Chapter Four: And Let Me Sing For Ever More


After dropping his keys four times in a failing effort to open his apartment door one-handed and blind, Kurama turned away from Kurosaki long enough to at least get them through the door. Kurosaki's haste and insistence that his mouth was not supposed to be detached from Kurama's nearly sent Kurama stumbling onto the floor, and he would have hit the floor were it not for Kurosaki catching him.

Coming back from their first date that didn't have to be referred to as a 'business meeting', their steps were unsteady from urgency and eagerness, not drink this time. Kurama faced Kurosaki once again and the two raised up and bent down respectively to allow each other's lips to meet.

Kurama managed to break away long enough to say, "Door." Kurosaki swung Kurama's apartment door behind him shut with his foot.

"Real classy," Kurama smirked.

"I'm not a patient man," Kurosaki said.

Kurama's back rested flat as Kurosaki pinned Kurama flush against the wall with his hips. Lifting his right forelock out of the way, Kurosaki nuzzled Kurama's neck and swirled his tongue along Kurama's throat. This was madness, foolishness by definition, but Kurama was no stranger to risk and if impossibility had came to be and Kuronue had returned, Kurama wasn't about to turn him away. Whether Kurosaki was a repeat of the chorus or a variation on the original, Kurama was ready to sing along for ever more.

Kurama buried his face in Kurosaki's neck, below his ear, where he could breathe him in and feel the satin-silkiness of his hair brush across his face. Feeling Kurosaki's teeth scrape across the bend of his neck, Kurama dug his nails into Kurosaki's shoulders, eliciting a curt, rugged groan.

"Kurama..." Kurosaki said, his voice sounded rusty. Kurama was not going to lie—hearing Kurosaki say his name was sweet to his ears. "There's a lot I don't know about you, and you about me. If I'm rushing things—"

Kurama felt his belly flutter against Kurosaki as he chuckled low. "Actually, I hope you can keep up," he said, a hint of a challenge in his gaze.

Kurosaki pursed his lips and pretended to be slighted.

"I still think we were supposed to meet. I think that even if we hadn't met under the circumstances we did that we still would have met," Kurosaki said, cupping Kurama's right cheek, his forelock draping across and over the back of Kurosaki's hand. "I don't wanna make things sickly-sweet and say that it was destiny, or that we're soulmates, or tied together by a red string. But I feel like I've waited a long time, walked a long path, and now I can finally stop and stay right where I am."

"Your pickups are getting slightly better," Kurama said, taking Kurosaki by the hand and leading him back to his bedroom. "I already like you, you know."

Kurosaki simply grinned back.

They made it as far as the foot of Kurama's bed before they couldn't stand the separation anymore. Kurosaki let the bottom of Kurama's shirt pool around his wrists as he slid his hands up Kurama's torso and felt his every breath and shifting muscle. Kurosaki's hands were broad and firm, and his confidence in his skills were clear, even during his lightest touches. It had been a long time since Kurama had let anyone be intimate with him—he had forgotten how good sex felt, the give and take as both partners strove to please the other.

As Kurama pulled his shirt off, Kuronue's necklace jangled and slapped against his bare chest as it spilled out from in between his shirt and undershirt.

"...What?" Kurosaki said, his gaze sharp with curiosity, and delicately took hold of the necklace and glided his thumb and index finger down its thin black rope until he reached the heavy gold pendant resting in the center of Kurama's chest.

Kurama wasn't sure what he had hoped would happen or what he was searching for in Kurosaki's eyes as he watched Kurosaki admire Kuronue's necklace. "What do you think?"

Kurosaki stroked circles around the large blood red gem with the pad of his thumb. At his touch, the rounded gem seemed to shimmer like rippling water in the moonlight. "It's pretty," he said, amused fascination slipping into his gentle smile. "But I'm more of a silver man myself."

The pendant swung back and slapped against Kurama's chest after Kurosaki let it fall out of his hand. Kurama wasn't disappointed at all that the touch of Kuronue's pendant didn't magically revive his past life's memories. Perhaps one day Koenma was going to have news of the fate of Kuronue's soul—but that was tears, rage, and vengeance for another day, if that day was ever to come. Kurama didn't believe it ever would. Kurama knew Kuronue. Kurama was sure that he had found a way to come back to him. If not, Kurosaki made Kurama a very happy fox nonetheless.

Just as Kurama pulled Kurosaki down with him onto his bed, Kurama's phone vibrated from his jeans' back pocket on the floor and far from his immediate reach.

Kurosaki breathed a snort in disbelief at their untimely interruption. "You wanna take that?"

"I'd rather take you."

"So in other words..." Kurosaki said, a soft rumble sliding into his voice, as he bent down and his hair curtained over Kurama's face.

"In other words," Kurama said and then because he was able to do so now, unlike in the nightclub, he softly sang the last three words, "...I love you."