snake though." The little girl's out of control curls bounced as she moved towards him. She climbed up on the dumbstruck ex-death eater and perched herself in his lap.

"Grandpa Lucy, I'm hungry. Can we have a picnic in your office like we did when mummy was with papa? With chocolate?" Lucius swore the small child batted her eyes at him when she said chocolate. Noticing something shiny under the child's wild hair, Lucius grabbed what he realized to be a gold chain around the child's neck. Pulling it off of the girls head, he groaned at what he found. A small time turner was around her neck. On the top, in small print next to where the chain attached had the initials DLM stamped into it.

The little girl did not seem to mind the removal of the necklace, in fact she had completely ignored it and instead was yelling for "Mowgli! Mowgli! Why aren't you coming?" The girl twisted in his lap to glare at him with big grey eyes. "What happened to Mowgli? You paid him, right? Mummy says if you don't pay your elves they don't have to work for you. That's slavery."

"Pay my elves! I was starting to wonder who Mummy was but I don't think I have to ask any longer. I should have known upon seeing this hair." Lucius grumbled under his breath.

Lucius thought about everything he knew. First, this small girl called him grandpa Lucy. Second, she had grey eyes. Very similar to Narcissas' eyes he realized. Third was that the girl had to be around five years old. The time turner necklace would place her from the future where she spends time with him often. And finally; the talk of paying house elves could only have come from Hermione Granger. It was a logical conclusion; Draco Malfoy leaves his fiancé and has a child with Hermione Granger.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Lucius really wished he had not dropped the decanter of aged firewhiskey. The child, Aquillae, continued to chatter about her birthday party, the new dress she had chosen, and her new school she goes to with her best friend Scorp.

Realizing that the child was still hungry he called for an elf to bring them snacks. The remainder of the afternoon had Lucius Malfoy playing with his future grandchild.

That's exactly how Narcissa found them when she returned from shopping a few hours later.

"Lucius, where did this child come from?" Narcissa entered the room slowly. Lucius set the small girl down, pulled Narcissa out of the room and closed the door gently. "Don't touch anything, little eagle."

Narcissa blinked at the man she loved. She wondered if she was ill. She opened her mouth then realized she wasn't sure what to say. She closed her mouth again and looked at her husband.

"Cissy, we need to break the contract with the Greengrass girl. Draco will ruin us if we don't. He's not happy, and he loves that Granger chit." Lucius rushed out. He paced to and fro in front of his wife. "We should tell Draco we know. Tonight."

"Lucius, Draco loves Astoria. They've been dating for several years now. Ms. Granger has lunch with Astoria several times a month and tea with us every Thursday. I'm unsure where this is coming from."

At that precise moment, Draco Malfoy walked down the hall. Spotting his parents he gracefully came towards them. "Mother. Father. May I ask why you're having a conversation in the hall?" Draco raised an eyebrow at his father.

"I can prove what I'm saying Cissy. Watch this." Lucius entered his study and called for the small girl. She ran to him and then realized Draco was behind him.

"Oh, I've missed you!" The small girl launched herself at Draco wrapping her arms around his knees and hugging tightly.

Draco tried extracting himself from the strong girl wrapped around him.

"See. I proved it. You're her father. She's from the future. Her mother is Ms. Granger." Lucius declared confidently.

"Grandpa Lucy! Are you trying to trick us again?" Aquilla eyed her grandfather before rolling her perfectly grey eyes and turning towards the other two people.

Narcissa was overcome with giggles at the reference to Lucius' nickname from the young girl. "Grandpa Lucy!" Narcissa snickered again. Pointing at her husband she whispered "Grandpa Lucy!" And then leaned against her only son crying with mirth. Her son too was having a hard time restraining himself. He kept muttering Lucy under his breath, grinning at his father then laughing again.

An elf appeared at the end of the hall followed shortly by Ms. Granger herself. Lucius was frowning at his wife and son not noticing the appearance of the young woman. However, the five year old did notice. Taking off towards the brunette, the small girl gave a shout and launched herself at the woman.

"Mummy! Grandpa Lucy said it was okay. He's not mad I played with his necklace. Papa said I could find him but he wasn't there but then I fell on the floor and Grandpa Lucy was there." Aquillae hugged her mother who had bent down startled at the child currently attached to her.

"Er… Hello. Can someone tell me what is going on?" Hermione asked the three Malfoys staring at her and the young girl.

"Little girl," Narcissa spoke, "Where's Papa at?"

The adults froze as the girl spun around eyeing each of them. Finally her eyes landing on Draco she answered, "Papa was with Uncle Draco in the library. Mummy was having tea with Auntie Story and Auntie Cissa." The small girls lip trembled. Realizing the child was going to cry, Hermione scooped her up. Rubbing her back she told the girl how helpful she was.

Narcissa turned to her husband, "did you just assume she was Draco's child or have you lost your mind?" She glared at her husband.

Lucius then filled them in on his afternoon while they had been gone. Showing them the time turner, Draco groaned. "I've been putting off this project for a while. I've been repairing the ones that were destroyed during the ministry battle."

"Well maybe now would be a good time to start. We need to find a way to get her home." Hermione stated. "Cissa, would it be possible for us to stay here tonight? She obviously feels comfortable here."

Narcissa nodded. It wasn't everyday a time traveling miniature of the woman she had come to respect appeared in her husbands study.

The following morning had Hermione waking up to a small body laying across her giggling. Startled, Hermione sat upright knocking the girl off of her. Hermione reached for the child when she realized who it was. "Aquillae are you alright? I didn't realize you'd climbed into bed with me. Do you need something?"

"I keep calling for my elf Grandpa Lucy gived me for here. He doesn't come. I'm hungry." The small girl gave a frown.

Hermione raised an eyebrow, "Does grandpa Lucy pay this elf? Maybe he's on vacation. We'll ask grandpa Lucy at breakfast." Realizing that the child didn't have clothing for her time in the past, Hermione got up. Scribbling a note to her boss that she needed a personal day and that she'd explain why the next day, Hermione got up to get the small bag she carried. She pulled out her spare clothing she carried in her bag to change.

After cleaning her daughter up and changing into clean clothes for the day, the pair made their way down to breakfast. The Malfoys were all up and already at the table. Narcissa helped make a plate for Aquillae and everyone began to eat.

"I took the day off. Aquillae needs some clothes." Hermione told the table. "Aquillae, who do you stay with when I'm at work?"

Aquillae looked up from her chocolate syrup covered pancakes. "Silly mummy. I stay with daddy. We visit uncle Harry and James and eat ice cream and play with Scorp when Uncle Draco visits. Or I stay with Grandpa Lucy when daddy does his work." The girl grinned and looked towards Lucius. "I like staying with grandpa Lucy because every time I say grandpa Lucy, daddy gives me a Knut for being so funny. Only, I don't know what's funny. But I saved enough monies to get me, James and Scorp ice cream all by myself and papa said I was better at monies then Auntie Cissa." The child smiled at the adults in the room innocently.

Hermione covered her mouth to hide the large smile she couldn't removed. Draco had snorted in his laughter and caused his face to turn red. Narcissa and Lucius however, blinked at the small girl.

"Well I can't wait to see who your papa is, love. He sounds," Narcissa paused at this, "scintillating."

"Aunt Cissa, you love my papa. You know who my papa is. Silly." Aquillae smiled brightly at the woman she called aunt.

"Why is it you call Narcissa aunt but me grandpa?" Lucius questioned more harshly then he realized.

The small girl stuck out her bottom lip. Her eyes widened at the harsh tone. "Grandpa Lucy, are you angry with me?"

Realizing that the girl was close to a breakdown, Hermione reached for her. Lucius looked nervous realizing he was making the girl cry.

"Grandpa Lucius just wonders why he isn't uncle too. Eat the rest of breakfast, so we can go shopping. Perhaps Uncle Harry can come too and see you." Hermione eyed the small girl wondering how she'd explain the unexpected time traveling child.

After the group had finished breakfast and Aquillae went with Narcissa to see her flowers at the request of the child, Hermione turned to Draco.

"I want to say she's obviously a Weasley but," Hermione trailed off. Glancing between the two men she realized that they were both grinning.

"Ms. Granger, it is not only apparent by her looks she is not a Weasley, the girl is entirely too clever." Lucius declared.

"I perhaps could tell because of how close Aquillae is to the family. I mean, father mistook her for my family. She could honestly pass for a Malfoy. The hair is the only thing that makes her stand out. It's your coloring. She has our nose and mothers eyes. She's far too pretty to be a Weasley." Draco smirked at Hermione. "You've obviously gained some taste in the future."

Hermione nervously bit her lip. Pinching the bridge of her nose with one hand she sighed heavily. "Must you both make fun of the family at every turn?" Hermione began pacing in front of the grinning men.

"While I enjoy your frustration, I do have business to attend to today. Feel free to stay again Ms. Granger if it's more comfortable for the child. Though she keeps insisting on calling me grandpa, I find that she's not completely unpleasant." The elder Malfoy nodded at the pair and left, his cane clacking off the marble as he went.

"Draco, what do I do?" Hermione looked panicked. A child wasn't in her plans for some time. She was still looking into the Veil and was almost sure she had a breakthrough. She was attempting to retrieve Sirius's body again in just a few days.

The young man looked at the woman he never thought he'd be close to. "I think all we can do is keep her safe and look for a way to send her home. You know I'm looking into time travel. I'll look for something to send her forward. Complete your Veil trial and after you can help look into time travel with me." He put a hand on her shoulder, "Weasley's out for a few days. Stay at the manor with us. We don't need to explain why your daughter is here or where she came from to anyone." Draco released her shoulder and called an elf. "Ms. Granger and her daughter will be staying a few days, Dilly. Please ensure they have everything they need." Draco left to floo to the ministry.

Hermione and Aquillae, along with Narcissa flood to a largely unused fireplace located in Diagon Alley. The early time made sure that the trio escaped largely unseen. The few who noticed the two women and the small child glanced nervously between them before turning away. The women, however, didn't notice the red haired man exiting his shop with a shocked expression as he looked, first at the woman he knew and then the small child who looked so similar to her.

The next few days went by quickly. After shopping, the pair created a small area for Aquillae. The muggle clothing and toys, organized and set up allowed Aquillae to play while the Malfoys and Hermione set up a schedule for the remaining week. Narcissa volunteered to watch the little girl while Hermione attempted to crack the Veil again.

Hermione rubbed her lip nervously between her teeth. Draco grabbed the ingredients they needed to combine for the potion portion of the experiment. "I appreciate you helping with the potion. It's so challenging. It's definitely something that requires two people to finish." Hermione continued cutting and chopping. Occasionally stopping to stir counter clockwise.

"It's fine, Hermione. Stop thanking me. I know you're nervous about Weasley coming home tonight. It's fine. You can go to the Weasley dinner and tell the family what's going on and why you've been so busy. Aquillae and I have a date to go flying tonight anyways. Apparently, we go night flying with Papa." Draco smirked at Hermione. The last several days revealed just how close Draco was to the child's papa. "Have you ever noticed she calls this man Papa and Daddy. It's almost like he's two different people to her."

Hermione snorted, "I don't think I could handle two. He's giving me migraines and I don't even know who he is yet." Hermione checked her watch before pulling out a container to pour the finished potion into.

"Tomorrow we attempt the retrieval. I'll be here early, around seven. Aquillae is staying with your mother. Draco, I really appreciate everything you and your parents have done this week. Thank you." Hermione looked towards the Slytherin, smiling softly.

"Don't mention it, Granger. No seriously, we don't need anyone thinking we're going soft." Draco smirked as he cleaned up the area they had been brewing in.

Leaving the ministry, Hermione apparated to her small flat she shared with Ron. They had moved in together after several months of dating but often passed each other due to their work schedules.

Walking into the kitchen, she noticed a note on the counter. It was from Ron.


I got in early. I'll meet you at mums. Heading there now and wasn't sure what time you'd be back.


Hermione sighed before crumbling the note. Realizing she'd be unable to break the news to Ron first, Hermione tossed the note onto the table and headed for the stairs. She changed into a midnight blue wrap dress. The style flattered her curves and she enjoyed how the color made her bronzed skin tone pop. Grabbing a pair of ballet flats and hair clip, she descended the stairs. After tucking her hair up with her clip and putting on the flats, she apparated to The Burrow.

Lights shined from the house as Hermione walked towards the gate. Taking a deep breath, Hermione listened to the crickets chirping near the pond. Several birds flew around an apple tree and distantly she could hear chatter from inside the house. Hermione prepared herself for the conversation she needed to have with her boyfriend and his family.

Upon entering, several members of the Weasley family greeted her. Bill, a curse breaker for Gringotts often helped her with work from the DOM. He tugged her in for a quick hug before passing her off to Mrs. Weasley. The greeting from the matriarch was often less welcoming. While Mrs. Weasley liked the young woman, she felt that the choices she and Ron made together could be better.

"Oh, you must not be eating healthy. You're skin and bones dear. However will your body sustain a pregnancy?" Mrs Weasley pinched her hip gently before clucking her tongue and walking away to finish dinner.

Hermione glanced at her watch. Two minutes had passed since she'd entered The Burrow. A new record for the elder Weasley witch. Glancing up she made eye contact with Bill's wife, Fleur. Both grinned as Hermione held up two fingers as she pretended to scratch an itch.

It was a known fact in the Weasley family that Mrs. Weasley had very little patience for the French witch. Hermione considered her and Bill to be her closest allies in the family when it came time for talk of babies and weddings. The couple had even spent a week in Peru with her.

"Hey, Mione. I see you made it on time." She turned towards Ron as he greeted her.

"I'm always on time Ronald. I said I'd be here. Though I thought we'd arrive together after I left work." Hermione frowned slightly. There was no reason to get worked up. Ronald loved his mother and often put her before anyone else. There was no point in getting him worked up when she had to tell him such important news this evening.

She wondered idly if there was a book somewhere titled "How to tell your boyfriend your daughter from the future is visiting, except it's not his child." Hermione snickered to herself at her musings. Realizing Ronald was still standing in front of her, she placed a small smile on her lips, kissed his cheek and told him she was glad he was home.

"Me too, Mione. We should talk later." The red head member of the golden trio said.

Raising a brow, Hermione nodded. "Yes, I would like that. I need to speak with you about my week."

"Alright children. It's time to eat. Everyone sit down." The Weasley matriarch declared.

As everyone reached for plates and began scooping food, Hermione glanced around. Sitting to her right was Fleur and Bill. On her left and heavily ensconced in his food sat Ron. Feeling like someone was observing her, Hermione kept looking. Across the table, George sat staring at her. He raised an eyebrow in her direction before placing a forkful of roast into his mouth. Hermione had no clue why George was looking at her strangely but knew enough about the remaining twin to know to tread carefully. She continued to eat and listen to Ron tell the family how they tracked down an ex death eater that was selling cursed household appliances to muggles.

"So Mione, I saw you and Lady Black in Diagon Alley this week. The little girl you were with was very charming. Had a head full of bushy hair. Reminded me of someone." George grinned cheekily at the younger woman.

Hermione sat her fork down, groaning as the table became quiet. Each member of the Weasley clan and their spouse were all turned toward the brunette.

"What's George talking about Mione?" Ron asked around a shovel full of mashed potatoes, he seemed to be the only one still interested in eating.

"Well, it started like this. I arrived at Malfoy Manner to speak to Narcissa about some books I needed to borrow after you left on your mission, Ron. When I got there Mr. Malfoy had a child with him. She had apparently found a powerful time turner and played with it while searching for Mr. Malfoy in his study. The time turner is a a current project at the DOM. I can't say much about the project itself, but it is all above board. Draco and I have begun looking into it. I plan to help him after I finish this last trial for the veil." Hermione spoke slowly and looked at everyone making sure that the Malfoys did not have anything to do with the small girl's arrival.

"We realized she must have traveled some distance and we have not figured out a way for future travel using the device she brought. She needed clothing and some toys for her stay. Narcissa and I took her to muggle London to get her some items." Hermione finished with a sigh, knowing the question that was coming next.

"So did any of you figure out her parents?" Harry asked from next to George. He smiled gently at Hermione.

"Well, she seems particularly close to the Malfoys. She called Narcissa aunt Cissy. And Draco is considered her uncle." Hermione murmured. Deflecting the question may not have been the best solution.

"I bet she doesn't like the death eater though. Old Lucius Malfoy doesn't have any affect on her." Ron smirked at the thought.

"Well she's only five but she's actually closest to Mr. Malfoy than anyone else. She calls him Grandpa Lucy." Hermione have a small giggle at everyone's shocked face.

The snort from Mr. Weasley was what set her off. She giggled at the week she'd had. Here she was telling everyone her future child thought of ex death eater Lucius Malfoy as her grandfather.

"Well she must be some bastard child of Draco's then. Good. You don't have to help them anymore, Mione. They can handle it." Ron declared around a bite of vegetables. He sprayed food as he spoke.

"Draco isn't the father. We've not managed to determine the father at all. She speaks about a papa or daddy but only by those titles." Hermione said firmly. She would not have her daughter be considered a bastard.

Harry, with years of friendship with the female member of the golden trio realized she was holding something back. "What about the girl's mother Hermione? You haven't mentioned her."

Hermione flinched. Taking a deep breath she spoke, "it seems to be that I'm her mother."

The uproar from all of the Weasley clan and Harry Potter was phenomenal. To say they were shocked was an understatement.

"Well! I can't believe you'd leave your future child with those Malfoy's. You should have brought my grandchild to see me straight away. She could have stayed here." Mrs. Weasley screeched.

"Mione, my kid doesn't belong over at the Malfoy's house. We need to go get her right now." Ron bellowed next to her.

The remaining Weasley's all had similar statements. Only Fleur, Bill and Harry stayed quiet. She made eye contact with Bill, showing him her "you're not going to like the results face" he had become used to seeing while they worked together.

Fleur patted her shoulder supportively. "Iz the child able to come meet everyone? Maybe we can see if she'd like to visit with us?" The suggestion seemed innocent enough for the oblivious members of the Weasley family.

"I can floo over and see. She should be done flying with Draco by now." Hermione realized that was not something Ron cared to hear. She quickly left the house, her destination the Malfoy's.

The family had already prepared Aquillae, expecting the Weasley's to want to meet her. The girl was excited to go on a big adventure with her mummy. Draco looked unsure as he helped the girl pull on a light cloak before they departed.

Arriving with her future daughter back at the Burrow occurred all too quickly. Hermione could only hope that the mystery father was in the room. Her gut was telling her that he wasn't her current boyfriend though. The child acted nothing like Ronald.

She picked Aquillae up and carried her to the dining room where the family was still sitting. Someone had cleared away the dinner and placed small plates of treacle tart out.

Aquillae noticed the small group at that moment and surveyed everyone. She pushed off of her mother and with a grin hopped down. "Uncle Bill! Auntie Fleur! You're back from France! You missed my birthday. Did you bring me a present?" The child launched herself at the petite french witch, hugging her, before doing the same to the wizard beside her. She settled on Bill's lap and traced the scar that marred his face. Bill, looking shocked, held the child and stared wide eyed at the woman who would eventually birth her.

"Everyone meet Aquillae. She's my daughter. We've not exactly explained the whole time travel thing to her." Hermione said nervously to the group.

Aquillae perked up at her mothers voice and surveyed the room for a second time. Again finding a familiar face, she hopped from the oldest Weasley's lap and raced around the table. Harry sat between George and Ginny, watching. Unexpectedly, she passed everyone and glided to a stop next to his chair.

"Hello Uncle Harry! I really liked my new broom Uncle Draco got me. It's faster than the broom you got me for my birthday. Uncle Draco said that's because Malfoys are better but I think he's just tricking me. Grandpa Lucy said you'd probably get me a faster one anyways. Did you bring James to play with?" She looked around for the boy. "JAMES!"

"Uhm…. Er… Well James isn't here right now. He's er.." Harry glanced around the table for help from the small child's quest for her friend. "I have a son named James." Harry stated dazed.

Hermione moved toward the little girl. The Weasleys all seemed to become impatient wanting their turn with the small child. Some, like Ginny, wanted to know more about the future. Others like Ron and Mrs. Weasley wanted to meet the child.

"Oh my dear, you're just precious. Look at my grandbaby. And to hear I'll have more. How lovely." Mrs. Weasley grabbed the small child up into her embrace.

Aquillae, for all of her bubbly personality and calm disposition, let out a piercing scream and jumped from her arms. Landing on the ground, the child took off towards her mother.

"Mummy, that lady grabbed me but I did what daddy taught me and screamed in her face and ran away." The girl hid behind Hermione gripping the hem of her dress tightly.

"I never! Young lady that is not how you treat your grandmother. I dare say your daddy would not appreciate you talking to his mother like that." Mrs. Weasley snapped at the small girl.

"You're not my grandma. Daddy says he doesn't like his mummy anyways so I can talk to her how I want. Besides, grandmother is only a portrait." Aquillae glared at the Weasley matriarch.

Everyone in the room took a deep breath at the news that she only knew her grandmother as a portrait.

"Ronald, be a dear and rein in your daughter." Mrs. Weasley commanded her son.

"Alright little squirt, come here to your daddy." Ron coaxed the girl to him.

Aquillae looked at the freckled red haired man and then up to her mother. "Mummy, daddy isn't here. I don't like this. I want to go home. The red man is scaring me. I want my daddy." Aquillae began to cry. Hermione picked her up and laid her against her shoulder before closing her eyes and taking a deep breath.

"I think that while we assumed, and I had hoped, Ron was Aquillae's father, it isn't true," she glanced nervously at Ron, "I'm going to stay with her tonight so she calms down. We can have lunch tomorrow and talk about this. I'm not sure who her father is so its news to me as well." Hermione's attempt at peacekeeping was met by silence from the many Weasleys.

"Hermione, let us walk you out. It iz very dark." Fleur and Bill both stood and helped Hermione and a tearful Aquillae to the door.

Reaching the gate Hermione looked between her two friends. "I had my suspicions but I had hoped to be wrong."

"There's not much you can do about it tonight. Go home and rest. You have a big day tomorrow. It was nice meeting you Aquillae." Bill spoke softly as he held his wife. The small girl gave a whispered "Bye Uncle Bill. Love you" and they were gone.

Hermione entered the Malfoy Manor quietly. She nodded at the elf who opened the door and continued down the hall to the rooms she and Aquillae had been staying in. Hermione realized that suddenly becoming a parent to a five year old was exhausting. The visit to the burrow was a disaster, one she should have realized would be before taking Aquillae to.

Draco arrived at the top step and nodded to her before glancing at the small girl he'd become so close to. "Is she alright?" He asked.

"Yes, and you were right. Ronald is definitely not her father. She screamed when Mrs. Weasley tried to hug her. It was awful." Hermione groaned before speaking again, "I did find out that I don't have to worry about a future mother in law. She's apparently a portrait and Aquillae's father hates her. Which means he's most likely a pureblood. It's not often half-bloods have portraits done."

Draco laughed softly. TThe sporadic new information from Aquillae was usually dropped at terrible times. It seemed like this was one of them. "Go to sleep, Hermione. It's going to be a long day tomorrow."

Authors note: A lovely person pointed out that this story has striking similarities to a story written by jamies_lady "through the eyes of a child." I have no intentions of stealing ideas nor did I even realize I had done so when I posted the story! The next part will definitely take a turn compared to TTEOAC. I appreciate it being pointed out to me so I can reassure anyone reading this that the similarities was not my intent and while the child is named after a constellation it is not because of Draco! ;)