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Author's note: Hello Lovely people! Happy New Year. It's been so long since I've been able to think about this story. I am estatic from all of the reviews that continue to come in about this story. So here it is, the final piece. A back story of Aquillae and so,e unanswered questions about our Goddess. I also should mention that this was not beta'd as it came to me in the early hours of the morning. I felt like I had to get it out! Hope you enjoy!!!

Warning: mentions of child abuse very briefly.


Six years later.

Hermione wrapped her hands around her protruding stomach, distended under the stress of carrying two babies. Their blessings continued after Aquillae was born mere months after meeting the Goddess of the Underworld.

"Little Raven, your mother is waiting for you." The dark haired wizard that was her husband called up the stairs as he entered the room. "Hello, Love. How are you and the babies today?"

Hermione smiled happily. "We're perfect, Reg. Everything is perfect." She leaned in to the youngest Black brother and offered him her lips. He greedily pulled her to him, taking her lips even as he extended a large hand down to rub her swollen belly.

A crash and then a muffled yelp broke the couple apart quickly. A mournful sigh escaped Regulus Black's slightly swollen lips before he could catch himself. "Willing to take a bet that the crash was not our dear daughter but you're other husband." Regulus arched a brow in question.

Hermione scoffed. "I'd never take that bet willingly. He was suppose to be helping her dress. However, this is the third time I've heard a crash." Flicking her wand out, she cast a quick patronus. "Sirius Black, so help me. If you are letting our daughter fly her broom in the house again, I will set the blasted broom on fire." The small bundle of light and energy charged away as she finished her message.

"You realize that he'd just buy her a new broom, correct?" Regulus smirked charmingly. It was hard having a husband who could smirk so sexily.

Hermione squeezed her thighs together before walking towards the man. "I am aware. But then we'd have an excuse for not attending a wedding in which the bride still blames me for ruining her chances with her ex-fiancé." She reached Regulus as she finished her sentence and as graceful as a pregnant woman near her due date carrying twins, rubbed her body up against his own.

The husky purr as Regulus spoke was at odds with the conversation at question but Hermione knew he was as worked up as she was. "I'm still curious why she even invited us. You haven't spoken to the witch in several years." He traced one hand down her slim arm starting at the exposed flesh of her shoulder.

"Yes, well. Harry did leaver her after she said such horrid things about everyone. The fact that he and Daphne ended up married within the year was neither ours or Aquillae's doing. They just worked." Hermione grinned cheekily up at her handsome husband.

"No, I'm sure it has a lot more to do with Cora blessing the couple then anything else. She did say at our last meeting that he has been through to much not to be with his souls intended." Regulus huffed, "She really is a romantic. I firmly believe she'd have been in Hufflepuff had she attended Hogwarts."

"Oh, Love. She's probably the reason we even have Hogwarts. She does enjoy brining people together." Hermione laughed softly before resting her head against firm shoulder.

Two pairs of footsteps, one barreling, the other clomping, could be heard rushing down the main staircase of their small manor house. They had fallen in love with the house and grounds that sat just outside of Wiltshire. Hermione loved being close to her extended family. Though she'd never have expected to call any of the Malfoy's family prior to her return from Peru all those years ago. Life had a way of surprising oneself.

Sirius appeared followed quickly by a beautiful little girl, curls bouncing. "Mummy, we would never fly in the house— NEVER!" The girl in question gasped dramatically, her hands waving around her halo of hair.

Hermione could only turn her head to hide the eye roll. Glancing back at her daughter she said, "I'm sure your father told you to say that, little love. We do not have time to discuss it." The petite witch smiled innocently; a look that she had perfected from both fathers.

Regulus scooped Aquillae up in his arms and made his way to the Floo. "Be nice to your mother. You know she's been tired lately. Soon you'll be kept busy helping with your new brothers."

The little girl grinned earnestly. "Papa, only one will be a little brother. The other is my special sister. Cara told me that she is like me." She frowned sadly at this, "In her first life, magic didn't bless her and she only got to see her eleventh birthday before her family hurt her. Except she wasn't from our family. She was from the Ga— the Gaunts. Yes, that is what Cara said. She will be my sister now though." Aquillae smiled so sincerely at Regulus that he forgot, if only for a second, to be devastated by the destruction that was Pureblood supremacy and their ridiculous fear of squibs.

"My little raven, your sister and brother will never fear from us. We will welcome them completely. In fact, we should get them and your mother a special present for their arrival." Regulus stroked the little girl's soft cheek. He tossed some powder into the Floo and called out his destination, only glancing briefly over his shoulder to see if Sirius and Hermione had listened to their daughter's story. Sure enough, Hermione was leaning heavily against Sirius, a few tears steaming down her face. Sirius had his jaw clenched and the fist not wrapped around their pregnant wife clenched tightly. He disappeared into the floo before he could acknowledge any of their anger and grief.

"I am so glad that a goddess so caring and compassionate blessed you, Hermione. That she gave us to you." Sirius whispered hoarsely into her hair. He ran a hand down her side to gently pat the movement around her tummy. He turned Hermione toward him carefully, squatting down. "You two will only add to our blessings. It does not matter to us if you are a squib or not. You are ours."

Hermione watched her usually playful husband make promises to the two babies resting below her heart. "It seems that the Goddess of the Underworld does nothing in half measures. I'm quite sure they'll be magically stronger half-blood twins then even the most powerful pure-bloods for centuries to come." She traced a finger against the stubble on his cheek. "She does take care of us, and only asks us not to share any details about her with anyone else. Something we've managed to do for the last six years."

Sirius rose from his crouched position. "It still devastated me to know that Walburga hid a daughter until she determined if the girl was a squib or not because of a curse about twins in the Black line. It could have easily been me born last." He ran a hand through his long dark hair. "She was the worst mother but I'm happy that we can provide a second chance for Aquillae and our next great blessings."

Hermione leaned into her husband, "We can do anything. Just look at all of our accomplishments since you and Regulus came back, pulling your best friends along." Hermione happily remembered all of the archaic laws they had abolished, the establishment of safe houses for witches in forced bondings, the banning of love potions and other mind controlling substances. "We've accomplished more than in five years than most sitting members of the Wizengamot have in their entire tenure."

"To true, my beautiful wife. We should go, we don't need to leave your snake in the lion den for to long. Bloody hell, why did that crazy witch invite us to her bonding again?" Sirius chuckled darkly.

""Honestly, it was probably the groom sneaking one in. You know he still brings up— Well, let's just say Cormac Mclaggen pretends something more happened in our sixth year then what did. Namely, me hexing him after he tried to grope me. Honestly, they're basically perfect for each other." Hermione gave a small giggle as her husband grinned and pulled her through the Floo.